Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s soccer team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1930-31-Mens-Soccer-Intercollegiate-Highest-Level-Occi1281930-31SeniorBack: Garrett, Janes, Prior, Clunis, Wilker, McKay, Arnold, Mr. Crocker.
Front: Mr. Maule (Coach), Finlay, Stuart, Heard, Garrett, McLean, Smither.
Absent: Sawyer, Beecroft.
1931-32-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Intercollegiate-Occi1771931-32IntermediateBack: Mr. Crocker, B. Maule, S. MacKay, W. Prior, S. Clunis, G. Sawyer, D. McLarty, H. Misner, W. Smithers.
Front: W. Marsden, D. Stuart, J. Janes, J. Wilkner, C.S. McLaren, C.L. Scott, L. Griffiths.
1932-33-Mens-Soccer-Junior-Intercollegiate-Occi1661932-33JuniorBack: A. Wyldes, A. MacDougald, R. Murray, Professor Jenkin, H. Bettger, Duncan McLarty, J. Munn.
Middle: J. Lee, C. Bondy, J. Addison, J. Dain, F. Keane, L. Crawford, G. Webster.
Front: G. Armishaw, A. Mason, J. Nagle, W. Needham.
1932-33-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1601932-33SeniorBack: A. Vogelsang, Glen Sawyer, R. Murray, Professor Jenkin, N. Dain, M. Beecroft.
Middle: W. Prior, F. Broderick, H. Misener, L. Sawyer, L. Taylor.
Front: C. Scott, J. Graham, K. Klinck, D. Stuart.
1933-34-Mens-Soccer-Junior-Occi1621933-34JuniorBack: J.H. Crocker, W. Brown, G. Webster, D. McLeod, A. Vogelsang, T. Evans, R. Brown, J. Addison, Professor H. Jenkin (Honourary Coach), W. Prior.
Front: C. Queen, W. West, G.H. Armishaw (Manager), G. Schwartzentruber, R. Fuller.
1933-34-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1621933-34SeniorBack: J. Honeyman, W. Duncan, J. Jenkins, I MacArthur, L. Sawyer, A. MacDougald, W. Klink, L. Taylor, C. McIvor.
Front: D. Trumper, G.H. Armishaw, W. Prior (Manager), Professor H. Jenkin (Hon. Coach), Glen Sawyer, J. H. Crocker, J. H. Misner.
1934-35-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi1721934-35IntermediateBack: H. Bettger, E. Evans, C.H. Spry, G. Lamont, W. West, G. Armishaw (Captain), H. Breckow.
Middle: Bob Brown, H. Longworth, D. Cassey, L. Crawford, A. Fawcett.
Front: J. Addison, R. Fuller, D. Morrison, Bill Brown.
1934-35-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1811934-35SeniorBack: J. H. Crocker, Professor Jenkin (Coach), F. Brown, W. Wood, B. Garrett, J. Jenkin, R. Murray (Assistant Coach).
Front: L. Taylor, W. Duncan, J. Muchan, J. Honeyman, Glen Sawyer (Captain), Bill Klinck, C. McIvor, R. Trumper.
1935-36-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi1661935-36IntermediateBack: Gordon Schwartzentruber, E. Evans, H. Bryans, Bill Brown, R. Fuller, Fred Brown.
Front: Harold Bettger, J. Talbot, D. Morrison (Captain), B. Hartwell, B. West.
1935-36-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1935-36SeniorBack: Professor H. Jenkin (Coach), Glen Sawyer, Bill Klinck, Dick Trumper, Joe Muchan (Captian), Joe Janes, R. Murray (Manager).
Front: Craig McIvor, Bill Wood, A. Dodds, L. Sawyer, T. Orr, B Garrett.
1936-37-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi1571936-37IntermediateBack: Keith Leckie, Ray Kenney, Harold Longworth, Bert Spry, Charlie Seager, Craig McIvor, Joe Priddle, Terry Ferris, Ken Hunt.
Front: Austin Wright, Jack Talbot, John Blackwood, Maurice Wheatley, Bob Hartwell, John Jenkins, Ron Ritchie.
1936-37-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1571936-37SeniorBack: Bert Garrett, Fred Brown, Dick Trumper, Professor H. Jenkin (Coach), Bob Murray (Assistant Caoch), Alf Dodds, Joe Muchan, Bob Brown (Manager).
