Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s badminton team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1931-32-Mixed-Badminton-Occi1851931-32R. Lawson, C. Kemp, B. Higgins, F. Jones, H. Westaway
1932-33-Mixed-Badminton-Occi1681932-33F. Jones (President), Helen Westaway (Vice-President), J. Schnarr, Marjorie Dampier, J. Nash, Mary Davis (Girls' Manager), B. Higgins, Mary Kirkpatrick, H. Marriot, Agnes Garvey, C. Haskett, E. Spence (Secretary-Treasurer)
1933-34-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi1701933-34Mary Kirkpatrick, Marjorie Dampier, Opal Thompson, Olga Miller
1934-35-Mixed-Badminton-A-Team-Occi1911934-35Back: Margaret Newton, Tom Orr, Dan Carr-Harris, Ed. Spence, Mac Carr-Harris, Lorraine Rolfe.
Front: Betty Burgess, Doris Hayman, Colin Brown, Marjorie Dampier, Henrietta MacDonald.
Insert: Glen Sawyer
1934-35-Mixed-Badminton-B-TeamOcci1911934-35Back: Stuart Goudie, Orville McKeough, Norm. Farrow, Garfield Lorriman.
Front: Jean Hutchison, Margaret Pugsley, Jean Wilson, Patricia Banghart.
Absent: Bill Cameron, John Stratton, Lisabelle Davis, Viola Suitor
1935-36-Mixed-Badminton-A-Team-Occi1711935-36Back: Burns Roth, Tom Orr, Bill Cameron, John Anderson, Al Hargan, Garf Lorrimon.
Front: Marion Anderson, Anne Gordon, Henriette McDonald, Margaret Otton, Viola Suitor, Margaret Newton
1935-36-Mixed-Badminton-B-Team-Occi1721935-36Back: John Gunn, Jim Taylor, Bob Calcott, Norm Farrow, Osborne Canfield, Harry Crewe.
Front: Betty Lang, Jean Lawson, Ann Gallagher, Norah McCormick, Lauretta Landymore, Margaret Pugsley
1936-37-Mixed-Badminton-A-Team-Occi1651936-37Back: Bruce Aitken, Wallace Nesbitt, Tom Orr, Jim Stevenson, Don Lawrence.
Front: Margaret Otton, Viola Sutton, Hetty MacDonald, Ann Gallagher, Marian Anderson, Margaret Newton.
Inset: Bill Cameron
1936-37-Mixed-Badminton-C-Team-1651936-37Back: C. Hourd, V. Phillips, Paddy Stark, H. Ross, R. Calcott.
Front: P. Chabot, F. Bevan, C. Handcock, E. Gilles, E. Mahoney
1937-38-Mixed-Badminton-Club-Occi1731937-38ClubBack: Bob Taylor, Bill Penny, Jack White, Bill Cameron, Charles Hourd, Don Lawrence, Jay Cameron, Bob Calcott, John Harvey.
Middle: John Anderson, Jim Stevenson, Fred Curts, Marion Anderson, Jean Lawson, Jean Paterson, Don Lawson, John Gunn, Wally Nesbitt.
Front: Viola Suitor, Norah McCormick, Laurette Landymore, Dorothy McLean, Prof. H.E. Jenkin, Jean Doherty, Elsie Gillies, Margaret Otton, Mary Hayman
1938-39-Mixed-Badminton-Club-Occi1581938-39ClubBack: Wallace Nesbitt, Archie McIntyre, Don Lawrence, Bill Cameron, Jack Jackson, Lionel Nelles, Don Stuart.
Middle: Jack Nichols, Dorothy Irwin, Eleanor McIntyre, Phyllis Godwin, Jean Lawson, Dorothy McLean, Austin Wright.
Front: Betty Truscott, Marion Thomas, Barbara Peters, Jim Stevenson, Jean Dempsey, Elsie Gillies, Marian Anderson
1939-40-Womens-Badminton-Occi1641939-40Phyllis Godwin, Dorothy Maclean, Barbara Peters, Mary Otten, Betty Truscott, Isabelle McRae
1940-41-Womens-Badminton-Occi1601940-41Betty Truscott, Peggy Hennigar, Peggy Lang
1941-42-Womens-Badminton-Occi1941-42M. Scott, P. Hennigar, M. Fischer, M. Dewar, P. Lang
1942-43-Womens-Badminton-Occi1942-43Back: M. Douglas, M. Fisher, J. Allingham.
