Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s basketball team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1919-20-Womens-Basketball-Senior1919-20SeniorBack: R. Davis, L. Wood, V. Swartz, M. Lindsay, M. Thompson.
Front: G. Mel Brock B.A. (Honourary Coach), M. Gemmell, G. Webster (Captain)
1920-21-Womens-Basketball-Senior1920-21SeniorBack: Jean Javis, G. Mel. Brock B.A. (Honourable Coach), Helen Baker.
Front: Katherine White, Jean Welker, Edith Anderson (Captain), Gwen. Williams, Rhea Peever
1921-22-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi741921-22SeniorBack: Grace Simpson, Phyllis Hallett, M.L. Blake, Helen Lindsay, Margaret Dawson.
Front: Rietta Cronyn, Catherine White, Gweno Williams.
1922-23-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi921922-23SeniorBack: Margaret Simpson, Christine Dawson, Pauline McMannus, Kitty White, Helen Lindsay.
Front: Margaret Dawson, Louise Garbutt, Ruth Davis
1923-24-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi951923-24SeniorBack: Grace Simpson (Guard), Marion Drew (Centre), Pauline McManus (Centre), Helen Lindsay (Guard).
Front: Jean McIntosh (Forward), Margaret Goodwin (Forward), Margaret Dawson (Guard), Isabel Duncan (Forward), Marion Garbutt (Guard)
1924-25-Womens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-27-Occi971924-25InterfacultyMarion Drew, Marion Stark, Margaret Goodwin, Jean McIntosh, Sylvia Granger, Harriette Cawthorpe, Edna Barbour
1924-25-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi931924-25SeniorBack: Marion Drew, Pauline McManus, Edna Ivinson (Manager), Edna Barbour, Mary Flesher.
Front: Jean McIntosh, Margaret Goodwin, Mary Watson, Margaret Dawson, Helen Lindsay.
Absent: Isabel Duncan
1926-27-Womens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-29-Occi211926-27InterfacultyBack: K. Yeats, M. Turner, M. Gidley, E. Higgins.
Front: Jessie Boyes, P. McFarlane, Jean Boyes
1926-27-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi211926-27SeniorBack: M. Watson, I. Butler, A. Hallett, E. Higgins, T. McCracken, M. Goodwin.
Front: Miss L. Burns (Coach), M. Turner, M. Flesher (Captain), B. Cook, E. Barbour (Captain)
1927-28-Womens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-31-Occi131927-28InterfacultyBack: D. Paddon, L. Turville, J. Walker, M. McElroy.
Front: M. Raymond, R. Ball, M. Wright, V. Dyer, M. Farley
1927-28-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi131927-28SeniorBack: I. McCracken, J. Walker, D. Paddon, Miss Burns, I. Butler, M. Farley, M. Watson.
Front: A. Hallett, M. Turner, M. Flescher, B. Cook
1928-29-Womens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Champions-Occi831928-29InterfacultyBack: E. Higgins, Jessie Boyes, L. Mitchell.
Front: M. Gidley, K. Yeates, Jean Boyes, E. Ferguson
1928-29-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi881928-29SeniorBack: H. McCormick, D. Paddon, L. Uren, J. Walker.
Front: H. O'Neill, M. Farley, E. Higgins, A. Hallett, G. Rath
1929-30-Womens-Basketball-Interfaculty-Arts-33-Occi941929-30InterfacultyBack: B. MacPherson, D. Dejean, M. Millen.
Front: V. McCleary, E. George, P. Taylor, M. Turner, C. Crockett
1929-30-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi921929-30SeniorBack: L. Uren, M. Davidson, B. Dickinson (Coach), M. Turner, A. McManus, I. McCracken (Manager).
Front: P. Taylor, H. McCormick, J. Walker, M. Brown, C. Moore, Olive Saunders, Eleanor George
1930-31-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1261930-31SeniorMcCormick, Walker, Wong, McCurty, George, Davidson, Uren, McManus, Gidyel
1931-32-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1781931-32SeniorBack: E. Woodrowe, M. Wong, A. McManus, M. Rean, L. Gidley, H. Cole.
Front: D. Timpany, G. Rath, Miss Plumtre, M. McMurty, M. Milne
1932-33-Womens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1661932-33JuniorHilda Ingram (Captain), Ethel Croft, Betty Loynes, Mary Axford (Manager), Agnes Magee, Margaret Pugsley, Ruth Kester, Patricia Kenne, Lorna Nash, Clara Wong.
