Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s basketball team photos. Ten photos are shown per page, scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.


ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1921-22-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-24-Occi761921-22InterfacultyBack: Leon Callaghan, Allen Talbot, Jack Hambly, Milton Walker, Walter Ollerhead.
Front: George Merrifield, Howard James, Brant Thomas
1921-22-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-23-Occi751921-22InterfacultyBack: M.D. Fletcher, C.M.L. Beatty, J.E. Hunter.
Middle: M.C.G. Fletcher, V.A. Callaghan (Manager), R.P.I Dougall.
Front: L.G. Cargill, M.D. Campbell
1921-22-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi711921-22IntermediateBack: J.A. Sifton, G.A. Wainwright, R.P.I. Dougall.
Front: J.A. Dockstader, V.A. Callaghan, C.A. Cline, M. Simpson, M.D. Campbell
1921-22-Mens-Basketball-Junior-Occi771921-22JuniorBack: Milton Walker, Jack Hambly, Walter Thompson, Douglas Morris.
Front: M.L. Blake, Burton Bleamer, Leon Callaghan
1922-23-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-24-Occi911922-23InterfacultyBruce Fraleigh, Russel Taggart, Howard James, Stanley Douglas, Milt Walker (Captain), Jack Hambly
1922-23-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-24-Occi751922-23InterfacultyF. Hunt, C.R. Hignel, G. Morris, C.A. Lockwood, G. Gibson, J.A. Lamont
1922-23-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi921922-23IntermediateBack: George Wainwright, Leon Callaghan, Jack Hungerford.
Front: Bill Beamer, Jack Coles, Vinc Callaghan (Captain), Mack Campbell, Bill Johns
1923-24-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-24-Occi961923-24InterfacultyBack: Alfred I. Hale, Allan Talbot, Jack Hambly, Claude MacCallum, Stanley Douglas.
Front: Howard James, Milton Walker, Leon Callaghan
1923-24-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-25-Occi971923-24InterfacultyBack: R.L. Smith, W.W. Priddle, R.G. James, E.M. Dundass, H.H. Gilbert.
Front: W.C. Sproat, R.R. MacNeil, A. Reid
1923-24-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi901923-24IntermediateBack: Jack Sifton (Defense), S. McHattie (Forward), Jack Hungerford (Centre), John McLennan (Defense).
Front: Harold Newell (Forward), W. Johns (Defense), George Wainwright (Forward, Captain), G. Howell (Forward), Cameron Wilson (Forward)
1924-25-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-28-Occi971924-25InterfacultyBack: A.E. Mowry, A.M. Calder.
Middle: M.D. Comfort, M.V. Walker, N.M. Laurie.
Front: J.L. Callaghan, E.P. Johns
1924-25-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-MC-11924-25IntermediateBack: Jack Sifton, S. McHattie, Jack Hungerford, J. McLennan.
Front: H.R. Newell, W.S. Johns (Manager), G.A. Wainwright (Captain), G. Howell, G.C. Wilson
1924-25-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi921924-25SeniorBack: J.A. McLennan, D.S. McHaffie, Jack Howell, J.G. Hungerford, H.R. Newell, J.M. Cole, T.B. Johnson.
Front: Gourlay Howell (Captain)
1926-27-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-31-Occi191926-27InterfacultyBack: Howell, Ferguson, Ward, Ogilvie.
Front: Kennedy, Bowman, Dwyer
1926-27-Mens-Basketball-Junior-Occi191926-27JuniorBack: H. Coleridge (Manager), J. White, A. Manness, S. Ward, J.G. Lang (Coach).
Front: A. Riddle, W.E. Newham (Captain), R. Lang
1926-27-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi141926-27SeniorBack: E. Ladouceur, R. Hind, E. Hauch, P. Hauch, C. Beattie.
Front: Jack Lang (Coach), C. Bice, J. McLennan (Captain), C. Hauch, H. Newell (Manager)
1927-28-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-29-Occi191927-28InterfacultyBack: C. Beattie, J. McLeod, E. Letts, F. Kime, E. Hauch.
Front: E. Kennedy, Wilbert Bowman (Captain), G. Gurd
1927-28-Mens-Basketball-Junior-Occi191927-28JuniorJ.G. Lang (Coach), N. McArthur, E. Barbour, G. Gurd, M. McArthur, C. Young, G. MacManus, H. Coleridge (Manager).
Insert: Dick Lang (Captain)
1927-28-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi171927-28SeniorBack: F.O. Kime (Manager), C.Y. Hauch, F. Turville, C. Bice, J.R. Lang (Coach).
Front: H. Vatz, E. Ladouceur, P.P. Hauch (Captain), R. Hind, D. Evans
1928-29-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Champions-Occi831928-29InterfacultyA. McLachlin, G. Sumner, N. McArthur, E. Kennedy, E. Brown, E. Letts, C. Morris, J. Vatz
1928-29-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi861928-29IntermediateBack: Lang, Coleridge (Manager), Johnson, J.G. Lang (Coach), Ryder, Lee.
Front: Manness, Gunn (Captain), McArthur, Barbour
1928-29-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi861928-29SeniorBack: Meyer, Young, J.G. Lang (Coach), Vatz (Manager), E. Hauch, Ladouceur.
Front: Ward, Hind (Captain), P. Hauch, C. Hauch
1929-30-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-34-Occi941929-30InterfacultyBack: Jack Mugan, Don Millen, Dave Johnson, Earl Lamont, Ernest Goddard.
