Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s football team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1921-22-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi721921-22IntermediateVic Traynor (Captain), Gord Screaton, Mac Campbell, Kenneth Lindsay, John Fisher, Vinc Callaghan, Jack Sifton, Bill Cowley, Ed Dunass, Simmy Simpson, N. Priddle, Allen Albot, Jimmy Jarratt, Grant Fisher, T. Bailey, Ted MacMahon, Doc Cline, Rolly Williams, Jack Dockstader
1923-24-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi941923-24IntermediateBack: P. Johns (Snap), M.A. Garland (End), A. Talbot (Middle), E. Beuglet (End), A. Mowry (Half), M. Auden (Inside).
Middle: H. McKillop (Middle), W. Johns (Captain, Quarter), K. Lindsay (Half), E. Cook (Centre Half), A.M. Calder (Middle), M.D. Comfort (Middle).
Front: H. Grace (Half), W. Priddle (End), P. Harvey (Inside), H. Saavage (End), J. Ferguson (Inside).
Absent: G. Howell, G. Simpson, C. Wilson
1924-25-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi911924-25IntermediateBack: Fred Warren, R.A. Maxwell, J.G. Hungerford, M.F. Auden, S.A. Mortin.
Middle: J.R. Russell, M.D. Comfort, A.E. Mowry, G.A. Simpson (Captain), M.D. MacPherson, C.A. Osborn, K.A. Hunter, T.B. Johnston.
Front: E.R.N. Simmons, W.W. Priddle, Gourlay Howell, C.A. Rose, D.B. Wiley, M.A. Garland
1927-28-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi111927-28IntermediateBack: F. Turville, V. Diamond, P. McCormick, C. Bice, A.E. Kress, D. Simmers, C. Young.
Middle: G. Stull, C. Hauch, R. Brown, F. Little, E. Wharton, D. Evans.
Front: E. Hauch, K. Hunter, Ted Kennedy (Captain), P. Hauch, A. McLaughlin, S. Valeriote, M. Jewell.
Absent: "Skip" Morton, W. McCulley (Manager), A. Wilson (Coach)
1928-29-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi801928-29IntermediateBack:Dr. L.W. Pritchett, Pat Waugh, Art Wilson (Coach), Mountain, Stull, Ward, S. Valeriote, Kress, McGinnis, Horton, M. Valeriote, Diamond, Cuy. Hauch, Allan Dobie (Mascot), Martin (Captain), Little, P.P. Hauch, Brown, Jewell, Thompson, McLachlin, Kennedy, Ed. Letts (Manager).
Front: Allan Dobie (Mascot)
1929-30-Mens-Football-Senior-Occi861929-30SeniorJ.M. Breen, M. Burt, F. Gugino, G. Stull, W.E. Bryant, G. Jackson, S. Valeriote, J. McDermott, F.E. Savard, K. O'Connor, R.E. Kress, S. Ward, E.A. Horton, G.G. Paterson, C. Hauch, T. Thompson, K. Fraser, R.A. Brown, R.L. McKay, P.P. Hauch, M.A. Jewell, A. McLachlin, E. Kennedy, Dr. C.A. Cline, K. Hunter, H.C. Cox, "Dobie" (Mascot)
1930-31-Mens-Football-Intermediate-01-Occi1211930-31IntermediateMeachen (Trainer), M. Burt (Coach), Morton (Assistant Coach), Armstrong, #, Bell, Brown, Lorriman, Syer, Ferguson, Roberts, Brent, Thompson
1930-31-Mens-Football-Intermediate-02-Occi1211930-31IntermediateLaurison, Dickinson, Aude, Duncan, Rocky (Captain), Verona, Higgins, Munro, Mullins, Schnarr, Johnston, Boyd, Whitefield (Trainer), Stewart (Manager)
Top: McLaughlin, Jewel, Brown, Hauch, Kennedy, Burt, Hauch, Horton, Patterson, Ward, Stull, Young, Dean.
Bottom: Quigley, Gugino, McDermott, Valeriote, Tweedie, O'Connor, Bryant, McKay, Meachen, Barbour, Valeriote, Thompson
1931-32-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1741931-32IntermediateSyer, McHale, Inglis, Loriman, Stapleton, Dickinson, Robertson, Lawson, Hungerford, Munro, Wimple, Higgins, Gillies, Little, Grant, Ballard, #, #, Anderson,
1931-32-Mens-Football-Junior-Occi1741931-32JuniorMr. Thomson (Coach), Harris, McEwin, Schnarr, Beecher, Kidd, Guthrie, Baldwin, Sledwill, Nixon, Childs, Humphries, Rose, Bernhardt, Mandas, Broderick
1932-33-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1591932-33IntermediateBrown, Lorriman, Lipson, Guthrie, Griffith, Hungerford, Shantz, Syer, Steadwell, Davis, Wemple, Kidd, Paul, Nixon, Potts, Caldwell, Rankin, Scott, Grant, Sherk, Lawson, Munro, Tamblyn, Thompson, Crocker
1932-33-Mens-Football-Junior-Occi1591932-33JuniorBodrug, Vradenburg, Caffee, Dampier, Fry, McLeod, Anderson, Smith, Schram, Brownell, Babb, McCallum, McNally, Kemp, Faulds, McVeigh, Kester, Humphries, Nash, Campbell, Bernhardt, Price, Crocker
Top: McLachlin, Mugan, Ward, Veroni, B. Rider (Manager), Joe Breen (Head Coach), Paterson, Gilles, Duncan.
Middle: Quigley, Bryant, Gugino, Awde, W. Meachen (Trainer), McKay, Rockey, Thompson.
Front: M. Valeriote, Ferguson, Stapleton, Tweedie, See. Valeriote, Schnarr, McDermott, Stull
Top: Caldwell, Kime, Lipson, Brown (Manager), Breen (Coach), Gugino (Assistant Coach), Grant, Gillies, Lorriman.
Middle: Ward, Bryant, Rockey, Kennedy, Awde, Sherk, Mugan, Potts, Quigley.
Bottom: Tweedie, Davis, Bell, Veroni, Lawson, McLeod, Stapleton, Rankin
Top: Baldwin (Manager), Bell, Carver, Lipson, Bryant (Captain), Breen (Coach), Sherk, McLeod.
Middle: Rankin, Smith, McEachern, Veroni, Davis, Box.
Bottom: Parker, Tweedie, Hungerford, Rider, Grant, Gillies, Neilson, Campbell
1934-45-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1811934-45IntermediateBack: Jim McConnel (Manager), Ken Murray, Doug Shales, Colin Brown, Don McRae, George Nonas, Bill Ewener, Eric Webb, Dave Thomas, Tom McGarry, Frank Lawson (Coach).
Middle: Tom Nixon, Mel Pryce, Doug Kemp, Garfield Lorriman (Captain), Jim Lind, George Kibrick, Bill Farrell, John Lecky.
Front: Rowe Fry, Jack Warren, George Willis, Gordon Stratton, Bob Moore, John McLachlin, Bud White
1935-36-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1661935-36IntermediateBack: J. McLachlin, H. Childs, A. Hargan, R. Anderson, L. Owen, L. Munn.
Middle: G. Toon, G. Plewman, L. Brooks, W. Brydon, W. Pace, L. Elliott, G. Webster.
Front: G. Lorriman, D. Jackson, W. Farrell, J. McHale, J. Guthrie, J. Zomerplaag
Top: Smith, McLeod, Lind, Shales, Pryce, Rider, Rankin, Davis.
Middle: Robats, Kennedy, Ewener, Killoran, Stapleton, Webb.
Bottom: Veroni, Box, Bell, Sherk, Mitchell, Lerner, Carver, Willi
1936-37-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1561936-37IntermediateTop: Don Cockburn (Manager), Caspell, Hargan, McLaughlin, Gladish, Kennedy, King, Anderson, Lee.
Bottom: Farrell, Calvert, Bryden, Pace, Mooney, Robarts, Scobie, Guthrie, Metras (Coach).
Absent: Plewman, Roy
Top: Box, Oliphant, Beal (Captain), Casey, Smith, Rider, Ewener.
Middle: Stewart, Farmer, Moore, Hurley, Hilton, Carver, Willis.
Bottom: Munn, Palmer, Killoran, Hungerford, Benson, Shales.
1937-38-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC1937-38IntermediateJ. Metras (Coach), G. Fisher, F. Stark, H. King, R. Anderson, F. Scobie, K, Mooney, R. Gladish, W. Farrell, R. McIntyre, J. King, K. Calvert, K. Caskill, W. Allen, W. Wong, J. Moore, A. Hargen, #, #.
1937-38-Mens-Football-Senior-MC1937-38SeniorJ. Metras (Assistant Coach), Fred Smith, Morley Thomas, Jack Guthrie, Harold Bensen, George Oliphant, Douglas Shales, Cam. Killoran, Alfred Hurley, C. Stewart, J. Robarts, J. Kennedy, B. Sherk, W. Hilton, J. Farmer, Roy Kent, C. Box, G. Willis, B. Casey, G. Carver, W.J. Storen (Coach), E. Webb (Manager).
Inset: W. Ewener, C. Moore
1938-39-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1481938-39IntermediateBack: Hicks, Sharp, McGill, Gaunt, Allen, Douglas.
Middle: Murray (Manager), Lorriman, Hollingsworth, Aitken, Dixon, Miller, Ewener (Honourary Coach).
Front: Krol, Guthrie, Killoran, Temcoe Smith
1938-39-Mens-Football-Junior-MC1938-39JuniorJ. Laughton, R. Colucci, S. Campbell, J.M. Smith, J.W. McCallum, W.T. Shrives, W.H. Parsons, R. Gladish, S.E. Paddon, M.W. Taylor, T.A. Stapleton, R. Anderson, J.T. Woolley, R. Clark, P.C. Parrott, I.F. Grand, J.S. Rolfe, P. Ivey, W.K. Guiltinan (Honorary Coach), H.B. Reid (Manager)
1938-39-Mens-Football-Senior-MC1938-39SeniorJohn Metras (Assistant Coach), Morley Thomas, Gordon Taylor, J. Cameron, Lloyd Elliott, Harold Benson, George Oliphant, Jack Robarts, David Thompson, Alf Hurley, Wally Hilton, James Farmer, Clem Faust, Roy Kent, John McLachlan, Osburn Cox, William Wong, Brian Casey, George Willis (Captain), Stuart Carver, William J. Storen (Coach), Eric Webb (Manager)
1939-40-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi155-Ed1939-40IntermediateLew Davies (Manager), Roy Lewis, Harold King, Edgar Venus, Howard Hayes, Ron Aitken, George Bissett, Laird Bovaird, Hugh Lorriman, Stew Paddon, Jack Howes, Eric Rogers, John Douglas, M. Douglas, Max Kaminsky, Charles Drake, Don McCormick, Dick Hodges, Bob Colucci, J. Howden, Bill Hart, Gordon Riske, Ernie Gaunt, Dr. Wm. Bugg, Jack Graham (Manager)
1939-40-Mens-Football-Junior-Occi1551939-40JuniorBack: Don Derbyshire, Tom O'Marra, Fred Wodchis, Stuart Rolfe, Stephen Sanderson, Bob Clarke, John McInnes, Bob Morgan, Bob Miller (Coach).
Front: Jack Howes, Bill Hockin, Lorne Dow, Jack Ward, John Smith, Jack McCallum
Top: McLachlin, Hilton, King, Cameron, Thompson, Fisher, Thomas, Kennedy.
Middle 2: Wong, Kent, Benson, Allen, McGill, Guiltinan, Temkow, Harris.
Middle 1: Taylor, Szumlinski, Faust, Krol, Moore, Oliphant.
