Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s wrestling team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1931-32-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1831931-32IntermediateBack: A. Ley, F. Broderick, J. Duncan, B. Duncan, Ben Higgins, J. Fisher, F. Schram, W. McBain, V. La Fontaine.
Front: R. Cole, D. McLarty, F. Fisher, P. Elson, D. Scott, D. Shipley.
1932-33-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1591932-33IntermediateBack: A. Acres, L. Forman, F. Schram, W. Sharpe, V. Lafontaine (Coach), S. Sharpe, W. Baines, T. Broderick, W.S. Duncan.
Front: O. Scott, W.G. Duncan, B. Higgins, C. McEachren, P. Elson (Captain).
1933-34-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1933-34IntermediateBack: S. Patterson, P. Elson, R. Schram, H. Willsie.
Middle: Vic LaFontaine (Coach), N. Anderson, W. Sharpe, V. Doherty, W. Brydon, W. Duncan, R. Harcourt (Manager).
Front: G. Munn, J. Bell, B Grace, O. Lockhart, D. Kennedy, P. Beach.
1934-35-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1901934-35IntermediateBack: Vic LaFontaine (Coach), Bruce Sloane, Stewart Patterson, Paul Elson, Kenneth Miller, Bill Bryden, Gordon Munn, Claude Turner.
Front: Osler Lockhart, Lionel Munn, Pete Beach, Bill Duncan, Norman Anderson, Charlie Swawrtz.
Absent: Tom McGarry, Bill Ewener.
1935-36-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1751935-36IntermediateBack: Charlie Hayes, Ken Millar, Jack Lee, George Dodd, Ken Bodkin, Cecil Hiuser.
Middle: Stu Carver (Manager), Lorne Spry, Lorne Brooks, Norm Anderson, Jim McGill, Stew Horton, Osler Loskhart, Claude Turner (Coach).
Front: Jack Zomerplaag, Stu Patterson, Lionel Munn, Charlie Swartz, Bill Brydon, George Willis. Insets: Bill Ewener (Captain), Bill Duncan.
1936-37-Mens-Wrestling-Occi1631936-37IntermediateBack: D. Gimroy, R. Brown, G. Stark, W. Brydon, G. Willis, Claude Turner (Coach), George Dodd, C. Killoran, S. Patterson, L. Munn, N. Anderson.
Front: C. Grant, J. McGill, R. Hamilton, A. Keyes, O. Lockhart, S. Swartz, J. Zomerplaag, D. Campbell.
1937-38-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1701937-38IntermediateBack: George Rumble, Jack Robarts, George Oliphant, Morley Thomas, H. Armstrong, Jack McKeen, Lionel Munn, R. Hamilton, Claud Turner (Coach).
Front: Doug Gemeroy, Glen Stark, Jack Zomerplaag, Dave Campbell, Cameron Grant, Roy Hewson, Mackie SMith, J. Moody.
1938-39-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1541938-39IntermediateBack: Claude Turner, McCallum, Taylor, George Oliphant, Hicks, Summers (Captain), Reid.
Front: Bob Colucci, Norman Pearce, Guyatt, Lockhart, Fred Hill, Smith, Laughton, Andrew Reekie (Manager).
1939-40-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1939-40IntermediateBack: Claude Turner (Coach), Robert Gladish, George Oliphant, Peter Reid, G. Bieman, Andrew Reekie.
Front: Bob Colucci, C. M. Crewe, Norman Pearce, Fred Hill, Bill Squires, Dwight Reid.
1940-41-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1940-41IntermediateClaude Turner (Coach), Jack Edgar, Dwight Reid, Elgin Little, Jack McCallum, Joe Cohen.
1942-43-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1942-43IntermediateBack: J. Gunn, John P. Metras (Coach), D. Cree.
Front: H. Douglas, H. Digges, W. Agnew.
1945-46-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-CIAU-Occi1711945-46IntermediateBack: Claude Turner (Coach), G. Cruikshank, E Quintyn, W. Hewitt, D. Thompson, G. Savatsky.
Front: A. Dadd, W. Burnes, P. Nelson, E. Bertram.
1946-47-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1721946-47IntermediateBack: Don Corsini, Hugh Allen, George Savatsky.
Front: Art Dadd, Lloyd Beck, Bill Burns, Paul Nelson.
1947-48-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1947-48IntermediateBack: B. Winslow, D. Corsine, Claude Turner (Coach), B. Hewitt, G. Cruickshank.
Front: B. Forsyth, J. McEachran, B. Burnes, C. Srokosy, F. Cassidy.
1948-49-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1948-49IntermediateBack: John Szasz, Bob Destun, Reg Ort, Syd Tatham, Lyle Bebensee.
Front: Eddie Escaf, Bobby Pierce, Don Montemurro, Mike Yuhasz, Jim Curtis.
1949-50-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1949-50IntermediateBack: Fred Mitchell, E. Mark, Dick Killinger, Ron Farley, Al Bennett.
