Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of athletic directorate photos. Ten photos are shown per page, scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1921-22-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1921-22Back: G.A. Wainwright, V.A. Callaghan, Major Gordon Ingram, Dr. J.W. Crane, Geraldine Webster.
Front: M.L. Blake, Prof. N.C. Hart (President), J.T. Jarratt (Vice-President)
1922-23-AthleticDirectorate-Occi901922-23Back: A.D. McWilliam, J. Jarrot.
Front: A.T. Dingle, Katherine White, Dr. George Smith (Director), Dr. Young (President), Prof Hart (Faculty Rep), Christine Dawson.
1923-24-AthleticDirectorate-Occi901923-24 Back: Margaret Dawson, Jack Sifton, Jessie MacFarlane.
Front: Dr. G.A. Smith (Secretary-Treasurer), Prof. N.C. Hart (President), A.V. Traynor
1924-25-AthleticDirectorate-Occi901924-25Back: M.A. Garland (Huron Representative), G.G Gibson (Vice-President), Flo. McDonagh (Brescia Hall Representative), E.M. Dundass (Medical Representative).
Front: Dr. L. Pritchett (Medical Faculty Representative), Helen Lindsay (Arts Women's Representative), Prof. N.C. Hart (President), Dr. G.A. Smith (Secretary-Treasurer)
1926-27-AthleticDirectorate-Occi221926-27Back: J.G. Lang, R. Allin, L.W. Pritchett, M.D., D. Comfort, G. Hall.
Front: M. Watson, N.C. Hart, W.B. Cunningham, H. Hanley
1927-28-AthleticDirectorate-Occi91927-28Back: J. Lang, M. Calder, J. McLennan, H. O'Neil.
Front: Dr. Pritchet, M. Flescher, W. Bowman
1928-29-AthleticDirectorate-Occi791928-29Prof. N.C. Hart, W.M. Bowman, W.C. Bryant, Kae Yeates, J.G. Lang, Dr. L.W. Pritchett, D.S. McHaffie, C.Y. Hauch
1929-30-AthleticDirectorate-Occi841929-30Back: Dr. C.A. Cline, F. Rose, C.Y. Hauch, F.O. Kime, T.G. Scott.
Front: J.G. Lang, Prof. N.C. Hart, Kathleen Yeates
1930-31-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1141930-31Back: Mr. Crocker, Scott, Letts, Horton.
Front: Wright, Dr. Cline, Bowen
1931-32-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1641931-32Back: J.H. Crocker, Dr. Cline, J. Billingsley, P. Hauch, R. Brown.
Front: N.C. Hart, M. Strudley, W. Carnaghan, Miss Plumtre
1931-32-AthleticDirectorate-Staff-Occi1661931-32StaffBack: A. Ley, A. Munro.
Front: J.H. Crocker, J. Plumptre, B. Crow
1932-33-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1521932-33Back: E. Sherrin, J.H. Crocker, J. McDermott, Prof N.C. Hart, G. Paterson.
Front: J. Duncan, M. Robinson, Dr. C.A. Cline, Miss J. Plumptre.
1933-34-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1541933-34Back: Col. Claude Brown, J. Howard Crocker, Howard Clarke, A.J. Little, Dr. C.A. Cline Jr., John Duncan.
Front: Marcella Robinson, Prof N.C. Hart (President), Ed Sherrin
1933-34-AthleticDirectorate-Physical-Director-and-Assistants-Occi1531933-34Physical Director and Assistants
Top: Alex Munro (Assistant), Miss Plumptre (Women's Director), Andrew Reekie (Assistant).
Centre: J.H. Crocker (Director of P.E.).
Bottom: Barbara Crowe (Assistant), Lew Davies (Assistant), Doris Weston (Assistant)
1934-35--AthleticDirectorate-and-Team-Reps-Waterloo-College-Occi1271934-35Athletic Directorate and Team Reps from Waterloo CollegeBack: Prof Hirtle (Faculty Adviser), Lloyd Schaus (Rugby Manager), Elizabeth Spohn (Girls' Basketball Coach), Ernst Goman (Boys' P.T. Instructor), Wilfrid Malinsky ('37), Harvey Goos (Boys' Basketball Manager).
Front: Marion Nickason (36'), William Bean (President, '35), Conradine Schmidt (Girls' P.T. Instructor).
1934-35-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1711934-35Back: G.H. Armishaw, Prof. N.C. Hart, H. Clarke, J.H. Crocker, A.J. Little, J. Janes.
Front: Miss Plumptre, Marjorie Dampier, Dr. C.A. Cline, Dr. Claude Brown
1936-37-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1511936-37Back: Mr. Crocker, W. Brown, F. Smith, L. Davies, Prof Hart, W. Gibson.
Front: Dr. Cline, Miss Barker, W. Rider, M. Homuth, Dr. Claude Brown
1936-37-AthleticDirectorate-Physical-Director-and-Assistants-Occi1511936-37Physical Director and Assistants
Top: A Claud Turner (Assistant), Miss Plumptre (Women's Director), Em. Orlick (Assistant).
Centre: J.H. Crocker (Director of P.E.).
Bottom: Barbara Crowe (Assistant), Lew Davis (Assistant), Doris Weston (Assistant).
Top: Lieut-Col. Claude Brown, O.B.E, Jay S. Cameron, J. Howard Crocker.
Middle: Dr. John H. Fisher, Miss Ann Little, Prof N.C. Hart.
Bottom: Norman McNally, W. Alan Hargan, Harold Seegmiller
1941-42-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1941-42Back: N. McNally, B. Wong, W. Duffield, B. Harris, J.H. Crocker.
Front: N.C. Hart, A. Little, Dr. S.M. Fisher, Miss MacQueen, H. Seegmiller
Top: J.H. Crocker (Director of Phys. Ed.), Mrs. Mildred MacQueen Baldwin (Women's Director), Prof N.C. Hart, Sylva Macklin.
Middle: Dr. C.A. Cline, W.L. Duffield, Gretta Wong, Dr. WM. Wong.
Bottom: Albert Harris, Bill Lockington, Gordon Dickin, John Howes.
Top: Prof. N.C. Hart, Dr. E.P. Johns, W.L. Duffield, John Howes.
Middle: J.H. Crocker (Director of Phys. Ed.), Mrs. Mildred MacQueen Baldwin (Women's Director).
Bottom: Walt Costello, Bob Greenway, Betty Zurbrigg, Art Peach
1944-45-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1811944-45Back: N.C. Hart (President), J.H. Crocker, J.P. Metras, W.L. Duffield, W.J. Costello, Dr. C.A. Cline.
Front: J. McKim, Phyllis Manning, R. Greenway (Vice-President), Mrs. F.G. Baldwin, K.G. Kiddell
1945-46-AthleticDirectorate-Occi1641945-46Back: G. Crawford, R. Nightingale, L. Somers, W.A. Dewar, J.H. Crocker, Prof N.C. Hart.
Front: J. McKim, P. Manning, Dr. J.H. Fisher (President), Mrs. F.G. Baldwin, W.L. Duffield
1954-55-AthelticDirectorate-Phys-Ed-Occi1141954-55Physical EducationBill L'Heureux, Mike Yuhasz, Jack Fairs, Murray McNie, Dr. Earl Zeigler, Ken Gowie