Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s ice hockey team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1923-24-Mens-IceHockey-Occi971923-24IntermediateBack: Kenneth Lindsay, Henry Blackwell, G. Baldwin, G. McTague, W. Coleman.
Front: P.V. Auld, A. Charlebois, Harold Grace, A.E. Mowry.
1924-25-Mens-IceHockey-Occi921924-25IntermediateBack: G.W. Hall, H.C. Blackwell, Kenneth Lindsay (Manager), C.W. Procunier.
Front: T.W. Chapman, B.L. Kelly, D.V. Auld, A.E. Kress, G.A. McTague, A.E. Mowry, G.O. Hartwell.
1926-27-Mens-IceHockey-Interfaculty-Meds-29-Occi191926-27InterfacultyBack: McManus, McPherson, Osborne, Jordan, Garner, Dr. Crane.
Front: Bristow, Wilcox, Sutherland, Matthews, Hartwell.
1926-27-Mens-IceHockey-Occi161926-27IntermediateBack: H. Whitfield (Trainer), R. Kidd, S.A. Mortin (Manager), L. Tieman, W.W. Marsden (Coach), A.E. Mowry.
Middle: J. Bowen, C. Procunier, M.L. Walkem (Captain), R. Lanoue, A.E. Kress.
Front: Allan Dobie (Mascot).
Absent: L. McTague, B. Kelly.
1927-28-Mens-IceHockey-Interfaculty-Meds-Occi191927-28InterfacultyBack: R. Burnett, C. Osborne, R. Bristow, C. Procunier, C. McPherson, K. McAlpine.
Front: R. Kidd (Coach), W. Nash, W. Sutherland, A. Matthews (Captain), F. Poole, H Mountain.
Absent: G.H. Jordan.
1927-28-Mens-IceHockey-MC1927-28IntermediateBack: Kenneth Lindsay (Manager), Lorne Tieman, Harry Yeandle, Bus Kelly, A. Mowry, Mel Walkem, Harry Whitfield (Trainer).
Front: Joe Bowen, Don Vail, Rosarie Lanoue, Gary McTague, Dave Armstrong, Albert Kress.
1927-28-Mens-IceHockey-Occi151927-28IntermediateBack: Kenneth Lindsay (Manager), Lorne Tieman, Harry Yeandle, Bus Kelly, A. Mowry, Mel Walkem, Harry Whitfield (Trainer).
Front: Joe Bowen, Don Vail, Rosarie Lanoue, Gary McTague, Dave Armstrong, Albert Kress.
1928-29-Mens-IceHockey-Interfaculty-Champions-Occi831928-29InterfacultyA. Kres, M. Jewell, J. McLean, M. Valeriote, S. Mortin, J. McDermott, E. Brent
1928-29-Mens-IceHockey-MC1928-29IntermediateBack: Harry Whitfield, Mel. Walkem, Ray Sinclair, Dave Armstrong, Gerry McTague, Bus Kelly.
Middle: Joe Bowen, Harry Yeandle, Roy Brown, Rosaire Lanoue, Lorne Tieman, Albert Kress.
Front: Allan Dobie (Mascot).
Absent: Bill Marsden (Coach).
1929-30-Mens-Hockey-InterfacultyMeds-Occi941929-30InterfacultyBack: R. Lanoue, R. Burnett, F. Cantelon, J. Sinclair, S. Tieman (Manager).
Front: D. Kidd, J. McDermott, P. Mountain, B. Kelly.
1929-30-Mens-IceHockey-MC1929-30IntermediateBack: Mr. Cox, J.W. Burns, Harry Yeandle, J. Schnarr, Roy Brown, A. Mowry, H.R. Sinclair, G. Paterson, D. Kidd.
Middle: M. Jewell, T.E. Savard, D. Armstrong, C. Tieman, R.G. Steward, M. Walkem, J. Bowen.
Front: Allan Dobie.
1930-31-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Intercollegiate-Occi1231930-31IntermediateBack: W. Meachem, Bryant, Knight, Quigley, Syer, A. Vogelsang, Munro.
Front: Clunis, Lawson, Joe Bowen, Boyes, Loft.
1930-31-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-OHA-MC1930-31IntermediateBack: Bill Marsden (Coach), Lorne Tieman, Harry Yeandle, R.G. Stewart, Gord Patterson, Foster.
Front: Jones, Dave Armstrong, Milt Jewel, D. McCallum, Roy Brown.