Front: Bob Pierce, Colin Hubing, Bob Desun, Frank Turner, Eddie Escaf.
1950-51-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1950-51IntermediateBack: R. Farley, W. Hanson, B. Andrews, K. Webster, G. Conn, R. Kaplan, B. Campbell.
Middle: C. Hubling, R. Destun, F. Zelonka, G. Malo, J. Rankin, B. Vanhoogenhuize.
Front: P. West, D. McGregor, J. Driesman, D. CLutchey, K. Hisaoko, D. Conway (Coach).
Absent: D. Waters, M. Callaghan, J. Martyn, J. Fowler, C. Eagar.
1951-52-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Occi1461951-52SeniorBack: Don Conway, Bob Campbell, John Beaton, Bob Campbell, Colin Hubling (Captain), Harry Audry, Dob Cardillo, Terry Sumner, George Malo, Roland Kaplan (Manager).
Front: Ron Preston, Don McGregor, Bill McDonald, John Driesman, Dave Clutchey, Jim Bewell, Bob Catherwood, Warren Hanson, Larry Morningstar.
1952-53-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi1421952-53IntermediateBack: Dom Cardillo, Bob Adams (Manager), Jim Neale, Colin Hubling (Senior Captain), Bob Campbell, Dr. Earle Zeigler (Coach).
Front: Cal Martin, Doug Drew, Ted Collins, Don Cromarty, Paul Polak.
1952-53-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1952-53SeniorBack: Scotty Thompson, Joe Wooden, Dave Dunbar, Colin Hubling.
Front: Dave Clutchey, Glynn Leyshon, Ron Preston, George Malo.
1953-54-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi371953-54IntermediateBack: Earle Zeigler (Coach), Don Cromarty, Jim Neale, Chuck Wilson, Dave Wilson, Dave Blinco, Joe Habros, Bill Turcham, Charles Vaucrosson, Bob Davis (Manager).
Front: Lou Tebbutt, Frank Hayden, Al Andreasen, George Grant, Roger Jackson.
1953-54-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1953-54Senior/IntermediateBack: Glynn Leyshon (Senior), Ron Preston (Senior), Earl Zeigler (Coach), Scotty Thompson (Senior), Harry Andry (Senior).
Front: Dave Clutchey (Senior), Lorne Hunter (Intermetdiate), Jim Neale (Intermediate), Joe Habros (Intermediate), Charlie Vaucrosson (Intermediate).
1954-55-Mens-Wrestling-SeniorandIntermediate-Occi1301954-55SeniorBack: Tom White, Harry Andry, Bruce Ward, Charles Vaucrosson, Dave Dunbar, Bill Turchen, Jim Neale (Senior Captain).
Middle: Earl Zeigler (Coach), Ross Archibald, Ken Stuart, Chuck Wilson, Dick Hobbs, Al Gimpel, Lorne Hunter, Mike Yuhasz (Associate Coach), Al Andreasen (Manager).
Front: Bill Kidnew (Intermediate Captain), Murray McClure, Ken Leyshon, Jim Brown, Frank Hayden, Les Hobbins, Les Staples.
1955-56-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-Occi921955-56IntermediateMarty Weber (Manager), Tom White, Ray Kiff, Vaughan Cameron, Ross Archibald, Geoff Battersby, Henry Morgan, Jack Kohli, Gerry Roy, Kelvin Bellis, Mike Yuhasz.
1955-56-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1955-56SeniorBack: Mike Yuhasz, Lanny Staples, Bill Kidnew, Ray Johnson, John Chantler, Joe Habros, Marty Weber (Manager).
Front: Ken Leyshon, Jim Neale, Ron Preston (Captain), Ken Stuart.
1956-57-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1956-57IntermediateBack: Martin Weber (Manager), John Humphrey, John Chantler, Terry McKinney, George Enns, Lionel Conacher, Mike Yuhasz (Coach).
Front: Frank Caputo, Fred Deacon, Bill Salter, Gerald Roy, Reg Reynolds.
1956-57-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1956-57SeniorBack: Marty Weber (Manager), Chuck Vaucrosson, Ron Irwin, Bob Pearson, Ray Johnson, Mike Yuhasz (Coach).
Front: Ross Archibald, Jim Joy, Kent Leyshon, Bill Kidnew.
1957-58-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1957-58IntermediateBack: Doug Aitchison, Don DalBianco, Ross Archibald, Bruce Bailey.
Front: Jim Barnum, Bob Fullerton, Lanny Staples.
1957-58-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Occi811957-58SeniorBack: John Chantler, Don Neilson, Ross Archibald (Coach and Manager), Ken Stuart, Ray Johnson.
Front: Bill Salter, Jim Clapperton, Reg Reynolds, Jim Joy.
Absent: John Humphrey
1958-59-Mens-Wrestling-Intermediate-MC1958-59IntermediateBack: N. Gollert, Barry Thompson, Don Williamson, Mike Yuhasz (Coach), D. Gracey, Roy Woods.
