Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s athletic committee photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1923-24-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi951923-24NABack: Jean McIntosh, Isabel Duncan, Helen Lindsay.
Front: Helen Talbot, Jessie MacFarlane (President), Margaret Dawson.
1924-25-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi931924-25NAJean McIntosh ('27 Representative), Isabel Butler ('28 Representative), Helen Lindsay (President), Florence McDonagh (Secretary), Margaret Dawson ('25 Representative), Connie Stothers ('26 Representative)
1935-36-WomensAthleticCommittee-Executive-Occi1771935-36NABack: Eloise Tennet, Joan Breakspear, Henrietta McDonald, Mary Wong, Jean Paterson.
Front: Nora McEwing, Dorothy Rintoul, Doris Weston, Doris Blackall.
1936-37-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1661936-37NABack: Creena Wallace, Lorna Brown, Doris Weston, Margaret Homuth, Viola Suitor.
Front: Nora McEwing, Verta Kenerson, Joan Breakspear, Hetty McDonald.
1937-38-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1731937-38NABack: Jean Paterson, Rhetta Barss, Marion Webster, Joan Breakspear, Barbara Jones, Margaret Homuth.
Front: Kathleen Veitch, Norah McEwing, Verta Kenerson (President), Barbara Govan, Creena Wallace (Secretary).
Absent: Viola Suitor
1938-39-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1591938-39NABack: Jean McNally, Marjorie Fetherstone, Claire Elliott, Marian Webster, Mary Tasker, Joan Breakspeare.
Front: Margaret Craig, Peggy Sturman, Kathleen Veitch, Mrs. A.H. Johnson, Retta Barss.
1939-40-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1939-40NABack: Ann Little, Lorna Arscott, Catherine Liddy, Margaret McQueen, Peggy Sturman, Irene Gettas.
Front: Dorothy Maclean, Mrs. C.F. Sullivan, Gladys Humphrys, Mrs. A. Johnson, Jean McNally, Doris Eagles.
1940-41-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1581940-41NABack: Beth Mackenzie (Arts '42), Jane Fair (Tennis), Eleanor Mathewson (Basketball), Betty Mandell (Arts '43), Winnifred Durnford (Archery).
Front: Betty Truscott (Badminton), Dr. Frances Montgomery (Hon. Vice-President), Irene Gettas (President), Margaret MacQueen (Vice-President), Mary Scott (Secretary), Ann Little (Athletic Directorate), Jacqueline Gregory (Swimming).
Absent: Mrs. C.F. Sullivan (Hon. President), Ruth Vokes (Meds School).
1941-42-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1941-42NABack: J. Gregory, P. Hennigar, W. Taylor, R. McAlister, Eleanor Mathewson, M. VanHorne, Winnifred Durnford.
Front: B. Moore, Dr. Montgomery, B. Mackenzie, A. Little, S. Macklin.
1942-43-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1942-43NABack: H. Craig, M. Howse, C. Cottril, R. MacDonald, Winnifred Durnford, M. Guymer, B. Green.
Front: M. Douglas, J. Gregory, M. Van Horne, B. Moore, G. Wong, S. Macklin, M. Dewar.
Absent: Dr. Mary Wong (Hon. President), Dr. Frances Montgomery (Hon. Vice-President).
1943-44-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1943-44NABack: Madeline Howse, Joyce Porter, Joan Govan, Elspeth Houston, Edith Wilcox, Helen Teasdall, Frances Bradshaw, Marnio Guymer, Mary Dewar.
Front: Miss Gillespie, Hazel Craig, Dorothy Taylor (President), Jane Draper, Betty Zurbrigg, Dr. Mary Wong.
1944-45-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1811944-45NABack: J. Porter, D. Taylor, J. Dobson, S. Alexander, J. Govan, A. Logan, A. Scott, N. Rafuse.
Front: S. Payne, E. Wilcox, Miss Gillespie (Hon. Vice-President), H. Teasdall, P. Manning.
Absent: Dr. Mary Wong (Hon. President), J. Draper (President).
1945-46-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1641945-46NABack: Joan Boddy, Lena Bailey, Norma Rafuse, Doris Shirley, Anne Gillen, Joan Govan, Gwyneth Thompson, Doris Jackson, A. Smillie.
Front: Bonnie Lindsay, Miss M. Gillespie, Shirley Payne, Peggy Coulter, Phyllis Manning.
Absent: Dr. Mary Wong, Ann Scott.
1946-47-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi1681946-47NABack: Ina Govan, Ruth Craig, Marian Holmes, Barbara Wilson, Jane Hicks, Adeline Smillie, Gwen Thompson.
Front: Audrey Duttch, Doris Jackson, Peggy Coulter, Norma Rafuse, Doris Shirley, June Ralph.
1955-56-WomensAthleticCommittee-Department-Headshots-Occi1061955-56NAElizabeth Taylor, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins, Mrs. Kay Miles.
1958-59-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi2151958-59NABack: Marietta Campbell, Marg Moore, Pauline Sholomiski, Pat Osborn, Louise Henry, Barb McMillan, Lynn Irwin.