Absent: Fred Marsden, Jack Schnarr.
1931-32-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Intercollegiate-and-OHA-Occi1751931-32IntermediateBack: Joe Bowen, L. Tieman, H. Clark, D. McCallum, A. Vogelsang, D. Lofft, Walter Meachen.
Front: R. Brown, F. Marsden, D. Armstrong, P. Pigeon, J. Schnarr.
Absent: G. Patterson, W. Marsden (Coach), R. Sinclair, J.M. Janes.
1931-32-Mens-IceHockey-Junior-OHA-Occi1761931-32JuniorBack: C. Krug, F. Lawson, H. Miller, F. Smith, C. Ruppel, R. Lawson, Walter Meachen.
Front: R. Will, M. Manderson, A. Ferguson, F. Boyes, W. Tamblyn.
Absent: Lickers, Syer.
1932-33-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-02-Occi1611932-33IntermediateBack: D. Lofft, H. Clarke, J. Rankin, D. Knight, P. Pigeon, F. Marsden, W. Meachen.
Front: D. Steadman, G. Paterson, A. Vogelsang, J. Schnarr, J.M. Janes.
1933-34-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi1631933-34IntermediateBack: Bill Marsden (Coach), C.L. Scott (Manager), F. Boyes, T. Lawson, R. McCallum, D. Knight, F. Marsden, D. Steadman, M. McVee (Trainer), R. Weylie.
Front: A. Vogelsang, F. Lawson, J. Janes (Captain), J. Rankin, H. Clarke, W. Neilson.
1934-35-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Occi1891934-35IntermediateBack: Mel Pryce, Murray McNie, Tom Lawson, Ken Murray, Craig McIvor, Joe Janes, Al. Ferguson.
Front: Allan Burslam, Bill Parker, Bev Smith (Manager), Don Jackson, Gord Matheson.
Absent: Ross Macaulay.
1934-35-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi1881934-35IntermediateBack: Francis Benoit, Murray McNie (Trainer), Harold Clarke, Ronald McCallum, Dave Knight, Jim Rankin, Glen Guthrie, Art Burrows (Manager), Bill Neilson.
Front: Dean Steadman, Jack McInnes, Fred Marsden, Keith McNaughton, Eric Webb.
Absent: Joe Janes, Bill Marsden (Coach).
1936-37-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Occi1611936-37IntermediateBack: Charlie Box, Don Lawson, Ken Murray, George Willis, Murray McNie.
Front: Bill Marsden (Coach), Charlie Seager, C. Grant, Al Burslem, Hugh Beattie, Hugh Fraser.
1936-37-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi1611936-37IntermediateBack: Ken Powell, Ken Simpson, Claude Stewart, Eric Webb, Gord Matheson, Cam Killoran, Bill Marsden (Coach).
Front: Charles Gillen, Ron McCallum, John Richardson, Claude Moore, Keith McNaughton.
1937-38-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Occi1681937-38IntermediateBack: Jack Graham (Manager), K. Caspell, K. Ingham, J. Murray, M. Burton, C. Gillen, Eric Pettinger (Coach).
Front: D. Lawson, O. Learmonth, J. Gunn, C. Grant, A. Burslem, B. Ross, M. Frarey
1937-38-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi1681937-38IntermediateBack: Jack Graham (Manager), C. Stewart, C. Killoran, E. Webb, K. Simpson, Eric Pettinger (Coach).
Front: D. Thompson, G. Matheson, W. Allen, J. Richardson, C. Moore, J. King, K. McNaughton (Captain)
1938-39-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Occi1551938-39IntermediateBack: Leo Mitchell, John Murray, Stuart Rolfe, Chuck Gillen, Murry Frarey, Eric Pettinger (Coach).
Front: Keith Caspell, Len Self, Cam Grant, George Wong, Charlie Seager, Don Lawson.
1938-39-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi1551938-39IntermediateBack: Graham (Manager), Thompson, Frarey, Dixon, Stewart (Captain), Lawson, Seager, Scratch, Grant, Pettinger (Coach).
Front: Webb, King, Atcheson, Allen, Ross.
1939-40-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Intercollegiate-Occi1621939-40IntermediateBack: Ken McAdam (Coach), Enrest Reader, William Fuller, Charles Drake, Ross Rennie, Don Lawson, Murray Frarey, John McInnes, Claude Stewart, Edgar Venus (Assistant Manager).
