Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s volleyball team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1934-35-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-Occi1881934-35InterfacultyBack: Bill Klinck, R. Schram, W.H. Orr, L. Hession, Lorne McArthur, Wilf Holley.
Front: M. Ryckman (Manager), J. Tindall, J. Mossman, R. Morgan, P.M. Gleason, G. Stonehouse.
1935-36-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-ZoneChamps-Occi1711935-36InterfacultyBill Klinck, Wilf Holley, Bill Tighe, Lorne McArthur, Russel Schram, Glen Sawyer, Harold Orr, L. Hession (Captain), R. Morgan (Manager).
1938-39-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-Occi1511938-39InterfacultyBack: Shapiro, Marshall, Brown, Johnson.
Front: Cameron, Levine (Captain), Coates.
1939-40-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-Occi1581939-40InterfacultyBack: Hyman Shapiro, John C. Clark, Jerome A. Chikovsky, Berkley C. Brown.
Middle: Ernest Marshall, J. Levine, Finlay Sypher.
Front: Roy Jolliffe, Norman McNally
1940-41-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-Occi1551940-41InterfacultyBack: Norman McNally, William Lockington, Jack Clark, Don Woodhouse, Finlay Sypher.
Front: Jerry Chikovsky, Ernie Marshall (Captain), Ralph Parker.
Absent: Berkley Brown, Roy Joliffe.
1943-44-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-Occi1943-44InterfacultyBack: Don MacKenzie (Trainer), Maurice Zaltz, Bruce Cantelon, Charles Brown, John D. O'oNeill, Vern Voakes, Harry Bower (Manager).
Front: John McKim, Stewart Lott, John Howes (Captain), Dwight Smith, Joe Wittig.
1944-45-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-Occi1851944-45InterfacultyBack: J.D. O'Neill, C.Y. Brown, H. Allen, G. Crawford.
Front: S. Lott, J. McKim (Captain), D. Smith.
1948-49-Mens-Volleyball-InterfacultyMeds-Occi1251948-49InterfacultyBack: Don Walker, Bill Graham, Archie Galbraith (Captain), Elliot Goodman, Pete Roberts, Irv Shapiro.
Front: Al Buhr, Bob Kent, Bert Fowlow, Bill Downe.
Absent: Jack Tufteland, Jack Parry, Doug McKinley.
1965-66-Mens-Volleyball-Occi1821965-66SeniorBack: Yung Duk Kim, Stan Yin, Mangat Tapar, Dutch Decker (Coach), Charlie Forret, Fred Buck, Al Felton.
Front: Konrad Krebsz, Bryon Fluker, Ken Hawksby, Norm Gledhill, Theo Vanderros, Wayne Johnson.
1966-67-Mens-Volleyball-Senior-ID1966-67SeniorBack: Barry Davidson, Ken Simpson, Dutch Decker (Coach), Barry Speers, Vaughan Peckham.
Front: Dave Cruikshank, Roy Perovich, Pete Stewart, Doug Green, Neil Parker.
1968-69-Mens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi781968-69SeniorBack: Dave Cruickshank, Vaughan Peckham, Dutch Decker (Coach), Neil Parker, Barry Speers.
Front: Roy Perovich, Ken Simpson (Captain), Doug Green, Stu Clatworthy.
1970-71-Mens-Volleyball-Senior-ID1970-71SeniorBack: Dutch Decker, Tom Drummelsmith, Kerry Klostermann, John Young, Mike McKendry, #, Barry Speers.
Front: Dave Cruickshank, Stu Clatworthy, Roy Perovich (Captain), Jim Wilkinson, Wally Dyba
1988-89-Mens-Volleyball-Senior-MC1988-89SeniorBack: Anne Girard, Bill Killeen, Jason Rudd, Peter Siksna, Bryan Kussner, Jim Sage (Assistant Coach), Steve Wenn (Coach).
Middle: Stephen Bieda, Don Wilson, Gus Tsopolis, Paul Husson, Mike Killeen.
Front: Dave Kohan, Rob Ager, Chris Roine, Ted Biglow, Mark Mitchell.
Absent: John Findlay.
1989-90-Mens-Volleyball-ID1989-90SeniorBack: Peter Eglitis, Marco Capirchio, Don Wilson, Justin Wismer, David Rigg, Jason Rudd.