Middle: Mrs. Elfrida Berzins, Mary Lou Dresser, Yvette Walton, Marg Emerson, Mrs. Laing.
Front: Andera Jeffrey, Lloy Edighoffer.
1960-61-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi2861960-61NABack: Dana McGrath, Lorraine White, Sandra Booth, Nancy Hungerford, Blanche Layman, Martha Munro, Barb Jacobs.
Middle 2: Judy Millen Barb Houston, Wendy Reynolds, Marg Jackson, Cathy McBrien, Sylvia Burston.
Middle 1: Mary Lou Dresser, Mrs. Kunkel, Andrea Jeffrey, Sue Derby, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins.
Front: Lorna Joyce, Mary Keyes, Martha Borschke.
1961-62-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi2341961-62NABack: Marianne Hoople, Dana McGrath, Sue Derby, Jill Harley, Dianne MacIntosh, Gail Randall, Marg Jackson, Penny Dagley, Ann McClatchie, Janet Kennedy.
Middle: Martha Borschke, Sue Peever, Joane Mortin, Mary McLeod, Carol MacDonald, Joan Auden, Sondra Booth, Eleanor Shaw, Barb Jacobs.
Front: Sandra Buzza, Eleanor Ward, Mary Keyes, Audrey Pegels, Lorraine White, Marg Wagstaff, Helen McCallum, Barb Houston, Lorna Joyce.
Absent: Mary Lou Whitwell.
1962-63-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi2031962-63NABack: Sue Hilton, Dianne MacIntosh, Jane Hetherington, Linda Paterson, Barb White, Jill Harley, Liz Street, Mary Ellen Barbour, Mary Sinclair, Linda Coates, Jane Stephens, Lil Smith, Barb Johnston.
Middle: Mary Riseborough, Linda Butler, Penny Dagley (Secretary), Martha Borschke (President), Mary Keyes (Vice President), Marg Wagstaff (Intramural Manager), Sue Weiner, Norah Newell.
Front: Pat MacDonald, Mary Rodway, Rosanne Orcutt, Sandra Buzza, Norma Lewis, Linda McGregor, Marilyn Banks.
Absent: Maaike Hoeksima, Mary Lou Whitwill.
1963-64-WomensAthleticCommittee1963-64NABack: Marg Rogers, Elaine McRae, Sue Hilton, Wendy Warwick, Janet Randall, Pat Keevil, Barb Trusler, Cathy Misener, Mary Lou Whitwell (President).
Middle: Linda Butler, Pat Leamon, Lynne Silver, Cathy Williams, Diane Suzuki, Leslie Hennan, Judy Metcalf, Pat Gunn, Jo-Anne Smith, Muriel Mitchell.
Front: Eleanor Shaw, Karen Mitchell, Ann Dickson, Rosalind Palmquist, Mary Riseborough, Liz Street, Mary Ellen Barbour, Martha Borschke, Wendy Kaye.
1964-65-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi2521964-65NABack: Barb Bayliss, Lynne Craig, Nancy Smith, Sue Hilton, Janet Baxter, Judy Church, Ann Dixon, Ulle Palmer, Marilyn Banks.
Middle 2: Ann Austin, Polly-Ann Lincoln, Patt Gunn, Joyce Pyette, Jo-Anne Smith, Joan Murray, Ruth Perkins, Elaine McRae, Mrs. Berzins.
Middle 1: Nancy Errey, Jaclyn Fowler, Julia Hannay, Marg Dewolf, Sharon Ball, Muriel Mitchell, Sharon Hall, Mary Newland.
Front: Barb Butler, Nancy Blackwell, Mary Riseborough (President), Sandra Buzza, Barb Trusler, Rita Berdusco.
1965-66-WomensAthleticCommittee-Occi2041965-66NABack: Gail Miller, Margot McHenry, Nancy McKay, Sue Beynon, Jean Richardson, Elaine McRae, Linda Osborn, Mary Jane Currie, Liz Lindsay, Sue de Lagran.
Middle 2: Gail Taylor, Edith Podnicks, Joan Pickersgill, Barb Keyes, Sue Whitley, Carol Bishop, Barb Bayliss, Marg Lillie, Sharon Ball, Susan Godfrey.
Middle 1: Marny Schultz, Nancy Smith, Dawn Armstrong, Diane Dawson, Lin Kirkham, Petronella Miedema, Bea Atkins, Nancy Leal, Nancy Balkwill, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins.
Front: Janet Baxter (Executive), Judy Church, Jo Anne Smith, Ulle Palmer, Ann Dickson, Helen Thompson, Joyce Pyette.
Absent: Marty Boothe.
1969-70-WomensAthleticCommittee-Executive-Occi1551969-70NABack: Linda Graham, Chris MacGillivary, Caroline Scott-White, Peggy Keyes, Arcee Gedye, Leith Young.
Front: Nancy Nisbet (Incoming President), Miss Joy Taylor (Intramurals), Paddy Hardman, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Women's Athletic Director).