Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s boxing team photos. Ten photos are shown per page, scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.


ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1933-34-Mens-Boxing-Class-Occi1661933-34ClassP. Hunt, D. McLeod, G. Freeborn, J. McCubbin, J. Griffiths, P. Miller, G. Ponsford, J. Woodhouse, W. McManus
1934-35-Mens-Boxing-Occi1901934-35Back: Percy Hunt (Coach), F. Girling, C. Hourd, H. Gilles, C. Box, C. Turner.
Front: D. Day, J. McCubbin, E. Cameron, G. Eaton, R. Rannie, D. Tennart.
Absent: P. Ponsford, B. Bass, S. Burr, R. Hungerford
1935-36-Mens-Boxing-Occi1751935-36Back: Merv Smith, Charlie Box, Claude Turner (Coach), Hanson Roos, Hugh Smith.
Front: Mort Golden, Jim McCubbin, Charlie Hourd, Ken Cameron, Joe Mitchell.
Absent: George Eaton, Stan Burr, Pete Ponsford (Captain), Frank Roloson
1936-37-Mens-Boxing-Occi1631936-37Back: P. Hunt (Coach), C. Hourd, F. Stark, R. Hungerford, M. Smith, J. Bell, C. Turner.
Front: A. Wright, P. Cameron, M. Golden, J. McCubbin, H. Thompson, I. Patterson
1937-38-Mens-Boxing-Occi1701937-38Back: Glen Marshman, Percy Hunt (Coach), L. Hannigan, J. Douglas, Bob McLaren, Bob Candlish, Claud Turner (Manager).
Front: Murd. Smith, Roy Kent, Arn. Wilson, John Kelly, Mort. Golden, Bob Miller, Norm. Pearce
1938-39-Mens-Boxing-Occi1541938-39Back: Hunt, Downs, Cameron, Taylor, Fennell, Kent, Reekie (Coach).
Front: Golden (Captain), Cook, Campbell, Allen, Wilson
1939-40-Mens-Boxing-Occi1611939-40Back: Don Cooke, Al O'Marra, Tom O'Marra, Ralph Blackmore, Fred McNab.
Front: Don McCormick, Mort Golden, Gordon Riske
1940-41-Mens-Boxing-Occi1521940-41Back: Don Freeborn, Gordon Ross, Murray McNie (Trainer), Alex. Carruthers, Max Axford.
Front: Jack Young, Gordon Risk, Don Cooke (Coach), Don McCormick
1942-43-Mens-Boxing-Occi1942-43Back: J. Harrington, C. Carmichael, W. Cosford, P. Towe, E. McTavish.
Middle: G. Brickenden, D. Steckley, J. Young, M. McNie (Coach), W. Walsh, A. Woolever, M. Kaminsky.
Front: H.M. Douglas, R. Steep, R. Bontain, P. Purdie
1943-44-Mens-Boxing-Occi1943-44Back: Murray Eagles, Stan Pate, Ernie McTavish, John Howes, Ted Haggarty, Joe Wittig.
Front: Harry Bower, Stewart Lott, John McKim, Vern Voakes.
Absent: Charlie Carmichael
1945-46-Mens-Boxing-Intermediate-Occi1711945-46IntermediateBack: M. McNie (Coach), C. Magnotich, E. Mullens, P. Wright, J. Colby, T. Hodgins, H. Crisp (Assistant Coach).
Front: J. Keelan, F. Uffelmann, G. Risk, R. Degateau
1946-47-Mens-Boxing-Occi1721946-47Back: Ken Crisp (Coach), Ted Mullins, Bob Fletcher, Doug McKinley, Carl Mangotich.
Front: Frank Uffleman, Lou Keating, Ralph McCormick, Pat West
1947-48-Mens-Boxing-Occi1101947-48Back: T. Able, C. Corcoran, M. McNie (Coach), D. Phillips, D. DeMarco.
Front: T. Hodgins, P. West, W. Yost, R. McCormick, C. Mangotich
1948-49-Mens-Boxing-Occi1241948-49Back: Harold Rice, Bill LaRochelle, Archie Galbraith, R. Inglis, R. Gillen, Bill Yost.
Front: Bud Hutchinson, Eugene Mark, Percy Hunt (Coach), Tom Abel, Lloyd Young
1949-50-Mens-Boxing-Occi1581949-50Back: Don Porter, M. Philp, Bill Yost, Tom Hodgins, Pete Murrell.
Front: Bob Carlyle, C. Eagan, Tom Abel, S. Sitzer, F. Archdekin