Bottom: Bill Storen (Coach), Alf Hurley (Captain), John Murray (Manager), John Metras (Assistant Coach)
1940-41-Mens-Football-Senior-MC1940-41SeniorBack: David Thompson, Charlie Fisher, Laird Bovaird, Morley Thomas, George Bissett, John Metras (Coach), Howard Hayes, B. Tackaberry, H. Hollingsworth, Joe Krol, John Graham (Manager).
Middle: Jack Kennedy, Ramsay Gunton, John Douglas, Bill Temkow, Joe King, Harold Benson, Bert Harris, Claude Moore (Captain), Doug Cooke.
Front: Bill Wong, Tom Wolley, Gord Risk, George Barker, Hugh Douglas, Logie Allen
1941-42-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1941-42IntermediateBack: E. McTavish, D. Fleming, J. Houlding, B. Sanderson, W. Scott, E. Jones, R. Wilson, L. Dow, D.L. Thompson (Coach).
Middle: L. McMahen, M. Kaminsky, D. Derbyshire, J. Edgar, R. Colucci, D. Hilborn, H. Birmingham, H. Lorriman.
Front: T. Parks, R. Yenney, R. Hodges, J. Gunn, R. Dixon
1941-42-Mens-Football-Senior-Occi1941-42SeniorBack: J. Krol, B. McNair, B. Harris, M. Douglas, C. Moore, J. Kennedy, D. Sinclair, J. Douglas.
Middle 2: B. Shervill (Manager), C. Mixer, J. King, H. Hayes, W. Costello, B. Allen, C. Fisher, D. Cree, Lew Davies.
Middle 1: D. Cook, H. Szumlinksi, C. Harper, V. Atrill, B. Benson, Red Howes, D. McNeil, B. Wong.
Front: P. Malchowski, T. Woolley, G. Risk, G. Bissett
1942-43-Mens-Football-COTC-Occi1942-43SeniorBack: Mike Kennedy, Jack Brunette, Red Howes, Walt Costello, Dunc Cameron, Ernie McTavis, Howard Hayes, Bob Eby, Charlie Harpur, Bud Wiley.
Middle: Marv Decker (Manager), Eric Jones, Jack Fairs, Bill Glover, Herb Ballantyne, Bob Allen, Bob Hutchinson, Dick Wilson, Ramsay Gunton, Johny Metras (Coach).
Front: John Sullivan, Red Douglas, Don Huyck, Frank Robinson, Bert Harris (Captain), Jim Liddy, Ernie Cortese, Andy Moriarity, Al Brule
1942-43-Mens-Football-Interfaculty-Arts-43-Occi1942-43InterfacultyBack: G. Thomas, D. Fleming, W. Ross.
Middle: Don Smith, F. Wodchis, B. Harris, J. Houlding, M. Kaminsky.
Front: H. Wallar, W. Pollard, F. Norwood
1943-44-Mens-Football-Interfaculty-Arts-46-Occi1943-44InterfacultyBack: R. Bankes, John Gillies, L. Auckland, R. Yenney, S. Claus.
Front: J. Fairs (Coach), J. McLarty, J. Neilson, H. Clemens, D. Jackson, D. Taylor, B. Smith (Manager)
1943-44-Mens-Football-Senior-Occi1943-44SeniorBack: D. Cree, G. Stevens, J. Howes, R. Hutchinson, M. Zaltz, J. Coles, W. Costello, R. Alexander, R. Allen.
Middle 2: M. McNie (Trainer), M. Decker (Manager), J. Fairs, E. McTavish,. D. Cameron, G. McLean, W. Cunningham, J. Cichocti, W. Glover, J.P. Metras (Coach).
Middle 1: W. Wardle, H. Ballantyne, F. Robinson, H.M. Douglas (Captain), J. Liddy, J. Leckie, H. Bower.
Front: R. Gunton, A. Morairty, D. Huyck, L. O'Neil, A. Brule, Emmott, Ross
1944-45-Mens-Football-Interfaculty-Meds-49-Occi1841944-45InterfacultyW. Hewitt, J. Leckie, M. Humphrys, H. Allen, P. Rechnitzer, G. Newell, E. Robbins, S. Morphy, A. Lampkovitz, O. Mirehouse, J. Coles (Coach), M. Goddard (Manager)
1944-45-Mens-Football-Senior-MC1944-45SeniorBack: R. Alexander, J. Fairs, J. Howes, G. Bustard, J. Koskie, F. Curry, G. Stevens.
Middle 2: W. Costello (Manager), E. Quintyn, R. Hutchinson, H. Smith, R. Stevens, B. Wilson, W. Cunningham, J. Chichocki, D. McFarlane, J. Metras (Coach).
Middle 1: D. Hoare, P. Walden, G. Curtis, A. Galbraith, ramsay Gunton (Captain), F. Rubinson, H. Ballantyne, J. Sullivan.
Front: J. Coles, H. Bower, T. Nishio, J. Metras Jr, A. Brule, R. Emmott, R. Krol.
Absent: J. Liddy
1945-46-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1661945-46IntermediateBack: G. Turnbull, R. McFarlane, H. Smith, L. Mellor, L. Aukland, J. Gyulveszi, D. Scott, D. Cameron, W. Glover, E. Groover.
Middle: R. Trumper (Manager), T. Hodgins, A. Wiley, R. Frewin, M. Yuhasz, G. Savatsky, G. Risk, A. Galbraith, D. O'Neil, H.M. Douglas (Assistant Coach), J.P. Metras (Coach).
Front: J. Metras Jr
1945-46-Mens-Football-Senior-MC1945-46SeniorBack: Joe Krol, Elmer Quintyn, Ben Wilson, Bob Allen, Doug Cook, Bill Wardle, Joe Koskie.
Middle 2: Dutch Decker, Frank robinson, Harry Szumlinski, Bob McFarlane, Joe Cichocki, Bob Hutchinson, Nurm McLean, Fabian Curry, Cam Wallace.
Middle 1: Hugh Douglas, George Curtis, Walden, Al Brule, Don Huyck, Herb Ballantyne, Bill Cunningham, Jack Fairs, Bill Jarvie, Pete O'Neil, J.P. Metras.
Front: J.P. Metras Jr.
1946-47-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11946-47IntermediateBack: Robert Trumper (Manager), Vernon Brown, Joe Koskie, Donald C. Scott, Bill Pillsworth, George Wearring, Bill Downe, Bob Purdom, Doug McKinley, Jack Reynolds, Hugh Douglas (Coach).
Middle: Lloyd Mellor, Bob Krol, Dick Hutchinson, Ron Winters, Herb Lawler, Bub Wiley, Dominic DeMarco, Jack Parry, Jim Stevens.
Front: Tom Hodgins, Steve Carson, Mike Yuhasz, Sandy Whitton, John Sullivan
1946-47-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11946-47SeniorBack: M. McNie (Trainer), M. Decker (Manager), H. Douglas (Assistant Coach), P. O'Neil, B. Cunningham, B. Phibbs, B. Wardle, G. Turnbull, B. Wilson, B. Glover, D. Huyck, J. Metras (Coach).
Middle: B. McFarlane, E. Quintyn, F. Robinson, H. Ballantyne, D. Cook (Captain), B. Jarvie, F. Curry, G. Duck, D. Farley.
Front: G. Curtis, G. McLean, J. Cihocki, C. Wallace, D. McFarlane, J. Coles
1947-48-Mens-Football-Interfaculty-Meds-48-Occi1151947-48InterfacultyBack: Bill Ewener (Coach), Dave Wilson, Pete Rechnitzer, Ted Robins, "Shifty" Tinning, Bill Walsh.
Front: Orv Mirehouse, Marty Humphrys, Frank Scarfone, Doug Mills, Steve Morphy, Hugh Allen
1947-48-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1061947-48IntermediateBack: R. Cutmore (Manager), D. Gray, V. Brown, D. Guthrie, T. Hodgins, T. Cruickshank, A. Miko, K. Strickland, J. Mathews, H. Smith, B. Purdom, R. Ort, B. Taylor, J. Thompson, D. Wilson, Dr. Lott, H. Douglas (Coach).
Middle: B. Bartlett, D. Barresi, G. McFadden, B. Waddell, R. Farley, R. Winter, D. Clark, S. Agro, M. Yule, R. Grant.
Front: L. Mellor, J. Schneider, D. DeMarco, M. Yuhasz, H. Lawler, J. Fisher, B. Fischer
1947-48-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11947-48SeniorBack: R. Trumper (Manager), H. Douglas (Assistant Coach), W. Pillsworth, D. MacKinlay, R. Phibbs, W. Jarvis, W. Wardle, J. Koskie, G. Turnbull, G. Duck, J. Stephens, J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), John Metras (Coach).
Middle: R. McFarlane, W. Ford, D. McFarlane, R. Farley, G. Wearring, G. Curtis (Captain), W. Downe, E. Quintyn, G. Arnott, B. Wilson, J. Parry.
Front: G. McLean, P. Walden, D. Scott, Johhny Metras (mascot), P. O'Neill, F. Curry, R. Krol.
1948-49-Mens-Football-Interfaculty-Meds-51-Occi1251948-49InterfacultyBack: Bill Nichols, Mel Platt, Mel Harvey, G. Sears, B. Whitty, G. Sears, B. Whitty, J. Stevens.
Front: Bob Lyons, Neil Carruthers, T. McLarty, Bill McInnis, Graham Beatty, Alex Gray
1948-49-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11948-49IntermediateBack: M. Philp, W. Williams, G. Davidson, R. McMonagle, J. Wyatt, D. Barresi, J. Thompson.
Middle: J. Fairs (Coach), R. Cutmore (Manager), R. Purdom, D. Gossage, S. Tatham, W. Waddell, R. Beck, H. Lowther, R. Knox, H. Wade, W. Larochelle, D. Decker (assistant), J.P. Metras coach).
Front: M. Henderson, R. Hill, N. Melnick, H. Vincent, J. Strobel, E. Escaf, R. Pierce, D. Porter, W. Floyd, T. McNulty. Insets: G. Fitzgerald, J. McArthur.
1948-49-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11948-49SeniorBack: B. Bear, R. Grant, B. Wardell, D. MacKinley, J. Parry, D. Gray.
Middle: J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), B. Trumper (Manager), D. Scott, E. Quintyn, R. Ort, B. Downe, G. Wearring, B. McFarlane, G. Turnbull, B. ford, M. Decker (asst.), J.P. Metras (Coach).
Front: J. Thompson, B. Taylor, G. Duck, M. Yuhasz, F. Curry (co-capt.), B. Jarvie (co-capt), P. O'Neil, G. Arnott, B. Bartlett, B. Phibbs, J. Matthews.
1949-50-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11949-50IntermediateBack: E. Escaf, J. Dougherty, J. Strobel, G. Fewster, W. Williams, M. Philp, M. Cork, D. Campbell.
Middle: M. Decker, J. Lennard (Manager), N. Clark, G. Davidson, K. Burgess, M. Gallow, C. Allen, D. McNichol, W. MacDonald, J. McPhee, R. Chisholm, D. Beatty, J. Fairs (Coach), P. Skinner (Manager).
Front: T. McNulty, C.L. Hubling, H. Vincent, J. Carrol, R. Farley, J. Black, R. Curtis, S. Jerome, R. McMurdo, A. Sokol, W. Floyd, J. Stephens.
Absent: D. Porter, R. Sheller, D. Robinson, D. Gossage.
1949-50-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11949-50SeniorBack: M. McNie (Trainer), R. Beck, J. Fitzgerald, R. Baer, D. McFarlane, S. Tatham, R. Turner, W. Ford, R. Grant, R. McMonagle, R. Knox, J. Thompson, J. Fairs (Assistant Coach).