Front: Jim Johnston, Willie Wood, Dunc Morrison, Bill Klinck, John Honeyman, Tom Orr.
1937-38-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Intercollegiate-Occi1641937-38IntermediateBack: Clarence Ure, John Lee, Jim Girvin, Grant Messer.
Middle: Prof. Jenkin (Coach), Bert Spry (Manager), Gord Corneil, Wilson Reason, Bob Brown.
Front: Max Sheppard, Austin Wright, Arn. Wilson, Jack Talbot (Captain), Allan Keys, Ron. Ritchie, Bob Murray (Assistant Coach)
1937-38-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1937-38SeniorBack: Bob Hartwell, Fred Curts, Lloyd Walden, Keith Leckie, Fred Brown, Bert Garrett, Bob Brown (Manager).
Front: Professor H. Jenkin (Coach), Maurice Wheatley, Alf Dodds (Captain), Bill Wood, Bob Oliver, Bob Murray.
1938-39-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi1491938-39IntermediateBack: Dr. Fox, Mr. Jenkin, Howard Dickinson, Clarence Ure, James Girvin, Ross McIntyer, Robert Bass, R.G. Murray, Ray Kenney.
Middle: Arnold Harris, Bob Shervill, Kenneth McKellar.
Front: George Wallace, Harvey Hillen, A. McLagan, Robert Smith, Allen Keys, Gordon Nesbit.
1938-39-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1491938-39SeniorBack: Professor H. Jenkin, Fred Curts, Blair McLenahan, Gordon Corneil, Russell Down, Lloyd Walden, Carmen Baker, Ray Kenney, R.G. Murray.
Front: Elgin Little, R.G. Oliver, Willie Woods, John Taylor, Bob Hartwell.
1939-40-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-MC1939-40IntermediateBack: Robert Shervill, Robert Waugh, William Bain, Howard Dickinson, Claude Welsh.
Middle: Harry Barons, Professor H.E. Jenkin (Coach), Jack Talbot, Archie Hoggarth, Lloyd Walden (Manager), Walter Tufford.
Front: Graham Bieman, Edward Houghton, James Girvin, Austin Wright, Carl Dunn.
1939-40-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1561939-40SeniorBack: Cam McLagan, Ross McIntyre, Harvey Hillen, Lloyd Walden, Ted Little.
Middle: Austin Wright, John Blackwood, Fred Curts, Stan Pate, Ernie Reader, Prof. Jenkin.
Front: Jack Laughton, Gordon Nesbitt
1940-41-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1940-41SeniorBack: Bob Shervill, Craig Mellish, Ralph Waugh, Pete Reid, Al Dorland, Ted Little, Leon Bennet-Alder, Okal Day, Graeme Bieman, Ivan Parkinson, Bill Self, Ernie Reader, Jim Girvin.
Front: Carl Dunn, George Der Stepanian, Lloyd Walden (Captain), John Bardwell, Ed. Houghton, Omar Smith.
1941-42-Mens-Soccer-Junior-MC1941-42JuniorBack: Mr. H.E. Jenkin, J. Girvin (Coach), R. Self, G. Crawford, B. Boughner, W. Illman, J. Roberts, G. Nisbet.
Front: G. Der Stephanian, W. Barons, O. Day, M. Ryley, R. Shervill.
1941-42-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1941-42SeniorBack: Professor H. Jenkin, R. Self, Okal Day, Ralph Waugh, J. Roberts, C. McLagan, R. Shervill.
Front: E. Reader, J. Girvin, George Der Stepanian, J. Bardwell, G. Nisbet, H. Barons.
1942-43-Mens-Soccer-Senior-COTC-MC1942-43SeniorBack: Professor N.C. Hart, J. Bardwell, O. Smith, E. Reader, H. Barons, Okal Day, W. Illman, R. Moore, Professor H. Jenkin (Hon Coach), T. Speidel, S. Magyar, Front: George DerStepanian, S. Pate (Captain), W. Brown, D. Smith, I. Lapkoff, M. Hartwick.
1943-44-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-CUAC-MC1943-44IntermediateBack: R.B. Rhodes (Private), B.T. Fergusson (Private), A.C. McArthur (Private), M.K. McLachlan (Private), H.O. Bragg (Private), R. Odette (Private), J.E. Hatch (Private).