Front: K. Mitton, Don. Steer, Mac. Teichman, Gord. Stratton, Charles Thompson
1929-30-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi901929-30IntermediateBack: Mr. J.G. Lang, E. Lepine, A. Manness, H. Clarke, D. Johnson.
Front: B. Brush, J. Hanley, E. Barbour, R. Rider, D. Gladman
1929-30-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi901929-30SeniorMr. J.G. Lang, Paul Hauch, J. Vatts, W. Farquharson, D. Rivers, C. Lee, E. Hayter, J. Gunn, S. Munro, E.A. Horton
1930-31-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-OABA-Occi1251930-31IntermediateRockey, McKee, McKenzie, McKay, Johnson, Garret, Smith, Stratton, Zavitz, Clark, Armstrong, Brush, Galbraith
1930-31-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1241930-31IntermediateBack: Stewart, C. Hauch, Gugino, P. Hauch, Dr. Cline.
Front: Morriss, Evans, Vatz, Ruskin
1930-31-Mens-Basketball-Junior-OABA-Occi1251930-31JuniorBack: Rockey, Padden, Brown, Galbraith, Taylor, Wemett, Gladman.
Front: Spry, Garret, Zavitz, Lorriman, Grimwood
1930-31-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1930-31SeniorMunro, Manness, Gunn, Young, Ward, Lee, Beaton, Barbour, Farquharson, A.T. Taylor (Coach), Wallace (Manager)
1931-32-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1801931-32IntermediateBack: A. Carswell, E. Young, J. Galbraith, D. Gladman, G. Clarke.
Front: I. McKenzie, A. Lorriman, C. Lee, P. Hauch
1931-32-Mens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1801931-32JuniorH. Rockey, J. Spry, E. Faulds, C. Grimwood, N. Cameron, F. Babb, W. Fry, N. WEmett, O. Zavitz, J. Whitwill, M. Shore, R. Dorland, D. Carr-Harris
1931-32-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1791931-32SeniorBack: Alex. Munro, E. Lepine, J. Gunn, S. Munro, Stew. Ward, J.H. Crocker.
Front: E. Hayter, R. Hogan, J. McKee, H. Clarke, R. Rider
1932-33-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1641932-33IntermediateBack: W. Bodrug, J. Potts, M. Shore, P. Gettas, J. Galbraith, G. Garrett, D. Carr-Harris.
Front: C. Grimwood, C. Lee, L. McKenzie, G. McVicar
1932-33-Mens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1641932-33JuniorBack: H. Kester, F. Babb, Ian McArthur.
Middle: H. Rockey, G. Wilson, R. Hungerford, P. Gettas, R. Dorland, S. Grant.
Front: E. Faulds, H. Podden, A. Fletcher, N. Campbell, P. Bernhardt
1932-33-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1621932-33SeniorBack: S. Munro, J. Gunn, D. Gladman, R. Hogan, O. Zavitz.
Front: H. Clarke, E. Hayter, A. Munro, A. Cherniak, J. Whitwill
1933-34-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1611933-34IntermediateBack: R. Rider, H. Clarke, A. McArthur, E. Lapine, M. Shore, J. Aldis (Manager).
Front: G.M. MacVicar, K. Coates, I. McArthur, L. McKenzie, C. Grimwood
1933-34-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi161-01933-34SeniorBack: Don Carr-Harris (Manager), O. Zavitz, J. Whitwill, P. Gettas, W. Rider, Lewis Davies (Coach).
Front: A. Cherniak, G. Wilson, G. Garrett, A. Fletcher, R. Hogan
1934-35-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Meds-OABA-1871934-35IntermediateBack: Malcolm Fursey, Bob Rider, Max Ryckman (Manager), Doug Kemp, Dave Johnston.
Front: Ernie Lepine, Frank Babb, Emerson Faulds, Rowe Fry, Ernie Goddard.
Insert: Howard Clarke
1934-35-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1861934-35IntermediateBack: Keith Coates, George Harrington, Bill Farrell, George McVicar.
Front: Bonner Aust (Manager), Birnie Smith, Edwin Miltimore, Ian McArthur, Bill Ewener.
Absent: John Harvey
1934-35-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1851934-35SeniorBack: Jack Aldis (Manager), Jack Whitwill, Don Carr-Harris, Bill Rider, Gordon Wilson, Lew Davies (Coach).
Front: Gordon Garrett, Archie Cherniak, Archie Fletcher.
Absent: Evan Hayter, Peter Gettas
1934-45-Mens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1861934-45JuniorBack: Ronald Fraser (Manager), George Plewman, Olaf Wolff, Doug Shales, Gordon Colgrove, Claude Turner (Coach).
Front: Dave Shales, Bert Garrett, Keith Hodson, Sam Kalmasson, Lewis Van Patties
1935-36-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Meds-Occi1711935-36IntermediateBack: Rowe Fry, Brock Brush, Morris Finklestein.
Front: Em Faulds, Leo Zankan, Les Boyd (Manager), Ken Calvert, Mort Golden
1935-36-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-OABA-Occi1701935-36IntermediateBack: Claude Turner (Coach), Keith Leckie, Walter Shrives, Ross Anderson, Ed Aust (Manager).
Front: Jim Clark, Charlie Bodkin, Lewis VanPatten
1935-36-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1701935-36IntermediateBack: Claude Turner (Coach), Colon McKeen, Frank Babb, Keith Coates, Ken Powell (Manager).
