Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s swimming team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1931-32-Mens-Swimming-Occi1841931-32Back: A. Ley, M. Fursey, C.B. Chapman, B. Higgins, P.F. Elson, Dave Johnston, D. Ferguson.
Front: J. McHale, C. Scarff, Paul Hauch, H. Clarke, A. Lorriman.
1932-33-Mens-Swimming-Occi1651932-33Back: P. Elson, J. Scharff, D. McVicar, R. Coffey.
Middle: G. Beaumont, E. Higgins, B. Chambers, S. Montgomery, R. Ferguson, J. Shuttleworth, T. Hertel, A. Ley.
Front: M. Fursey, Dave Johnston (Captain), F. Sharff, B. Higgins.
1933-34-Mens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1671933-34Back: S. Montgomery, H. Douglas, J. Forristal, J. Scarff, D. McVicar.
Front: B. Smith, R. Smith, H. Reekie (Physical Director), W. Smith, E. Higgins.
1934-35-Mens-Swimming-Occi1891934-35Back: Bob Smith, Kenneth Miller, Jack Levine, John Stevenson, Kenneth Symington, John Forristal, Ward Smith, Em Orlick (Coach).
Front: Carson Mark, Charles Froud, Tom Lawson, Dave Johnston, Scott Montgomery, Les Milton.
1935-36-Mens-Swimming-Occi1731935-36Back: Hugh Douglas, Jack Forristal, Ken Symington, Jack Levine.
Middle: Gar Black, Johnny Loaring, Ward Smith (Captain), Roy Wallace, George Wallace, Don Woodhouse.
Front: George Campbell, Em Orlick (Coach), Dr. Crane (Hon. Coach), Scott Montgomery, Charles Froud, Bob Moore.
Absent: Harold Kester (Manager).
1936-37-Mens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1621936-37Back: Jim Farmer, Gar Black, Stuart Land, Alf Hurley, Roy Wallace, George Wallace, Andy Reekie.
Front: Alfons Uehle, Paddy Stark, Ken Symington (Captain), Johnny Loaring, Brian Casey.
1937-38-Mens-Swimming-Occi1661937-38Back: Bill Tillmann, Charlie Fisher, Les. Wheable, Bob. Boughton.
Middle: S. Land, Harold Reid, Bob Roche, Jack Walker, Andy Reekie (Coach).
Front: Roy Wallace, Brandon Conron, George Wallace, Gar Black, Bill Craig
1938-39-Mens-Swimming-Occi1531938-39Back: George Wallace, Johnny Loaring, Les Wheable, Lloyd Glanville, Andy Reekie (Coach).
Front: Hugh Fraser, Branden Conron, Stu Land (Captain), Bill Turnbull, Austin Smith.
1939-40-Mens-Swimming-MC1939-40Gordon Risk, Robert Gunton, Brandon Conron, Johnny Loaring, Stuart Land, Alex McAlister, Ross Baker, Leslie Wheable (Mgr.)
1940-41-Mens-Swimming-Occi1531940-41Gordon Risk, Jack Jennings, Bob Gunton, Neil Cuthbertson, Ralph Emmott, Ross Baker, Bill Scott, Les Wheable (Captain).
1941-42-Mens-Swimming-Occi1941-42Back: N. Cuthbertson, B. Scott, B. Sanderson, A. Beckman.
Front: D. Whitney, J. Cram, B. Wilson, Gordon Risk, B. Gunton.
1943-44-Mens-Swimming-Occi1943-44Back: A. Beckam, B. Boughner, C. Cole, N. Cuthbertson.
Front: D. Erskine, J. Cram, G. Markle (Coach), R. Davis, J. Byles.
Absent: Ed Horkins, T. Nishio.
1944-45-Mens-Swimming-Occi1861944-45Back: B. Glodberg, V. Traynor, Gower Markle (Instructor), S. Schacter, N. Cutherbertson.
Front: T.T. Nishio, A, Galbraith, W. Graham, Ross Emmott.
1944-45-Mens-Swimming-Relay-Occi1901944-45RelayT.T. Nishio, A. Galbraith, V. Traynor, Neil Cuthbertson.
1945-46-Mens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1691945-46Back: P. Rechnitzer, R. Whitside, T. Stewart, A. Galbraith.
Front: H. Johnson, W. Walsh, Mr. L. Latchford (Coach), N. Melnechuk, G. Woodhouse.
Absent: D. Horne, M. Needles.