Front: A.E.Weichel (Private), L.R. Fleming (Private), B.C.Shewan (Lieutenant), J.P. Cooper (Private), D.S. Blackmore (Private), R.J. Thompson (Private), W.G. Mackay (Private).
1943-44-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1943-44SeniorBack: G. Crawford, E. Moore, Dr. C. McLagan, S. Pate (Manager), G. Newell, H. Hall, J. Taylor, S. Magyar.
Front: Professor H. Jenkin (Coach), R. Samson, C. Crewe, J. Bardwell (Captain), Dwight Smith, W. Brown, T. Speidel, J.H. Crocker.
1944-45-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1944-45SeniorBack: J. Harrington, J. Kallio, J. Norton, H. Hall (Manager), W. Teichert, W. Brown (Captain), D. Hitch.
Middle: Professor H. Jenkin (Coach), F. Pirani, H. Blades, J. Taylor, G. Bousfield, L. Szabo, A. Blades.
Front: F. Skelton, T. Speidel, R. Samson (Captain), D. Smith, G. Crawford.
1945-46-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi1671945-46IntermediateBack: Professor H.E. Jenkin (Hon. Coach), A. Carter, D. Hitch, H. Hall, J. Girvin.
Middle: J. Murray, R. Ram, H. Elades, F. Sunahara, S. Gentle.
Front: D. Stitt, F. Skelton (Captain), A. Blades (Manager).
1948-49-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1948-49SeniorBack: F. James, L. Fisher, J. Rogden, D. Copland, D. Scott, G. Neely.
Middle 2: Duncan McLarty (Assistant Coach), W. Roulston, R. Cannon, P. Wright, A. McPherson, L. Szabo, P. Capa, W. White, Professor H. Jenkin (Coach).
Middle 1: S. Gentle (Manager), D. Hudson, J. Gillespie, A. Morrison, P. Shutovich, A. Lodge (Captain), P. Morrison, I. Cummings, N. Shaw, R. Nicholson.
Front: A. MacDonald, W. Stackhouse, S. Selpuchre, W. Rodger.
1952-53-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1411952-53SeniorBack: Professor John Reidy (Assistant Coach), Kent Hay, Dick Hutson, C. McAlpine, Professor H. Jenkin (Coach).
Middle: Ken Windsor, Rustislar Konechy, Gunners Raits, John Atkins, Ken Doane.
Front: Doug Lockrey, Keith Morrison (Assistant Captain), Wilf Fryday (Captain), Jim McLauchlin.
1953-54-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi301953-54IntermediateBack: Murray McClure, Bill Hutton, John Sturgess, John Logan, Ray Stefaniw, Noris Knill.
Front: Donald Irish, Jack Sinkins, John Martyn, Barry Parsons, Bill West.
1953-54-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi301953-54SeniorBack: Dave Boyle, Jan Rostislav Konecny, Dick Deacon, Ken Windsor, Ken Clynickm, Jim McLauchlan.
Front: Charlie McAlpine, Dick Hutson, Kent Hay, Gunars Raits, Ken Doane.
1954-55-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi1241954-55IntermediateBack: Ron Van Horne, John Logan, Barry Parson, David Robinson, Paul Wonnacott, Don Irish, Don Bradley.
Front: Brian Hodge, Jack Sinkins, Murray McClure, Harry Stirling, Bill Hutton.
1954-55-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1241954-55SeniorBack: Ken Doane, Pete Hylton, Al Ross, Bill West, Professor John Reidy, Martin Thomas, Dave Boyle.
Front: Ken Windsor, Truls Bjerkelund, Ken Clynick, Charles McAlpine, John Martyn.
1955-56-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi791955-56IntermediateBack: G. Kirsh, B. Hodges, L. Beckley, H. Sterling, D. Pope.
Front: R. Turnbull, B. Parsons, C. Dell.
1955-56-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi791955-56SeniorBack: C. McAlpine, G. Bobb, Professor John Reidy, C. Dunn, D. Boyle (Manager).
Front: Martin Thomas, Ken Clynick, Ken Doane, S. Albreksten, G. Jeffrey.
1956-57-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi761956-57SeniorBack: Professor John Reidy (Coach), Ian Mitchell, Clarence Prins, Norbert J. Baertsone (Goalie), David Boyle, Douglas Izzard, Donald A. Gray, William Rainey (Assistant Coach).