Front: George Harrington, Doug Shales, Dave Shales
1935-36-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1681935-36SeniorBack: Ron Fraser (Manager), Lloyd Elliott, Pete Gettas, Bill Rider (Captain), Albert McWha, Murray McNie (Trainer).
Front: Gord Wilson, Lew Davies (Coach), Bert Garrett
1936-37-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-Occi1591936-37InterfacultyBack: K. Calvert, A. Nareff, K. Coates.
Front: C. Bodkin, D. MacDonald, R. Fry
1936-37-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1581936-37IntermediateBack: Jim Balfour (Manager), Ted Carlton, Neil Paterson, Keith Leckie, Andy Reekie (Coach).
Front: M. Birsch, Colin McKeen, Rowe Fry
1936-37-Mens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1591936-37JuniorBack: G. Fennel, H. Reid, R. Gladish.
Middle: T. Ferris (Manager), K. Mooney, W. Manness, E. Shales, J. Farmer (Coach).
Front: S. Paddon, W. Lockington, J. Guthrie
1936-37-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1581936-37SeniorBack: Brian Casey, Alf Hurley, Olaf Wolff, Lloyd Elliott, Bill Farrell.
Front: Ed Aust (Manager), Albert McWha, Pete Gettas (Captain), Bert Garrett, Lew Davies (Coach)
1937-38-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-Occi1661937-38InterfacultyBack: H. Shapiro, J. Chikovsky, Art. Nareff (Manager), Jack Levine, J. Clark.
Front: T. Roos, Keith Coates, H.C. Amacher.
1937-38-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1937-38SeniorBack: Bill Farrell, Jim Balfour (Manager), Al Hurley, Ted Carlton, Lloyd Elliott, Lou Davies (Coach), Brian Casey.
Front: Bill Wong, Max Sheppard, Jim Farmer (Captain), Bert Garrett, Bill Manners
1938-39-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-Occi1511938-39InterfacultyBack: Sidney Shapira, Morris Finklestein, Bill Lockington, Alfred Roos.
Front: Clinton Amacher, Jack Kennedy, Ketih Coates (Captain), Bill Wong, Charlie Bodkin
1938-39-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1501938-39IntermediateBack: Carver (Coach), J. Paterson, Paddon, Skeats, Gaunt, Otten (Manager).
Front: N. Paterson, Thompson, Scobie, Johnson, Temcoe, Nareff (Captain)
1938-39-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1501938-39SeniorBack: Davies (Coach), Farmer, Krol, Marshall, Hurley, Faust, Lee (Manager).
Front: Guthrie, Elliott, Casey (Captain), Sheppard, Manness
1939-40-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-Occi1581939-40InterfacultyBack: Gordon Howden, Arthur Nareff, Hyman Shapiro.
Front: Norm McNally, Ernie Marshall, Jack Kennedy, Mort Golden, Claude Moore
1939-40-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1571939-40IntermediateBack: Laird Bovaird (Manager), Jack Skeates, Harry Szumlinski, Don Gillen, Max Sheppard, Andy Reekie (Coach).
Front: Ken Scobie, Jack Patterson, Bob Arner, Tom Plant, Al Johnson
1939-40-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1571939-40SeniorMax Sheppard, Gale Blasingame, Clem Faust, Lyn Thompson, Al Hurley, Ken Scobie, Roy Lewis, Elmer McLeod, Bob Arner, Joe Krol
1940-41-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-42-Occi1561940-41InterfacultyBack: Charles Bodkin, Harold Bensen, Jack Kennedy (Manager), Norman McNally, Mal Lever.
Front: Clinton Amacher, Gordon Howden, Claude Moore, Louis Lager
1940-41-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1531940-41SeniorBack: Bill Temkow (Manager), David Thompson, Joe Krol (Captain), Clarence McNair, Robert Greenway, L.H. Davis (Coach).
Middle: Jack Paterson, Max Sheppard, Archie Cherniak, Jack Kennedy, Claude Moore.
Front: Bill Manness, Gale Blasingame, Tom Woolley, Pat Humphrys
1941-42-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Occi1941-42InterfacultyBack: W. Ross, M. Phibbs, D. Gillen, B. Harris, J. Houlding, G. Bieman.
Front: H. Waller, D. Gillen, T. Plant, F. Wodchis, E. Reader
1941-42-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1941-42SeniorBack: B. Greenway, B. McNair, J. Norton, Lew Davies (Coach), T. Plant, Joe Krol, Doug Cook, Bob Allen.
Front: J. Kennedy, T. Woolley, G. Risk, P. Humphrys, Chet Mixer
1942-43-Mens-Basketball-COTC-Occi1942-43COTCBack: J. Howes, C.W. Mixer (Coach), W. Glover (Manager), J. Preston.
Front: L.B. Fewster, J. Fairs, G.R. Blake, A. Brule, K. Shales
1942-43-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1942-43SeniorBack: M. Decker, Bill Gould, C.W. Mixer (Coach), R. Alexander, Bob Allen.
Front: J. Norton, W. Cunningham, J. Hayman, D. Hucyk, P. Humphrys.
Absent: Bob Greenway (Captain), A. Warrick
1943-44-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-MC1943-44IntermediateBack: R.M. Allen (Manager), R. Caldwell, M. Decker, L. Somers (Coach), J.P. Metras.
Front: R. Blake, J. Coles, J.M. Howes, L.B. Fewster
Top: Bob Greenway (Captain), Russ Nightingale (Centre), Don Huyck (Guard), Marty Humphrys (Wing).