Front: D. Dobson, Emil Fedak, Archie Nishimura, S. Wade, D. Meyers.
1959-60-Mens-Wrestling-SeniorandIntermediate-Occi1331959-60SeniorBack: Mike Yuhasz (Coach), Bill Mitchell, Don Nielson, Barry Thompson, Bob Pearson, Brent Mundy, Norm Gollert, Bob Searle (Managers). Middle Paul Thompson, Don Williamson, Norm Clements, Bill Etherington, Jim MacMillan, Jim Clapperton.
Front: Bill Barnicke, Harry Sawchuk, Don Hagedorn, Steve Wade, Ron Beltz.
1960-61-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Occi2751960-61SeniorBack: Walt Barclay, Bruce Black, Jim Clapperton, Platt Pervis, Roy Wood (Captain).
Front: Mike Yuhasz (Coach), Ron Beltz, Emil Fedak, Bruce Laird, Ray Schulman, Brent Mundy.
1961-62-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Occi2201961-62SeniorBack: Jack Cowin, Bert Taylor, Rick Vanbuskirk, Brent Mundy.
Front: Tom Parker, John Albinson, Ron Beltz, John Lister.
Absent: Phil Burchell.
1962-63-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Headshots-Occi1881962-63SeniorThompson, Schad, Jack Cowin, Randall, Schulman, Albinson, Taylor, Massaro, Grand, Parker, Mike Yuhasz.
1963-64-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Occi2281963-64SeniorBack: Bruce Gerrard (Manager), J. Eberhart, G. Schnall, D. Garland, R. Schad, D. Watts, J. Albinson, R. Ranson.
Front: R. Campbell, R. Greenwood, R. Shulman, F. Erskine, P. Lockyer, Glynn Leyshon (Coach).
Absent: S. Massaro, Jack Cowin, S. Randall.
1964-65-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Occi2391964-65SeniorBack: G. Leyshon (Coach), G. Corke, S. Randall, B. Eady, D. Mitchell, P. Lockyer, J. Michaluk, J. Lewko (Manager).
Front: K. Smith, D. Saunders, J. Eberhard, R. Schad (Captain), R. Roy, M. Connolly, D. Watt.
1965-66-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Occi1941965-66SeniorBack: Glynn Leyshon (Coach), Paul Hansen, Bob Garnett, Pete Lockyer, Don Panagapka, Tony Schultz, John Mori, John Lewko (Manager).
Front: Mike Connelly, Charles Nixon, Howie Duncan, Ralph Doner, Ron Schad (Co-Captain), Don Watts.
1970-71-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1970-71SeniorBack: Glynn Leyshon (Coach), R. Gregory, N. Corrin, R. Wood, C. Reise, R. Armstrong, M. Costello, R. Walls, R. MacGillivary, Ole Sorensen (Captain), P. Gutmanis, D. Panagapka, A. Baran, D. McNeil, J. Oglesby (Assistant Coach), B. Phemister (Manager).
Front: J. Bassett, M. Lethabym W. Tinslay, R. Boisvert, G. Zink, R. VanWermeskerken, L. Finkenseller.
1972-73-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Preseason-MC1972-73SeniorBack: Glynn Leyshon (Coach), J. Prozorowicz, V. Robertshaw, J. Bassett, J. Boersema, G. Hann, M. Costello, D. Richardson, Josip Mrkoci, W. McDonnell, J. Oglesby (Coach).
Middle: P. Allen, T. Jackson, R. Boisvert, R. Finkenzeller, C. Llewellyn, R. Stokely, B. Reid, P. Sinuita, A. Perella.
Front: S. Setacci, E Goaal, G. Zink, A. Walton.
1974-75-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1974-75SeniorBack: T. Fraser, J. Gallant, E. Martin, D. Hein, D. Watson, W. Hogarth, G. Berthoty.
Middle: W. McDonnell, R. Stokey, B. Renken, C. Llewellyn, C. Lowry, P. Huras, R. Hutson, M. Kumpf, T. Jackson, G. Leyshon (Coach).
Front: S. Beiler, G. Zink, A. Venditti, E. Gogal, J. Collins, B. Myers, E. Falcioni, S. Martin.
1975-76-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1975-76SeniorBack: D. Hutchison, G. Predon, C. Lowry, D. Dodge, D. McGregor, D. Mackinlay, G. Hughson, B. Renken, R. Stokley.
Middle: R. Finkenzeller, M. Leeson, T. Jackson, R. Hutson, W. McDonnell, C. Bates, R. Karle, W. Hogarth, E. Kudlik, E. Fobert, J. Dellaquila, Glynn Leyshon (Coach).
Front: T. Fraser, R. Couch, P. Azzopardi, J. Collins, M. Barry, A. Venditti, E. Falcioni, P. Huras, B. Wilson.
Absent: J. Gallant, S. Gibson, M. Kumpf, Josip Mrkoci.