Middle: M. Yuhasz (Assistant Line Coach), D. Barresi (Manager), E. Quintyn, D. MacKinlay, R. McFarlane, W. Down, G. Wearring, H. Wade, R. Ort, G. Duck, D. Hill, J.P. Metras (Coach).
Front: J. Hollister (End Coach), B. Taylor, J. Thompson, J. Matthews, R. Farley, G. Arnott, J. Metras (Mascot), J. Parry (Captain), R. Pierc, D. Gray, M. Henderson, J. Wyatt, E. Ziegler (Line Coach).
1950-51-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1411950-51IntermediateBack: D. Cardillo, R. Newton, D. Hamilton, R. Hill, W. Burns, G. Malo.
Middle 2: S. Jerome, G. Leyshon, B. Swan, J. Geddes, N. Clark, K. Webster, B. Thomson, J. Goodearle.
Middle 1: F. Archdekin (Manager), D. Conway (Coach), R. Farley, D. Gossage, S. McIntee, J. Fowler, J. McIntosh, J. Thompson, L. Howett, B. L'Heureux (Coach).
Front: R. Chrisholm, R. Tracey, B. Johnson, C. Church, R. McMurdo, J. Belec, S. O'Hara, B. McManus, W. Floyd
1950-51-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11950-51SeniorBack: M. Gallow, C. Allan, R. Turner, D. McNichol, D. Beatty, R. Truant.
Middle 2: E. Escaf, R. Ort, M. Henderson, M. Cork, T. McNulty, D. Porter, J. Matthews.
Middle 1: J.P. Metras (Head Coach), J. Fairs (asst.), F.M. McNie (Trainer), J. Black, R. McFarlane, R. McMonagle, G. Fewster, J. Wyatt, H. Vincent, J. Carroll, D. Conway (asst.), E. Zeigler (asst.), C. Gilmour (Manager).
Front: B. Taylor, J. Thompson, D. Gray, D. McFarlane, W. Ford (Captain), G. Arnott, R. Grant, E. Quintyn, J. Fitzgerald.
1951-52-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11951-52SeniorBack: B. Obal, B. Boa, M. Gallow, K. Burgess, D. McNichol, D. Beatty, E. Roman, M. Kovac, R. Smith.
Middle 2: G. Malo (Manager), G. Fewster, R. Farley, J. Fowler, J. Carrol, J. Belec, S. O'Hara, F.M. McNie (Trainer).
Middle 1: J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), D. Conway (Assistant Coach), J. Thompson, R. Martin, B. Thomson, G. Fracas, J. Wyatt, W. L'Heuruex (Assistant Coach), J.P. Metras (Head Coach).
Front: R. Truant, C. Church, R. McMonagle, M. Cork, J. Metras (mascot), R. Ort (Captain), H. Vincent, M. Henderson, R. Tracey.
1952-53-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11952-53IntermediateBack: J. Thompson, J. Geddes, J. Nixon, C. Wildman, S. Lynch, J. Girvin, G. Scratch, D. McGee, R. Howe, R. Simmons, D. Mather, K. Edwards.
Middle: J.R. Fairs (Coach), R. Ort (Assistant Coach), W. Jacques, B. Young, L. Hunter, G. Mason, W. Chamra, J. Murdoch, J. Jenkins, T. Thomas, R. Farley (Assistant Coach), R. Ford (Manager).
Front: O. Tokarsky, J. Telford, D. Cardillo, W. Duffield, M. Safer, W. Swan, R. Preston, D. Drew, J. Neale, W. Fowler, A. Durnford.
1952-53-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11952-53SeniorBack: R. McMurdo, J. Fowler, G. Fracas, R. Turner, D. Killinger, T. Roman, D. McNichol, D. Higgins, M. Gallow, B. Obal, C. Cunningham, D. Drew, D. Prowse.
Middle: J.P. Metras (Head Coach), W.J. L'Heureux (Assistant Coach), F.M. McNie (Trainer), R. Martin, M. Henderson, D. Getty, E. Collins, J. Carroll, M. Newediuk, D. Osborne (Manager), J.R. Fairs (Assistant Coach), R. Ort (Assistant Coach).
Front: G. Fewster, J. Belec, J. Thompson, S. O'Hara, J. Wyatt (Captain), R. Truant, C. Church, R. Smith, B. Thomson.
1953-54-Mens-Football-Interfaculty-Arts-Occi331953-54InterfacultyBack: Darrel McLaughlin, Ken Clynick, Bruce Dodds, Fred MacLennan, Larry Morningstar, John Hanna, Gene McCaffrey, Colbert Costello.
Front: Jim Cassin, Charlie Broad, Jack Lawrence, Bob Thompson, Bill Loeback, Ken Grant
1953-54-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11953-54IntermediateBack: R. Preston, W. Turchan, S. Tomes, J. Sweeney, B. Miller, R. Howe, J. Stewart, J. Sweeney, J. Habros, G. Scratch, P. Davis, C. Wildman, R. Steele.
Middle: J. Fairs (Head Coach), G. Paton (Manager), B. Labbett, J. Neale, W. Groom, R. Scott, F. Hessel, V. Motruk, D. gilbert, H. Betkus, C. Maltby, F. Hayden (Manager), R. Ort (Assistant Coach).
Front: G. Leyshon, F. Reaume, K. Edwards, W. Fowler, A. Gleeson, W. Andrews, D. Cardillo.
1953-54-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11953-54SeniorBack: W. Turchan, J. Thompson, O. Tokarsky, D. Drew, D. Killinger, J. Stewart, R. Howe, D. Higgins, J. Girvin, R. Turner, D. Getty, G. Farcas, W. Fowler.
Middle: R. Ort (Assistant Coach), J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), R. Martin, D. Prowse, R. Simmons, T. Roman, T. Collins, D. McGee, J. Johnston, M. Henderson, W. L'Heureux (Assistant Coach), J.P. Metras (Head Coach), B. Edwards (Manager).
Front: J. Jenkins, L. Hunter, G. Mason, J. Wyatt, J. Thompson (Captain), J. Belec, B. Young, J. Fowler, G. Leyshon
1954-55-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11954-55SeniorBack: W. Delahey, J. Sweeney, W. Turchon, D. Prowse, D. Drew, B. Thomas, R. Howe, K. Arkell, J. Girvin, T. Collins, D. Getty, D. Aitchison, A. Gleeson, R. Simmons.
Middle: John P. Metras (Head Coach), M. Yuhasz (Assistant Coach), J. Johnson, D. Creighton, T. Roman, J. Kennedy, D. McGee, D. Killinger, M. Henderson, G. Fracas, W.J. L'Heureux (Assistant Coach), G. Paton (Manager), F.M. McNie (Trainer).
Front: W. Fowler, B. Britton, J. Neale, J. Jenkins, R. Turner (Captain), B. Young, N. Desborough, C. Maltby.
1955-56-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11955-56IntermediateBack: B. Rankin, R. Copat, D. MacKenzie, P. Mellon, R. Bonafacio, B. Grace, B. Ford, B. Springett, R. Johnson, C. Maltby, P. Maurice, B. Wood, F. Pearce.
Middle: J.R. Fairs (Head Coach), M. Yuhasz (Assistant Coach), D. MacDuffee, C. Robinson, C. Holtby, A. Turner, D. Smith, L. White, R. Kiff, J. Neale (Assistant Coach), F. McKeon (Manager).
Front: F. Loftus, K. Leyshon, D. McIntosh, R. Preston, J. Hillier, J. Chantler, J. Joy, F. Deacon, J. Tepley, P. Jordan, G. Collins.
1955-56-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11955-56SeniorBack: P. Campbell, K. MacDonald, D. Creighton, B. Ward, R. Simmons, R. Johnson, A. Turner, A. Telfer, B. Gray, R. Irwin.
Middle: John Metras (Head Coach), M. Yuhasz (Assistant Coach), J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), D. Simpson, D. McGee, D. Barton, T. White, F.M. McNie (Trainer), W. L'Heureux (Assistant Coach), G. Paton (Manager).
Front: D. Langhorne, N. Desborough, B. Britton, D. Drew, T. Collins (Captain), W. Delahey, B. Young, N. Hodgson.
Left Inset: R. Labbett, J. Sweeney, G. Mason, D. Killinger.
Right Inset: T. Roman, A. Gleeson, J. Girvin.
1956-57-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11956-57IntermediateBack: A. Dunn, J. Barclay, R. Wildman, L. Smith, J. Chantler, J. Tepley, L. Carbert, R. Tate, B. Ford, P. Fitzgerald, J. Joy, J. Powers, T. Dalby, J. Partington.
Middle: L. MacLaren (Manager), C. Maltby (Assistant Coach), S. Golosky, G. Shepherd, B. Festeryga, T. Hessel, J. Edgar, P. Dean, B. Salter, B. Troy, J.R. Fairs (Head Coach), M. Yuhasz (Assistant Coach).
Front: B. Pearson, D. Saunders, D. Hart, R. Archibald, B. Mitchell, J. Coups, M. Clarke, D. Earle, R. Stewart.
1956-57-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11956-57SeniorBack: W. Casanova, R. Copat, j. Wildman, T. White, B. Ward, R. Miller, D. McGee, J. Girvin, J. Humphrey, F. Cosentino, L. Conacher, J. Hillier, D. Barton.
Middle: D. Aitchison (Manager), John. P. Metras (Head Coach), W. L'Heureux (Assistant Coach), D. Stewart, W. Delahey, R. Johnson, C. Pulford, P. Campbell, R. Irwin, J. Bell, J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), M. Yuhasz (Assistant Coach), F.M. McNie (Trainer), L. MacLaren (Manager).
Front: A. Gleeson, W. Britton, N. Desborough, D. Langhorne, D. Killinger, F. Loftus, F. Daputo, D. MacKenzie, A. Turner.
1957-58-Mens-Football-Intermediate-MC-11957-58IntermediateBack: W. Salter, J. Partington, W. Kienapple, T. Norminton, J. Zimmer, W. Lavender, R. Wildman, R. Miller, W. Neal, G. Harding, R. Pearson, R. Tate, P. Callaghan.
Middle: D. Aitchison (Assistant Coach), D. McNaught, W. MacDonald, R. Baldwin, R. Fullerton, D. Bradley, C. Kindree, J. Teetzel, J. Dempsey, D. Earle, M, Yuhasz (Coach).
Front: D. DalBianco, R. Clark, G. Law, R. Grace, E. Drakich, G. Dignan, R. Mermer, D. Mantz.
1957-58-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11957-58SeniorBack: D. Aitchison (Assistant Coach), F. Loftus, R. Stewart, M. Poliziani, G. Shepherd, D. Stewart, D. Creighton, F. Cosentino, L. Conacher, W. Casanova, M. Clark, R. Copat, M Yuhasz (Assistant Coach).
Middle: John P. Metras (Head Coach), W.J. L'Heureux (head scout), E. DeArmon (asst coach), P. Zarry, B. Ward, J. Humphrey, J. Coups, T. White, W. Mitchell, W. Miller, F.M. McNie (Trainer), J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), L. McLaren (Manager).
Front: N Desborough, D. MacKenzie, A. Turner, C. Pulford, J. Girvin (Captain), T. Roman, E. Meads, W. Britton, D. Langhorne, J. Edgar
1958-59-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi391958-59IntermediateBack: Roy Wood, Peter Stewart, Dave Pennington, Jim Summer, Dave Minielly, Bruce McRae, Barry Thompson, Bert Taylor.