Middle 2: Ralph Alexander (Wing), Johnny Hayman (Forward).
Middle 1: Bill Cunningham (Forward), Bill Wardle (Centre).
Bottom: John Fairs (Guard), Nerm McLean (Forward), John Howes (Centre), Benny Zaitckik
1944-45-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1944-45SeniorBack: J.P. Metras (Coach), R. Nightingale, R. Alexander, A. Scorgie, F. Curry, R. Krol, M. McNie (Trainer).
Front: J. Fairs, J. Hayman, R. Greenwood (Captain), W. Cunningham, G. Curtis
1945-46-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-CIAU-Occi1691945-46IntermediateBack: J. Fairs, H. Ballantyne, R. Allen, D. Cook.
Front: G. Curtis, H. Szumlinski (Captain), G. Risk
1945-46-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1945-46SeniorBack: A. Yeates (Manager), W. Cunningham, R. Phibbs, Capt. C. McNair, W. Gauld, F. Curry, J.P. Metras (Coach).
Front: R. Farley, A. Scorgie, D. Huyck, M. Humphrys
1945-56-Mens-Basketball-Senior-A-CIAU-Occi1681945-56SeniorBack: G. Hartwell (Coach), M. Yuhasz, R. Nightingale, J. Coles, D. Horne, I. Shapiro, J. Metras (Chief Coach).
Front: R. Krol, W. Wardle, D. Scott (Captain), J. Margrett, E. Groover
1946-47-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1741946-47IntermediateBack: George Hartwell (Coach), Martin Humphrey, Russ Nightingale, Douglas Horne, Ross Caldwell, Bob Krol, Bill Glover (Manager).
Middle: Bill Robertson, Bill Wardle, Douglas Sparks.
Front: Charles Dalton, Irving Shapiro
1946-47-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1946-47SeniorBack: Bill Jarvie (Manager), Frank Marchand, George Wearring, Bill Gauld, John Metras (Coach).
Middle: Bob Phibbs, Al Scorgie, Dick Farley.
Front: Don C. Scott, John Metras (Jr.), Paul Thomas
1947-48-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1081947-48IntermediateBack: J. Fairs (Coach), H. Skinner, D. Ferguson, D. Guthrie, D. Sparks, D. Barresi (Manager).
Front: J. Kelly, R. Lee, J. Thompson, P. Marchuk, B. Waddell
1947-48-Mens-Basketball-Senior-A-Occi1071947-48SeniorBack: J. Fairs (Coach), D. Horne, C. Dalton, G. Davidson, H. Edighoffer, D. Barresi (Manager), J. Metras (Coach).
Front: J. Metras Jr. (Mascot), J. Mathews, B. Farley, B. Ford, B. Mitchell, B. Robertson
1947-48-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1071947-48SeniorBack: B. Green (Manager), J. Fairs (Coach), B. Phibbs, G. Wearring, B. Wardle, D. Scott, J. Metras (Coach).
Front: G. Arnott, P. Thomas, D. Farley, G. Davidson, C. Dalton, J. Metras, Jr. (Mascot)
1948-49-Mens-Basketball-Senior- Occi1221948-49SeniorBack: J. Metras, R. Phibbs, D. Scott, G. Wearing, H. Wade, C. Ellis, J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), R. Greene (Manager).
Front: G. Arnott, J. Fitzgerald, J. Matthews, D. Thomas, G. Davidson, W. Ford
1948-49-Mens-Basketball-Senior-A-Occi1221948-49SeniorBack: J. Metras, D. Barressi, G. Davidson, H. Wade, D. Hunt, C. Ellis, D. Horne, J. Fairs.
Front: R. Mitchell, R. Beck, J. Fitzgerald, N. Chater, D. Hind
1949-50-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1561949-50IntermediateBack: J.P. Metras (Director of Athletics), J. Fleck, D. McNichol, J.R. Fairs (Coach), W. Wigle, N. Clark, J. Dougherty (Manager).
Front: H. Gerlach, B. Gerry, K. Berlet, G. Davidson, B. Vincent, J. Carroll
1949-50-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1949-50SeniorBack: Jack Fairs (Assistant Coach), Harry Gerlach, Noel Clarke, Doug McNichol, John P. Metras (Head Coach), Don Hunt, Wendell Wigle, Doug Horne, Dominic Benessi (Assistant Coach).
Front: Paul Thomas, Jerry Fitzgerald, Gord Davidson, George Wearring, Chris Ellis, Bill Ford, George Arnott
1950-51-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1421950-51IntermediateBack: H. McVicar, D. Beatty, A. Ferguson, T. Buchanon, W. Capes.
Middle: I. Oksanen (Manager), A. Galbraith, V. Hutton, D. Rixon, J. Fairs (Coach).
Front: J. Belec, D. Osborne, G. Pettinger, H. Tracey. G. Leyshon
1950-51-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1950-51SeniorBack: J. Doughery (Manager), N. Clark, G. Robinson, D. McNichol, H. Wade, R. Phibbs, J.P. Metras (Coach).
Front: R. Truant, J. Fitzgerald, G. Arnott (Captain), J. Caroll, G. Davidson
1951-52-Mens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Meds-Occi1431951-52InterfacultyBack: Dr. Greenway, Peter Marchuk, Wray McGilveray, Mel Harvey.
Front: Tony Slewka, Al Thompson, Paul Otten, Al Lansing, Duncan Hind, Don Craig
1951-52-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1421951-52IntermediateBack: A. Maslak, T. Sahadiak, Moe Robinson, K. Halpenny.
