Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s water polo team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1988-89-Mens-Waterpolo-ID1988-89SeniorBack: Craig McDonald (Coach), Andrew Simmonds, Mike Clancy, David Scott, Peter Ormond (Captain).
Middle: John Leguard, Greg Clancy, Charles Smith, Timothy Winton, Ian MacLeod.
Front: Angus Fraser, Paul Ziemer, Dan Grouix, Grant Ozechowski.
1989-90-Mens-Waterpolo-ID1989-90SeniorBack: Timothy Winton, Pierre Lalonde, Ian McCloud, James Mazak.
Middle: Craig McDonald (Coach), Paul Ziemer, Grant Ozechowsky, Angus Fraser, Tim Pulhman, Peter Ormond.
Front: Keith Laslop, Jamie Mason, Charlie Smith.
1990-91-Mens-Waterpolo-ID1990-91SeniorBack: Nick Forester, Charles Smith, Angus Fraser, Pierre Lalonde.
Middle: Brian Goodwin (Coach), James Mazak, Ian McLeod, Keith Laslop, Grant Olechowski, Tim Pohlman, David Scott (Captain).
Front: Rob Riha, Mike Ryan, Rob McLeod, Bill Terzis, Fern Gauthier, Page Backman.
1996-97-Mixed-Waterpolo-ID1996-97SeniorBack: Brandon Lawrence, Jim MacLaughlin, Bill Richter, Karol Maar.
Middle: Costi Consereanu, Kyle Seeback, Mark David.
Front: Scott Chrissley, Kara Wolan, John Ford.
Absent: Charlie Smith (Coach), Ben Stevens.
1998-99-Mens-Waterpolo-MC-11998-99SeniorBack: Charlie Smith (Coach), Rob Clark, Brandon Lawrence, Karol Maar, Bill Richter, Joe Costa, Matt Buckley, Kyle Seeback (Coach).
Front: Mike Tomlin, Jacob Dare, Scott Chrissley, Ben Stevens, Jeff Bell, Jim Maclachlan, Gloria Armstrong.
Absent: John Sekoulidis.
1999-00-Mens-Waterpolo-ID1999-00SeniorBack: Logan Willia, Garth Mercer, Gene MacLachlan, Jacob Dare, Michael Tomlin. Kyle Seeback (Coach), Conor Rankin, Jeff Bell, Jamie Burr, Scott Chrissley, Bill Terzis (Assistant Coach).
Front: Bill MacKay, Rob Clark, Joe Costa, Jim MacLachlan.
Absent: Gloria Armstrong, Matt Buckley, Daniel Greenburg.
2006-07-Mens-Waterpolo-ID2006-07SeniorBack: Brad Wilms (Assistant Coach), Adam Frank, Tom Herring, Dan Janosi, Charlie Smith.
Middle: Scott Chrissley (Assistant Coach), Matt Cole, Maureen Armstrong, Jessica Ben-David, Brent Piickard, David Lim, Jennifer Johnson.
Front: Garratt Wootton, Mike Frankel, Joe Cescon, Rami Helali, Jade Chislett.