Front: Gordon Nisbet, Campbell Grant, Eric Webb (Captain and Manager), Max Kaminsky, Dudley Thompson, Joe King, Logie Allen, John Ward, Leo LaFontaine
1940-41-Mens-IceHockey-Interfaculty-Arts-41-Champions-Occi1561940-41InterfacultyBack: Dud Thompson (Hon. Coach), James Girvin, Bob Clarke, Barry Nelligan, Morley Thomas, John Murray, H.P. Switzer (Referee), Bert Harris (Intramural Sports Director).
Front: Ross McIntyre, Keither Ferguson, John Polley, Keith Caspell, Lloyd Walden.
1940-41-Mens-IceHockey-Occi1541940-41IntermediateBack: Robert Clarke (Manager), Donald Freeborn, Murray McNie (Trainer).
Middle: Logie Allen, Aubrey Edworthy, Ross Rennie, Charles Gillen, Claude Moore, Charles Drake, Charles Cole, Murray Frarey.
Front: Dr. J.A. Gunton, Henry Baxter, Max Kaminsky, Dud THompson (Captain), Jack Ward, Joe King, Leo LaFontaine, Jerry Bauer, John P. Metras (Coach).
1945-46-Mens-IceHockey-Itnerfaculty-Arts-46-Champions-Occi1721945-46InterfacultyBack: J. McLarty, J.J. McKay, C. Cole, G. Bowie, J. Cram, David A. Clarke.
Front: E. Grovner, Jack Fairs, A. Brule, Herb Ballantyne, R. Bloxam.
1947-48-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Intercollegiate-Occi1151947-48IntermediateBack: F. Hull (Trainer), R. Ort, R. Grant, A. Thompson, W. Hainsworth, K. Phillips, J. Riddell, P. O'Neil (Manager).
Front: H. Schiller, D. O'Neil, A. Weir, S. Carson, W. Bibbings, J. Wainwright.
Absent: Bill Marsden (Coach), T. Pritchett, D. Gray.
1948-49-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Occi1251948-49IntermediateBack: C. Pettinger (Coach), D. Gossage, J. Avery, K. Phillips, Robert MacFarlane, Reg Ort, R. Grant, J. Wainwright, J. Riddell, W. Williams, R. McCurlie (Manager).
Front: W. Bibbings, H. Schiller, W. Hainsworth, D. Clarke, S. Carson, A. Weir, D. MacGregor.
1949-50-Mens-IceHockey-MC1949-50IntermediateBack: Eric Pettinger (Coach), Murray Philip (Asst. Mgr.), Jack Avery, Don Avery, Bill Bartlett, Wes Wiliams, Jerry Fewster, Art Gabor, John Riddle, Bill Hainsworth (Goalie).
Front: Bill Bibbings, Stu Carson, Milt Cork, Strachan Bongard, Hank Schiller, Keith Phillips (Captain), Jimmy Black, Ted Pritchett.
Absent: Pete Riggin, Dave Gossage, Ross Grant, Doug Gray, Jack Lennard (Mgr.)
1950-51-Mens-IceHockey-Intermediate-Intercollegiate-Occi1431950-51IntermediateBack: D. Avery, W. Williams, J. Black, G. Fewster, R. Grant.
Middle: J. Peters, N. Stevens, D. Gray, H. Schiller, Bill L'Heureux (Coach).
Front: W. Beaudry, J. Avery (Captain), G. Francolini, D. Gossage, E. Martinello.
1951-52-Mens-IceHockey-Intercollegiate-Occi1421951-52IntermediateBack: Ron Preston, Terry Mulvihill, Joe Schisler, Dick Read, Cam Maltby, Jim Wilson, Jacques Belec, Gerry Fewster.
Front: Gord Lomer, Cam Church, Don Avery, Jack Avery (Captain), Bob Fraser, Dave Gossage, Jim Peters, Wilf Beaudry.
1952-53-Mens-IceHockey-Occi1411952-53IntermediateBack: Wilf Beaudry, Jim Peters, Bob Carr, Jacques, Belec, Carl Moore, Murray Cooper, Doug Duncan, Bill L'Heureux (Coach).
Front: Gord Lomer (Captain), Carrell McLaughlin, Jim Wilson, Bob Fraser, Don Robinson, Cam Maltby, Bill Plumstead.
Absent: Ray Newton.
1953-54-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1953-54IntermediateBack: Bill L'Heureux (Coach), Doug Duncan, Dave Logan, Clare Maltby, Cameron Maltby, Bob Labbett, Jim Peters, Dick Read, Jack Snell, Ralph Simmons, Ken Clynick, John Haggis (Mgr.).