Middle: Brain Young, Jim Jay, Terry Sando, Bill Parkinson, Ross May, Bill Bryant, Ian Kilpatrick, Harvey Scott, Mike Mullen, Bob Garrison, Scott Gugino, Norm Hubley, Mike Yuhasz (Coach).
Front: Doug Montz, Jim Whitehead, Terry Sweeney, Clarke Samways, Gary Boug, Ted Norminton, Larry Frazacas, Jerry Phillips, Mike Favabro, Murray Taylor, Jim Henderson
1958-59-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11958-59SeniorBack: J. Partington, L. Shaw, M. Pozliani, R. Clark, T. White, J. Barclay, L. Conacher, B. Miller, F. Cosentino, D. Stewart, E. Meads, W. Neal, R. Stewart.
Middle: F.M. Mcnie (Trainer), D. McNaught (Manager), B. Mitchell, C. Kindree, D. Bradley, John P. Metras (Head Coach), J. Humphrey, J. Coups, L. Forstner, Ed DeArmon (line coach), John Fairs (backfield coach).
Front: B. Kienapple, G. Reintjes, D. Galgani, D. DalBianco, A. Turner, T. Roman (Captain), D. MacKenzie, J. Edgar, B. Pearson, G. Ewart, J. Sloan.
1959-60-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1161959-60IntermediateBack: Albert Taylor, Bob Merritt, Jim (Tuffy) MacMillan, Bob Hillson, Tim Hogan, Don Williamson, Norm Clements, Frank Zidar.
Middle 2: Bob Creeden, George Reintjes, Ed Horembala, Ted Farrell, Dick Scott, Dick Suderman, Bill Bryant, Phil Hall, Hamie Laird.
Middle 1: Don Neilson (Assistant Coach), Bob Garrison, Mike Yuhasz (Coach), Jim Farley, Whit Tucker, Gary Bent, John Beynon, Barry Thompson, Don Hildebrand, Bill Millar, Bud Fauteux (Manager), Garnet Mason (Assistant Coach).
Front: Bob Noyes, Terry O'Connor, Terry Sweeney, John Nash, Al Fitton, Mike Favalero.
1959-60-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11959-60SeniorBack: J. Partington, L. Shaw, J. Metras, R. Fox, W. Neal, E. Mularchyk, M. Poliziani, L. Conacher, A. Luik, B. Mundry, R. Stewart, J. Wydareny.
Middle: C. Fatuex (Manager), E. DeArmon (Assistant Coach), R. Clark, L. Forstner, J. Humphrey, John P. Metras (Head Coach), J. Coups, W. Parkinson, H. Scott, R. Wood, J. Fairs (Assistant Coach), F.M. McNie (Trainer).
Front: F. Loftus, J. Sloan, G. Shepherd, R. Pearson, K. Rysdale, J. Edgar, F. Cosentino (Captain), W. Mitchell, D. Galgani, C. Samways, G. Boug, G. ewart. Insets: J. Barclay, D. Bradley
1960-61-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi2581960-61IntermediateBack: Dave Kent, Ken Barclay, Jim McMaster, Jim Turner, Tony Little, Mike Bean, Jim Weber, Ando Luik, Pat Hudge, Dick Smitten, Dave Fenn.
Middle 2: William Marrs, Dave Robertson, John Corbett, John Letts, Ron Farrow, Bob Harrington, Walt Barclay, Rich Van Buskirk, Bill Pearce.
Middle 1: Rich Ingles, Mike Sharratt, Paul Lingard, Gary Bent, Reg Ripton, Dave Girvan, Pete Fair, Bruce Anthony.
Front: John Humphrey, Ted Baldwin, John Albinson, Paul Jacobsen, Arvo Luik, Jim Hogan, Tom Whealy, M.S. Yuhasz (Coach)
1960-61-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11960-61SeniorBack: L. Ouelette, R. Wiesner, L. Shaw, C. McNairn, N. McMurray, D. Shaver, L. Freguson, J. Metras, E. Mularchyk, D. Jack, F. Vormittag.
Middle: J.R. Fairs (Assistant Coach), F.M. McNie (Trainer), W. Tucker, R. Wood, R. Clark, John P. Metras (Head Coach), B. Job, J. Wydarenty, P. Martin, B. Mundy, C. Fateux (Manager), E. DeArmon (Assistant Coach).
Front: J. Farley, D. Galgani, W. Cox, K. Rysdale, G. Boug, W. Neal (Captain), F. Loftus, G. Ewart, J. Nash, C. Samways, R. Stewart. Insets: T. Farrell, J. Gilbart, R. Fox.
1961-62-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11961-62SeniorBack: D. Sutherland, J. Vickery, J. Farley, T. Wayne, T. Farrell, N. McMurray, J. McIntyre, J. Weber, F. Vormittag, A. Luik, J. Corbett, R. Clark, R. Wiesner, R. Hawkins, G. O'Neil.
Middle: R. Ferguson (mgr), F.M. McNie (Trainer), W. Payne, J. Gilbart, G. Cranmer, J. Hogan, R. Suderman, John P. Metras (Head Coach), B. Mitchelson, J. Metras, L. Ferguson. J. Cowin, E. DeArmon (Assistant Coach), J.R. Fairs (Assistant Coach).
Front: K. Rysdale, W. Tucker, R. Campbell, J. Nash, C. Samways, L. Shaw, H. Scott (Captain), G. Ewart, B. Mundy, L. Ouellette, J. Turner, P. Martin.
1962-63-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1721962-63IntermediateBack: John Eichmanis, Dave Ewert, Joe Belecky, Dave Olmstead, Scott Wooding, Ehor Boyanowsky, Al Smith, Jerry Hyatt, Richard Schmidt, Phil Paquette, Dan Cybulski, Steve Rogin.
Middle: John Humphrey (Coach), Ernie Todmath, Brian Armstrong, Dennis Bishop, Wally Dick, John Reid, Holger Kreek, Paul Newman, Tom Aires, Frank Mormittag, Doug MacKenzie (Coach).
Front: Tom Vickery Dave Box, John Psutka, Gary McClelland, Ron Hahn, Ted Miller, Steve Reeves (Manager), Dave Garland, Bill Sasso, Tom McKenzie, Jim Cairns, Alex Polishuk.
Absent: Dwight Chalmers, Ian Forest
1962-63-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11962-63SeniorBack: T. Farrell, E. Collins, B. Conacher, C. McNairn, J. Metras, J. Cowin, B. Mitchelson, J. Hogan, N. McMurray, J. McIntyre, J. Wydarenty, P. Martin.
Middle: F.M. McNie (Trainer), R. Ferguson (Manager), J. Gilbart, G. Grant, W. Payne, L. Ferguson, John. P. Metras (Head Coach), J. Weber, K. Rysdale, A. Luik, L. Ouellette, J.R. Fairs (Assistant Coach), G.I. Gonser (Assistant Coach).
Front: B. Mundy, R. Hawkins, B. Thompson, R. Campbell, G. Boug, R. Clark (Captain), J. Nash, M. Donat, E. Potomski, W. Ball, J. Turner.
Absent: J. Green
1963-64-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi2141963-64IntermediateBack: D. MacKenzie, R. Hammill, J. Green, T. Pantin, F. Pollard, J. Jukes, M. Lawlor, B. McGee, E. Palmer.
Middle: R. Colvin, B. Bradbrooke, R. Bell, G. Heigenhauser, P. Eady, E. O'Boyanowsky, J. Tasker, D. Mitchell, K. McLennan, T. Pullen.
Front: T. Schmidt, P. Burton, H. Strosberg, K. Simpson, M. Young, J. Riley, R. Schmidt, A. Santaloce, P. Donkersley, A. Smith, G. McClelland.
Absent: B. Arnold, C. Paliare, B. Mooney, J. Climenhage, E. Toomath, D. Brescacin, J. Bannett, R. Schulze
1963-64-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11963-64SeniorBack: W. Imrie, F. Vormittag, M. Keenan, P. McConnell, W. Dick, R. Nicholson, R. Suderman, B. Mitchelson, J. Cowin, A. Froese, A. Luik, W. Ball, J. Turner.
Middle: D. Box (Manager), F.M. McNie (Trainer), D. Oswald, R. Wearing, J. Metras, John P. Metras (Head Coach), J. Gilbart, R. Israel, J. Weber, G.I. Gonser (Assistant Coach), J.R. Fairs (Assistant Coach).
Front: J. Reid, R. Campbell, G. Chris, W. Sasso (Co-Captain), B. Mundy (Co-Captain), P. Martin, D. Garland, E. Miller, J. Psutka, A. Polishuk, W. Payne.
1964-65-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi2281964-65IntermediateBack: T. Kennedy, B. Armstrong, R. Smith, G. Katt, R. Prickett, M. Lawlor, K. Johnson.
Middle: P. Burton, B. Arnold, D. McKillop, W. Deschamps, R. Weeks, T. Pantin.
Front: D. Box, P. Abbot, R. Bell, R. Garnett, R. Weber.
Absent: D. Bresacin, B. Martin, R. Hammill, A. Scandoloce, T. Smylski, P. Taberner, T. Parkhill, D. Irwin, P. Intyre, B. Edwards, D. Bishop, K. Tong, B. McGee, R. Berza, V. Lucyk, R. Hahn, P. Rutland, R. McLure, P. Dennis, M. Black, E. Palmer (Head Coach)
1964-65-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11964-65SeniorBack: B. Goodwin, J. Laschinger, B. Imrie, J. Tasker, P. McIntyre, G. Cranmer, R. Nicholson, J. Hogan, D. Mitchell, J. Reid, C. Jackson, R. Schulze.
Middle: F.M. McNie (Trainer), B. Israel, R. Bereza, B. Payne, M. Armstrong, A. Froese, John P. Metras (Head Coach), A. Smith, R. Wearing, B. Biggs, B. Bradbrooke, M. Keenan, G.I. Gonser (Assistant Coach), J.R. Fairs (Assistant Coach).
Front: B. Mundy, D. Oswald, R. Campbell, M. Roche, B. Sasso, G. Chris (Captain), T. Miller, V. Lucyk, J. Riley, J. Turner, B. Ball, B. Martin.
Absent: G. Smith, R. Hammill.
1965-66-Mens-Football-Intermediate-Occi1781965-66IntermediateBack: T. McKinty, D. Dempster, E. Nash, L. Carter, J. Coles, R. Robbins, D. Gordon, R. Holmberg, D. Edgar, T. Kennedy, J. McKillop, W. Fullerton, R. Lemon.
Middle: J. Clark (Manager), D. McKenzie (Coach), J. stanleigh, A. Foster, D. Mitchell (Captain), D. Stansfield, J. Stoddart, P. Tasker, J. Warren, B. Graham, B. Moxley, T. Smylski, R. Prickitt, B. Williams, D. Crowe, G. Leyshon (Coach).
Front: M. Campbell, W. Payne, J. McClymont, B. Bailey, M. Brecken, S. Behie, D. McEwen, M. Escott, R. Boise, T. Jaremchuck, D. Weber, G. Reid.
Absent: P. Willoughby, J. Rable, D. Vivien, T. Sarame
1965-66-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11965-66SeniorBack: R. Schulze, A. Smith, R. Isreal, J. Thompson, L. Burridge, R. Nicholson, R. Bell, W. Deschamps, W. Martin, J. Tasker, R. Wearing, W. Imrie.
Middle: R. McDivitt (Manager), G.I. Gosner, (line coach), A. Froese, M. Armstrong, D. Walker, M. Bukovac, John P. Metras (Head Coach), J. Hogan, C. Jackson, D. Brescacin, F.M. McNie (Trainer), J.R. Fairs (backfield coach).
Front: O. Colosimo, W. Hendershot, R. Hawkins, T. McColl, D. Garland, R. Campbell (Captain), J. Turner, V. Lucyk, G. Chris, D. Oswald, W. Sasso.
