Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s tennis team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)  
1930-31-Mens-Tennis-Occi1271930-31TeamProfessor L. Sipherd, Tamblyn, R. Hickey, G. Taylor, Mannes.
1931-32-Mens-Tennis-Occi1821931-32TeamDouglas Goodge, R. Hickey, G. Taylor, J. Tillman, Professor L. Sipherd
1933-34-Mens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1461933-34TeamDouglas Goodge, Walter Tamblyn, Professor L. Sipherd (Hon. Coach), J. Tamblyn, Kenneth Roth.
1934-35-Mens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1821934-35TeamBob Rider, Gordon Matheson, Howard Clarke, Keith Hodson, Kenneth Roth, Douglas Goodge
1935-36-Mens-Tennis-Occi1741935-36TeamBack: Dave Shales, Clarence Scott, Tom Orr.
Front: Jack Judge, Gord Matheson.
1936-37-Mens-Tennis-Occi1601936-37TeamJack Judge, Tom Orr, Dave Shales, Gord Matheson.
1937-38-Mens-Tennis-Occi1671937-38TeamGordon Matheson, Jack Judge, Ted Richmond, Glenn Taylor, Sidney Shapiro.
1938-39-Mens-Tennis-Occi1571938-39TeamSidney Shapiro, Al. Johnson, Ted Richmond, Dud Thompson.
1941-42-Mens-Tennis-Occi1941-42TeamB. Shervill, P. Keelan, F. Braun, Sidney Shapiro.
1942-43-Mens-Tennis-InterfacultyArts-43-Champions-Occi1942-43InterfacultyJ. Houlding, L. La Fontaine, D. Hilborn, M. Phibbs.
1943-44-Mens-Tennis-Occi1943-44TeamJack Brown, Leo La Fontaine, L.B. Fewster.
1954-54-Mens-Tennis-Intermediate-Occi291954-54IntermediateRon Farrow, Fred Reaume, Russ Leigh.
1954-55-Mens-Tennis-Occi1271954-55TeamBengt Von Zur Muhlen, Ron Farrow, Svend Albrektsen, Fredd Reaume.
1955-56-Mens-Tennis-Intermediate-Occi831955-56IntermediateRon Farrow, Phil Greey, Jack Kohli, Sandy Morgan.
1955-56-Mens-Tennis-Senior-Occi831955-56SeniorBob Von Zur Muehlen, Lou Veres, Fred Reaume.
1956-57-Mens-Tennis-Intermediate-Occi801956-57IntermediateFred Reaume
1956-57-Mens-Tennis-Senior-Occi801956-57SeniorSvend Albreksten, Gord Cole, Fred Reaume.
1958-59-Mens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi431958-59IntercollegiateGeorge Connelly, Tom McCarthy, John Bassett, Jim Coons.
1959-60-Mens-Tennis-Occi1181959-60TeamJim Coons, John Bassett, Butch Freedhoff.
Absent: George Connelly.
1962-63-Mens-Tennis-Occi1901962-63TeamDick Crummer, Ron Wilson, Fred Ollson, Al Scott.
1963-64-Mens-Tennis-Occi2181963-64TeamBack: H. Uehars, Dutch Decker, R. Weir.
Front: Jim Hicks, F. Ollson (Captain).
1964-65-Mens-Tennis-Occi2321964-65TeamJ. Hicks, H. Uehars, Dutch Decker, F. Ollson.
Absent: G. Clark.
1965-66-Mens-Tennis-Occi1841965-66TeamDutch Decker (Coach), Bob Byrick, Will Hawyliw, Jim Hicks, Fred Ollson.
Absent: Brian Flood.
1980-81-Mens-Tennis-MC1980-81TeamBack: Ralph Dinkla, Pat Hawthorne.
Front: John Hatch, Dan Whittaker, Dan Mida.
1981-82-Mens-Tennis-MC1981-82TeamMike Gross (Doubles Champ), John Hatch (Singles Champ), Joo-Sung Kang (Doubles Champ), Joe Kleinhang.
1982-83-Mens-Tennis-MC1982-83TeamBruce Gibbons, Mike Gross, John Hatch (Singles Champ), Dutch Decker (Coach), Joo-Sung Kang, Don Rowden.
1983-84-Mens-Tennis-MC1983-84TeamAnthony Glavanic, Reusch, Joo-Sung Kang, Dutch Decker, Mike Gross, Bruce Gibbons, John Hatch (Singles Champ).
1986-87-Mens-Tennis-MC1986-87TeamKen Charke (MVP, OUA Singles Champ), Richie Kimuel, Colin Fraser, Mike Stirz (Co-Captain), Dutch Decker (Coach), Jorey Middlestadt, Norm Hardie.
1989-90-Mens-Tennis-MC1989-90TeamBack: Mark Gilbert, Jeff Seltzer, Mark Sales.
Front: David Bell, Terry Dyck, Vincent Pun, Anthony Glavanic (Coach).
Absent: Glenn Harwood.
1990-91-Mens-Tennis-MC1990-91TeamGlen Harwood, David Bell, Mark Sales, Jeff Neasmith, Anthony Glavanic (Coach), Kevin Drew.
Absent: Mark Gilbert, Terry Dyck.
1995-96-1996-97-Mens-Tennis-MC-11995-96TeamBack: Anthony Glavanic (Coach), Paul Schaffner (Captain), Mike Smith, Dino Sartoretto (Coach).
Front: Brendan Collins, Grant Fawthrop, Peter Walker, Jay Tse.
1999-00-Mens-Tennis-MC1999-00TeamBack: Kyle Walker, Anthony Glavanic (Coach), Ole Harder, Jordan Caldwell.
Front: Asier Ania, Abeer Syal, Jamie Dunnett, Dino Sartoretto.