Absent: Barbara Crowe (Coach)
1932-33-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1631932-33SeniorMarjorie Rean, Lois Gidley, Dorothy Timpany, Mary Milne, Marjorie Dampier, Grace Marian, McMurray, Marjorie Paterson, Mary Wong, Catherine Hargan, Miss S. Plumtre
1933-34-Womens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1691933-34JuniorBack: Margaret Gastle, Margaret Newton, Doris Weston (Coach), Margaret Tape, Jean McLelland.
Front: Elma Prout, Eleanor Bendle, Mona Deane, Evelyn Logan, Margaret Anderson
1933-34-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1681933-34SeniorBack: Miss Plumptre (Coach), Helen Timpany, Dorothy Rintoul, Ethel Croft, Dorothy Timpany, Mary Bull, Cae Hargan, Margery Rean (President).
Front: Dorothy McVettie, Corinne Cherry, Mary Wong (Captain), Agnes Magee, Ruth Davis
1934-35-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1931934-35IntermediateBack: M. Homuth, M. McKee, V. Kennerson (Captain), E. Proutt, J. Paterson.
Front: E. Tennent, A. Magee
1934-35-Womens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1931934-35JuniorBack: D. Weston (Coach), H. Mann, C. Walker, I. Lindsay, F. Ramsay, H. Sadler (Manager).
Middle: B. Blake, S. Harcourt, V. Suitor.
Front: M. Roberts, E. Logan.
Absent: K. Lang, B. Lang, V. Donnelly, M. Anderson (Captain)
1934-35-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1921934-35SeniorBack: Miss Plumptre (Coach), C. Cherry, R. Davis, C. Wallace, D. Timpany, D. Rintoul, E. Bendle (Manager).
Front: H. Timpany, M. Wong (Captain), D. Blackall
1935-36-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1781935-36IntermediateBack: Dorothy Cole, Beryl Shuttleworth, Claire Elliot, Doris Weston (Coach), Mary Cardiff, Jean Lawson, Norah McCormick.
Front: Jean Ferguson, Verta Kennerson (Captain), M. Roberts
1935-36-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1771935-36SeniorBack: Doris Blackall, Jean Paterson, Doris Weston (Coach), Ruth Davis, Mary Wong.
Middle: Creena Wallace, Dorothy Rintoul (Captain), Dorothy Timpany.
Front: Marg. Homuth, Margaret McKee
1936-37-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1681936-37IntermediateBack: Doris Weston (Coach), E. Whitling, Beryl Shuttleworth, J. Breakspear.
Front: J. Ferguson, R. Barss, L. Brown, D. Cole, D. Eagles
1936-37-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1671936-37SeniorBack: Mona Morgan (Manager), Marg. Homuth, Mary Cardiff, Creena Wallae, Joyce Chamberlain, Doris Weston (Coach).
Front: Nancy Santo, Ruth David, Dot Timpany, Mary Wong, Marg. McKee
1937-38-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1751937-38IntermediateBack: Jean Ferguson, Doris Ellenton, Jean McNeil, Patricia McGaw, Helen Wemp, Marion Webster.
Front: Rhetta Barss, Doris Eagles, Margaret Craig
1937-38-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1751937-38SeniorBack: Miss Weston, Jean McNally, Mary Cardiff, Margaret Beck, Joyce Chamberlain, Joan Breakspear (Manager).
Front: Bessie Nickleson, Margaret McKee, Creena Wallace (Captain), Irene Gettas, Peggy Siurman.
1938-39-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1601938-39IntermediateBack: Margaret Hughes, Dorothy Irwin, Betty Walker, Jean McNeil.
Middle: Joyce Kemp, Edith Yelland, Joyce Houston, Winnifred Smith, Beth McKenzie.
Front: Helen Morningstar, Denise O'Brien, Doris Ellenton (Captain), Betty Turner, Peggy Gilmour
1938-39-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1601938-39SeniorBack: Peggy Sturman, Jean McNally, Claire Elliott, Margaret McQueen, Joan Breakspeare.
Front: Irene Gettas, Margaret Beck, Mary Cardiff (Captain), Bessie Nickleson, Joyce Chamberlain
1939-40-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1651939-40IntermediateBack: Betty Mandell, Mildred Homuth, Betty Marshall, Eleanor Mathewson, Marion Macdonald, Betty Moore, Sylva Mendl, Roberta McGregor.
Middle: Mable Branton, Mary Scott, Doris Ellenton, Mary Burton, Muriel Skinner.
Front: Jean Linton, Denise O'Brien, Olive Pratt, Mary Thompson
1939-40-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1651939-40SeniorBack: Mary Fraser (Manager), Marjorie Murdoch, Vivian Grant, Margaret MacQueen, Beth McKenzie, Jean Thomas (Coach).