Front: Bob Cronin, Walt Arbuckle, Jim Wilson, Farrell Crook, Murray Cooper, George Pond, Peter Lindsay (Captain).
1954-55-Mens-IceHockey-Intramural-Huron-College-Champions-Occi1411954-55InterfacultyBack: Archie Skirving, Don Poth, Ed Robinson, Mike Spence, Andy Harris, Alex Ramsay, Ken Hoiles, Clark Wallace, Bruce Dingle, Dick Henderson (Coach).
Front: Tom McClelland, Pete Fraser, Bob Mercer, Ron Farrow, Ken Jaggs, Bill Rose, Bill Plumstead.
1954-55-Mens-IceHockey-Occi1321954-55IntermediateBack: Tom Collins, Clare Maltby, George Pond, Lorne White, Matt Vukovich, Murray Cooper, Walt Arbuckle, Jim Peters.
Front: Bob Cronin, Cam Maltby, Darrell McLaughlin, Ralph Simmons, Carl Moore.
1963-64-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi2261963-64SeniorBack: B. North (Manager), B. Bennet, B. Rudiak, L. Babcock, A. Hinnegan, D. Houghton, D. Sutherland, C. Lehman (Treasury), D. Soles (Publicist).
Middle: R. McDivitt, K. McPhail, L. Chiroski, D. Hosie, B. McPherson, J. Wadsworth, B. Blackburn, R. Higgs.
Front: Bill L'Heureux (Coach), G. Wright, B. McChesney, John Corbett, D. Leeson, B. Lewis Dr. D.H. Thain (Adviser).
1964-65-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi2401964-65SeniorBack: B. Bennet, D. Moore, J. Heslop, D. Guthrie, K. McPhail, D. Sutherland, R. Nash.
Middle: Bill L'Heureux (Coach), L. Chirkaski, W. Winnik, R. McChesney, R. Blackburn, B. Ball, B. Conacher, Dr. D.A. Thain.
Front: A. Hinnegan, L. Babcock (Captain), R. Lewis, G. Bonney, R. Higgs, R. Mastin.
Absent: P. Kelly, R. Johnstone, I. Fyle.
1965-66-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-Occi1861965-66SeniorBack: Paul Courneya, Jerry Knightley, Joe Moszcelt, John Heslop, Dave Moore, Rich clark, Don Guthrie.
Middle: Richard Duggan, Rob Blackburn, Warren Sweeney, Walt Winnik, Dave Leeson, Dave Field, Rich Lauzon, Ron Watson (Coach).
Front: Gary Bonney, Jim Dent, Reg Higgs, Larry Babcock (Captain), Pete Kelly, John Hospadar, Bill L'Heureux, Alyn Patterson.
1972-73-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1972-73SeniorBack: Dave Wise (Trainer), Dave Edwards, Phil Howard, Bryan Slywchuk, Ian Mackay, Gary Coons, Ray Lisk, Mike Lynn (Manager).
Middle: Wally Selihar (Manager), Mike O'Neill, Pete Berkeley, Dennis Farwell, Bob Best, Rick Smith, Dan Smith, Dave Robinson, Ron Watson (Coach).
Front: Peter Lambert, John Pirie, Dick Oudekerk, Ron Lefebvre, Peter Fraser, Gary Comfort, Nick Mancini.
1973-74-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1973-74SeniorBack: Mark Edwards (Manager), David Edwards, Gord Sutherland, David Robinson, Steve Gelinas, David Roy, Gary Comfort, Peter Van der Borch.
Middle: Wally Selihar (Manager), Tony Bellavance, Rick Schurr, Bill Hogan, Bob Trevail, Mike O'Neill, Ken Maczko, Ron Watson (Coach).
Front: Bruce Steffler, Pete Fraser, Gary Coons, Chris Cathcart, Phil Howard, Dan Smith, Peter Lambert.
Absent: Ken Holmes.
1974-75-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1974-75SeniorBack: J.P. Kaumeyer, George Mills, Paul Vandergust, Maurice Biron, Ken Maczko, Mike Dunphy, Grant Irwin.
Middle: Mark Edwards (Manager), Les Goudge (ManageR), Rich Hare, Ken Holmes, Bob Trevail, John Dickson, Rick Schurr, David Edwards, David Roy, Gary McDougall (Manager), Ron Watson (Coach).