1966-67-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11966-67SeniorBack: W. Imrie, M. Keenan, B. Bradbrooke, R. Wearing, M. Armstrong, P. Payne, C. Lindros, D. Walker, D. Dempster, J. Hilton, E. Hilder, V. Lucyk.
Middle: F.M. McNie (Trainer), D. Box, (Manager), D. Oswald, R. Schulze, D. Brescacin, A. Froese, D. Mitchell, J.P. Metras (Head Coach), R. Bell, R. Prickett, R. Israel, B. Polishuk, G.I. Gosner (Assistant Coach), J.R. Fairs (Assistant Coach).
Front: S. Behie, P. Tasker, P. Werry, R. Weber, R. Robbins, R. Campbell (Captain), D. Garland, J. Cipparone, O. Colosimo, W. Martin, R. Bereza, B. Hough.
1967-68-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11967-68SeniorBack: J. Henshall, P. Werry, D. Walker, W. McTeer, D. Fahrner, D. Demptser, R. Grant, C. Lindros, P. Payne, P. Dukovac, R. Prickett, B. Murray, R. Schulze, R. Watts, K. St. Michael, J. Cipparone, S. Behie.
Middle: G. Smith (Assistant Coach), J. Lewko (Manager), R. Nell, S. Wilson, R. Bereza, J. Nutter, W. Campbell, L. Bertuzzi, J.P. Metras (Head Coach), P. Tasker, R. Goodman, W. Wolfenden, J. Hilton, G. Paton (Assistant Coach), G.I. Gonser (Assistant Coach).
Front: A. Taylor, M. Ritch, R. Snyder, G. Richardson, B. Polishuk, W. Martin, R. Isreal (co-capt.), O. Colosimo (co-capt.), W. Hendershot, B. Hough, M. Wenger, A. Baran, M. Roney.
1968-69-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11968-69SeniorBack: D. Walker, R. Wakelin, R. Payson, R. Goodman, R. Watts, P. Whyte, R. Prickett, W. Wolfenden, M. Neary, D. Lawson, J. Hilton, B. MacRae.
Middle: G. Smith (Assistant Coach), R. Jarvie (Manager), D. Coleman, W. Martin, S. Wilson, R. LaRose, E. DeLeeuw, J.P. Metras (Head Coach), R. Martin, W. Carlin, D. Digby, D. Scharman, D. Wise (Trainer), G.I. Gonser (Assistant Coach).
Front: S. Behie, K. St. Michael, W. McTeer, P. Werry, G. Richardson, J. Henshall, O. Colosimo (Captain), W. Danter, R. Snyder, M. Wenger, B. Hough, G. Hill. Insets: J. Cipparone, C. Lindros.
1969-70-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11969-70SeniorBack: D. Walker (Co-Captain), I. Walsh, L. Bird, M. Neary, J. VanRyn, m. McNeil, R. LaRose, S. Derbyshire, C. Lindros (co-capt), B. Nicolucci, J. Fabiani, R. Watts, D. Cihocki, J. Stirling, R. Bell.
Middle: D. Hayes (Assistant Coach), R. Potter (Assistant Coach), B. Stanley (Manager), B. Polishuk, O. Colosimo, B. MacRae, J. Roth, D. Digby, J.P. Metras (Head Coach), A. Lockhart, S. Stefanko, B. Craig, B. Martin, R. Richter, G. Smith (Assistant Coach), D. Wise (Trainer).
Front: W. Danter, L, Santagapita, G. Richardson, J. Henshall, P. Werry, W. McTeer, G. Aziz, G. Hill, S. Behie, J. Hilton, K. St. Michael.
1970-71-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11970-71SeniorBack: S. Derbyshire, M. mcNeil, B. Nicolucci, P. Werry, B. Hough, B. MacRae, R. Hawken, L. Bird, J. Wadsworth, J. McNamara, B. Hunter, M. Head, K. Kindree, J. Doran, D. Cihocki, J. Fabiani.
Middle: D. Hayes (AssistantCoach), S. Lazier, J. Pennachetti, M. Drexler, T. Mattingley, P. Arnold, P. Knill, J. Roth, L. Santagapita, P. Quinlan, E. Scorgie, J. Stirling, G. McNaughton, D. Kerr, G. Smith (Assistant Coach), D. Wise (Trainer), Dr. W. Swan (doctor), A. Wilson (Manager), F. Cosentino (Head Coach).
Front: P. Spears, E. Rocca, S. Stefanko, R. Snyder, R. Richter, G. Hill (Captain), J. Budge, M. McMahon, P. McGinnis, M. Tucker, P. Quigley, B. McTeer. Insets: Boris Polishuk, R. Potter (Assistant Coach).
1971-72-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11971-72SeniorBack: P. Monckton, K. Spink, A. Engelhardt, M. Fess, A. Lockhart, B. MacRae, P. Zvonkin, C. Summers, J. Karn, B. Craig, R. Thomson, D. Hanley, P. Dennis, J. Fabiani, D. Cihocki, D. Dulmage, S. Derbyshire.
Middle: E. Scorgie (Coach), R. Potter (Coach), D. Bowman, R. Petrie, P. Quigley, D. Kerr, R. Martin, J. Prozorowicz, G. McNaughton, F. Cosentino (Head Coach), R. Ritter (Manager), D. Doherty, J. Roth, R. Leach, J. McNamara, R. Hawken, J. Allen, D. Anderson, D. Semotiuk (Coach), D. Hayes (Coach).
Front: D. Wise (Trainer), P. Knill, B. Hunter, E. Rocca, R. Snyder, T. Harvey, G. Hill (Captain), R. Wilson, C. Skopelianos, S. Stefanko, M. Chorneyko, J. Budge, D. Clarke, H. Weinberg (Team Doctor).
1972-73-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11972-73SeniorBack: R. Hawken, J. McNamara, P. Monckton, R. Petrie, D. Westlake, P. Barchiesi, R. Heartwell, M. Fess, C. Summers, A. Lockhart, D. Danter, W. Danter, R. Maffey, K. Spink, G. Owen, V. McLeod, D. Brown, B. Murray, P. Knill.
Middle: D. Hayes (Coach), R. Potter (Coach), J. Pepper (Manager), R. Bogart, B. Hunter, J. Budge, J. Jewell, J. Cowan, B. Rotondo, F. Cosentino (Head Coach), J. Roth, D. Chalk, B. Canton, D. Stephenson, G. Nettleton, B. McDonnell, D. Semotiuk (Coach), D. Wise (Trainer), C. Warner (Equipment Manager).
Front: D. Dulmage, E. Rocca, R. Richter, R. Steepe, C. Skopelianos, D. Cihocki, J Fabiani (Captain), R. Wilson, P. Arnold, D. Kerr, P. Quigley, R. Leach, B. Craig. Insets: R. Walls, F. Clarke, J. Allen, H. Janssen.
1973-74-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11973-74SeniorBack: D. Hayes (Coach), D. Semotiuk (Coach), E. VanBeek (Trainer), M. Fess, R. Hearewell, B. Hogan, B. McDonnell, J. Cowan, C. Summers, B. Wilson, B. Hunter, J. Cimba, T. Rotondo, J. Jewell, P. Arnold, J. Budge, B. Josephchuk (Manager).
Middle: C. Warner (Equipment Manager), J. Pepper (Manager), R. Richter (Coach), V. McLeod, P. Monckton, H. Janssen, C. Thurston, B. Petrie, R. Maffey, D. Stephenson, F. Consentino (Coach), D. Bowman, B. Murray, T. Fumich, D. Munro, K. Spink, K. Danylchuk, H. Carter, R. Potter (Coach), M. Yuhasz (Coach).
Front: A. Lestins, E. Rocca, P. Barchiesi, R. McLoughlin, W. Sehr, F. Clarke, D. Cihocki, J. Fabiani (Captain), D. Anderson, C. Riopelle, I. Bryans, B. Macoritti, C. Skopelianos, F. McKay, R. Leach.
Absent: J. Allen
1974-75-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11974-75SeniorBack: D. Kurilsky, J. Pepper (Manager), P. Monckton, C. Rush, M. Evans, M. Fess, R. Heartwell, T. Rotondo, B. Craig, B. McDonnell, B. Robinson, S. Kelman, B. Rozalowsky, J. Murray, J. Milne, B. Wilson, D. Stephenson, R. Macdonald, K. Spink, B. Josephchuck, J. Jeza.
Middle: D. Semotiuk (Coach), A. Ische (Coach), Dr. B. Willis, D. Ackroyd, C. Labbett, D. Richardson, S. Sioui, K. Heise, D. Wilkie, I. Bryans, T. Fumich, T. Davis, J. Jacobsen, K. Danylchuk, D. Bowman, M. Dixon, G. Stortini, R. Scarborough, C. Riopelle, D. MicKinlay, J. Berry, Dr. J. Kennedy, F. Cosentino (Head Coach).
Front: D. Parkhouse, D. Munro, P. Barchiesi, J. Jewell, F. McKay, J. Latham, C. Blimkie, C. Summers (capt), C. Skopelianos, J. Cimba, J. Parry, P. Maynard, C. Warner, R. Richter (Coach), Patch.
Absent: A.K. Philbrick (Faculty Advisor)
1975-76-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11975-76SeniorBack: T. Banasiak, R. Kochel, B. Blair, W. Payerl, B. Burgess, G. Bennet, R. MacDonald, C. Rush, N. Wilson, T. Davis, R. Scarborough, P. Ford, F. McKay, D. Kurilsky, S. Ackroyd, S Sioui, D. Richardson, B. Rozalowsky, J. Murray, J. Milne, D. MacKinlay, H. Svec, C. Lauder, K. Spink (co-capt.), R. Petrie.
Middle: D. Semotiuk (Coach), J. Berry (Trainer), C. Warner (Manager), G. Tulloch, S. McMurray, D. Hemphill, T. Clarke, J. Jewell, J. Parry, R. Heartwell, J. Cimba, B. McDonnell, T. Rotondo, J. Bone, C. Labbett, S. Brooks, J. Rea, P. Noble, M. Cook, C. Lyons, T. MacKichan, B. Weaver, S. Wall, L. Haylor (Coach), J. Fotheringham (Manager).
Front: L P. Patterson (Coach), B. Imrie (Coach), D. Parkhouse, M. Fess, B. Gervais, J. Czaczkowski, C. Riopelle, D. Munro, S. Kelman, M. Dixon, C. Summers, G. Mueller, R. Griffiths, R. Richter (Coach), A.K. Philbrick (Faculty Advisor).
Insert: P. Barchiesi (Co-Captain).
Absent: D. Wise, Dr. J.C. Kennedy.
1976-77-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11976-77SeniorBack: P. Maynard, J. Berry (Trainer), C. Warner (Manager), K. Marlin, J. Chalmers, P. Kellenberger, A. Beck, C. Lauder, C. Lyons, B. Woolnough, P. Logan, H. Svec, M. Watson, P. Fallis, R. Haswell, B. Rozalowsky, T. Arnott, M. Santucci, B. Weaver, C. Curran, J. Priestner, W. Assad, F. McKay, J. Fotheringham (Manager).
Middle: B. Imrie (Coach), C. Samways (Coach), J. Skillen, G. Lapenskie, Dr. R. Stewart, S. Brooks, B. Blair, G. Leon, W. Payerl, P. Ford, B. Wheeler, J. Bojeski, R. McNamara, B. Fortune, J. Bone, T. Norris, L. Lewin, D. Richardson, D. Kurilsky, T. Davis, R. Richter (Coach), L. Haylor (Coach), Dr. J.C. Kennedy, D. Semotiuk (Head Coach).