Front: Svend Albrektsen, Truls J. Bjerklund (Captain), Herbert L. Jahn, Robert G. Turnbull.
Absent: Anatole Litavniks, John White, Tom Collings, Chris Dunn, Engel DeVry.
1957-58-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi751957-58SeniorBack: Don Bradley, Meindert Wolff, Jim McLarty, Bill Frewen Bob Turnbull, Professor John Reidy (Coach), Bud Jackson, Ted Jongerius, Dave Smith, John McArthur.
Front: Andrew Pressburger, Gunars Liepins, Larry McGill, Anatols Letavniks, Norbert Baertsoen, Angel DeVry, Ken Pearson, Al Gerenser. Missing: M. Leenders, H. John, D. Izzard, Sven Albrektsen.
1958-59-Mens-Soccer-Junior-Occi401958-59JuniorBack: Ken Pearson, J. Szelenyi, Al Berry, Gord Tate, Don Fulton, R. Albertins, Joe Wray.
Front: Gary Tam, Reg Greenwood, Joe Vadas, Doug Izzard (Captain), Don Dool, Cliff Dell.
1958-59-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi401958-59SeniorBack: Dave Boyle (Manager), Angel DeVry, Klaus Keunecke, Linard Lukas, Bob Turnbull, guy Demarino, Clarence Prins.
Front: Joe Weynerowski, Frank Villegas, Bud Jackson, Anatola Litavniks (Captain), Dave Smith.
1959-60-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi1991959-60IntermediateBack: Gerald Tevaarwerk, Mark Field, Henning Rasmussen, Gary Tam, Uldis Upitis, Sven Dohnberg.
Front: St. Clair Codrington, Reginald Greenwood, Jim Coons, Don Fulton, George Pappas, Robert Ben David.
Absent: George Kish, Rory McLachlin, Cliff Dell.
1959-60-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1191959-60SeniorBack: R. Albertins, D. Boyle, Professor John Reidy, D. Smith, G. Tate, D. Mason, A. Reid, R. Armourer, K. Keunecke, J. Vadas.
Front: B. Jackson, N. Baertson, J. Kiss.
Absent: H. Jahn, J. Stockhauson, Angel DeVry.
1960-61-Mens-Soccer-Intermediate-Occi2611960-61IntermediateBack: R. Albertins, Henning Rasmussen, T. Niegro, Mark Fields, P. Castrodale, B. Williams, M. Walsh.
Front: Don Fulton, D. Graham, D. Hamber, M. Thompson, T. Brian, S. Tam, R. McLaughlin.
1960-61-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi2611960-61SeniorBack: Walter Medwidsky, Stan Beck, Mike Leanders (Coach), George Reintjes, Dave Smith (Captain), Guy Demarino.
Front: Dave Mason, Bert Vanden Heuvel, Stu McCallum, Archie Reid, Joe Vadas, John Stockhausen.
1962-63-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1821962-63SeniorBack: Mike thompson, Jack D'Verteuil, Guy Demarino, Ian MacLean, Mike Welsh, John Kiss, N. Heartgraves.
Front: Barry Reid, Fred Margai, Tom Deri, Irwin Spach, Bert Van Der heuvel, Larenzo Girones, Vic Gleohill (Coach), Emi Primorac.
1963-64-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi2181963-64SeniorBack: C. Hawker, G. Hewitt, E. Sigurdson, I. Stack, M. Thompson, B. Reid, N. Gledhill, L. Girones.
Front: R. Orton, D. Lawson, V. Gledhill (Captain), I. Anton, F. Morgan, H. Kosemple.
Absent: A. Vilos, B. Vanden Heuvel.
1964-65-Mens-Soccer-Senior-Occi2301964-65SeniorBack: W. Huber, J. Deugenan, B. Orton, S. Lewak, N. Gledhill, Julien Payne (Coach), D. Kussner, J. Ferns.
Front: E. Inwang, W. Koenig, H. Harren, V. Gledhill (Captain), F. Morgan, S. Horeczky.
1969-70-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1969-70SeniorBack: L. Marsh, K. Storey, E. Gorny, S. Nadalin, R. Misurka, F. Lattanzio, V. Manswell, E. Willis, J.S. Hill (Coach).