1977-78-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1977-78SeniorBack: Glynn Leyshon (Coach), B. Benken, G. Hughson, D. McGregor, B. Serebrin, J. Dell'Aquila, L. Renken, J. Park.
Front: E. Fobert, G. Pineau, M. Barry, D. Gordon, B. Turner, B. Barran, R. Robinson, J. Mrkoci (Assistant Coach).
Absent: D. McKinlay, R. Metzloff, G. Charrette, T. Candow, J. Postian.
Insert: A. Venditti.
1978-79-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-02-MC1978-79SeniorBack: Jack Matthews, Brent Serebrin, John Pendergast, Dave Tremblay, Doug McGregor, Glen Carrow, Brad Chestnut, Blake Turner, John Park.
Middle: Josip Mrkoci (Assistant Coach), Egon Beiler, John Dwyer, Mike Wood, Tim Stover, J. Drohan, Lloyd Renken, Tom Jackson, Glynn Leyshon (Head Coach).
Front: George Pineau, Ray Takahashi, Dave Gordon, Paul Bolger, Eddie Falcioni, Bob Robinson, Brian Carrow.
1979-80-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1979-80SeniorBack: Josip Mrkoci (Assistant Coach), Tim Stover, Mike Wood, Brian Carrow, John Dwyer, Tom Fraser, John Pendergast, Brent Serebrin, Dave Tremblay, Dough McGregor, Brad Chestnut, Grant Hughson, Andre Riopelle, Steve Kennedy, Blake Turner, Glynn Leyshon.
Front: Linda Christie (Manager), Brent Wilson, Egon Beiler, Goerge Pineau, Dave Gordon, Ray Takahashi, John Park, Paul Bolger, Eddie Falcioni, Bob Robinson, Bruce Barran, Lloyd Renken.
1980-81-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1980-81SeniorBack: Josip Mrkoci (Assistant Coach), Egon Beiler, Jeff Crossing, Terry Kilroy, Steve Kennedy, Brad Grieve, Brian Pendergast, Clive Llewellyn, Lloyd Renken, Glynn Leyshon (Coach).
Front: Michael Barry, George Pineau, Dave Gordon, Ray Takahashi, Bruce Barran, Bob Robinson, Blake Turner.
1985-86-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1985-86SeniorBack: Ray Takahashi (Coach), Herb Eisenberg, Brian Rakoczy, Dave Mottram (Captain), Shawn Allen, Dan Huggins, Mike Sharp, Gord Sturrock, Barry Murchie, Susan Henderson (Manager), Kim Everson (Therapist).
Front: Tony Boase, John Elliott, Luis Hinojosa, Tom Stavraky, Paul Thornton, Ken Parker, Grant Stotts, Greg Brock.
Absent: Russ Howe, Brian Levy, Brian Shewfelt, Dale Adams (Assistant Coach), Rob Tyrie (Manager), Tyler Crawford (Therapist).
1986-87-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1986-87SeniorBack: Tom Kim (Manager), Jeff Groenwald (Therapist), Jamie Crosbie, Dave Mottram, Gord Sturrock, Sang Kim, Jorge Medeiros, Dave Furac, Dave Boa, Steve Resch (Therapist), Bill Levine (Assistant Coach), Dale Adams (Assistant Coach).
Front: Tadamichi Tanaka (Assistant Coach), Herb Eisenberg, Russ Howe, John Meyer, Pat Mills, William Heidary, Chad Stevens, Ray Takahashi (Head Coach).
1987-88-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1987-88SeniorBack: Herb Eisenberg (Manager), Chad Stevens, Jorge Medeiros, John Elliott, Todd Clarke, Dave Shaver, Sang Kim, Sean O'Donoghue, Valerie Crichton (Therapist), Gord Young (Therapist).
Front: Russ Howe, Brian Levy, Grant Myers, Ray Takahashi (Coach), Pat Mills (Assistant Coach), Franco Michienzi, Karl Bulitka, John Meyer.
1988-89-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1988-89SeniorBack: Jim Corey, Sang Kim, Dan Huggins, Dave Shaver, Nick Gibson, Dave Mottram, Blain Sikich.
Middle: Ray Takahashi (Coach), Shawn Allen (Therapist), Andy Min, Jorge Medeiros, Randy Mauro, Dave Stene, Steve Krupa, Andrew Kasza, Dave Gordon (Technical Assistant), Pat Mills (Assistant Coach).
Front: Mark Jansen, Karl Bulitka, Mike Chang, Todd Wood, Grant Myers, Thomas Kim, Altaf Stationwala.
1989-90-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1989-90SeniorBack: Ray Takahashi (Coach), Nick Gibson, Dave Shaver, Jason Palleck, Sang Kim.
Front: Amit Sang, Atlaf Stationwala, Karl Bulitka, Randy Maruro, Grant Meyers, Steve Krupa.