Front: R. Infantino, T. Rotondo, R. Kochel, D. MacKinlay, R. Scarborough, P. Noble, C. Riopelle, J. Jewell, K. Spink (Captain), R. Griffiths, J. Milne, R. MacDonald, C. Labbett, N. Wilson, D. Hemphill, J. Murray, Patch
1977-78-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11977-78SeniorBack: R. Warner, C. Samways (Coach), P. Kotyk, L. Padmore, G. Lapenskie, T. Fallis, R. Dunbar, R. Birkhoff, T. Arnott, D. McKenzie, B. Woolnough, P. Logan, B. Fortune, J. Santucci, D. Rigg, H. Svec, M. Watson, B. Rozalowsky, J. Arp, D. Pasic, G. Barrow, P. Maynard, C. Warner (Manager).
Middle: Dr. D. Walker, B. Imrie (Coach), P. ford, S. Aird, A. Beck, K. Ford, D. Hemphill, W. Payerl, R. Huizer, C. Curran, R. Kochel, R. Gribbons, P. Kellenberger, M. Santucci, J. Bone, L. Lewin, P. Spriet, R. Infantino, L. Haylor (Coach), R. Richter (Coach), Dr. J.C. Kennedy, D. Semotiuk (Head Coach).
Front: R. McNamara, P. Noble, D. Kurilsky, N. Wilson, C. Riopelle, C. Labbett, D. Richardson, D. MacKinlay (Captain), D. Bestard, R. MacDonald, J. Milne, T. Davis, R. Chalupka, M. Curry, R. Tripp, "Patch".
Absent: A. Quinn, C. Lyons, B. Blair, J. Priestner, L. Devereux, B. Ghent, J. Parry, H. Savoy, J. Trembelas, D. Tremblay, A. K. Philbrick (Faculty Advisor)
1978-79-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11978-79SeniorBack: K. Ford, I. Ward, M. Warbick, D. Parkhouse, D. Pearson, N. Keller, B. Spratt, W. Payerl, R. Huizer, D. Pasic, D. Kurilsky, J. Arp, B. Howard, M. Debrueys, S. Aird, P. Ford, B. Fortune, R. Potter, E. DiLoreto, J. Somerville, B. Cowell, J. Jessen, N. Amendola, B. McEwan, D. McCann, F. Brown, M. White, J. Santucci, N. Edwards, J. MaCauly (Manager), P. Maynard (Manager).
Middle: P. Kotyk (Trainer), G. Marshall, M. Schumacher, C. Marcus, M. Murphy, R. McNamara, A. Beck, D. Kapitanchuk, C. Lyons, J. Katarincic, P. Gleeson, T. Fallis, B. Woolnough, A. Quinn, M. Kirkley, P. Spriet, G. Pooler, T. MacKichan, D. Gunton, L. Lewin, T. Arnott, B. Good, C. Poff, R. Infantino, A. Philbrick (advisor), D. Semotiuk (Coach), Dr. J.C. Kennedy.
Front: Dr. J. Roth, C. Warner (Manager), C. Samways (Coach), B. Imrie (Coach), B. House, M. Watson, C. Curran, J. Bone, D. Hemphill, N. Wilson, J. Milne, J. Priestner (Captain), P. Kellenberger, M. Santucci, D. Richardson, T. Davis, B. Rozalowsky, H. Svec, B. Harshaw, R. Richter (Coach), L. Haylor (Coach), R. Tripp (Coach), "Patch".
Absent: R. Dunbar, N. Bell (Trainer), G. Lapenskie (Trainer).
1979-80-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11979-80SeniorBack: Bob LaRose (Coach), G. Lapenski (Trainer), C. Samways (Coach), S. Shamas, D. Dominico, B. Good, B. Harshaw, C. Marcus, G. O'Handley, P. Wagner, M. Schumacher, B. Howard, J. Arp, B. Fortune, R. Huzier, M. Debrueys, C. Poff, R. Maloney, B. weaver, M. Ryan, D. MacIntosh, T. Graham, B. Starke, D. Liske, R. Mustard, T. McLeod, D. Eansor, J. Lynch, P. Spriet, P. Maynard (Manager).
Middle: C. Warner (Manager), J. Horne (Coach), B. Imrie (Coach), E. Scorgie (Coach), J. Furin (Coach), T. Fragiskos, T. MacKichan, P. Gleeson, T. Arnott, J. Katarincic, B. Spratt, D. McCann, R. Dunbar, G. Pooler, B. Cowell, A. Quinn, D. Pearson, R. Potter, M. Kirkley, D. Gunton, M. Caletti, K. Lapierre, P. Brady, E. Hood, B. Kolias, D. Ploughman, N. Amendola, G. Marshall, Dr. J.C. Kennedy, D. Semotiuk (Coach).
Front: B. Walsh (Trainer), F. Adomaitis (Trainer), N. Bell (Trainer), K. Ford, S. Arid, I. Ward, M. Watson, P. Ford, P. Kellenberger, M. Santucci, R. McNamara, C. Curran (Captain), R. Infantino, M. White, A. Beck, J. Santucci, N. Edwards, L. Lewin, A. Philbrick (advisor), Dr. A. Schmidt, L. Haylor (Coach).
Absent: V. Casciano, B. Hedges, J. Jessen, P. Trenker, B. Woolnough.
1980-81-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11980-81SeniorBack: C. Warner (Manager), D. Corbett, J. Katarincic, T. Lambrinos, B. Starke, J. Bracken, J. Kardash, P. Murray, L. Sartoretto, M. Zivolak, J. Campbell, A. Miekle, D. O'Keefe, R. Mustard, P. Wagner, D. Ploughman, D. Sparenberg, D. Leuty, T. Arnos, K. Rydeard, E. Hood, D. Liske, K. Barrow, D. Morden, M. Charles, J. Campbell, J. Horne (Coach), Dr. B. Galpin.
Middle: G. O'Handley, T. McLeod, N. Keller, P. Gleeson, T. Fragiskos, J. Lynch, N. Amendola, A. Rossit, M. McCrory, C. Poff, B. howard, P. Tremblay, C. MacDonald, B. Anderson, R. Berry, D. Pearson, P. Brady, B. Spratt, B. Starke, C. Board, A. Bianchi, B. Good, D. Ault, F. Fiveash, N. Wilson (Coach), B. Imrie (Coach), T. Robinson (Coach), D. Semotiuk (Coach).
Front: R. Warner (Manager), M. Laursen (Trainer), M. Gagne (Trainer), B. Walsh (Trainer), P. Spriet, T. MacKichan, B. Harshaw, C. Marcus, M. Kirkley, R. Maloney, L. LaPierre, J. Arp (Co-Captain), K. Ford (Co-Captain), B. Cowell, D. mcCann, R. Dunbar, A. Quinn, R. Potter, D. Eansor, B. Kolias, G. Marshall, D. Dominico, L. Haylor (Coach), E. Scorgie (Coach), J. Bone (Coach), T. Allan (Coach).
Absent: Dr. J.C Kennedy, G. Lapenski (Trainer), G. Radulovich, T. MacDonald, D. Leeming, C. Samways (Coach), J. Hawlik, M. Debrueys, T. Boyd, B. Barrable.
1982-83-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11982-83SeniorBack: M. Francis, J. Plantea. S. McKeown, S. Samways, T. Clark, B. Smith, M. Manifould, I. Daymond, R. Van Maanen, J. McVeigh, P Vlasman, B. Gombac, D. Conacher, P. Honey, B. Walsh (Trainer), R. Warner (Manager).
Middle 2: D. Small, J. Deinum, S. Barr, J. Wilkinson, M. Janes, D. Sparenberg, J. Kardash, R. Nemeth, K. D'Ambrogio, C. Van Bargan, T. Henry, M. Pearson, S. McClare, T. Potter, C. Warner (Manager).
Middle 2: C. Samways (Coach), J. Moffat, J. Medeiros, D. Whitney, B. Bone, J. Williston, G. Montgomery, M. Sheffar, C. Lovrics, M. Holloway, K. Barrow, B. Lindsay, K. Rydeard, A. Meilke, B. Lynch, R. Lowe (Coach), B. Traut (Coach).
Middle 1: B. Imrie (Coach), J. Pitts, Mike Zivolak, Mark Zivolak, A. Rossit, T. McGauley, R. Carp, P. Tremblay, T. Lambrinos, B. Starke, P. Callahan, T. McLeod, D. D'Aloisio, S. Hill, T. Bianchi, S. McLauchlan, E. Scorgie (Coach), D. Semotiuk (Coach).
Front: J. Haggerty (water boy), R. Mustard, N. Amendola, F. Fiveash, T. Fragiskos, J. Lynch, P. Brady (Co-Captain), D. Liske (Co-Captain), D. McCann (Co-Captain), D. Ploughman, C. Byrne, A. Philbrick (advisor), L. Haylor (Coach), N. Wilson (Coach), J. Bone (Coach).
1983-84-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11983-84SeniorBack: C. Warner (Manager), B. Pollard (Coach), Steve Hoshoian (therapist), T. Panabaker, J. Bloomfield, S. Oldfield, R. Fabi, Dennis Hinschberger, M. Gallow, G. Buttinger, J. Moffat, D. Whitney, G. Gibson, E. Jynomirski, S. McKeown, I. Daymond, D. Sparenberg, M. Francis, B. Traynor, D. Bromley, K D'Ambrogio, M. Hogan, N. Williams, D. Kehoe, K. O'Grady, S. Pappas, B. Bone, W. Dunn (Faculty Advisor).
Middle: Dr. Q Burnett, C. Samways (Coach), N. Wilson (Coach), B. Imrie (Coach), M. Chairot, B. Elliot, Dan Hinschberger, D. Small, D. Graham, I. Talbot, S. Barr, S. Samways, T. McLeod, P. Callahan, F. Fiveash, S. Hill, B. Lindsay, C. Van Bargen, J. McVeigh, M. Sheffar, C. Hood, S. McLaughlin, S. McLare, D. Wilkinson, R. Jedicke, C. Byrne, T. Henry, J. Bone (Coach), D. Semotiuk (Coach).
Front: Dr. P. Fowler, R. Lowe (Coach), R. Ward, T. Lambrinos, M. Janes, K. Barrow, D. Ploughman, A. Rossit, D. Liske, R. Carp, T. McGauley, J. Kardash, R. Nemeth, B. Starke, L. Haylor (Coach), D. McCann (Coach), B. Thayer (Coach).
1985-86-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11985-86SeniorBack: Bill Pollard (Coach), Greg Marshall (Coach), Bob LaRose (Coach), Rob Lowe ( coach), Jamie bone (Coach), Clarke Samways (Coach), Chris Marcus (Coach).
Middle 2: Haven Minor (Manager), Scott Bere, Gary Clements, Brett Carron, Dennis Lynch, Peter Deorksen, Scott Martyn, Tony Whyte, Edsel Shreve, David Furac, Doug Dekker, Jamie Taras, Paul Glaab, Tim Spriel, David Bean, David Grace, Paul Bone, Stephen Premont, Mark Regan, Steve Gedies, Chris Aurini, Graham Reid, Bruce Tharby, Bill Hill, Kevin Peyson, Brad McMath, Ron Irvine, Mike DuMaresq, Rob walsh (Trainer).
Middle 1: Clay Warner (Equipment Manager), Janet Purcell (tranier), Prof. A. Philbrick (Faculty Advisor), Jon Jurus, Rick Wolkensperg, David Boyd, Michael Roy, Dan Nero, John Kerepcich, Paul Josephs, Sean Kelly, Brendan Lenko, Rob Stewart, John Wright, Claude Farrier, Scott Boug, Kyle Hall, Mike LaFontaine, Mark Moore, David Glass, Mike MiCallef, Bill Ingham, Jon Taylor, Nenad Radulovich, Stephen Krupey. Bob Chalmers (tranier).