1946-47-Mens-Swimming-Occi1731946-47Back: John Augustine, Graham Woodhouse, Herbert Johnson, Tom Zatelny, Jim Preston, David Stitt.
Front: Andy Reekie (Coach), Robert Whitside, Glenville BEnding, Gordon Sill, William Foote, W.R. Burns (Mgr.).
Absent: William Walsh.
1947-48-Mens-Swimming-MC1947-48Back: A. Galbraith, G. Gill, N. Wolf, J. Augustien, C. Moffat (Coach), R. Wilkins, K. Work, W. Foote, B. Burnes (Mgr.).
Front: H. Johnson, R. Whitside, T. Stewart, G. Bending, J. Walker, S. Sanborn, W. Hannah, H. Lowther.
1948-49-Mens-Swimming-Occi1261948-49Back: Ross English, Shannon Sanborn, Cody Moffat (Coach), Dick Wilkins (Mgr.), Pete Sargent.
Middle: Herb Johnson (Captain), Glen Bending, John Walker, John Augustine, Tom Zatelny.
Front: Karl Work, Max Nathan, Archie Galbraith, Walt Hannah.
1949-50-Mens-Swimming-01-MC1949-50Back: Earle Zeigler (Coach), Glenville Bending, Richard Crosby, Dick Curtis, John Dodsworth, Glen Telfer, Ian Thomson, Gary Stewart, Bill Jones, Donald Murray, Dick Wilkins (Mgr.).
Front: Bill McInnes, Bill Brown, Ross Murray, Herb Johnson, Shannon Sanborn (Captain), John Rykert, John Walker, Bill McCormick, Reg Ort.
1950-51-Mens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1431950-51Back: Earle Zeigler (Coach), Stan McIntee, William Braithwaite, Bob Collyer, Dave Mallender, John Walker, Jim Collyer, Doug Alexander.
Middle: John Goodearle, Dick Curtis, Ian Thompson, Tom Brown, John Geddes.
Front: Gary Stewart, Bill Jones, Don Murray, Paul Murray, Jim Huras, Don Naylor.
1951-52-Mens-Swimming-MC1951-52Back: Gord Teskey, Scotty Thompson, Paul Walsh, Doug Alexander, Bill Jones, Vic Emery, Dave Mallender.
Middle: Jim Trow, Bill Horner, Alec Kalibar, Bill Braithwaite, Jocko Thompson.
Front: Dr. Earle Zeigler (Coach), Harvey Bailey, Jim Collyer, Stan McIntee, Dave Dunbar, Don Murray, Duncan MacPherson, Ken Gowie, Dick Curtis.
1952-53-Mens-Swimming-Senior-Occi1411952-53Back: Bill Jones (Mgr.), Jerry Pink, Jim Collyer (Captain), Harvey Bailey, Robert Easun, Wally Delahey, Ken Gowie (Coach).
Front: Dan MacAlpine, Dick Curtis, D. Evans, Pete Edmonson, Fred Escap, John Brownlee, Neil Burk.
1953-54-Mens-Swimming-Intermediate-Occi351953-54Back: Bill Andrews, Jocko Thomson, Lloyd Kirk, Al Herrington.
Front: Charles Black, Ian Wood, Peter Weggeman, Ken Gowie (Coach).
1953-54-Mens-Swimming-Senior-Occi341953-54Back: Fuzz Jones (Mgr.), Bob Eynon, Jim Trow, Ken Gowie (Coach).
Front: Bob Eason, Don Evans, Gerry Pink.
1954-55-Mens-Swimming-Intermediate-Occi1291954-55SeniorBack: Mac Walker, Neil Burk, Frank Reid, Bob Eynon, Bill Andrews, Adam Tefler.
Front: Lloyd Kirk (Mgr.), Gerry Pink, Bob Easun, Jim Trow, Ken Gowie (Coach).
1954-55-Mens-Swimming-02-MC1954-55IntermediateBack: Barry Fletcher, John Sweeney, John Burgar, Jeff Clarkson, Ken Gowie (Coach).
Front: Rene Verleyen, Jim COllyer, Keith Buckley, Dave Buckland, Mike Whealy.
1955-56-Mens-Swimming-01-MC1955-56SeniorBack: Mac Walker, Frank Reid, Adam Telfer, Bob Eynon.
Middle: Barry Holt (Mgr.), Bill Andrew, Bob Turnbull, Mike Whealy, Dr. Earle Zeigler (Coach).