Middle: J. Fairs, R. Tracey, D. Osborne, D. Geddy.
Front: D. Magee, J. Hart, B. Ford
1951-52-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1951-52SeniorBack: J.P. Metras (Coach), D. Prowse, C. Ellis, L. Kozak, Bud Obal (Manager).
Middle: B. McManus, W. Wigle, W. Karabin, G. Pettinger.
Front: B. Pataky, D. McNichol (Captain), W. Pataky
1952-53-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1391952-53IntermediateBack: F.M. McNie, W. Wigle, C. Osborne, D. Getty, M. Newidiuk.
Middle: J. Fairs, C. Ellis, D. Hart, W. Carrabin, John P. Metras (Coach).
Front: B. Young, R. Truant, D. McNichol (Captain), D. Prowse, T. Sahaidak
1952-53-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1952-53SeniorBack: R. Simmons, B. Edwards, B. Ford, J. Girvin, D. McGee.
Middle: J. Fairs (Coach), M. McNie, G. Scratch, D. Osborne, H. Halpenny, J.P. Metras.
Front: J. Priddle, P. Hay, B. Fowler, R. Tracy, G. Robinson
1953-54-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi441953-54IntermediateBack: Murray McNie, John Metras, Peter Stark, Ken Arkell, Rance Smeeton, Jack Fairs (Coach), Bill Sawchuck.
Front: Peter Cooper, Howie Adams, Bob Edwards, Paul Condon, Don Simpson
1953-54-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi411953-54SeniorBack: Murray McNie (Trainer), Jack Fairs, Don Getty, Rance Smeeton, John Girvin, Walt Karabin, Bob Ford, Metras (Coach), Ralph Simmons (Manager).
Front: Bill Fowler, Coulter Osborne, Gord Scratch, Chris Ellis (Captain), Don Prowse, Keith Halpenny, Paul Condon
1954-55-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1371954-55IntermediateBack: Jack Fairs (Coach), Harry Rysdale, Bob Ford, Don Maudsley, Keith Cooper, Willie Sawchuk (Manager).
Front: Paul Davis, Dave Langhorn, Paul Condon, Jerry Knechtel, Howie Adams.
1954-55-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1954-55SeniorBack: Jack Fairs (Assistant Coach), Coulter Osborn, John Girvin, Ray Monnot, Chris Ellis, J.P. Metras (Coach), Murray McNie (Trainer).
Front: Rance Smeeton, Gord Scratch, Keith Halpenny, Down Prowse, Don Getty, Walt Karabin
1955-56-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi981955-56IntermediateBack: Terry Roberts, Dave Richards, Sid Matte, Bob Grace, Tom Sanderson, Tom Brent.
Middle: Jack Fairs (Coach), Anatole Litavniks, Bob Mepham, Gord Nichol, Bill Sawchuk (Manager).
Front: Bob McKinney, Dave Langhorne, Henry Smith, Gord Jeffery
1955-56-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1955-56SeniorBack: Murray McNie (Trainer), Don McGee, Bob Ford, K. Cooper, Jack Fairs (Assistant Coach).
Middle: J.P. Metras (Coach0< Rance Smeeton, John Girvin, C. Ellis, Garth Paton (Manager).
Front: Paul Condon, Gord Scratch, Ray Monnot (Captain), L. Veres, Gary Knechtel
1956-57-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi931956-57IntermediateBack: Jack Fairs, Bob Hollingsworth, Bob Grace, Dave Murray, Bob Bosworth, Ron Rollo, Barry Agar, Paul Davis.
Front: Anatole Litavniks, Jim Powers, Art Suzuki, Gord Jeffrey, Terry Roberts, Bob Blainey, Bob McDougall
1956-57-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1956-57SeniorBack: Murray McNie, Tom Brent, Ron Hodgins, John Metras (Coach), Gord Scratch, Bob McKinney, Don Barton (Manager).
Front: Gerry Knectel, Syd Matte, Rance Smeeton, Ray Monnot, Bob Ford, Hank Smith, Dave Langhorne
1957-58-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi911957-58IntermediateBack: Jack Fairs (Coach), John Thompson, Don Stewart, Bob Bosworth, Ron Brown, Ron Rollo, Bob Gledhill, Ed. DeArmon (Assistant Coach).
Front: Leon Renouf, Leon Sydor, Bob Blainey, Howie Bobkin (Captain), Bob Myers, Scott Baker, Bill Lawson
1957-58-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1957-58SeniorBack: F. Murray McNie (Trainer), D. Cosentino, B. Ager, John P. Metras (Head Coach), R. Rollo, R. Smeeton, M. Mitchell (Manager).
Front: R. Hodgins, T. Brent, G. Jeffrey, G. Scratch (Captain), D. Langhorne, P. Davis
1958-59-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1921958-59IntermediateBack: Steve Gradish, Frank Zidar, Terry Sweeney, Jack Fairs (Coach), Ken Earthy, Owen Chambers, Jerry Masi.
Front: Alex Cox, Mike Mlacak, Bob Coull, Ken Omerod, Ed Batchelor
1958-59-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1958-59SeniorBack: Bill Mitchell, Paul Davis, Ross May, J.P. Metras (Coach), Brian Laird, Ron Hodgins, M. McNie (Trainer).
Front: Howard Bobkin, Tom Brent, Ron Rollo, Rance Smeeton, Bill Lawson, Gary Boug
1959-60-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1271959-60IntermediateBack: John Rountree, Bill Oliver, Pete Isaacs, Jack Fairs (Coach), Frank Zidar, Mike Millman, Dave Hudson.