Front: Mary Dewar
1943-44-Womens-Badminton-Occi1943-44Back: Joan Govan, Frances Bradshaw, Shirley Payne.
Front: Mary Dewar
1944-45-Mixed-Badminton-Club-Executive-Occi185.tif1944-45Club ExecutiveBack: John Evans, Bruce Parkes.
Front: Eleanor Reid, Bruce Pritchard (President)
1944-45-Womens-Badminton-Occi1881944-45Back: A. Cromarty, S. Alexander, M. Holmes, F. Bradshaw.
Front: S. Payne, J. Govan
1945-46-Mixed-Badminton-Team-Occi1721945-46Paul Cropp, Sheila Alexander, Jack Muir, Fran Mark, Bruce Pritchard, Alf. Mitton.
1945-46-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occ1731945-46Shirley Payne, Frances Bradshaw, Sheila Alexander, Marion Holmes
1946-47-Womens-Badminton-Intermediate-Occi1781946-47Back: Pat Hartley, Marjorie Macdonald, Frances Lightbourne.
Front: Beth Cottrill (Captain)
1946-47-Womens-Badminton-Occi1781946-47Back: Helen Herman, Lucille Andrew, Madelein Muntz, Phyllis Herman.
Front: Marian Holmes (Manager)
1947-48-Womens-Badminton-Intermediate-Occi1131947-48Daphne Davis, Joy Stephenson, Valerie Voadin
1947-48-Womens-Badminton-Senior-Occi1131947-48Back: Joy Stephenson (Manager), Lois Strachan.
Front: Peggy Muntz, Doris Gray (Captain), Betty Thompson
1948-49-Womens-Badminton-Interfaculty-Occi1281948-49Back: Betty Thomson, Charlotte Taylor, Marion Jenkins.
Front: Dorothy Scheifle, Nan Gingrich
1948-49-Womens-Badminton-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1271948-49Betty Thompson, Doris Gray, Miss Ramsay, Marion Jenkins, Joy Stephenson
1951-52-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi1441951-52Back: Irene Yuhasz, Miss Carmichael, Barbara Butterworth.
Front: Rosalind Harley
1952-53-Womens-Badminton-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1431952-53Sue Dearburg, M. Hacker, P. Parks, N. Eastman
1953-54-Womens-Badminton-Intermediate-Occi491953-54Ruth Hyatt, Ealanor Grant, Margaret Freeman, Doreen Anderson
1953-54-Womens-Badminton-Senior-Occi491953-54Sue Dearburg, Joyce Eastman, Jean Mitchell, Jane Grange
1954-55-Womens-Badminton-Intermediate-MC1954-55Sue Henry, Betty Bunting, Coach Kay Miles, Pat Blair, Shelagh Barnes
1955-56-Womens-Badminton-Occi1031955-56Doreen Anderson, Dot Cole, Sue Henry, Ann Louise Hyatt
1957-58-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi1001957-58Back: Ros Allison, Helen Korri (Coach), Debbie Mason.
Front: Ruth Page, Dot Cole
1957-58-Womens-Badminton-Intermediate-Occi1001957-58Back: Bernice Bent, Helen Korri (Coach), Marge Fisk.
Front: Judy Ratcliffe, Marilyn Laurie
1958-59-Womens-Badminton-InterWestern-Occi2161958-59Back: Marg Latimer, Mrs. Kunkel (Coach).
Front: Marjorie Fisk, Bernice Bent
1959-60-Womens-Badminton-AlWatWest-Occi1491959-60Al-Wat-WestLynn Patterson, Nora Jean Boyd.