Front: Bob Gledhill, Jerry Pink, Bob Easun, Ron Billings.
1955-56-Mens-Swimming-Intermediate-Occi881955-56IntermediateBack: Keith Buckley, Mo. Chambers, Geoff Clarkson, John Collins.
Middle: Barry Holt (Mgr.), Bruce Varcoc, Dr. Earle Zeigler (Coach).
Front: Dave Wilson, Peter Weggeman, Stu Laird.
1956-57-Mens-Swimming-MC1956-57Back: John Faulkner (Coach), Pete Fowler, Bill Andrews, John Girvin, Bob Gledhill, Bob Turnbull, Dave Hunter (Mgr.).
Front: Adam Telfer, Dave Walsh, Ray McKerlie, Bob eynon, Tim Jeffery, Ron Billings, Morris Chambers.
1957-58-Mens-Swimming-MC1957-58Back: John Faulkner (Coach), Ron Billings, Dave Walsh, Adam Telfer, Bob Hauch, Ray McKerlie, Morris Chambers, Denes Szvetko, Dave Cunningham (Mgr.).
Front: John Shortreed, John Hauch, John Thompson, Ton Jeffery, Peter Fowler (Captain), Karl Newland, Peter Bell, John Girvin.
1957-58-Mens-Swimming-MedleyRelay-Occi791957-58Medley RelayJohn Thompson, John Shortreed, Peter Fowler, Peter Bell.
1958-59-Mens-Swimming-MC1958-59Back: Mike Grace, Dave Walsh, Valdemar Kulka, Karl Newland, Mo Chambers, Denes Szvetko, Ron McKerlie.
Middle: Ted Aziz, Bill Hauch, John Thompson, Scott Gugino, Ron Billings, Richard Newland, George Lamacraft.
Front: John Shortreed, Peter Bell, J. Faulkner, Peter Fowler, Leslie Backus.
1959-60-Mens-Swimming-01-MC1959-60Back: Jon Hauch (Asst. Coach), Ray McKerlie, Mike Redwood, Mike Grace, Ted Bowman, Ted Aziz (Mgr.).
Middle: Joe Dornai, John Thompson, Larry Merideth, Mike Beverly, John Fanning, John Shortreed.
Front: Scott Gugino, Larry Freeman, Peter Fowler, Denes Szvetko, Les Backus, Bill Hauch.
Inset: John Faulkner (Coach).
1960-61-Mens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi2731960-61Back: John McDermott, Mike Grace, Bill Campbell, Glen Davis, John Thompson, Ralph Wermouth.
Middle: Harry Sawchuk, Mike Lynch, Tony Little, John Aust, Phil McDonnell, John Thompson, John Howard, Joe Dornai.
Front: Bob Eynon (Coach), Peter Fowler, Larry Freeman, Denes Svetko, Bill Hauch.
1961-62-Mens-Swimming-Occi2161961-62Back: Bob Eynon (Coach), Don Irwin, Carl Kohn, Pete Fowler, John Fanning, Ralph Wermuth, Mike Anderson, Harry Sawchuk (Mgr.).
Middle: John Howard, Tony Little, Bob McDermott, Mike Grace, Glenn Davis.
Front: Niel Caryle, Phil MacDonnell, John Arblaster, Bob Graham, Hamish Donaldson.
Absent: Larry Meredith.
1962-63-Mens-Swimming-01-MC1962-63Back: George Reid (Manager), Bruce Gerrard, Ross Donald, Ted Melnyk, Dave Clark, Walter Barclay, Bob Ryckman.
Middle 2: R. Eynon, Rod Govan, Ted Wagner, Pete Moffat, Bob Finlayson, Dave Seaton, Harry Sawchuck (Manager).
Middle 1: Mike Lynch, Richard Hession, George Pinder, Hugh Thompson, Hamish Donaldson, Al Guthrie, Carl Kahn.
Front: Mike Grace, Bob Graham, Larry Meredith, Tony Little, Pete Fowler, Bob McDermott, John Arblaster, Don Irwin, Glen Davis
1962-63-Mens-Swimming-200ydMedleyRelay-Occi1811962-63200yd Medley Relay
1963-64-Mens-Swimming-ID1963-64Back: B. Eynon (Coach), R. Govan, Peter Fowler, D. Irwin, A. Guthrie, B. Finlayson, G. Reid (Mgr.).
Middle: T. Wagner, B. Graham, H. Thompson, R. Donald, R. Swanson, J. Fanning.