1990-91-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Preseason-MC1990-91SeniorBack: Pat Mills (Coach), Amit Garg, Victor Kushmaniuk, Warren Thirsk, Blake Niebert, Jason Palleck, Steve Krupa, Randy Mauro, Lynda Wilkey (Trainer).
Middle: Paula Watters (Manager), Ian Sinclair, Chris English, Troy Nazarewicz, Nick Gibson (Assistant Captain), Dave Shaver (Co-Captain), Dale Dolan, Leslie Gombik, Shun Leung, Joe Gleeson.
Front: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Altaf Stationwala (Co-Captain), Mark Hubbard, John Marcou, Randy Levesque, Grant Myers, Jeff Thomas, Sang Kim (Coach).
Absent: Gord Sturrock (Coach), Dave Mottram (Coach).
1991-92-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1991-92SeniorBack: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Pat Mills (Coach), Dana Throopo (Manager), Sang Kim (Coach), Chris Wright (Trainer), Marli Pinnau (Trainer), Paula Watters (Manager).
Middle 2: Shun Leung, Franco Michienzi, Leslie Gombik, Jason Palleck, Dave Demaio, Dale Dolan, Randy Mauro, David Stather, Joe Jaeckel.
Middle 1: Ian Sinclair, Karl Bulitka, Simon Smith, Greg Smith, Rob Smyth.
Front: Atlaf Stationwala (Captain), Jon French, John Tran, Mark Shalinsky, Jim Gilmore, John Marcou, Jeff Thomas, Warren Thirsk.
Absent: Dave Mottram (Coach), Tom Leduc, Mike Morel, Paul Shay, Greg Szabo, Glenn Yonemitsu (Alumni Coordinator).
1992-93-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-MC1992-93SeniorBack: Paula Watters (Manager), Dave Stather, Les Gombik, Dave Demaio, Scott Nagel, Jason Palleck, Sang Kim, Jason Howard, Pat Mills (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Liesbet Jansen (Trainer), Ray Takahashi (Coach), Joe Jaeckel, Rob Smyth, Franco Michienzi, Aaron Gooding, Ian Sinclair (Assistant Captain), Jae Hong, Greg Smith, Mike Smith, Warren Thirsk, Bryan Thirsk, Dana Troop (Manager).
Front: Donnie Kim, Vibhor Garg, Jeff Thomas, Atlaf Stationwala (Captain), Mark Shalinsky, Sam Goodman, John Marcou, Grant Myers, Atla Stationwala, Paul Wilson (Trainer).
Absent: Dave Mottram (Assistant Coach).
1993-94-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Preseason-MC1993-94SeniorBack: Jacquie Van Iessel (Trainer), Steve Mural, Atlaf Stationwala, Ray Takahashi (Coach), Grant Myers, Warren Thirsk, Trevor Hughes.
Middle: Dana Throop (Manager), Joe Jaeckel, Jae Hong, Marco Michienzi, Brian Orrange, Ian Sinclair, Sean Fitpatrick, Vibhor Garg, John Marcou, Mike Smith, Paul Watters (Manager).
Front: Jason Palleck, Les Gombik, Scott Nagel, Dale Dolan, Dave Demaio, Chris Spalding, Jason Howard.
1994-95-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Preseason-MC-11994-95SeniorBack: Scott Proctor, Dale Dolan, Aaron Finkenzeller, Bill MacDonald, Chris Spalding.
Middle: Greg Fok (Trainer), Tricia Federkow (Trainer), Max Maxwell, Dave Nash, Franco Michienzi (Captain), Ray Takahashi (Coach).
Front: Chris Capangyarihan, Vibhor Garg, Ken Spurvey, Dave Spinney, Mike Smith (Captain), Kyle Chocorlan.
1995-96-Mens-Wrestling-Senior-Preseason-MC-11995-96SeniorBack: Athan Papodopoulos, Adam Summers, Bill MacDonald, Nicko Drivakos, Jeremy Dale, Chris Spalding, Matt Winter.
Middle: Ray Takahashi (Coach), Ken Spurvey, Max Maxwell, Scott Proctor, Peter Demarte, Vibhor Garg, Ian Sinclair (Assistant Coach).
Front: Lisa Dadd (Trainer), Chris Capangyarihan, Mohammed Nakhooda, Kyle Chocorlan, Mike Smith, Craig Nelson (Trainer).
Absent: Anne Guzman.
1996-97-Mixed-Wrestling-MC1996-97SeniorBack: Cuong Nguyen, Andrew Paliga, Nicko Drivakos, Dave Legierski, Tyler Fischer, Vibhor Garg.
Middle: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Scott Corscadden (Trainer), Cam Sheppard, Angelina Pun, Jenny Bryans (Trainer), Mike Smith (Coach).
Front: Anne Guzman, Kyle Chocorlan (Co-Captain), Scott Proctor (Co-Captain), Chris Spalding, Ken Spurvey, Keith Bannon.
Absent: Dale Dolan, Howard Henningham, Brandon Leudke, Bill MacDonald, Ian Sinclair (Coach), Dave Spinney, Adam Summers, Pat Hall.