Front: John Bloomfield, Bruce Elliot, Dave Shoebottom, David Small, Dan Hinschberger, John McVeigh, John Moffat, Brian Bone, Bill Starke, Irv Faymond, Larry Haylor (Head Coach), Matt Janes (Captain), Bill Lindsay, Steve Samways, Bill Traynor, Ed Zymnomirski, Paul Gedies, Blake Marshall, Brent Lewis, Steve Huggins, Dennis Hinschberger, Brian Gastaldi (Trainer), Dr. Gerry Lubeliner, Hallie Streith (Trainer).
Absent: Nigel Wilson (Coach), Ed Scorgie (Coach), Peter Bennett, Dave Bromley, Tad Brown, John Cimba, Brendan Deery, Marius Locke, Mike Mitchell, Andrew White, Dr. Peter Fowler, Dr. Derek MacKesy
1986-87-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11986-87SeniorBack: Clarke Samways (Coach), Bill Pollard (Coach), Jamie Bone (Coach), Bob LaRose, (Coach), Rob Lowe (Coach), Chris Marcus (Coach), Paul Callahan (Coach).
Middle 2: Bob Taylor, Pete Bennett, Matt Pace, Stephen Premont, Jeff Dunham, Bill Yurchuk, Nenad Radulovich, Rob Godley, Andrew White, Tibor Ribi, Chris Gaffney, Greg White, Lance Johnson, George Crowder, Sasha Militec, Mark Regan, Ray Macoritti.
Middle 2: Dr. Derek Mackesy (Team Physician), Lisa Crossley (Trainer), Darryl Forde, David Boyd, Dave Glass, Scott Barclay, Paul Barclay, Tony Whyte, Paul Harrington, Chris Bean, Jeff Gerber, Mike Kolodich, Matt Kolodzie, Ed Bumburs, Richard Burey, David Sapunjis, Rob Shaban, Dan Nero, Rob Popovich, Jere Bukich (Trainer), Brian Gastaldi (Trainer).
Middle 1: Al Philbrick (Faculty Advisor), Dave Bean, Dave Grace, Bill Traynor, Pierre Vercheval, Bruce Tharby, Jamie Taras, Larry Haylor (Head Coach), Bill Lindsay, Blake Marshall, Rick Wolkensperg, Steve Samways, Scott Boug, John Wright, Rob Stewart, Jeff Crews, Jon Jurus.
Front: Steve Gedies, Scott Bere, Dave Shoebottom, Paul Gedies, Ed Zynomirski, Bruce Elliot, Edsel Shreve, Marius Locke, Steve Huggins, Kyle Hall, Brent Lewis, Matt Janes (Captain)
1987-88-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11987-88SeniorBack: Dr. Derek Macksey (Team Physician), Ken Fogalin (Trainer), Stephen McCann, Kit L'Amoreaux, Paul LeBlanc, Wayne Donawa, Scott Posno, Matt Pace, Joe Leckie, Brendan Deery, Scott Douglas, Sean Allan, Tibor Ribi, Mark Regan, Ray Macoritti, Nenad Radulovich, David Supunjis, Jason Hogan, Greg Rumple, Jim Brock, Dave Lowe, Greg Coombs, Pat Mahon, Jay Herlick, Roberto Lepone, Pat Doran, Peter Lenko, Greg Marshall (Coach). Rob Lowe (Coach).
Middle 2: Clarke Samways (Coach), Bob Walsh (Trainer) Brian Gastaldi (Trainer), Deb Nusca (Trainer), Bob Allen, David Boyd, Scott Barclay, Paul Harrington, Andy Kubas, Tony Ristine, Ian Chalmers, Ed Bumburs, Jeff Gerber, Scott Bere, John Bloomfield, Brent Lewis, Gary Clements, Mike Lafontaine, Jim Candow, Darren Ducharme, John Davis, Jim Jaquith, Chris Walker, Nick Katerinakis, Sean Kernaghan, Nigel Wilson (Coach), Jamie Bone (Coach).
Middle 1: Andy Filipiuk (Coach), Al Philbrick (Faculty Advisor), Andrew White, Greg McMath, Jon Jurus, David Grace, Dave Bean, Brendan Lenko, Rob Godley, Bruce Tharby, Larry Haylor (Head Coach), Bill Traynor (Captain), Bob LaRose (Coach), Edsel Shreve, Steve Huggins, Darryl Forde, Paul Josephs, Marius Locke, Paul Bone, Mike Dumaresq, Dave Shoebottom.
Front: Paul Callahan (Coach), John Pearo, Duane Ford, Chris Gaffney, John Wright, Rob Stewart, Ken Dakin (hon. coach), Chris Bean, Mike Kolodich, Rich Leslie, Mike Lindley, Tony Whyte, Chris Marcus (Coach), Clay Warner (Manager)
1988-89-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11988-89SeniorBack: Nik Korakianitis, David Fillipe, Pat Mahon, Jeff Fink, Tim Cecil, Bob Taylor, Rob Boug, Rich Leslie, Ken Bailey, Stephen McCann, Ed Bumbers, Tibor Ribi, Rick Turchet, Rob Gray, Prof. A. Philbrick (Faculty Advisor), Darren Ducharmme, Chris MacKenzie, Jim Jaquith, John Davis, Chris Walker, Sean Allen, John Pearo, Matt Townsend, John Simioni, Tyrone Williams, Chris Raynor, Steve Bannerman, Peter Glaab, Jeff Dunham, Mike DuMaresq, Mason McCormack.
Middle: Clay Warner (Manager), Marj Tellis (Student Manager), Rob Bossence (Student Manager), Jim Mezzapelli (Student Trainer), Nenad Radulovich, Rob Kennedy, Terry Little, Dan Thomson, Chris Bean, Paul Harrington, Tony Ristine, Paul Glaab, Duane Forde, Bill Pollard (Coach), Clarke Samways (Coach), Jamie Bone (Coach), Nigel Wilson (Coach), Chris Marcus (Coach), Rob Lowe (Coach), Pat Gallo, Rich Burey, John Leclair, Regan McCormack, Paul Masliwec, Greg Kolwich, Matt Pace, Doug Linklater, Sean Simpson, Mike Wilson, Chris Brown, Dan Lane, Sure Thorpe (Student Trainer), Dr. Derek Macksey (Team Physician).
Front: Dr. Peter Fowler (Team Physician), Rob Godley, Paul Endersby, Paul Balabuck, Andrew White, Ray Macoritti, Jon Jurus, Rob Stewart, John fWright, Scott Bere, Larry Haylor (Head Coach), David Shoebottom (Captain), Bob LaRose (Coach), Steve Huggins, Mark Regan, Brendan Lenko, Tony Whyte, David Boyd, Darryl Forde, Mike Lafontaine, Greg White, Chris Gaffney, Joe Leckie, Joe Goodwin, Stephen Krupey, Greg Dick.
Absent: Gary Clements, Mike Frank, Mike Koladich, Peter Lenko, Brad McMath, Team Trainers/Physiotherapists Brian Gastaldi, Bob Walsh.
1990-91-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11990-91SeniorBack: Nenad Radulovich, Glen Hadden, Andrew Gardiner, Paul Priestner, Dave Bolder, Steve Mcleod, Nik Korakianitis, Don Douglas, Scott Douglas, Mike Koladich, John Davis, Brad Lama, Zeljko Jovanovic, Roajko Radjocic, Geof Ralph, Dean Brankis.
Middle 2: Glenn Haigh, Andre Valletsandre, Frank Jagas, Geoff Fage, Ron Fox, Ed Casagrande, Stephane Jasmin, Vince Valentini, Chris McKenzie, Keith Murray, Pat Gallo, Chris Raynor, Joe Goodwin, Eric Ursic, Todd Christie, Derrick Phelps, Warren Goldie, Dave Hoffman, Greg Kolwich, Mark Reis.
Middle 1: Dr. Paul Johnson, Kate Gutteridge, Chris Bean, Toby Mchale, Jeremy Sikkema, Mike Lawson, Tim Tindale, Martin Noel, Ken Bailey, Pierre Dorelien, Rob Lowe, Greg Marshall, Bill Pollard, Gord Cudmore, Steve Samways, Nigel Wilson, Chris Marcus, Clarke Samways, Nigel Levy, Tyrone Williams, Mike Wilson, Rob Kennedy, Brian Lee, Gary Davis, Josh Dolan, Prof. Al Philbrick, Clayton Warner.
Front: Chris Brown, Matt Gryniewswski, Rob Boug, Roger Owens, Pat Mahon, Steve Krupey, Rob Gray, Matt Dikie, Mike Lindley, Larry Haylor, Darryl Forde (Captain), Bob LaRose, Rich Leslie, Chris Walker, Paul Harrington, Greg Dick, John Leclair, Pete Glaab, Sandy Annunziata.
1991-92-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11991-92SeniorBack: Stewart Beak, Dave Rezansoff, Warren Goldie, Roger Owens, Brad Lama, Zeljko Jovanovic, Glenn Hadden, Mike Mrozek, Bill Panopoulos, Mark Lawson, Mike Williams, Kevin Anderson, Ellis Perryman, Earl Burnett, Keenan Wong, Rob Chin Fook, Steve Fleck, Jude St. John, Dennis Shaw, Dan Moulton, Shane Uren.
Middle 2: Ed Casagrande, Stephane Jasmin, Mike Wilson, Sandy McGregor, Mark Reis, David Swift, Matt Phillips, John Charlton, Randy Evans, John Boyd, Josh Dolan, Dave Hoffman, Paul Priestner, Nigel Levy, Geoff Page, Jayson Griffiths, Tim Hughes, Tom McConnell, David Manias, Glenn Haigh.
Middle 1: Clay Warner, Marj Tellis, Craig Goodmurphy, Mike Weekes, Pierre-Paul Dorelien, Tim Tindale, Ron Fox, John Davis, Mike Koladich, Don Douglas, Chris Brown, Ken Bailey, Frank Jagas, Brian Patenaude, Tyrone Williams, Mason McCormack, Al Philbrick, Denny Evans.
Front: Ted Hickey, Peter Glaab, Rob Boug, Greg Dick, Pat Gallo, Joe Goodwin, Matt Dickie, Greg Marshall, Larry Haylor, Chris Walker, Rich Leslie, Bob LaRose, Bill Pollard, Rajko Radjocic, Sandy Annunziata, Joe Leckie, Pat Mahon, John Leclair, Matt Gryniewski, Dan Talic.
1992-93-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11992-93SeniorBack: Clay Warner (Manager), Ellis Perryman, John Mennen, Sean Reade, Mark Casselman, Jason Livingston, Maurice Carruthers, Keven Foster, Gary Nemeth, Chris Harhay, Ryan Bicknell, David Burnie, Jordan Haylor, Keith Butts, Ade Ojo, Mike Williams, Steve Fleck, Nick Audley, Ed Casagrande, Mike Embree (Trainer), Steve Gedies (Coach), Ned Amendola (Coach).
Middle 2: Becky Calvert (Trainer), Rob Walsh (athletic therapist), Francis Cuizon, Kyle Redshaw, Sandy McGregor, Tim Hughes, David Jones, Jayson Griffiths, Jude St. John, John Charlton, Earl Burnett, Ron Fox, Dave Boulder, Mark Lawson, Nick Griffiths, Mike Mrozek, Charles Thompson, Shane Uren, David Manais, Pat Gallo, Al Philbrick (Faculty Advisor), Nigel Wilson (Coach), Jill Kempster (Trainer).