Absent: Nancy Hungerford, Nancy Monteith
1959-60-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi1491959-60Gail Randall, Bernice Bent, Helgi Kond, Sondra Booth
1959-60-Womens-Badminton-WestOMac-Occi1491959-60West-O-MacPam Dewis, Joan Douglas
1960-61-Womens-Badminton-WestOMac-Occi2931960-61West-O-MacNancy Monteith, Muriel Mitchell, Gail Randall, Arlene Reed
1961-62-Womens-Badminton-AlWatWest-Occi2411961-62Al-Wat-WestBack: Gail Randall, Mary Riseborough.
Front: Joanne Kingbury, Marlene McCormick
1961-62-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Headshots-Occi2411961-62Top: Barb White, Marg Jackson.
Middle: Mrs. Kunkel (Coach).
Bottom: Sondra Booth, Lorna Joyce
1961-62-Womens-Badminton-WestOMac-Occi2411961-62West-O-MacBack: Lorna Joyce, Joanne Kingsbury.
Front: Sondra Booth, Marg Jackson
1962-63-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi2171962-63Back: Muriel Mitchell, Pam Coombs.
Front: Anne Hamilton, Marlene McCormick
1962-63-Womens-Badminton-Intramural-Occi2171962-63IntramuralAnne Hamilton (Singles), Penny Drennen (Singles), Barb Trusler (Doubles), Judy McCraney (Doubles).
Absent: Marlene McCormick (Singles)
1963-64-Womens-Badminton-AlWatWest-Occi2481963-64Al-Wat-WestJoy Legge, Marjorie Innes.
Absent: Dianne Dawson
1963-64-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi2481963-64Celia Whiting, Muriel Mitchell, Ann Hamilton.
Absent: Pam Combes
1963-64-Womens-Badminton-Intramural-Occi2481963-64IntramuralMary Riseborough, Lyn Craig, Joy Legge, Joanne Smith
1963-64-Womens-Badminton-Invitational-Occi2481963-64InvitationalBack: Celia Whiting, Ann Hamilton, Judy Ash, Barb Danfield, Mary Riseborough, Nancy Errey.
Front: Sharon Hall, Muriel Mitchell, Marlene McCormick, Barb Bayliss.
Absent: Joan Walters, Pam Combes, Dianne Dawson, Wendy McEwen
1963-64-Womens-Badminton-WestOMac-Occi2481963-64West-O-MacSharon Hall, Muriel Mitchell, Anne Hamilton.
Absent: Pam Combes
1964-65-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi2571964-65Back: Ann Hamilton, Mrs. Berzins, Cairn Gibson.
Front: Muriel Mitchell, Pam Combes
1964-65-Womens-Badminton-Interfaculty-Singles-Occi2571964-65InterfactultyJudy Ash
1964-65-Womens-Badminton-Invitational-Occi2571964-65InvitationalBarb Bayliss, Marjorie Innis, Mary Evans, Sharon Hall
1965-66-Womens-Badminton-Intercollegiate-Occi2111965-66Lin Kirkham, Mrs. Kunkel, Sharon Hall, Jeanine Tough, Barb Bayliss
1965-66-Womens-Badminton-WestGuMac-Occi2111965-66West-Gu-MacLin Kirkham, Mrs. Kunkel, Sharon Hall, Jeanine Tough.
Absent: Diane Dawson
1969-70-Womens-Badminton-Occi1631969-70Jane Gregory, Celina McDonald, Irene Rosen, Holly Child, Karen Lake, Debby McAlpin
1981-82-Womens-Badminton-01-MC1981-82Maureen Magrath, Martha Arnott, Sharon Bodring, Sonya Kovacs, Dutch Decker (Coach), Ruth Wansbrough, Madhuri Pratiridhi, Florence Ho.
Absent: Sally McLeod (Assistant Coach)
1981-82-Womens-Badminton-02-MC1981-82Martha Arnott (MVP), Sonya Kovacs, Madhuiri Pratinidhi, Sally McLeod (Assistant Coach), Florence Ho, Dutch Decker (Coach), Mauree Magrath, Ruth Wausterough, Susan Bodrug
1982-83-Mixed-Badminton-MC1982-83Back: Jim McAuliffe, Martin Piszel, Chris Harrs, Colin McAuliffe, Dutch Decker (Coach), Jeff McIntosh, Dave Welhaw. Front Row: Dianna Gallon, Melissa Postian, Florence Ho, Maureen Magrath, Kim Shetler, Carol Doherty.