1997-98-Mixed-Wrestling-Preseason-02-MC-11997-98SeniorBack: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Laurie Scollan (Trainer), Tom Jackson, Scott Proctor, Dave Legierski, Jon Meinen, Rob MacDonald, Neil Harris, Jeff Shareck, Phil Demarte, Chris Spalding (Assistant), Kayley Mills (Trainer), Ian Sinclair (Coach).
Front: Mitch Dodds, Ken Spurvey, Keith Bannon, Belinda Chou, Cam Sheppard, Christian Perera, Kyle Chocorlan.
1998-99-Mixed-Wrestling-MC-11998-99SeniorBack: Amrou Awaysheh, Keith Bannon, Christian Perera, Tom Jackson, Scott Proctor (Trainer), Cam Sheppard, Wray Dumont, Mike Chun, Phil Demarte.
Middle: Ian Sinclair (Coach), Stewart Petrie, Kyle Chocorlan, James Meinen, Jon Meinen, Ian Collins, Rob MacDonald, Dave Legierski, Jeff Shareck, Mitch Dodd, Mike Poschar (Trainer).
Front: Rachel Dean, Julie Csiki, Ruth Frei, Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Jaime Waters, Belinda Chou, Nitsa Stalkos.
Absent: Angie Buss (Trainer), Nicole Pasquino, Christy Tomkins.
1999-00-Mixed-Wrestling-MC-11999-00SeniorBack: Mike Chun, Jermaine Mills, Mark Young, Ian Collins, Dave Legierski, Scott Proctor (Coach), Christian Perera, Keith Bannon.
Middle: Chris Alexander, Wray Dumont, Jaime Waters, Suzanna Dreifelds, Belinda Chou, Julie Csiki, Rachel Dean, Megan McGuire, Rob MacDonald.
Front: Ray Takahashi (Coach), Tom Jackson, Ayman Ezzeddine, Amrou Awaysheh, Mitch Dodd, Nicole Pasquino, Tara Wells.
Absent: Jon Meinen, James Meinen, Jeff Shareck, Tena Dardic, Phil Demarte, Lisa Grant (Trainer).
2000-01-Mixed-Wrestling-MC-12000-01SeniorBack: Julie Csiki, Mikel Delmas, Dayton Dysart (Trainer), Tom Jackson, Dave Gradziel, Ian Collins, Rob MacDonald, Charon Donkor, Anthony Onorato, Waleed Chehadi.
Middle: Sonia Tan (Trainer), Phil Demarte, Ayman Ezzeddine, Christian Perera, Amar Kayed, Rachel Dean, Amrou Awaysheh, Megan McGuire, Seth Ross, Belinda Chou, Tara Wells, Mitch Dodd.
Front: Scott Proctor (Assistant Coach), Jamie Gillman, Jermain Mills, Jeff Shareck, Eric McAlister, Mark Young, Tena Dardic, Ray Takahashi (Head Coach).
Absent: Ed Aube, Chris Pryce, Jason Prout, Devrim Husrevoglu.
2001-02-Mixed-Wrestling-MC2001-02SeniorBack: Owen Wong (Trainer), Jermain Mills, Kevin Dyck, Trudy Li, Ian Collins, Mikel Delmas, Mark Young, Chris Pickering, Jim Eckert.
Middle: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Seth Ross, Ryan Elcock, Ammar Kayed, Amrou Awaysheh, Ayman Ezzeddine, Vi Nguyen-Huu, David Gradziel, Anthony Onorato, Megan McGuire, Chris Capangyarihan (Assistant Coach).
Front: Rachel Dean, Terri McNutt, Sarah Gil, Phil Medeiros, Julie Csiki, Tara Wells, Kate Wilson.
Absent: Kelly Stephens, Amanda Stinson, Tena Dardic, Eric McAlister, Jamie Gillman, Ad Aube, Joe Peter, Paul Lynch, Kerry Scrimger (Trainer), Lloyd Renken (Assistant Coach).
2002-03-Mixed-Wrestling-MC2002-03SeniorBack: Jamie Gillman, Ed Aube, Alan Bermingham, Mark Young, Chris Alexander, Chris Pickering, Kevin Dyck, Carson Sherwood, Jim Wernham (Trainer).
Middle 2: Mike Rubin, Jason Carrier, Chris Pryce, Keenan Miller, Dave Gradziel, Tony Onorato, Eric McAlister, Jennifer Scheid, Anne-Marie Bork (Trainer), Jim Eckert.
Middle 1: Phil Medeiros, Jo-Dee Regier, Luanne Girodat, Sara Gil, Tena Dardic, Jennifer Kryszak, Seth Ross.
Front: Chris Capangyarihan (Coach), Christine Gils, Katie Wilson, Terri McNutt, Ray Takahashi (Head Coach).
Absent: Ayman Ezzeddine, Tosh Jeffrey, Jon Circelli, Stewart Petrie.