Front: Irene Gettas, Peggy Sturman, Jean McNally, Claire Elliott, Bessie Nickleson
1940-41-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1571940-41IntermediateBack: Ruth Horner, Mabel Branton, Grace Whitney, Doris Ellenton, Margaret Hughes, Evelyn Miller, Ruth Burston, Margaret Galbraith, Ruth Macdonald.
Middle: Laura Down, Mary thompson, Roberta MacGregor, Agnes Fisher, Mary Burton, Dorothy Wyeth, Marion Macdonald.
Front: Jean Fortner, Betty Moore (Captain), Margaret Patterson
1940-41-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1571940-41SeniorBack: Betty Mandell, Thora Bradley, Jean Thomas (Coach), Vivian Grant, Gretta Wong.
Front: Peggy Ferris, Bessie Nickleson, Irene Gettas, Margaret MacQueen, Betty Green
1941-42-Womens-Basketball-Junior-Occi1941-42JuniorBack: D. Patterson, M. Branton, B. Hawke, S. Macklin (Coach), N. Foreman, S. Knister.
Front: I. Reiche, J. Draper, M. Guymer, N. Muir, A. Fisher, M. Thompson
1941-42-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1941-42SeniorBack: B. Moore, W. Taylor, M. MacDonald, R. MacDonald, T. Bradley, N. Graham.
Front: M. VanHorne, B. Green, H. Craig, G. Wong, R. McGregor, M. Burton
1942-43-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1942-43SeniorBack: P. Davison, B. MacDonald, M. Cumberland, R. Macdonald, E. Wilcox, B. Campbell, M. Golden.
Middle: N. Graham, S. Payne, E. Houston, D. Danforth, M. Miller, S. Duncan.
Front: R. McGregor, A. Munro, P. Manning, G. Wong, R. Blac, E. Crawforth
1943-44-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1943-44IntermediateBack: Phyllis Herman, Effie Stanley, Edith Wilcox, Eve Merriam, Ruth Leeson, Muriel Clarke, Marg McVicar.
Middle: Gwen Irwin, Joyce Porter, Marnie Guymer, Peggy Coulter (Captain), Joan Cottrill, Jean deJausserand.
Front: Marjorie Blinkhorn, Helen Andrews, Marjorie Stewart, Gwen Lewis
1943-44-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1943-44SeniorBack: Mary Alice Edwards, Ann Scott, Mary Nichol, Peggy Dickson, Thora Bradley, Elspeth Houston.
Middle: Ann Gillen, Bonnie Lindsay, Hazel Craig, Betty Zurbrigg, Norma Graham.
Front: Kay Fallis, Adeline Smillie, Phyllis, Manning, Marion Anguish
1944-45-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-and-InterWestern-Occi1871944-45IntermediateBack: A. Scott, N. Rafuse, A. Gillen, F. Hicks, J. Carson.
Middle: P. Coulter, H. Mackenzie, B. Lindsay, D. Shirley, J. Ralph.
Front: P. Manning, J. Mackay, A. Smillie, A. Dutton.
1944-45-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-and-Junior-Occi1871944-45IntermediateBack: I. Jackson, M. Gartley, D. Dillon (Coach), E. Wilcox, W. Toten.
Middle: S. Robinson, N. Yager, B. Burroughs, M.C. Harley, D. McKim.
Front: L. Andrew, J. Jebson, A. McNabb, P. Westland
1944-45-Womens-Basketball-InterWesternandIntermediate-Occi1871944-45Inter-WesternBack: A. Scott, N. Rafuse, A. Gillen, F. Hicks, J. Carson.
Middle: P. Coulter, H. Mackenzie, B. Lindsay, D. Shirley, J. Ralph.
Front: P. Manning, J. Mackay, A. Smillie, A. Dutton.
1945-46-Womens-Basketball-InterWestern-Occi1751945-46Inter-WesternBack: Rosamond Duffield, Grace Foster, Gwyneth Thompson, Ruth Craig, Peg Dickson.
Middle: Marilyn Sisson, Helen McCallum.
Front: Mary Helen Bieman, Doris Jackson, Beryle Schooley
1945-46-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1751945-46SeniorMargaret Macklin, Audrey Dutton, Ad. Smillie, Dorris Shirley, June Ralph, Margaret MacIntosh, Mabel Gillen, Shirley Roe, Norma Rafuse, Anne Gillen, Gwyneth Thompson (Coach)
1946-47-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1751946-47IntermediateBack: Katherine Bandeene, Rosamund Duffield, June Pritchert, Betty Bandeene, Marilyn Bates.
