Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of Canadian Officer’s Training Corps photos. Many officers played sports and their photos were often found within the athletic section of the Occidentalias. Ten photos are shown per page, scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1922-23-COTC-Candidates-for-Lieut-Certificates-Occi911922-23Candidates for Lieut. CertificatesE. Linton, G. Robinson, R. Tindall, F.S. Kipp, H.J. Nunn, C. Beasely
1923-24-COTC-Occi921923-24Back: Ptes. H. Ball, A. Ward, A. McCallum, J. Grieve, L. Matheson, G. Johnson, J. Walton, J. Wilkey, J. Myers, Corp. H. Laird, Ptes. A. Manz, E. Simmons, A. Elder, A. Osborne, W. Craw, G. Garner, E. Stewart, A. Calder.
Middle: Ptes. H. Appleyard, S. Fraleigh, S. Dixon, L. Gray, H. Loughlin, Corp. H. Reaveley, Ptes. Q. Bole, C. James, J. Steadman, N. Smith, H. Grace, E. Gill, J. Blackwell, F. Hitchens, Corp. J. Dean, Pte. D. Comfort.
Front: Ptes. G. Ward, D. Wilcox, Sgt. J.E. Durrant, Sgt-Mjr. F. Ovens, Corp. P. Fallona, Lieut. E.B. Linton, Lieut. F.S. Kipp, Capt. R.P.I. Dougall, Major G.A. Smith, Lieut. H.J. Nunn, Lieut. H.B. Tindall, Lieut. G.W. Robinson, R.S.M. Wyatt (R.C.R.), Corp. M. Crawford, Sgt. W. Parsons, Pte. J. Allen
1928-29-COTC-NCOs-Occi781928-29NCOsBack: Douglas, Smith, Morriss, Rowand, Dean, McKibbon, Kendall.
Middle: White, Hitchins, Parson, Bowen, McLeod, Clarry, Russell, McLean.
Front: McKee, Vining, Johnston, Taylor, Hill, Beasley, Buchanan, Hargreaves
1928-29-COTC-Officers-Occi781928-29OfficersBack: Lieut. Wells, Lieut. Eadie, Lieut. McLandress, Lieut. Smith, Lieut. McCormick, Lieut. Kime.
Front: Major McKegney, Major Reilly, Colonel Brown, Capt. Chalk, Lieut. Laughton
1929-30-COTC-Commission-Officers-Occi831929-30Commissioned Officers
1934-35-COTC-Band-Occi1721934-35BandBack: Walkem, Daughterty, Harty, Lord, McNiel, Cousins.
Middle 2: Scott, Tucker, Robertson, Kingston, Elliott, F. Ruston, Gilmore, McGregor, Gardiner, Plumsteel, Cockburn, Breault, Stevens, J. Ruston.
Middle 1: Cpl. Elson, Cpl. Muir, Cpl. Dow, Cpl. Wilson, Sgt. Maule, 2nd. Lieut. Farr, Sgt. Roth, Cpl. Queen.
Front: Burslem, Watton, Fursey
1934-35-COTC-NCOs-Occi1721934-35NCOsBack: Sgt. G. Greb, Cpl. J. Griffith, Sgt. F. Egener, Sgt. T. Lawson, Sgt. F.B. Roth, Sgt. G.H. Francis, Sgt. P.J. Clements, Cpl. K.L. Mitton.
Front: Sgt. C.L. Scott, C.S.M. E. Childs, Sgt. T.W. Stewart, R.S.M. J.F. Steadman, C.S.M. D.O. Steadman, C.Q.S.M. W. Totten, Sgt. D. Leushner
1934-35-COTC-President-and-Military-Leadership-Occi1721934-35President and Military LeadershipMajor S.G. Chalk M.M., President Sherwood Fox, Colonel S.H. Hill, Captain H.M. Thomas
1934-35-COTC-Senior-Officers-Occi1721934-35Senior OfficersBack: 2nd Lt. C. McGuffin, 2nd Lt. G.E. Jarmain, 2nd Lt. G. Nelson, 2nd Lt. J.H. King, 1st Lt. D. Egener, 1st Lt. J.W. Symons.
Front: Capt. Lawrason, Major A. Woods, Capt. T.G. Wallace (Padre), Col. E.E. Reilly, Major H. Thomas, Capt. T. Kirkpatrick, Lt. D. Spry R.C.R.
1935-36-COTC-Officers-Occi1801935-36OfficersBack: 2nd Lt. K.L. Mitton, 2nd Lt. C. McGuffin, 2nd Lt. C.L. Scott.
Middle: 2nd Lt. D.O. Steadman, 2nd Lt. T.G. Lawson, Lt. E.G. Jarmain, Lt. J.H. King, 2nd Lt. E.G. Nelson.
Front: Major A. Woods, Major S.G. Chalk (M.M.), Lt-Col. E.E. Reilly, Major H.M. Thomas, Major T.H. Kirkpatrick.
Absent: Major Reverend T.G. Wallace, Captain E.P. Johns (C.A.M.C.), Captain D.M. Lawrason, Lt. Dennison, Lt. Scarrow, 2nd Lt. D. Wright
1938-39-COTC-Officers-Occi1581938-39OfficersBack: Lt. R.H. Haskins, 2nd Lt. N. Lee, 2nd Lt. G.E. Barkwell, Lt. G.A. Adams, 2nd Lt. A. Glendinning, 2nd Lt. A. Johnson, 2nd Lt. N. Boyd.
Middle: 2nd Lt. B.A. Morrison, 2nd Lt. R. Dillon, Lt. F. Chesham, Lt. G.N. Morton, Lt. K.L. Mitton, Lt. A.M. Pain.
Front: Capt. David Ivor, Major H.M. Thomas, Lt-Col. A. Woods, Major T.H. Kirkpatrick, Capt. M.L. Barr, Capt. J.F. Steadman