Middle: Sue Beard (Trainer), Gus Tsiapalis, Chris
1994-95-Mens-Volleyball-ID1994-95SeniorBack: Rob Mizak, Chris Muir, Geoff Miller, Mike Cowan, Pat Spence.
Middle: Debbie Chin (Trainer), Joffre Ribout (Assistant), David Rawlings, Travis Wintjes, Marcus Kivilahti, Dave Preston (Coach), Scott Burns (Trainer).
Front: Colin Shawyer, Andrew Brunton, John Hong, Mike Pluimers, Virgil Strong.
1995-96-Mens-Volleyball-ID1995-96SeniorBack: Mike Patterson, Travis Wintjes, Geoff Miller, Mike Cowan, Joffre Ribout.
Middle: Pat Spence, Dave Rawlings, Darren Brownlee, Jared Padfield, Shawn Furneaux, Paula Snider, Dave Preston.
Front: Ryan Finch, Colin Shawyer, Rob Mizak, Mike Pluimers, Andrew Brunton, Scott Peckham.
1996-97-Mens-Volleyball-ID1996-97SeniorBack: Rob Mizak, Travis Wintjes, Geoff Miller, Darren Brownlee, Steve Urquhart.
Middle: Joffre Ribout (Assistant Coach), Zain Paroo (Trainer), Mike Wilson, Jared Padfield, Adrian LaFleur (Trainer), Dave Preston (Coach).
Front: Craig Rideout, Scott Peckham, Andrew Brunton, Colin Shawyer, Marc Habash, Kaley O'Neill.
1997-98-Mens-Volleyball-ID1997-98SeniorBack: Stu Pow, Mike Wilson, Marc Habash, Craig Rideout, Peter Testa, Scott Peckham.
Middle: Chris Gruhn, Jeff Ranson, Jeremy Jonckheere, Andrew Coles, Darren Brownlee, Steve Urquhart, Kaley O'Neill.
Front: Amy Newell, #, Joffre Ribout (Assistant Coach), Travis Wintjes, Dave Preston (Head Coach), Andrew Brunton, #, Angela Baarda (Manager).
1998-99-Mens-Volleyball-01-ID1998-99SeniorBack: Dave Preston (Coach), Mike Phillips (Trainer), Steve Flynn (Trainer), Steve Urquhart, Chris Gruhn, Jeremy Jonckheere, Andrew Coles, Andrew Rajtek, Travis Wintjes (Assistant Coach), Joffre Ribout (Assistant Coach), Angela Baarda (Manager).
Front: Mike Wilson, Andrew Brunton, Peter Testa, Craig Rideout, Gareth Houben, Luke Shram, Jeff Ranson.
1999-00-Mens-Volleyball-ID1999-00SeniorBack: Mike Wilson, Steve Urquhart, Chris Gruhn, Arman Lira.
Middle: Natalie Boot (Trainer), Andrew Rajtek, Jeremy Jonckheere, Jeff Ranson, Luke Schram, Angela Baards (Manager).
Front: Stu Pow, Peter Testa, Joffre Ribout (Head Coach), Craig Rideout, Gareth Houben.
Absent: Greg Tilson, Andrew Corkhill (Trainer), Chuck Caharlton (Trainer), Andrew Coles (Assistant Coach), Andrew Brunton (Assistant Coach), Travis Wintjes (Assistant Coach).
2001-02-Mens-Volleyball-ID2001-02SeniorBack: J. Logan, Luke Schram, Jeff Ranson, A. Coles, J. Jonckheere, S. Millington, A. Dumond.
Middle: J. Collins, R. Brinkman, B. Urbani, J. Gadsden, P. Sidler, S. Oltean-Lepp, Peter Testa, S. Furneaux.
Front: W. Vurma, K. Bugler, J. Ribout, D. Preston, Dave Edwards, M. Fung, M. Morrison.
Absent: A. Arntfield.
2011-12-Mens-Volleyball-02-ID2011-12SeniorBack: Jim Sage (Coach), Dan (Trainer), Pat Johnston, Dominic Kucharski, Phil James, Jack Creaghan, Matt Waite, Kevin Rowe, Luke Sim, Alan Screaton, Josh Scott, Jeff Weiler (Assistant Coach).
Front: Phil Marynowicz, Andre Begin, Craig Dixon, Sean McKay, Matt Poulin, Chris Lam, Garrett May, Doug Austrom.