Front: S. McLachlin, J. Szule, J. Dawson (Captain), C. Kiewiet, V. Farrugia, B. Nepotiuk.
Absent: D. Grimaldi, D. King.
1970-71-Mens-Soccer-Senior-02-MC1970-71SeniorBack: G. Catlow (Assistant Coach), D. Byfield, S. Nadalin, F. Lattanzio, J.S. Hill (Coach).
Middle: E. Willis, L. Marsh, K. Storey, S. Bogucki, C. Kiewiet, V. Manswell.
Front: B. Snoeks, R. Misurka, J. Dawson (Captain), C. Sulkowski.
Absent: D. King, C. Stark, J. Szule.
1971-72-Mens-Soccer-Senior-01-MC1971-72SeniorBack: G Krelove, V. Manswell, E. Bergamo, S. Bogucki, D. Blacklock, L. Marsh, B. Snoeks, E. Willis, J.S. Hill (Coach).
Front: D Byfield, V. Farrugia, C. Sulkowski, R. Misurka, B. Thomson (Captain), J. Szule, B. Hook, V Jonz.
1972-73-Mens-Soccer-Senior-01-MC1972-73SeniorBack: W. Coeck (Manager), T. Moonen, B. Hook, D. Borrows, G. Krelove, T. MacDonald, J. Misius, M. Janzie, B. Snoeks, Charle Kiewiet (Coach).
Front: M. Simmons, J. Boyce, G. Condon, V. Jonz (Captain), D. Byfield, N. Dagg, E. Borrows.
Absent: R. Snider, A. Ferreira.
1984-85-Mens-Soccer-Senior-ID1984-85SeniorBack: Marc MacMullin, Richard Mommersteeg, Dave Kenny, Paul Thomas, Jens Kraemer, Alan Gorrie, Norm Southard.
Middle: Pat Postil (Trainer), Tod Daymond, Jim Dol, Peter Anagnostopolous, Dave Friesen, Dave Seguin.
Front: Ron Clayton (Coach), Paul Ellison, Chris Baertsoen, Jim Krywulak, Craig Read, Rocco Basacco (Assistant Coach).
Absent: Dan Dibsdale.
1988-89-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1988-89SeniorBack: John Haddard, Colin McLeod, Frank Masciotra, Rocco Fonzo, Bob Cabral, Scott Gledhill, Tod Aughey, Dan Indech, Shawn Arnold.
Middle: Ron Clayton (Coach), Steve Langley, Chris Furgal, Frank Dryulec, Monica Campbell (Trainer), Bob VandenBygaart, Paul Ritchie, Nick Bontis, Ralph Belle, Steve Pellegrini (Assistant Coach).
Front: Chris Davidson, Phil Runcini, Jim Sabaziotis, Scott Cooper, Max Montalvo, Dale Patriquin, Brad Brennan.
1989-90-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1989-90SeniorBack: Andrew Flynn, John Furgal, Paul Ponte, Laird McLean, Derek Crabb, Bill Logie, Faris Cornell, Arnold Todd.
Middle: Steve Pellegrini (Assistant Coach), Steve Langley (Captain), Nick Bontis, Mark Sheppard, Frank Drkulec, Dale Patriquin, Shaun Arnold, Chris Furgal, Donna Davey (Trainer).
Front: Rocco Fonzo, Dan Hindmarch, Jim Crockett, Scott Cooper, Bob Vandenbygaart.
Absent: Ron Clayton (Head Coach), Ralph Belk, Tony D'Oria, Frank Masciotra, Paul Ritchie.
1990-91-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1990-91SeniorBack: Andrew Barett, Tony D'Oria, Arnold Todd, Milan Stjokovich, Tony Miranda, Lair McLean, Nick Bontis.
Middle: Dave Patriquin (Assistant Coach), Ron Clayton (Coach), Sean Frost, Chris Furgal, Joe Nemeth, Mark Sheppard, William Logie, Alan White (Trainer).
Front: Scott Carson, Geoff Crabb, Jamey Glasnovic, Derek Crabb, Paul Desalaiz.
1995-96-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1995-96SeniorBack: Rafik Salama, Raul Kuchinard, Ryan Kovac, Ugo DeCandido, Luca Mancuso, Jim Tsaprailis, Tom Perks, Paulo Ferreira.