Front: Whit Tucker, Bobby Coull, Barry Howson, Jim Myers, Jerry Masi
1959-60-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1959-60SeniorBack: John P. Metras (Coach), W. Lawson, B. Laird, G. Stone, K. Rysdale, W. Mitchell (Manager).
Front: W. Williams, H. Bobkin, R. Hodgins (Captain), G. Boug, K. Earthy
1960-61-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1960-61SeniorBack: F.M. McNie (Trainer), T. Williamson, B. Howson, B. Ager, J. Griffin, W. Tucker, J.P. Metras (Coach).
Front: P. Isaac, J. Myer, K. Rysdale, R. May (Captain), G. Boug, Wm. Woloshyn, Wm. Lawson
1961-62-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1961-62SeniorBack: W. Tucker, T. Williamson, D. McCrae, J. Griffin, B. Mitchelson, J. Saddler, L. Ferguson.
Front: John P. Metras (Coach), L. Innocente, R. Lemon, W. Woloshyn, F.M. McNie (Trainer).
Absent: R. Kenneth Barclay
1962-63-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1741962-63IntermediateBack: J.I. Gonser (Coach), Diamond, Stewart, Campbell, Rogin, Smith.
Front: Earthy, Vrancart, Newman, Reynolds, Green.
Absent: Duffield
1962-63-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1962-63SeniorBack: Jerry Gonser, Paul Newman, Tom Williamson, John P. Metras (Coach), Bill Woloshyn, Steve Rogin, F. Murray McNie.
Front: Jim Holowachuk, Larry Ferguson, John Griffin, Barry Mitchelson, Wally Dick, Jim Saddler.
1963-64-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2221963-64IntermediateBack: J. Diamond, D. Durno, J. Gonser (Coach), N. Griffiths, B. Godson.
Front: D. Earthy, R. Vrancart, B. Stark, H. Kreek, K. Reidy
1963-64-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1963-64SeniorBack: W. Dick, K. Barclay, E.B. Mitchelson, A. Newman, J. Rogers.
Front: J. Gonser, L. Innocente, T. Williamson, D. Brown, J.P. Metras (Coach)
1964-65-Mens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2361964-65IntermediateBob Jamieson (Manager), Jim McCardle, Barry Godson, Rick Odegard, Dave Service, Ted Edwards, Peter Minoque, Bob Melville, Leo Behie Jr., William Sawchuk (Coach)
1964-65-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi2341964-65SeniorBack: W. Sawchuck (Assistant Coach), Jerry Gonser (Coach), R. Vrancart, J. Schen, M. Morten, B. Stark, R. Jamieson (Manager), M. McNie (Trainer).
Front: R. Campbell, D. Earthy, B. Baber, H. Kreek, P. Burton.
Absent: J. Diamond, M. Bury
1965-66-Mens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1881965-66SeniorBack: J. Gonser (Coach), Mac Bury, Greg Poole, Doug Morton, Pete Burton, Brian Barnes, F.M. McNie (Trainer).
Front: Dave Crowe, Paul Newman, Marv Morten, Pete Minoque, Leo Behie
1966-67-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1966-67SeniorBack: George Wearring (Coach), Marnix Heersink, Bob Larose, Jim Henshal, Doug Morton, Murray McNie (Trainer), Russ Holmberg (Trainer), Jerry Gonser.
Front: Bob Horvath, Tom Sills, Dave McGuffin, Mac Bury, Ron Zanin, Greg Poole
1967-68-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1967-68SeniorBack: J. Gonser (Coach), Doug Morton, Bob LaRose, Bill Adams, Marnix Heersink, Dan Ross.
Front: Russ Holmberg (Manager), Dave McGuffin, Mac Bury, Greg Poole (Captain), Ron Zanin, Tom Sills, John Lewko (Trainer)
1968-69-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1968-69SeniorBack: Everett Van Beek, Russ Holmberg, Tom Sills, Peter Lapointe, Ron Zanin, Greg Poole, Jerry Gonser, Dave Wise.
Front: Dave McGuffin, Doug Morton, Mike Haiduk, Bob LaRose, Mike Muzyka, Jim Walker, Jim Holowachuk
1969-70-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1969-70SeniorBack: Ainsley Rose, Mike Haiduk, #, Dave Wise (Trainer).
Middle: Everett Van Beek, Doug Morton, Mike Muzka, Ron Zanin, Jerry Gonser (Coach), Doug Hoyes (Coach).
Front: #, Dave McGuffin, Bob LaRose, #, #
1971-72-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1971-72SeniorBack: D. Wise (Trainer), D. Smith (Manager), D. Crichton, J. Orange, M. Heersink (Co-Captain), H. Sorensen, R. Kreek, D. McCabe, J. Gonser (Coach).
Front: G. Ghent, G. Roberts, L. Archibald (Co-captain), D. Corrigan, A. Vaiceliunas, A. VanWeelden
1972-73-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1972-73SeniorBack: Dave Lenz, Tim Tufford, Jerry Francis, Mike Savage, Bob Day, Dave Brown, Vytas Kazragis, Gary Curgil, Marty Maarhuis, Al VanWeelden, Jerry Gonser (Coach).
Front: Ainsley Rose (Assistant Coach), Gail Reynolds (Manager), Gary Ghent, John Corrente, Tino Lenti, Wally Kurnew, John Dow, Dave Farley, Dave Smith (Manager).