Middle 1: Sean McKeown (Coach), Steve Samways (Coach), Clarke Samways (Coach), Chris Marcus (Coach), Stewart Beak, Tom McConnell, Martin Noel, Bill Panopoulos, Josh Dolan, Frank Jagas, Toby McHale, Paul Priestner, Tim Tindale, Dennis Shaw, Brian Patenaude, P.J. Gleason, Matt Philips, Stephane Jasmin, Kevin Anderson, Ted Hickey, Brian Heslop, Jonathan Paton, Anthony Lane, Bill Pollard (Coach), Jim Sproule (doctor), Peter Fowler (doctor), Brian Gastaldi (physiotherapist).
Front: Chris Bean, Tony Ristine, Roger Owens, Matt Dickie, Mike Clawson, Greg Dick, Joe Goodwin, Zeljko Jovanovic, Bob Larose (Head Coach), Joe Leckie (team captain), Greg Marshall (offensive co-ordinator), Brad Lama, John Leclair, Rajko Radojcic, Eric Ursic, Nigel Levy, Mike Wilson, Stephen Kilfoyle, Dave Swift.
1993-94-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11993-94SeniorBack: Matt Dodds, Oliver Curri, Jon Frantz, Al Deshon, Craig Young, Jason Leaist, Keenan Wong, Dan Martin, Jay McCurdy, Stavros Kafkas, Blair Ariss, Mark Lynch, Tim Gracey, Bryan Cox, Bill Dee, Albert Zoricic, Todd McKay, Andreas Nolte, Derek Parkes, Andre Van Gastel, Sonny Pirrotta.
Middle 2: Greg Alcock (Trainer), Ken Erqhuart (Kicking Coach), Sean McKeown (Coach), Jeff Fischer (strength and conditioning coach), Allan Wing, Mike Wilson, Marc Montermurro, Kyle Redshaw, Xavier Lafont, Dave Jones, Kevin Foster, David Burnie, Moe Carruthers, Taso Perdikoulias, Derek Krete, Mike Mrozek, Patrice Denis, James McCloskey, Mychel Hendricks, Luca Mancuso, Todd Hunter, Karl Winterstein, Sean McBurney, Jay Bailey, Chris Hyland, Glenn Cabral, Joe Jackett, Dr. Jim Sproule (Team Physician), Dr. Warren Froese (Orthopaedic Fellow), Francis (Student Manager), Greg Johnson (Trainer).
Middle 1: Clay Warner (Equipment Manager), Chris Marcus (Coach), Joe Leckie (Coach), Nigel Wilson (Coach), Brain Heslop, Bill Ponopoulos, Sean Reade, Dave Bean, Sandy McGregor, Tim Hughes, Tom McConnell, Jason Livingston, Dave Manias, Ada Ojo, Jordan Haylor, Steve Fleck, Randy Evans, Chris Harhay, Heath McKoen, Brain Taggart, Doug Scarlett, Francis Cuizon, Dr. Peter Fowler (Orthopaedic Consultant), Rob Walsh (Head Athletic Therapist).
Front: Anthony Lane, Mark Lawson, Stew Beak, Mike Wilson, Ron Fox, Paul Priestner, Toby McHale, Warren Goldie, Bob Larose (defensive co-ordinator), Greg Dick (Captain), Larry Haylor (Head Coach), Tim Tindale (Captain), Greg Marshall (offensive co-ordinator), Eric Ursic, PJ Gleason, Brian Patenaude, Frank Jagas, Darryl Forde, Jude St. John. Dennis Shaw, Gary Jubenville (film and computer co-ordinator).
1996-97-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11996-97SeniorBack: Eddie Readings, Dave Edwards, Joe Buczkowski, Brad Black, David Tattersall, Ken Sampson, Geoff Moore, Jeff Fischer, Al Philbrick, Nigel Wilson, Kevin Willett, Gary Jubenville, Dave Shoebottom, Michael Budd, Mark Chortos, Sean Page, Sean Monteith, Enzo D'Angelo, Andy Dobaczewski, Brock Nicolucci.
Middle 2: Tony Cogliano, Ryan Ravazollo, James Prescott, Dan Gray, Andrew McInnis, Ryan Smith, Darren Chisholm, Jeff Famme, Craig Higgins, Dennis Meston, Steve Hunter, Alan Wilson, Hudson Clark, Paul Blenkhorn, Mike Laszlo, Tony Pepe Jeff Janiuk, Roger Dunbrack, Eric Caleb, Jonathan Hill, George Campbell, Tim Bakker.
Middle 2: Matt Van Niekirk, Tim Hatfield, Jay Potts, Jason Taylor, Bernie Tessier, Kevin Smith, Todd Biderman, Aaron Sussex, Steve Buchan, Ryan Hazzard, Sean Nusink, Mike Abou-Merchrek, Garrick McBride, Craig Young, Shaun Timbeck, Graham Ebert, Theo Versteegh, Sonny Ingram, Dan Disley, Ryan Lyons, Jeff Heslop, Mike Curtis, Tom Grantis, Gus Klemos, Jason McKibbon, Sean McKeown, Rob Walsh.
Middle 1: Clayton Warner, Todd MacKay, Chris Hyland, Jordan Haylor, Jason Livingston, Mark Casselman, Brain Heslop, Anthony Lane, Derek Krete, Dennis Shaw, Bob Larose, Patrice Denis, Larry Haylor, Doug Scarlett, Greg Marshall, Sean McBurney, Mike Wilson, James McCloskey, Sonny Pirotta, Oliver Curri, Joe Jackett, Derek Parkes, Xavier Lafont, Dr. Peter Fowler.
Front: Toby Nash, Francis Ellis, Aaron Glover, Adam McLeod, Drew Hopper, Randolph Krumme, Mike Chuk, Aaron Moran, Michael O'Brien, Cam Twibe, Raymond Krumme, Fabain Rayne, Jamie Forsythe, Jamie Ewart, Pete Mogan, Jeff Fears, Roy Park, Dave Ellis.
Absent: Steve Samways, Clarke Samways, Chris Marcus, Joe Leckie.
1997-98-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11997-98SeniorBack: Darryl Novotny (Trainer), Rob Burns (Trainer), Sarah Hagerman (Trainer), Kevin Ayres, Emilio Presti, Dr. A. Philbrick (Academic Advisor), Nigel Wilson (Coach), Jeff Fischer (Coach), Joe Leckie (Coach), Bob LaRose (defensive co-ordinator), Kevin Willits (Coach), Gary Jubenville (Administrative Assistant), Sean McKeown (Coach), Blaine Palinsky, Jonas Kavaliauskas, Shaun Timbeck, Mike Laszlo, Eddie Readings.
Middle 2: Tim Ravazollo, Ryan Hempiel, Michael Budd, Cameron Twibe, Ryan Ravazollo, Geoff Moore, Sean Devine, Todd Bederman, Adam McLeod, Garrick MacBride, Todd Black, Matt Van Niekirk, Fabain Rayne, Adam Rumball, Jamie Forsythe, Darryl Fabiani, Mark Faulkner, Bob Jez, Jeff Proctor, Rob Walsh (Head Athletic Therapist).
Middle 2: Dr. Tony Cogliano (Team Physician), Clay Warner (Equipment Manager), Tim Hatfield, Mike O'Brien, Chima Onwubere, Randolph Krumme, Peter Mogan, Enzo D'Angelo, Craign Higgins, Jon Hill, Mike Chuk, Steve Hunter, Graham Ebert, Scott Crawley, Alan Wilson, Dennis Meston, Paul Belnkhorn, Time Bakker, Brock Nicolucci, Andy Dobaczewski, Jamie Ewart, Katie Dainty (Trainer), Dr. Scott Magnes (Orthopaedic Fellow).
Middle 1: Mark Chortos, Roger Dunback, James Prescott, Raymond Krumme, Jason Livingston, Derek Krete, Aaron Sussex, Kevin Smith, Dan Disley, Oliver Curri, Berni Tessier (Co-Captain), Larry Haylor (Head Coach), Mike Wilson (Co-Captain), Sean McBurney, Mike Abou-Mechrek, Jason McKibbin, Todd MacKay, Ryan Lyons, Jeff Heslop, Jeff Janiuk, Hudson Clark, Theo Versteegh.
Front: Wayne Leacock, Cameron Paulikot, Craig Hicks, Tim Jones, John Donkor, Ron Shalit, Jim Meldrum, Dave Cowburn, Kevin Dunbrack, Ig Navascues, Hemraj Sumair, Chris Surmacz, Dennis Beuerman.
Absent: Clarke Samways (Coach), Steve Samways (Coach), David Shoebottom (Coach), Ken Erqhuart (Coach), Ryan Hazzard, Jay Potts, Dr. Peter Fowler (Head Orthopaedic Surgeon), Dr. Linda Mrkonjic (Orthopaedic Fellow).
1998-99-Mens-Football-Senior-MC-11998-99SeniorBack: Tobin Thomas, Bill Anderson, Jeff Deimling, Mark McAuley, Jasson Congdon, Blaine Palinsky, Ron Shalit, Kevin Ayres, Ryan Hickman, Paul Gleason (Coach), Nigel Wilson (Coach), Gary Jubenville (Coach), Kevin Willits (Coach), Tom LaRiviere, Chris Hessel, Jasson Najum, Jamie Forsythe, Justin Anania, Michael Budd, Jamie Ewart.
Middle 2: John Donker, Jeff Proctor, Wayne Leacock, Stephen Love, David Tattersall, Randolph Krumme, Raymond Krumme, Dave Cowburn, David Edwards, Chris Surmacz, Bob Jez, Jonas Kavallauskas, Tim Hatfield, Kevin Dunbrack, Peter Morgan, Darryl Fabiani, Fabian Rayne, Graig Richter.
Middle 2: Ed Kitchen (Trainer), Sean KcKeown (Coach), Kremir Jug, Enzo D'Angelo, James Prescott, Eddie Readings, Dennis Beuerman, Mark Faulkner, Marty Robertson, Tim Jones, Ryan Ravazzollo, Adam Rumball, Tim Bakker, Mark Chortos, Mike Chuk, Cam Twible, Geoff Moore, Adam McLeod, Tony Pepe, Cam Paulikot, Jim Meldrum, Brock Nicolucci, Mike Laszlo, Sean Page, Mike O'Brien, Andy Dobaczewski, Emilio Presti, Dr. Alan Philbrick (Academic Advisor), Dr. Devin Peterson (Team Doctor), Andrea Williams (Trainer), Dr Tony Cogliano (Team Doctor), Sarah Hagerman (Manager).
Middle 1: Rob Walsh (athletic therapist), Clay Warner (Manager), Scott Crawley, Matt Van Niekirk, Paul Blenkhorn, Alan Wilson, Hud Clark, Jeff Heslop, Dan Disley, Ryan Lyons, Mike Abou-Mechrek, Bob LaRose (Defensive Co-ordinator), Craig Higgins (Captain), Larry Haylor (Head Coach), Steve Hunter, Dennis Meston, Aaron Susex, Shawn Devine, Jon Hill, Michael Foy, Jeff Barratt, Jeff Kneeshaw, Preston Haynes, Rob Burns (Trainer), Dr. Peter Fowler (Team Doctor).
Front: Ian Snatiago, Dan Hines, Ryan Chisholm, Chris Tiede, Matt Barker, Kris Aiken, Carter Livingstone, Andrew Sharp, Chris Buczkowski, Mike Pasel, Todd Taylor, Andy Dunlop, Nic Spasic, Dan Begin, Giulio Fricano, Alexis Sanschagrin, Tyronne Borden