Front: Peter Anas, Mike O'Neill, Phil Howard, Gary Coons, Pete Fraser, Dan Smith, Steve Gelinas, Bruce Steffler.
Absent: Chris Cathcart, Ric Skillins, Paul Pappas.
1976-77-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1976-77SeniorBack: Mark Edwards, Al Opotovsky, Frank Imarye, Dan Pidgeon, Craig Boyd, Joe Raznak, Ray Love, Jim McIntosh, Bob Horton, Bob Josefchak.
Middle: Bill King, Bruce Reddick, J.P. Karmeyer, Dave Lewis, Ron Graham, Jim Lockwood, Len Cunning, Max Carter, Craig Chandler, Ken Holmes, John Pirie, Ron Watson.
Front: Mike Beattie, Tom O'Flaherty, Maurice Biron, John Dickson, Robbie Moore, Paul Vandergust, Bill Nediger, Petter Amos, Les Lefebvre.
Absent: Dave Nadeau.
1977-78-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1977-78SeniorBack: Clayt Warner (Manager), Jamie Conroy, John Plouffe, Bill Smith.
Middle: John Pirie (Coach), Randy Neal, David Lewis, Ron Graham, Chris Harrison, Len Cunning (Assistant Captain), Ted Bonham, John Stanley, Mark Beach, Mark Edwards (Trainer), Ron Watson (Coach).
Front: Ken Matwey, Craig Chandler, Jim McIntosh (Assistant Captain), Paul McLaren, Cam Fink, Brian Lindsay, Dave Nadeau (Captain), Bob Horton, Leo Lefebvre.
1981-82-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-01-MC1981-82SeniorBack: R. Grand, P. Anas, M. Wolf, P. Fitzhenry, K. Hruska, B. Hanson, D. Riddle, T. Sargeant, Mark Stewart.
Middle: Ron Watson (Coach), K. Konings, N. Pasic, R. Goodish, D. Brown, R. Harrison, S. Tiller, J. MacLellan, G. Defelice, D. Edwards.
Front: R. Pikul, S. Payette, B. Morrison, M. Gazdic, J. Walker, B. Schnurr, M. Teskey.
Absent: G. MacDonald, P. Byrne, S. Marrin.
1982-83-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-01-MC1982-83SeniorBack: Pete Bragagnolo, Iain MacInnis, Steve Tiller, Paul Thomas, Brian Hanson, Bob Hanley, Pete Anas, Ron Watson.
Middle: Sue Madge, Jim Cairns, Brian Schnurr, John Nadeau, Dan Brown, Doug MacDonald, Brett Vance, John MacLellan, David Riddle, Nick Pasic, Brad Schnurr, Vern Stenlund.
Front: Mark Tesley, Kevin Konings, Dave Nadeau, Mike Gazdic, Greg DeFelice, David Hilborn, Rick Pikul.
1984-85-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-01-MC-11984-85SeniorBack: Murray Haukaas, Chris McCauley, Tom Miszuk, Brett Vance, Doug MacDonald, Jim Hall, Jay Forslund, Brian Campbell, Rob McCall.
Middle: Barry Martinelli (Assistant Coach), Steve Geddes, Rob VanWynsberghe, Jamie Gregor, Ron Watson (Head Coach), Mike O'Neil, Joe Irvin, Darren Cholod, Mike Lococo, Tim Heale (Assistant Coach).
Front: Chris Jackson, Sean Schulert, Paul Thomas, Rob Bizley (Captain), Brad Schnurr, Peter Young, Tim McCullough.
1985-86-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1985-86SeniorBack: John Davis (Trainer), Peter Zister, Jim Hall, Tony Yosipovic, Mike Tomlak, Joe Rampton, Joe Meagher, Brent Holliday, Dale Gibbon (Trainer).
Middle: Sara Jarvis, Tim Heale (Assistant Coach), Bryan Todd, Jeff Turner, Rob VanWynsberghe, Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Colin MacDonald, Scott Cole, Dave Clement (Assistant Coach).
Front: Chris Jackson, Dave Carreiro, Jim Quinn, Chris McCauley (Captain), Mike Lococo, Darren cholod, Tim McCullough, Heather Luckman.
1986-87-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1986-87SeniorBack: Sara Jarvis (Assistant Manager), Rob Mullett, Joe Irvin, Phil Carter, Bryan Todd, Joe Rampoton, Tom Miszuk, Peter Zister, Rob Daly, Rob VanWynsberghe, Jim Quinn, Isaac Wolfe (Manager).