Absent: Dave McCabe, John Brinkman, Werner Meier, Vic Jonz
1974-75-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1974-75SeniorBack: Doug Hayes (Coach), Dave Dent, Mark Mackinnon, Wally Kurnew, John Corrente, Randy McCurdy (Manager).
Front: Gary Curgin, Bob Clark, Dave Brown (Captain), Frank Nagy, Brock Carlton.
Absent: Phil Lewis, Bob Hutchings
1975-76-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1975-76SeniorBack: Randy McCurdy (Manager), Mark Olma, Dave Brown (Captain), Doug Hayes (Coach), Bob Clark, Brock Carlton, John Corrente (Assistant Coach).
Front: Bob Horvath, Francis Moccio, Phil Lewis, Bill Shaw, Don Sims
1978-79-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1978-79SeniorBack: Nancy Jean Bell (Trainer), Bruce Patterson (Assistant Coach), David Hale, Bruce Meikle, Clyde Adkin, Mark Olma, John McNeill, Doug Hayes (Coach).
Front: Dan Berry, Rob. Niro, Francis Moccio (Co-Captain), Scott McLeod (Co-Captain), Brain Gilvesy, Jim Dowling.
Absent: John Hees.
1979-80-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1979-80SeniorBack: Mary Laursen (Manager), Bruce Patterson (Assistant Coach), Ron Sanderson, Ross Hurd, Doug Hayes (Coach), Paul Hunt, John McNeill, Jo Verhaege (Manager), Fran Adomaitis (Trainer).
Front: John Hees, Wade Walker, Dave Hale, Rob Niro (Co-Captain), Francis Moccio (Co-Captain), Dan Berrym, Dave McKenzie, Jim Davidson.
1980-81-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1980-81SeniorBack: Josee Lanouette (Trainer), Jim Murray (Assistant Coach), Larry Chizen, Shawn Manuel, Dave Mackenzie, Ron Sanderson, Dave Bull, Scott McLeod, Bruce Patterson (Assistant Coach), Doug Hayes (Head Coach).
Front: Jo Verhaege (Manager), Scott Mackenzie, Ross Hurd, Paul Hunt, John McNeill (Co-Captain), George Cope, Jim Davidson, Wade Walker, John Douglas (Manager)
1981-82-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1981-82SeniorBack: John Douglas (Manager), Josee Lanouette (Trainer), Dave Van Slingerland, Ian Paterson, Clyde Adkin (Assistant Coach), Shawn Manuel, Dave Bull, Andy Lewis, Doug Hayes (Coach).
Front: Wade Walker, Ross Hurd (Co-Captain), Paul Hunt (Co-Captain), Jim Davidson, Scott Mckenzie.
Absent: Ken Lougheed, Craig Bonner
1987-88-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1987-88SeniorBack: Karen Johnson (Trainer), Kevin Condon (Manager), Dan Rajnovich (Coach), Rob McAleer, Terry Thomson (Co-Captain), Mario Tarantino, James Green, Dave Ormerod, Doug Hayes (Head Coach), Craig Boydell (Coach), Darlene Seguin (Manager).
Front: John Pensa, John Giles, Brian Does, John Stiefelmeyer, Kyle Rysdale, Ed Spera, Jeff Petter (Co-Captain), Alex Kapassouris
1988-89-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1988-89SeniorBack: Sheila Psotka (Trainer), Dave Ormerod, Peter Cashion, Hale Miller, Doug Hayes (Coach), Craig Boydell (Assistant Coach), James Green, Steve King, Aaron Czaja, Kevin Condon (Manager), Marli Pinnan (Manager).
Front: John Giles, Bruce Caughill, John Stiefelmeyer (Co-Captain), Kyle Rysdale, Jeff Petter (Co-Captain), Brian Does, John Pensa
1989-90-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1989-90SeniorBack: Aaron Czaja, Dave Ormerod, Ryan Smith, James Green, Jeff Neasmith.
Middle: Shari Richardson (Trainer), Doug Hayes (Coach), Marli Pinnau (Trainer), Steve King, Brian Does, Jim Beard, John Giles, Glenn Eastland, Craig Boydell (Assistant Coach), Cindy Mary (Trainer), Hugh Meyer (Assistant Coach).
Front: Kyle Rysdale, John Vermeeren, Jeff Petter, John Stiefelmeyer
1990-91-Mens-Basketball-Senior-ID1990-91SeniorBack: Carl Grindstaff, Marli Pinnau (Manager), Steve King, Ryan Smith, Mike Partridge, Brendan Noonan, Terri Todd (Trainer), Cindy Mar (Manager).
Middle: Jim Allen (Assistant Coach), Mike Yuhasz, Peter Vandebovenkamp, John Stiefelmeyer, Brian Does, Michael Lynch, Craig Boydell (Coach).
Front: Glenn Eastland, Dave Ormerod, James Green, Aaron Czaja
1991-92-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1991-92SeniorBack: Jim Allen (Assistant Coach), Mike Lynch, John Vermeeren, Mike Yuhasz, Jason LaFlamme (Manager).
Middle: Carl Grindstaff (Faculty Advisor), Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Brad Campbell, Jeff Neasmith, Mark Cassone, Mike Patridge, Dean Braknis, Carole Huizenga (Trainer), Lynda McClatchie (Trainer).