Absent: Linda Cobbing
1983-84-Mixed-Badminton-MC1983-84Back: Eng Lim, Jim McAuliffe, Dave Wethuald, Chris Harrs, Dutch Decker (Coach), Sandra Norden, Martha Arnott, Kim Shetler.
Front: Florence Ho, Maureen Magrath, Tom Hunter, Pattie Wat, Lydia Henuset
1984-85-Mixed-Badminton-ID1984-85Back: Lydia Henuset, Kim Shetler, Janet Miler, Leigh Fenwick, Patti Watt, Sandra Morden.
Front: Mike Fedryk, Dave Wethauld, Chris Harrs, Dutch Decker (Coach), Jim McAuliffe, Chris Holtwed, Larry Yeung.
Absent: Liz White
1984-85-Womens-Badminton-MC1984-85Back: #, Dutch Decker (Coach), Sandra Morden.
Front: Liz White, Leigh Fenwick, Patti Watt, Lydia Henuset
1985-86-Mixed-Badminton-MC1985-86Back: Rahul Lakhani, Craig Evans, Dutch Decker (Coach), Gavin hood, Mike Fredryk, Chris Holtwed.
Front: Pattie Watt, Lynda Henuset, Liz White, Leigh Fenwick, Carolyn Chapman, Maria Piccoli
1986-87-Mixed-Badminton-MC1986-87Back: Min Ganaha, Mike Fedryk, Kevin Burgoyne, Dutch Decker (Coach), Chris Holtved, Gary Robertson, Brian Macdonnell.
Front: Carolyn Chapman, Liz White, Leigh Fenwick, Patti Watt (Asst. Coach), Cherly Mulrooney, Susan (?)
1994-95-Womens-Badminton-MC1994-95Back: Kathleen Hunt, Chris Vandermeer, Kiri Kaiji, Huong Lu.
Front: Janice Forsyth, Shannon Wright (Captain), Emma Wardle, Cheryl Takaoka
1996-97-Mixed-Badminton-MC1996-97Back: Cheryl Takaoka, Hillerie Valade, Christi Vandermeer, Craig Maloney, Jill Evershed, Huong Lu.
Middle: Bill Mason, Christina Vieira, Khai Phan, Mike Twiner, Heather Dawson, Tracy Gedies.
Front: Lindsay Holtz, Dan Bamburak, Carolyn Smith, John Lee, Louis Le
1998-99-Mixed-Badminton-MC1998-99Back: Kevin Eng, Leo Chiu, vince Tsui, Marcus Wong, Sumit Agrawal.
Middle: Chantal Vaidyanath, sean Girty, Tim Leidl, Mike Twiner, Craig Maloney, Phil Smith, Lucinda Shum.
Front: Miss Moszcelt, Lindsay Holtz, Monica Skalski, Bill Mason, Carolyn Smith, Kendra Coulter, Hilleree Valade
2001-02-Mixed-Badminton-MC2001-02Back: Laura McKerral, Tng Boon Hwa, Ken Lockhart, Tng Boon Keong, Kevin Tong, Robert Lockhart.
Middle: Candace Wong, Krista Sheppard, Nicole Moreau, Cate Smith, Lauren Winter.
Front: Gwyndeline Vishnu, Janis Kawamoto, Sean Girty, Bill Mason, Kevin Eng, Lesley Mok.
2002-03-Mixed-Badminton-MC2002-03Back: J. Chen, K. Tong, T. Hwa, M. Deren, H. Sutandar, S. Fenwick.
Middle: L. Winter, A. Conley, E. Schetakis, R. Lockhart, L. Mok.
Front: K. Lockhart, K. Eng, J. Kawamoto
2006-07-Mixed-Badminton2006-07Back: Scott Bennington, Jon Tum, Tyler Brent, Aaron Hung, Scott Hislop, Robert Fowler (Coach), Sen Hoong Phang, Sen Han Phang, Christopher Farley, Eric Mathias.
Front: Cara Parkes, Florence Wong, Jane Bai, Michelle Leung, Jennifer Lam, Caroline Chee, Kirsten Wynn, Pauline Kristy Hislup