Middle: Mike Granger (Trainer), Paul Zucchiatti, Peter Young, Peter Jeffrey, Darren Cholod, Chris McCauley (Captain), Jeff Turner, Scott Cole, Dave Carreiro, Warren Bullock, Rob Flumerfelt (Trainer).
Front: Chris Jackson, Mike Lococo, Dave Clement (Assistant Coach), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Tom Hedigan (Assistant Coach), Mike Tomlak, Tim McCullough.
Absent: Geoff Barnett.
1987-88-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1987-88SeniorBack: Isaac Wolfe (Manager), Scott Tottle, Darren Cholod, Brent Holliday, Jon Barry, Todd Humphrey, Phil Carter, Darren Semple, Rob Daly, Chris Penman, Chris Harvey (Trainer).
Middle: Rob Walsh, Rob Kingshott, Greg Smyth, Scott Cole, Peter Zister, Bryan Todd, Jeff Turner, Peter Jeffrey, Joel Smith, Warren Bullock, Tim McCullough (Assistant Coach), Dr. Derek Mackesy (Team Physician).
Front: Steve Titus, Rob VanWynsberghe, Paul Cook (Assistant Coach), Mike Tomlak (Captain), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Dave Carreiro, Mike James.
1988-89-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1988-89SeniorBack: Scott Tottle, Larry Shaw, Greg White, Todd Humphrey, Mike Hall, Phil Carter, Chris Penman, Scott Cole, Greg Smyth.
Middle: Tim Pearce (Statistician), Jim Quinn, Rob Kingshott, Doug Jones, Jay Renfrew (Student Assistant), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Paul Cook (Assistant Coach), Jeff Page, Peter Jeffrey, Warren Bullock, Geordie Campbell (Trainer), Julie Jagowdinski (Trainer).
Front: Mike James, Rob VanWynsberghe, Mike Tomlak (Captain), Steve Titus, Darren Cholod, Dave Carreiro, Paul Woolford.
1989-90-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1989-90SeniorBack: Tony Osachoff (Manager), Jeff Newman, Paul Jeffrey, Todd Humphrey, Robb Graham, Mike Hall, John Barry, Scott Laurin, Craig Gellatly, Colin Barry, Wayne Bifolchi (Trainer).
Middle: Jackie Anderson (Trainer), Wade Henry, Steve Glugosh, Gary Luther, Mike Christensen, Mike Kelly (Assistant Coach), Paul Cook (Assistant Coach), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Rob Kingshott, Jeff Page, Warren Bullock, Greg White, Tim Pearce (Statistician).
Front: Mike James, Greg Smyth, Peter Jeffrey, Larry Shaw (Captain), Doug Jones, Chris Penman, Stephen Titus.
1990-91-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1990-91SeniorBack: Tony Osachoff (Manager), Tom Keenleyside, Todd Humphrey, Mike Hall, Rob Graham, Steve Rucchin, Craig Gellatly, Mike Christensen, Craig Donaldson, George Mammoliti (Trainer).
Middle: Shelley Gautier (Trainer), Steve Dawe (Assitant Coach), Barry Martinelli (Coach), Barry Colin, Chris Penman, Paul Jeffrey, Gary Luther, Steve Glugosh, Ken Rowbotham, Bruce Cram, Time Pearce (Statistician), Todd Sargeant (Assistant Coach).
Front: Mike James, Greg White, Jeffrey Peter, Doug Jones, Larry Shaw, Rob Kingshott, Mike McIntyre.
1991-92-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1991-92SeniorBack: Mike St. John, Sean Burns, Craig Donaldson (Assistant Captain), Chad Robertson, Robb Graham, Jamie Goodfellow, Bruce Cram, Steve Glugosh, Derackk Curtis.
Middle: Todd Sargeant Assistant Coach, Reg Higgs (Head Coach), John Gibson, Mary Guy, Craig Gellatly, Gary Luther, Russ Herrington, Greg Pajor, Ken Rowbotham, Clarke Singer (Assistant Coach), Stuart Green (Manager), Tim Pearce (Manager/Stats).
Front: Stephanie Nixon (Trainer), Christian Keogh, Willie Mitchell, Mike Hall (Assistant Captain), Larry Shaw (Captain), Doug Jones (Assistant Captain), Mike McIntyre, Tom Keenleyside, Jeff Muhlethaler (Trainer).