Front: Brendon Noonan, Steve King, Glenn Eastlang (Captain), Ryan Smith, Peter Schmidt
1992-93-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC-11992-93SeniorBack: Bill Avison (Academic Advisor), Art Sharp (Assistant Coach), Jeff Farrugia (Assistant Coach), Peter Schmidt, Dave Kleuskens, Nigel Rawlins, Marty Harris, Blake Gage, Brendan Noonan, Mike Yuhasz (Assistant Coach), Jill Stiefelmeyer (Manager), Bonnie Rysdale (Trainer), Jill Kempster (Trainer).
Front: John Vermeeren, Mike Lynch, Steve King, Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Hugh Bell, Jason Meskis
1993-94-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC-11993-94SeniorBack: Alex Rucker (Manager), Michael Lynch, Bruce Young, John Vermeeren, Marty Harris, Michael Milne, Heather Flett (Trainer).
Middle: Amy McLellan (Manager), Dr. Craig Boydell (Coach), Brad Campbell, Blake Gage, Jason Keskis, Peter Schmidt, Dr. William Avison (Academic Advisor), Karen Boehm (Trainer). Jeff Farrugia (Assistant Coach), Jonathan Dingle, Reid Beckett, Michael Boydell, Hugh Bell, Brendan Noonan, Art Sharp (Assistant Coach)
1994-95-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC-11994-95SeniorBack: Brent Stewart, Blake Gage (Captain), Jeff Wettlaufer, Nigel Rawlins, Michael Milne (Captain), Jamie Bell.
Middle: Dr. William Avison (Academic Advisor), Mike Yuhasz (Assistant Coach), Nathan Stepanovic, Reid Beckett, Jason Meskis, Aaron Volkmann, Art Sharp (Head Coach).
Front: Alex Rucker (Manager), Marty Kleuskens (Trainer), Jonathan Dingle, Hugh Bell, Tim Oldham (Trainer), Amy McLellan (Manager)
1995-96-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC-11995-96SeniorBack: Viet Nguyen (Statistician), Dave Finnerty (Manager), Jamie Bell, Adrian Smith, Paul Bussiere (Trainer), Darren Johnson (Trainer).
Middle: Pat Dooley (Administrative ASsistant), Jeff Fennell, Jeff Wettlaufer, Nigel Rawlins, Kyle Rysdale, Dave Kent, Dr. Bill Avison (Academic Advisor).
Front: Nathan Stepanovic, Jason Meskis, Bradley Campbell (Assistant Coach), Mike Milne (Co-Captain), Mike Lync (Co-Captain), Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Blake Gage, Jonathan Dingle.
1996-96-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC-11996-96SeniorBack: Matt DiSilvestro (Trainer), Paul Chappel, Richard Tammings, Paul Abrams, Jamie Hocken (Trainer).
Middle: Dr. Carl Grindstaff (Academic Advisor), Dave Finnerty (Manager), Hugh Bell, Chris Webber, Matt Tweedie, Ryan Bell, Viet Nguyen (Statistician), Dr. Bill Avison (Academic Advisor).
Front: Jonathan Dingle, Jason Meskis, Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Brendan Noonan (Co-Captain), Blake Gage (Co-Captain), Steve King (Assistant Coach), Nigel Rawlins, Adrian Smith
1997-98-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1997-98SeniorBack: Dave Bonitatibus, Ryan Bell, Matt Tweedie, Darcy Millen, Chedo Ndur, Dan Jonker.
Middle: Darren Chisholm (Trainer), Krista Sheppard (Manager), Paul Abrams, Richard Tamminga, Chris Brown, Mark Nielsen, Dr. Bill Avison (Academic Advisor), Mike Duncan (Trainer).
Front: Micah Bourdeau, Brendan Noonan (Assistant Coach), Jonathan Dingle (Co-Captain), Nat Graham (Co-Captain), Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Bradley Campbell
1998-99-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC1998-99SeniorBack: Jimmy Grozelle, Chedo Ndur, Krista Sheppard (Adminstrative Assistant), Dan Jonker, Mark Nielsen, Stephan Barrie, Darren Brownlee (Trainer), Karl Aguilar, Jeff Downie (Statistician), Shaun Lodge.
Middle: Rich Tammings, Rob Dean (Trainer), Brad Campbell (Assistant Coach), Nat Graham (Co-Captain), Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Micah Bourdeau (Co-Captain), Mark Casselman (Assistant Coach), Mark Porte, Chris Brown.
Front: Paul Abrams, Matt Tweedie
2000-01-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC2000-01SeniorBack: Jay Barkley (Manager), Sagar Desai, Rich Tamminga, Chris Brown, Andy Kwiatkowski, Ron Sarid (Trainer).
Middle: Joe Larsen (Trainer), Scott Seely, Adam Peaker, Chedo Ndur, Nick Salomans, Mark Porte, Tim Shanks.
Front: Peter Schmidt (Assistant Coach), Matt Tweedie (Captain), Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Jim Grozelle (Captain), Brad Campbell (Assistant Coach)
2001-02-Mens-Basketball-Senior-MC2001-02SeniorBack: John Thompson (Trainer), Mark Nielsen, Chris Brown, Kelsey Green, Sagar Desai, Chedu Ndur, John Thompson (Trainer).
Middle: Ryan O'Neill, Scott Seely, Sean Byrne, Adam Peaker, Kurt Weiland, Tim Shanks, Steve DiCiacca (Physiotherapist), Maria Mountain (Assistant Coach).
Front: Pete Schmidt (Assistant Coach), Andy Kwiatkowski (Captain), Craig Boydell (Head Coach), Jimmy Grozelle (Captain), Brad Campbell (Assistant Coach)