Front: Margaret Fisher, Irene Whittle, Margaret Bell (Captain), Dot Little, Frances Little
1946-47-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1751946-47SeniorBack: Doris Shirley, Margaret McIntosh, Marilyn Sisson, Beryl Rafuse, Norma Rafuse, Doris Jackson, Ruth Craig.
Front: Audrey Dutton, Gwen Thompson, June Ralph
1947-48-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1121947-48IntermediateBack: Marion Reid, Marilyn Fearn, Pat Voss, Joan Bauer, Mary Stewart.
Middle: Nancy McGrath, Diane Heuston, Marg Wilson (Captain), Marj Harris, Jan McKillop.
Front: Isobel Cowan, Fairley Dadd
1947-48-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1121947-48SeniorBack: Irene Geddes, Doris Jackson, Anna Baker, Lorraine Gillanders, Daphne Fisher, Marg Bell, Helen Ubilacher (Manager).
Middle: Jean Shillington, Mabel Gillen, Doris Shirley (Captain), Joan Duffield, Marilyn Bell.
Front: Jean Farr, Aileen Johnston
1949-50-Womens-Basketball-InterWestern-Champions-Occi1611949-50Inter-WesternBack: Ev Kraft (Manager), Irene Yuhasz, Phyllis Alexander, Pat Guest, Donna Routledge, Eleanor Wearing, Joan Armstrong, Barb Priddle, Mary Haggart, Mary Ann Newell.
Front: Virginia Tremner, Donna Baker, Carol McIntyre, Miss Fox (Coach), Janice McCuaig (Captain), Nora Southern, Irene Colburn, Marjorie Burns
1949-50-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1611949-50SeniorBack: Margaret Sell, Joan Coster, Evelyn Bradshaw, Beryl Rafuse, Joan Thrasher, Marilyn Burt, Joyce Hicks, Dadi Burnett.
Front: Kit Sage, Anna Baker, Mabel Gillen, Jean Shillington, Fairley Dadd, Marion McNeill.
1950-51-Womens-Basketball-InterWestern-Champions-Occi1461950-51Inter-WesternBack: Miss Carmichael (Coach), Yvonne Spencer, Barbara Barrett, Mary Harris, Georgette Demaiter, Lyn Colbert, Janet Notman, Betty Gibbs, Maxine Kohl, Margaret Humphrys, Evelyn Kraft (Manager).
Front: Amelia Gerhardt, Audrey Brown, Dorothy Burnett, Norma Lanning (Captain), Pat Demaray, Lee Smith, Judy Dennison
1950-51-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1461950-51SeniorBack: Miss Carmichael (Coach), Marg Conway, Pat Guest, Staphanie Kryzanowski, Joan Lowther, Evelyn Bradshaw, Janice McCuaig, Cay Miles (Manager).
Front: Doris Murray, Jacquie Marshall, Jean Shillington (Captain), Fairley Dadd, Kit Sage
1951-52-Womens-Basketball-Intermediat-Intercollegiate-Occi1441951-52IntermediateBack: Miss Carmichael, Elizabeth McBurney, Ann Walker, Jane Kennedy, Beverley Ramsay, Sheena Dudgeon, Joan Holmes, Betty MacIntosh, Marnie Huggett.
Front: Pat Demaray, Rosalind Kelly, Penny Granger, Marilyn Kreuger, Pat Cooper, Pat Morse
1952-53-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1441952-53SeniorBack: Miss Carmichael, Ardeth Crich, Molly McMillan, Anne Walker, Jane Kennedy, Jan McNeil, Kay Miles, Kay Giles (Manager).
Front: Mary Jane Makar, Pat Demaray, Judy Dennison (Co-Captain), Maxine Kohl (Co-Captain), Norma Lanning, Eleanor Gibson
1953-54-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi471953-54IntermediateBack: Beth McLean, Judy Laurie, Mary Burdon, Cathy Werte, Pat Rigg, Joanne Holmes, Joanne Castle, Jane Grange.
Middle: Marilyn Hacker (Manager), Janet Spiller, Helen Maki, Julia Dunlop, Barbara Henderson, Carol Pack, Mrs. Elfrida Kukainis (Coach).
Front: Jane Winchester, Florence Senfa, Barb Holmes, Pat Cooper, Dianne Collins
1953-54-Womens-Basketball-Senior-ID1953-54SeniorBack: Miss Jean Carmichael (Coach), Mary Jane Maker, Pat Smith, Pat Payette, Jane Pinchin, Gloria Weichel, Marilyn Krueger, Pat Demaray, Kay Giles (Manager).