1992-93-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1992-93SeniorBack: Bruce Cram, Michael Shewan, Greg Pajor, Russ Herrington, John Gibson, Mark Duffy, Charlie Egleston, Aaron Nagy, Ken Rowbotham, Sean Dowanik, Jamie Monteith.
Middle: Sean Wheatley (Equipment Manager), Dr. Bob Lee (Physician), Michael Fabro, Shawn Healey, Christian Keogh, Rick Boyle (Head Scout), Myrray Nystrom (Grad Asst.), Tim McCullough (Goal Coach), Chad Robertson, Chris Chard, Richard Kim, Derek Kozar (Trainer), Eric Slota (Trainer), Tim Pearce (Manager).
Front: Mike McIntyre, Craig Oster, Brian Grieve, Robb Graham, Craig Donaldson (Captain), Clarke Singer (Asst. Coach), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Todd Sargeant (Asst. Coach), Steve Rucchin (Captain), Mark Guy, Steve Glugosh, Mike Christensen, Sean Basillio.
1993-94-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC1993-94SeniorBack: Jeff Saranko, Richard Kim, Owen Lessard, Sean Dowanik, Joel Palmer, Yoryi Koutsaris, Bruce Moszcelt.
Middle 2: Brian Grieve, Jamie Naylor, Aaron Nagy, David Matsos, Darren Hurley, Mike Shewan, Chad Robertson, Mike Fabro, Greg Pajor, Chris Chard.
Middle 1: Dr. Rob Lee (Phyisician), Perry Pappas, Sean Wheatley (Manager), Scott MacDonald (Trainer), Reg Higgs (Associate Coach), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Tim McCullough (Assistant Coach).
Front: Sean Basilio, Christian Keogh, Mark Guy, Steve Rucchin, Craig Donaldson (Captain), Ken Rowbotham, John Gibson, Richard Gallace.
1995-96-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC-11995-96SeniorBack: Jeff Mancini, Joe Cook, Jason Heywood, Bob Graham, Darren Hurley, Steve Flynn, Michael Shewan, Jamie Caruso.
Middle 2: Jeff Saranko, Damon Hardy, Brady Blain, Rob Lave, Todd Bradley, Derek Tupling, Cam Law, Mark Edmundson.
Middle 1: Jonathan Jenney (Trainer), Tobi Fox (Manager), Rick Boyle (Head Scout), Greg Rickwood (Graduate Assistant Coach), Reg Higgs (Associate Coach), Sam Semple (Assistant Coach), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Ben Cooper (Assistant Manager), Tim Pearce (Stats/Promotions Manager), Dr. Antonio Cogliano (Team Doctor), Dave Harris.
Front: Sean Basilio, Aaron Nagy, Perry Pappas, Mark Guy (Captain), Brian Grieve, Greg Pajor, Chad Robertson, Richard Gallace.
Absent: Dr. Gary Barwitzki (Team Doctor), Owen Lessard.
1996-97-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC-11996-97SeniorBack: Jessie Dynes, (Trainer), Mike Gibson, Jeff Petrie, Ben Alviano, Matt Gray, Mike Flammia, Ian DeCoste (Trainer).
Middle 2: Sean Wheatley (Equipment Manager), Jeff Saranko, Jeff Sutton, Kevin Murnaghan, Ryan Treacy, Rob Schweyer, Matt Munro, Tobi Fox (Assistant Manager).
Middle 1: Greg Clarke (Head Scout), Brady Blain, Damon Hardy, Cam Law, Jeff Mancini, Steve Flynn, Rob Lave, Derek Typling, Todd Bradley, Dr. Richard Goudie (Team Physician).
Front: C.J. Denomme, Joe Cook, Sam Semple (Assistant Coach), Mike Shewan (Co-Captain), Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Brian Grieve (Co-Captain), John MacDonald (Assistant Coach), Jason Heywood, Mike Hall.
Absent: Tim Pearce (Statistician).
1997-98-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-02-ClarkeSinger-MC1997-98SeniorBack: Joe Valeriote (Statistician), Sean Wheatley (Equipment Manager), Craig Watson, Tim Mason, Shaun Fairweather, Aaron Rice, Paul Webb, Matt Munro, Mike Gibson, Mike Allain, Ryan Phillips (Student Manager).
Middle: Diane Grant (Trainer), Cam Law, Matt Gray, Tim Swartz, Kevin Murnaghan, Chris George, Ryan Treacy, Joe Birch, Ben Alviano, Rob Schweyer, Todd Bradley, Tobi Fox (Trainer).