2003-04-Mixed-Wrestling-01-MC2003-04SeniorBack: Jen Scheid, Alan Berminham, Jacob Conliffe, Eddie Aube, Ian Patton, Scott Swarbreck, Megan Gibbs.
Middle 2: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Josip Mrkoci (Coach), Shannon Smart, Tosh Jeffrey, Chris Pryce, Jamie Gillman, Kate Wilson, Dave Gradziel, Scott Fockler, Tony Onorato, Jayson Gil (Trainer), Chris Capangyarihan (Coach).
Middle 1: Jennie Wong, Alli Huether, Adam Shields, Andrew Ross, Eric McAlister, Phil Medeiros, Seth Ross, Jennifer Kryszak.
Front: Jillian Wiltshire, Robin McKee, Laura Skopelianos, Terri McNutt (Captain), Sarah Gil, Jill McCallum, Jessica Fitzgerald.
Absent: Derek Butterwick (Trainer), Rob MacDonald (Assistant Coach), Harry Geris (Assistant Coach).
2004-05-Mixed-Wrestling-MC2004-05SeniorBack: Kunsang Ling (Trainer), Katrina Huszarik, Tony Onorato, Jessica Fitzgerald, Jacob Conlniffe, Tosh Jeffrey, Andrew Ross, Perry Cheung, Shannon Hogarth (Manager).
Middle 2: Alan Berminham, Keenan Miller, James Dooley, Ryan Stewart, Ian Patton, Spencer Ling, Seren Martin, Josh Dawson, Kathy Dunbar (Trainer), Erica Dell'Aquilla (Manager), Josip MrKoci (Assistant Coach).
Middle 1: Cory Palmer, Dave Skopelianos, Terri McNutt, Ray Takahashi (Head Caoch), Phil Medeiros, Brett Ferguson, Jeff Werden, Chris Capangyarihan (Assistant Coach).
Front: LaToya Blackwood, Adam Phillips, Belinda Chou, Wolf Schwietzer, Laura Skopeliano.
Absent: Vi Nguyen-Huu, Harry Geris (Assistant Coach).
2005-06-Mixed-Wrestling-MC2005-06SeniorBack: Harry Geris (Coach), Vi Nguyen-Huu, Spencer Ling, Davie Legierski, Ryan Stewart, Josh Dawson, LaToya Blackwood, Josip Mrkoci (Coach), James Dooley, Sarhan Abu-Kwiek, Jon Kirk, Mohammed El-Naggar.
Middle: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Kirby Steinhoff, Lauren MacDonald, Sarah Gil, Cory Palmer, Lindsay Rebernik, Stewart Petrie, Ian Patton (Captain), Andrew Ross, Keenan Miller, Steve Ko, Scott Proctor (Coach).
Front: Matt Steele, Jeff Werden, Brett Ferguson, Kate Wilson, Phil Medeiros (Captain), Terri McNutt (Captain), Gillian McCallum, Jessica Fitgerald (Captain), Jennifer Nguyen, Katrina Huszarik, Adrienne South.
Absent: Kevin D'Sylva, Shawn O'Neill, Tosh Jeffrey, Jacob Conliffe, Candice Vermuelen (Trainer), Tamer Soliman (Trainer).
2006-07-Mixed-Wrestling-MC2006-07SeniorBack: Megan Demille, Nicole Struthers, Lindsay Rebernik, Katrina Huszarik, Lauren MacDonald, Jessica Fitzgerald, Gillian McCallum, Steven Ko, Andrew Ross, Mustafa Bukhari, Josh Dawson, Josh Cochrane.
Middle: Jon Kirk, Harr Geris (Coach), Brett Ferguson, Carl Stahlbrand, Dave Legierski, Ryan Stewart, Ian Patton, Wolf Schweitzer, Spencer Ling, Josip MrKoci (Coach).
Front: Scott Proctor (Coach), Jennifer Nguyen, Jeff Werden, Katie Patrock, Phil Medeiros, Jessica Belchos, Matt Steele, Lesley McCallum, Stephanie Szmiett, Ray Takahashi (Head Coach).
Absent: Kim Noakes, Erica Thomson, Laura Skopelianos, Sarhan Abu-Kwiek, Greg Blois, Tyler D'Anna, Dan Davidson, Mohamed EL Naggar, Dilan Fernando, Cory Palmer, Vi Nguyen-Huu, Kevin D'Sylva, Erin Fraser (Trainer), Nicole Sorichetti (Trainer).
2008-09-Mixed-Wrestling-MC2008-09SeniorBack: Aren Fischer, Andrew Ross, Brett Ferguson, Eitan Anenberg, Nick Bradley, Dave Eikelboom, James Viana, Rob Little, Cory Palmer, Said Izreig.
Middle: Jody Dawson (Manager), Josip MrKoci (Coach), David Spinney (Coach), Robert Grant, Austin Van Horne, Christine Schmidt, Erin Cochrane, Jessica Belchos, Ben Spitzke, Wolff Schweitzer, Chen Shen, Katrina Huszarik, Scott Proctor (Assistant Coach).