Front: Molly McMillan, Kay Miles, Norma Lanning, Maxine Kohl, Ardeth Crich
1954-55-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1441954-55IntermediateBack: Sue Henry, Marilyn Parkinson, Lorraine Baranowski, June Scott, Jean McLaughlin.
Middle 2: Nancy Hutchinson (Manager), Pat Rigg, Cathy Koroniak, Hazel Slaven, Pat Palmer, Miss. E. Allen.
Middle 1: Rachel Doan, Julie Dunlop, Sylvia Meyers, Marg Johnson.
Front: Judy Laurie, Helen Maki, Mary Shortreed.
Absent: Carol Pack (Captain)
1954-55-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1441954-55SeniorBack: Pat Cooper, Flo Senfa, Barb Holmes.
Middle: Joy Sibbitt, Beth McLean, Mrs. Kukainis, Fran Wigston, Mary Burdon (Manager).
Front: Ardith Crich, Jane Pinchin, Jo Castle (Captain), Cathy Werte
1955-56-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi1011955-56IntermediateBack: Marg. Emerson, Bev. Veitch, Jeanne Cunningham, Rose Marie Pierson, Joan Playfair, Pat Palmer, Mary Shortreed, Gail Royce, Mike Lockhart, Andre Kennedy, Hazel Slavin, Cathie Erb, Margie MacNaughton, Pat MacKeen, Doreen Anderson, Jane Peachey.
Front: Sue Henry, Miss Elizabeth Allen, Julie Dunlop
1955-56-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1011955-56SeniorBack: Judy Laurie, Mary Lou Dresser, Jo Ann Kearns, Marilyn Parkinson, Cathi Koroniak, Frances Wigston, Mrs. Elfrida Kukainis (Coach), Jean Knight, Jane Pinchin, Phyllis Klien, Joanne Castle, Carol Pack, Sylvia Meyers.
Front: Flo Senfa, Beth McLean
1956-57-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi981956-57IntermediateBack: Marg Erskin, Alice James, Lynda Griffin, Judy Wilson, Miss Allen (Coach), Heather Allison, Yvette Walton, Lloy Edighoffer, Judy Austin.
Middle: Pat Palmer, Margery Fisk, Sandy Agro, Barb McNeal, Marietta Campbell, Ann Hermann, Doreen Anderson, Marg Beattie, Ruth Page, Isobel Brown.
Front: Liz Maine, Barb McMillan, Jeanne Cunninham, Pat Safrance, Dot Cole, Marg Emerson, Barb Cotton, Pat Morris
1956-57-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi981956-57SeniorBack: Mary Lou Dresser, Lynne Irwin, Annett Demaiter, Mrs. Berzins (Coach), Marion Gracey, Joy Sibbit.
Middle: Mary McLaren, Marilyn Parkinson, Lois Thompson, Pat MacKeen, Mary Shortreed.
Front: Fran Wigston, Cathy Koroniak, Jo Castle, Joanne Kearns, Judy Laurie.
1957-58-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi981957-58IntermediateBack: Pat Demaray (Coach), Alice James, Barb McMillan, Pat Safrance, Gill Smith, Andrea Jeffrey, Winni Munro (Manager).
Front: Yvette Walton, Judy Barr, Lloy Edighoffer (Captain), Pat Kitchen, Liz Main
1957-58-Womens-Basketball-InterWestern-Occi981957-58Inter-WesternBack: Pat Demary (Coach), Nancy Parker, Barb McMillan, Sheron Whittle, Yvette Walton, Gill Smith, Andrea Jeffrey, Winnie Munro (Manager).
Front: Judy Barr, Lloy Edighoffer (Captain), Pat Kitchen
1957-58-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi981957-58SeniorBack: Pat Demaray (Coach), Mary Kay McLaren, Yvette Walton, Heather Allison, Mavis Anderson, Lois Thompson, Marg Emerson, Winnie Munro (Manager).
Front: Lynn Irwin, Mary Lou Dresser, Marilyn Parkinson (Co-Captain), Cathi Koroniak (Co-Captain), Annette Demaiter, Marietta Campbell
1957-58-Womens-Basketball-West-O-Mac-Occi981957-58West-O-MacBack: Pat Demaray (Coach), Lynn Irwin, Pat MacKeen, Heather Allison, Mavis Anderson, Marilyn Parkison, Mary Lou Dresser, Marg Emerson, Winnie Munro (Manager).