Front: W. Tausenfreund, P. McInnis, L. Makosky, G. Campbell, M. Diamond, T. Falkner, P. Douglas.
Absent: J. Arblaster, N. Carlyle, G. Davis.
1964-65-Mens-Swimming-MC1964-65Bob Eynon (Coach), George Reid (Mgr.), N. Carlkyle, R. Govan (Captain), H. Thompson, L. Makosky, R. Swanson, G. Campell, P. Taylor, K. Stewart, E. Kohn, T. Falkner, P. McInnis, T. Mitchell, B. Graham, K. Meier.
Absent: J. Fanning, T. Lobb.
1965-66-Mens-Swimming-Occi1921965-66Back: Bob Eynon (Coach), Jamie Rossiter, George MacDonald, Steve Johnson, Bill Menear, Wayne McMullen (Mgr.), Bob Graham (Coach).
Middle: Keith Stewart, Chuck Trotter, Lyle Makosky (Co-Captain), Rod Govan (Co-Captain), Bob Lang, Harold Roth.
Front: Arend Bonen, Tony Mitchell, Wolf Tousendfeund, Conrad Odegard, Allan Guthrie, Klaus Meier, Al Clark.
1970-71-Mens-Swimming-ID1970-71Back: C. Gauld, S. Phoenix, D. Campbell, D. Darling, P. McInnis, N. Montgomery, P. Arnold.
Middle: J. Armstrong (Asst. Coach), B. Sheppard, D. Forbers, J. Clarke, K. Fowler, R. McLean, D. Hambley, J. Blackwell, D. Forbes, K. Stewart (Diving Coach), R. Eynon (Coach).
Front: C. Colpitts (Co-Captain), P. Walker (Co-Captain).
1972-73-Mens-Swimming-ID1972-73K. Stewart (Coach), L. Cebulski, J. Potocska, B. Sheppard, D. Edmison, J. Coles, B. Kennedy (Co-Captain), B. Jackson, D. Forbes, J. Swartman, D. Darling, P. Hebert, G. Smithson, H. Burton (Co-Captain), B. Hunter, B. Wielgosz, C. Charles, I. Johnston, D. Rogers, W. McConnell, B. Eynon (Coach).
Absent: B. Cheswirth, S. Duggan.
1986-87-Mens-Swimming-ID1986-87Back: Trevor Darvil, Steve Ottaway, Deiderik Millenaar, Wade Forsyth, Leon Goren, Glen Belfry.
Middle 2: John Laird, Glen Dunbar, Greg Edmunds, Ken Anderson, George Babits, Tom Cox, Carber Goodlet, Anthony Ng, Bill Chalmers.
Middle 1: Richard Ahong, Stuart Joblin, Mike Dickenson, Ken Milne, Steve Burpee, Andy Morrison.
Front: Gil Sternbach, Dave Wyatt, Alec Main, Mike Radan, Walter Zhang, Andre Bloemink, Dave Douglas.
1987-88-Mens-Swimming-ID1987-88Back: Gil Sternbach, Kenneth Milne, Todd Hanson, Scott Greenwood, Carber Goodlet, Glen Belfry (Head Coach), Diederik Millenaar, Bill Chalmers, Thomas Cox, Joe Sanders.
Middle: Andre Bloemink, Christopher Torrance, Andrew Morrison, David Wyatt, Don Seeback, Richard Ahong.
Front: Martin Gaide, Anthong Ng, Mark Foris, Wade Forsyth, Yen Lee.
1988-89-Mixed-Diving-MC1988-89Back: Bill Humphrey, Craig Tevit, Mark Bodnar, Chris Rintoul, Boyd Glyn-Williams, Matt Aggerhold.
Front: Susan Brisson, Elaine Pohl, Catherine Hume, Vanessa Cato (Coach), Josie Josten.
1989-90-Mens-Swimming-02-ID1989-90Back: Scott Greenwood, Ken Armstrong, Jamie Bretzlaff, Andre Bloemink, Dave Mcarton, Eugene Wai, Glen Belfry (Coach).
Middle: Andy Morrison (Captain), Joe Sanders, Yan Lee, Brian Taylor, Chuck Smith, Brad Schnarr, Todd Hanson, Diederik Millenaar (Captain).
Front: Trevor Hardy, Rob Riha, Brad Creelman, Alex Hanham, Eric Slota, Rob Walker.