Front: Jon McCarthy, Jeff Petrie, Sam Semple (Assistant Coach), Jeff Mancini, Clarke Singer (Assistant Coach), C.J. Denomme, Barry Martinelli (Head Coach), Joe Cook (Captain), Mark Cernjul (Grad Assistant), Damon Hardy, Mike Hall.
1998-99-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-MC-11998-99SeniorBack: David Mindenhall (Trainer), Craig Watson, Chris Hare, Kevin Hare, Mike Williams, Josh Smith, Paul Webb, Aaron Rice, Rob Frost, Mike Gibson, Shaun Fairweather, Mike Volin (Trainer).
Middle: Sean Wheatley (Equip. Mgr.), Dr. Tony Cogliano (Physician), Cam O'Donnel (Asst. Coach), Jim Moss, Steve Manley, Ben Alviano, Rob Schweyer, Chris Goerge, Todd Linton, Joe Birch, Kevin Murnaghan, Matt Munro, Adriano Fiacconi, Bruce Okrainec (Goal Coach), Dr. Steve Copeland (Physician), Greg Clark (Head Scout).
Front: Mike Hall, Todd Bradley, Mark Cernjul (Grad Asst.), Damon Hardy, Clarke Singer (Asst. Coach), C.J. Denomme, Barry Martinelli (Coach), Jeff Petrie (Captain), Sam Semple (Asst. Coach), Cam Law, Denver England.
Absent: Jeff Smallwood (Stud. Mgr.), James Kerr (Stud. Mgr.), Tim Hart (OHL Scout).
2008-09-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-ID2008-09SeniorBack: Bob McLeod (Equipment Manager), Bryan Lynd (Student Therapist), Jason Furlong, Patrick Ouellet, Kevin Baker, Adam Nemeth, Sean DeMuynck, Sean Courtney), Aaron Snow, Keaton Turkiewicz, Matt Raymond, Yashar Farmanara, Brad Hasilo (Student Therapists). Middle : Jeff Robert (Graduate Assistant Coach), Mike Sharp, Jeff Martens, Joe McCann, Andy Self, Ryan Martinelli, Jason Swift, Geoff Killing, Chris Corbiel, Kyle Lamb, Brock Turner, Chris Abbey.
Front: Keyvan Hunt, Harry Vanden Broek (Assistant Coach), Pat Powers (Assistant Coach), Luc Martin, Chris Petrow, Sal Peralta, Jason Ertl, Clarke Singer (Head Coach), Cam O’Donnell (Assistant Coach), Brad Topping.
Absent: Dwayne Blais (Assistant Coach), Bill Dark (Goalie Coach), Tim Hart (OHL Scout), Doug Hodge (Western Canadian Scout), Steve Egelton (Statistician), Pete Carson (Assistant Equipment Coach), Alan Smith (Student Manager), Dr. Tony Cogliano (Team Doctor), Rob Walsh (Athletic Therapist), Dr. Chris Higgins (Academic Advisor)
2009-10-Mens-IceHockey-Senior-ID2009-10SeniorBack: Matt Piva, Yashar Farmanara, Jason Furlong, Scott Aarssen, Kevin Baker, Patrick Lee, Keaton Turkiewicz, Kyle McDonough, Bob McLeod (Equipment Manager).
Middle: Michael Laidley (Student Therapist), Adam Mackichan (Student Therapist), Kevin Mole, Mike Sharp, Chris Corbiel, Trevor Koverko, Jason Swirt, Joe McCann, Geoff Killing, Brock Turner, Aaron Snow, Misha Donskov (Graduate Assistant Coach).
Front: Anthony Grieco, Jeff Robert (Graduate Assistant Coach), Patrick Ouellet, Cam O’Donnell (Assistant Coach), Luc Martin, Clarke Singer (Head Coach), Kyle Lamb, Ryan Martinelli, Pat Powers (Assistant Coach), Keyvan Hunt.
Absent: Josh Unice, Adam Nemeth (7), Jason Furlong, Dwayne Blais (Strength and Conditioning Coach), Bill Dark (Goalie), Tim Hart (OHL Scout), Doug Hodge (Western Canadian Scout), Steve Egelton (Statistician), Dr. Tony Cogliano (Team Doctor), Rob Walsh (Atheltic Therapist), Dr. Chris Higgins (Academic Advisor)