Front: Marietta Campbell, Mary Kay McLaren, Cathi Koroniak, Annett Demaiter, Lois Thompson
1958-59-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2121958-59IntermediateBack: Mrs. Laing (Coach), Marg Moore, Pauline Sholomiski, Janet Burns, Dana McGrath, Sharon Pirrie, Blanche Layman, Penny Johnson, Nancy Hungerford, Nora Jean Boyd, Fran Busch, Sue Derby, Sheron Whittle, Marg Westcott, Donna George.
Front: Eleanor Ward (Co-Captain), Ann McClatchie (Co-Captain)
1958-59-Womens-Basketball-Senior-MC1958-59SeniorBack: Mrs. Laing (Coach), Judy Barr, Heather Allison, Yvette Walton, Mavis Anderson, Lynn Irwin, Marietta Campbell, Mary Kay McLaren, Winnie Munro.
Front: Barbara MacMillan, Andrea Jeffrey, Mary Lou Dresser, Marg Emerson, Sheron Whittle
1959-60-Womens-Basketball-Al-Wat-West-Occi1531959-60Al-Wat-WestBack: Miss Keddie, Jane Peebles, Kathy McBrian, Marg Wagstaff, Audrey Pegels, Barb Reid, Heather Johnston, Verla Hall.
Front: Dana McGrath, Barb Houston, Mary Keyes, Nancy Neilson, Mary Kirkpatrick, Judy Millen.
1959-60-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1521959-60SeniorBack: Nancy Monteith, Heather Allison, Eleanor Ward, Yvette Walton, Mary K. McLaren, Sharon Pirrie, Miss Keddie.
Front: Sheron Whittle, Sue Derby, Marietta Campbell (Captain), Andrea Jeffrey, Pam Dewis, Blanche Layman
1959-60-Womens-Basketball-West-O-Mac-Occi1531959-60West-O-MacBack: Miss Keddie, Heather Allison, Eleanor Ward, Yvette Walton, Marietta Campbell, Mary K. McLaren, Sue Derby, Ann McClatchie, Sharon Perrie, Nora Jean Boyd, Dana McGrath, Verla Hall (Manager).
Middle: Blanche Layman, Andrea Jeffrey, Sheron Whittle, Kathy McBrian, Jane Peebles, Barb Reid, Lorna Joyce, Audrey Pegels.
Front: Pam Dewis, Nancy Monteith, Barb Houston, Mary Keyes, Mary Kirkpatrick, Judy Millen
1960-61-Womens-Basketball-Al-Wat-West-Occi2991960-61Al-Wat-WestBack: Linda Coates (Manager), Pat Bradley, Chris Boyd, Miss Dresser (Coach), Karen Zarn, Mary Lou Whitwill, Jo Haugh (Manager).
Front: Mary Sinclair, Dianne Penner, Penny Dagley, Camille Watson.
Absent: Lil Smith, Nancy Montgomery
1960-61-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2991960-61IntermediateMiss Dresser (Coach), Pat Bradley, Lorna Joyce, Mary Keyes, Penny Dagley, Marg Wagstaff, Jo Haugh (Manager).
Absent: Barb Houston, Cathy McBrien, Blanche Layman
Top: Audrey Pegels, Martha Borschke, Chris Boyd.
Middle 3: Eleanor Ward, Andrea Jeffrey (Captain), Yvette Walton.
Middle 2: Linda Coates (Manager), Miss Dresser (Coach).
Middle 1: Sue Derby, Dana McGrath, Sharon Pirrie.
Front: Carol McDonald, Nancy Monteith, Marg Wagstaff
1960-61-Womens-Basketball-West-O-Mac-Occi2991960-61West-O-MacBack: Linda Coates (Manager), Nora Jean Boyd, Carol McDonald, Yvette Walton, Eleanor Ward, Miss Dresser (Coach), Jo Haugh (Manager).
Front: Nancy Monteith, Sharon Pirrie, Audrey Pegels, Andrea Jeffrey, Sue Derby, Dana McGrath, Martha Borschke
1961-62-Womens-Basketball-Al-Wat-West-Occi2471961-62Al-Wat-WestBack: Cathy Williamson, Joan Smith, Karen Zarn, Miss Dresser (Coach), Mary Riseborough, Lorraine White (Manager), Linda Butler.
Front: Beverly Donovan, Norah Newell, Diane Penner, Sue Weiner, Lynn Silver, Barb Little.
Absent: Lil Smith
Top: Sondra Booth, Barb Houston, Pat Bradley.
Middle 3: Sue Hilton, Nora Jean Boyd.