1990-91-Mixed-Diving-MC1990-91Back: Jeffrey Mayne, Rich Nolan, Kristen Van Alphen, Kristen Wingfield, Angela James, Sean Gicopoulos, Jason Russell.
Front: Josie Josten (Coach).
1990-91-Mens-Swimming-ID1990-91Back: Ken Armstrong, Andre Bloemink, Scott Greewood, Joe Sanders, Brad Schnarr, Glen Belfry (Coach).
Middle: Brian Taylor, Chris Torrance, Larry Kyle, Brad Creelman, Alex Hanham, Rob Walker, Dave McCarton, Johannes Zwart.
Front: Patrick Coffey, Karl Krokker, Chris Hamilton, Rob Campbell, Pabblo Kuntz, Don Hutchison.
1991-92-Mens-Swimming-ID1991-92Back: Ken Armstrong, Brad Schnarr, Trevor Hardy, Alex Hanham, Brad Creelman, Glen Belfry (Coach). Middle Johannes Zwart, Pablo Kuntz, Larry Kyle, Chris Hamilton, Don Hutchison, Pat Coffey.
Front: Chris Cowan, Gerry Parenti, Stefan Tims, Marcel Janisse, Walter Orb, Justin Telfer, Scott Pagan, Martin Hafke.
1993-94-Mens-Swimming-ID1993-94Back: Justin Tefler (Asst. Coach), Pat Coffey, Gerry Parenti (Captain), Chris Hamilton (Captain), Karl Krokker, Glen Belfry (Head Coach).
Middle: Walter Orb, Drew Thomas, Mike Brock, Jean-Francois Potvin, Don Head, Jeff Paterson, Richard Schulte-Hostedde, Chris Cowan.
Front: Pete Smith, Adam Seanor, John Ford, Craig Young, Jason Cotrone, Andrew Campbell, Roman Trochanowski, John Kaminsky.
1994-95-Mens-Swimming-ID1994-95Back: Justin Telfer (Asst. Coach), Mike Brock (Captain), Walter Orb, Gerry Parenti, Martin Hafke, Chris Cowan (Captain), Jeff Patterson, Glen Belfry (Head Coach).
Middle: Craig Young, Adam Seanor, Pete Smith, Andrew Campbell, J.F. Potvin.
Front: John Ford, Behzad Jafari, Iain MacDonald, Sean Graham, Rich Weir, John Kaminsky.
1995-96-Mens-Swimming-ID1995-96Back: J.F. Potvin (Asst. Coach), Mike Brock (Captain), Gerry Parenti, Pete Smith, Don Head, Martin Hafke, Glen Belfry (Head Coach).
Middle: Jeff Paterson, Richard Weir, Craig Young, Iain, MacDonald, John Ford, Sean Graham.
Front: Darren Rose, Bogdan Cenanovic, Steve Crema, Shaun Goodman, Darren Allen, Brandon Lawrence, Bill Richter.
Absent: John Kaminsky.
1996-97-Mens-Swimming-ID1996-97Back: Craig Young (Asst. Coach), Andrew Campbell, J.F. Potvin (Captain, M.V.P), Iain MacDonald (Captain), Glen Belfry.
Middle: Darren Rose, Steve Crema, John Kaminsky, Bogdan Cenanovic, Dave Goluboff.
Front: Brian Wilson, Gary Jacobsen (Rookie of the Year), Jason Monden, Dave Hogg, Rowan Morris.
1999-00-Mens-Swimming-ID1999-00Back: Chris Dimmell, Andrew Munro (Captain), Nathan Degiorgio, Bryan Crockett.
Middle: Jamie McConnell, Chris Corneluk, Jonathan Avery, Glen Belfry (Coach).
Front: Peter Bodi, Tristan Squire-Smith, Stephen Morris, Matt Wood, Mike Phipps, Derek Navarro.
2001-02-Mens-Swimming-ID2001-02Back: Jamie McConnell, Andrew Munro (Captain, OUA All-Star), Nathan Degiorgio (Captain), Glen Belfry (Head Coach).
Middle: Matt Wood (OUA All-Star), Mike Phipps, Peter Bodi, Tristan Squire-Smith, Chris Wedlake.
Front: Johnny Hewerdine (OUA All-Star), Adam Cox, Aaron Masko (OUA All-Star), Luka Crynjakovic, Nicholas Peterkin.
Absent: Logan Willis, Gerry Parenti (Asst. Coach), Bryan Crockett.