Middle: Rock Basacco (Coach), John Fitzgerald, Gavin Maddock, Ree San, Ben Challis, Colin Lea, Brian Thirsk, Ron Clayton (Coach).
Front: Glen Martins, Robert Shaw, Neil Gerrits, Dean Peffer, Sean Casaubon, Xavier Paturel, Anthony Chiarella.
Absent: Paul Hillman (Captain), Peter Barlas, Joe Belan, Nathan Eldridge, Kristi Moore (Trainer).
1996-97-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1996-97SeniorBack: Chris Nihmey (Trainer), Brian Webb, Raul Kuchinad, Davide Barnabi, Faisal Anashara, Glen Martins, Ryan Rooks.
Middle: Rock Basacco (Coach), James Clarke, Ugo DeCandido, Justin Tasev, Jim Tsaprailis (Captain), Tom Perks (Captain), Mike Potts, Tom Elezovic, Xavier Paturel, Steve Langley (Coach).
Front: Matt Gallo, Ben Challis, Rafik Salama, Dean Peffer, Sean Casaubon, Luca Mancuso, Rob Shaw, Ryan Kovac.
1998-99-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC1998-99SeniorBack: Andy Lefebvre (Trainer), Ree San, Xavier Paturel, Ryan Leigh, Tom Elezovic, Justin Tasev, Damian Gray, James Welsh, Mike Doumouras, Neil Parry, Rohan Service.
Middle: Steve Langley (Coach), Tom Perks (Coach), Matt Gallo, Leo Savone, Dusko Cvetkovic, Jamie Cyriac, Richard Yendell, Alan Hume, Ian Ball, Rock Basacco (Coach).
Front: Kevin Duffy, Jonathan Bendiner, Mike Potts (Captain), Adam Challis, Jon Hasson (Captain), Michael FOlino, John Dreliozis.
Absent: Gavin Maddock.
2003-04-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC2003-04SeniorBack: John Dreliozis (Coach), Justin Guy, Chris Stefanazzi, Dave Jankovic, Nathan Ivanovic, Wes Vanderlinden, Aaron Hutchins.
Middle: Steve Langley (Coach), David Day (Coach), Roberto Cabellero Jr., Dante Biscaro, Hayden Laird, Joe Lubertino, Mark Tagliaferri, Kyle Washington, Paco Barnett (Captain), Adam Legg, Marc Wandler.
Front: Rock Basacco (Coach), Matt Sanchez (Trainer), Ryan Kelly, Jeff Russell (Captain), Rob Ferrari, Ciaran McCarthy, Johnny Paiva, Gentjen Dervishi, Mikael Gebre-Marium, Paul Speakman, Jason Carellas, Jason De Thomasis.
Absent: Gareth Wheeler.
2004-05-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC2004-05SeniorBack: Paul Seymour, Marc Wandler, Derek Battin, Aaron Hutchins, Adam Legg, Martin Painter, Jason De Thomasis, Michel, Daoust, John Dreliozis (Coach), Shadi Fleifel (Trainer).
Middle: Paco Barnett (Coach), Wes Vanderlinden, Justin Guy, Johnny Paiva, Dante Biscaro, Kyle Ramsey, David Day (Coach).
Front: Rock Basacco (Coach), Kyle Washington, Jason Carrelas, Rob Ferrari, Paul Speakman (Captain), Matt Pittman, Haidar Al-Shaibani, Ryan Kelly, Ryan Bruehlmann, Jeff Russell (Captain), Genti Dervishi.
2005-06-Mens-Soccer-Senior-MC2005-06SeniorBack: Rock Basacco (Coach), Justin Guy, Graeme Leverette (Trainer), Paul Seymour, Jason De Thomasis, Alexi Dreliozis, Johan Wikman, Matt Pittman (Coach), Nathan Cragg, Ryan Kelly, Kyle Ramsey, Chris Pasarikovski, Adam Legg, Aaron Hutchins.
Middle: Michel Daoust, Scott Cameron, Ryan Breuhlmann, Marc Wandler, Derek Battin, Dante Biscaro, Steve Meagher, Derek Mancuso.
Front: John Gallo, Johnny Paiva, Paul Speakman (Captain), Kyle Washington, Haidar Al-Shaibani (Captain).
Absent: Dan Barreiras, David Day (Coach), Paco Barnett (Coach).