Middle 2: Mary Keyes, Miss Dresser (Coach), Eleanor Ward.
Middle 1: Pat McDonald, Chris Boyd.
Bottom: Marg Wagstaff, Audrew Pegels, Carol MacDonald
1961-62-Womens-Basketball-West-O-Mac-Occi2471961-62West-O-MacBack: Carol MacDonald, Pat McDonald, Nora Jean Boyd, Miss Dresser (Coach), Audrey Pegels, Marg Wagstaff, Chris Boyd, Lorraine White.
Front: Mary Keyes, Pat Bradley, Martha Borschke, Eleanor Ward, Sue Hilton, Barb Houston
1962-63-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2191962-63IntermediateBack: Miss Dresser (Coach), Ruth Perkins, Jo Anne Smith, Elaine McRae, Anne Dickson, Judy Metcalf (Manager).
Front: Anne Campbell, Mary Ellen Newlend, Janet Baxter (Captain), Pat Leamon, Joan Walters
1962-63-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi2191962-63SeniorBack: Judy Metcalf (Manager), Carol McDonald, Karen Zarn, Pat McDonald, Sue Hilton, Martha Borschke, Miss Dresser (Coach).
Front: Mary Keyes, Chris Boyd, Marg Wagstaff (Captain), Linda Butler, Sue Wiener.
1963-64-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2451963-64IntermediateBack: Mary Riseborough (Manager), Carol Edmunds, Ulle-Reet Palmer, Judy Brown, Mrs. Milne (Coach), Carol MacDonald, Nancy Smith, Marilyn Banks, Linda Brydon.
Front: Helen Thompson, Mary Newland, Jo-Anne Smith, Joan Walters, Marg Durnford.
1963-64-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi2451963-64SeniorBack: Mary Riseborough (Manager), Bernice Wilkinson, Elaine McRae, Pat MacDonald, Mrs. Milne (Coach), Chris Boyd, Karen Zarn, Marilyn Banks.
Front: Nancy Smith, Ann Dickson, Martha Borschke (Captain), Sue Hilton, Linda Butler
1964-65-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2631964-65IntermediateBack: Mary Rawlings, Lynn Kirkham, Elaine Mater, Linda Osborne.
Middle: Nancy Leal, Gail Millar, Heather Stoodley, Miss Dresser (Coach).
Front: Sue Whitley, Nell Wall.
Absent: Pat Henderson, Marg Lillie, Mary Lynn Stewart
1964-65-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi2631964-65SeniorBack: Nancy Leal (Manager), Elaine McRae, Ann Dickson, Sue Hilton, Miss Dresser (Coach).
Middle: Ulle Palmer, Edie Podnieks, Joanne Smith.
Front: Mary Newland, Jean Richardson.
Absent: Nancy Smith, Judy Church, Judy Brown, Pat Leaman
1965-66-Womens-Basketball-Intermediate-Occi2171965-66IntermediateMiss Dresser, S. Mustard, N. Minogue, K. Dinnin, A. Harrison, H. Pooley, L. Quakenbush, M. Richards, S. Cook, P. Nelson, I. Bouthoorn, N. Leal
1965-66-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi2171965-66SeniorMiss Dresser, E. Mater, J. McRae, J. Church, J. Richardson, E. Podnieks, E. McRae, J. Smith, B. Wilkinson, N. Smith, A. Dickson, N. Leal
1969-70-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Occi1621969-70SeniorBack: Bev Pierce, Diane DeCoene, Miss M.L. Dresser (Coach), Lorilee Matheson, Wendy White.
Front: Helen Greaves, Linda Munn, Diane Dunn, Cathie Clarke.
Absent: Marcia Skvorc, Evelyn Weatherston
1972-73-Womens-Senior-Basketball-OUA-Champs-Judy1972-73SeniorBack: Doug Hayes (Coach), #, Lee Anne Ghent, Diane Waechter, Paula Chapman, Diane Dunn, Pat Parker, Beth Johnston, Cathy Macdonald.
Front: Helen Greaves, Jan Starkes, Jame Riddell, Mary Riezebos, Lee Meyers, Evelyn Wetherstone
1974-75-Womens-Senior-Basketball-MaryRiezebos1974-75SeniorBack: Chris Coulthard (Coach), Sheila Hicks, Katie Cussons, Rose Johnston, Jane Riddell, Mary Riezebos, Leslie McIntosh, # (Trainer/Manager).