Front: Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Richard Sove, Heather Wray, Kirby Steinhoff, Sam Stewart, Lesley McCallum, Lindsay Oldham, Gabrielle Hochfelder, Jennifer Archibald, Jordan Swail.
Absent: Liz Sera, Matt Bak, Ryan Stewart, Phil Medeiros, Lisa Smith, Deb Cole, Philip Szweczyk, Stephanie Szmiett, Josh Dawson, Erin Beiler, Candice McFadden, Daniil Saiko.
2009-10-Mixed-Wrestling-MC2009-10SeniorBack: Scott Proctor (Coach), Scott Wheatley, Nick Bradley, Tim Bartja, Christine Schmidt, Larissa D'Alleva.
Middle: Jody Dawson (Manager), Dave Spinney (Coach), Josip MrKoci (Coach), Ben Spitzke, Brett Ferguson, Austin Van Horne, Shawn Wheatley, Alex Leatherdale, Ben Baxter, Monica Varallo, Saeed Azarbayjani (Coach).
Front: Lesley McCallum, Liz Sera, Sahana Mazumder, Jennifer Nguyen Ray Takahashi (Head Coach), Brianne Barry, Eric Jacobson, Josh Proctor.
Absent: Gabrielle Hochfelder, Jennifer Archibald, Ian Patton, Adam Burns, Jordan Swail, Richard Sove, Ben Roberts, Adam Argue.
2010-11-Mixed-Wrestling-01-ID2010-11SeniorBack: Sarosh Bhumgara, Alex Leatherdale, Shawn Wheatley, Kevin Ens, Scott Wheatley, Juan Ramirez, Ronald Balfour, Mehrdad Hassani, Tim Bartja.
Middle 2: Dave Spinney (Coach), Jody Dawson (Manager), Josh Dawson, Adam Argue, Ameed Lakhani, Sahana Mazumder, Shelby Riddell, Larissa D'Alleva, Arllene Williams, Jennifer Archibald, Eric Jacobson, Scott Proctor (Coach), Saeed Azarbayjani (Coach).
Middle 1: Monica Varallo, Rishav Ranjit, Steven Takahashi, Ilya Abelev, Dean Elkholy, Jordan Swail, Josh Proctor, Ray Takahashi (Coach).
Front: Jennifer Nguyen, Brianne Barry, Sammy Hanna, Liz Sera, Elhame Gashi, Jimmy Zhang.
Absent: Nicholas Bradley, Matt Hutchison.
2011-12-Mixed-Wrestling-02-ID2011-12SeniorBack: Kevin Ens, Sam Mohammad, Arllene Williams, Jennifer Archibald, Monica Varallo, Nick Hassan, Matt Hutchison, Justin Nicholls, Eric Jacobson, Tim Bartja.
Middle: Scott Proctor (Coach), Caitlin Gillen (Trainer), Evan George, Josh Proctor, John Ngo, Richard Balfour, Steven Takahashi, Joe Dashou, Nick Xiang, Andy Ross (Assistant Coach), Saeed Azarbayjani (Coach), Alhame Gashi.
Front: Ray Takahashi (Coach), Jody Dawson (Manager), Larissa D'Alleva, Scott Wheatley, Sarosh Bhumgara, Valerie Ouellete, Brianen Barry, Shawn Wheatley, Shelby Riddell, Andrea Wakelin, Sammy hanna, Cassie Leigh, Ilya Abelev.
Absent: Ben Spitzke, Ethan Smith, Richie Sove, Joe Dashou, Tim Hua (Trainer).
2012-13-Mixed-Wrestling-01-ID2012-13SeniorBack: Wesley Ducharme, Ethan Smith, Shawn Wheatley, Nolan Deinum, Kevin Ens, Scott Wheatley, Kyle Bonk, Ingmar Salvador-Guzman, Campbell Langois, Jeremy Kamenschik.
Middle 2: Ray Takahashi (Coach), Sammy Hanna, Saeed Azarbayjani (Coach), Josh Proctor, Eric Jacobson, Brianne Barry, Valerie Ouellette, Shelby Riddell, Christine Schmidt, Arllene Williams, Britney Belanger, Brenna Llewellyn, Matt Jagas, Nick Xiang, Katherine Iversen (Manager), Scott Proctor (Coach).
Middle 1: Dave Nisenbaum, Jamie Golob, Rishav Ranjit, Dave Spinney (Coach), Richard Balfour, Steven Takahashi, Siobhan Smith, Cassie Leigh, Kristen Bolivar, Alec Bauer, Ilya Abelev, Eric Cho (Trainer), Greg Brown (Trainer).
Front: Tim Bartja, Monica Varallo, Sahana Mazumder, Larrisa D'Alleva, Elhame Gashi, Andrea Wakelin, Alyssa Medeiros, Alexa Momy, Shane Fishman