Front: Holly Wickett, Mary McAugy, Sandy Hillman, Lee-Ann Ghent, Eleonor McKeague, Ingrid Nemeth
1979-80-Womens-Senior-Basketball-02-MaryRiezebos1979-80SeniorBack: Mary Riezebos (Coach), Harriet Loyer, Anne Brisland, Sue Riach, Suzy Wilson (Co-Captain), Debbie Grey, Sue Whitehead (Manager).
Front: Anne Fulton, B.J. Forsyth, Kim Pickell, Marty Demaree (Co-Captain), Lee-Anne Facey-Crowther, Sue Edwards, Gill Cox
1982-83-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1982-83SeniorBack: Theresa Colizza, Leslie Petter, Chris Tomlinson, Michelle Hopkins, Lisa Dignard-Bailey, Sandy Perryman, Nancy Unruh, Mary Riezebos (Coach).
Front: Tracy DeSutter, Lynn Noftle, B.J. Forsyth, Nancy Lemon, Sue Porter, Karyn Mitchell
1983-84-Womens-Senior-Basketball1983-84SeniorBack: Janet Rerecich (Manager), Peter Campbell (Assistant Coach), Deanne Campbell (Assistant Coach), Laurann Col (Manager).
Middle: Leslie Sims, Michelle Hopkins, Fran Steer, Linnea Campbell, Karyn Mitchell, Tanya Wheeler, Helen Murphy.
Front: Leslie Petter, Nancy Unruh (Captain), Nancy Lemeon (Captain), Sandy Perryman, Tracy De Sutter
1984-85-Womens-Senior-Basketball1984-85SeniorBack: Mary Riezebos (Coach), Carolyn Juckes, Michelle Hopkins, Linnea Campbell, Maria Fabbro, Laurann Col, Dana Sheahan, Peter Campbell (Coach).
Front: Sandy Perryman, Nancy Unruh (Captain), Nancy Lemon (Captain), Tracy DeSutter (Captain), Karyn Mitchell, Leslie Petter
1985-86-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1985-86SeniorBack:Nancy O'Shea (Assistant Coach), Tracy Desutter, Karyn Mitchell, Maria Fabbro, Linnea Campbell, Jacki McKinnon, Tracy Pratt, Bill Pangos (Head Coach).
Front: Kelly Robinson (Manager), Leslie Petter, Dana Sheahan, Michelle Seguin, Cathy Brewer, Tanya Wheeler, Nancy Unruh, Francine Beck (Trainer)
1987-88-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1987-88SeniorBack: Stephen Dooley, Cheryl Kryluk, Colleen Dunning, Michelle DeLellis, Tracy Johannson, Ildi Lubke, Michelle Seguin.
Middle: Donna Kay, Cathy Brewer, Pam Fleck, Heather Kirk, Marnie Bell.
Front: Debbie Kramer, Mari Verdun, Tracy Pratt, Dana Sheahan
1989-90-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1989-90SeniorBack: Colleen Dunning, Erin Murphy, Ildi Lubke, Jill Stiefelmeyer, Michele Mommersteeg.
Middle: Cheryl Kryluk (Coach), Kelly Welch (Trainer), Ann Hurtubise, Heather Kirk, Nicole Bottineau, Steve Baker (Assistant Coach), Theresa Manning (Assistant Coach).
Front: Claudia De Iulio, Deborah Kraemer, Liz Pook, Pam Fleck
1990-91-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1990-91SeniorBack: Ann Flint, Liz Pook, Pam Fleck, Ilde Lubke, Claudia Delvlio.
Middle: Jeff Fink, Gloria Tomasevic, Michele Mommersteeg, Colleen Dunning, Deb Kraemer, Heather Kirk, Jill Stiefelmeyer, Bob Delaney.
Front: Lori Bartolotta, Nicole Bottineau, Maureen Doody, Heidi Preiner, Erin Murphy
1991-92-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1991-92SeniorBack: Dannie Newman, Heidi Preiner, Tricia Musselman, Maureen Spero, Ildi Lubke, Deborah Kraemer, Debra Wilson, Leslie Meyers.
Middle: Bili Pargeter, Don Coleman, Jeff Duncan, Jill Stiefelmeyer, Lori Bartolotta, Ann Hurtubise, Jody Titcombe, Jay Patel, Bob Delaney (Coach).
Front: Ayodele Bygrave, Michele Vesprini, Erin Murphy, Michele Mommersteeg, Nicole Bottineau
1993-94-Womens-Basketball-Senior-Mary1993-94SeniorBack: Lori Bartolotta, Ayodele Bygrave, Joanne MacAlpine.
Middle 2: Jennifer Reid, Janet Reid, Kelly Winegard, Angela Nobes, Casey Winegard.
Middle 1: Susan Lawson, Nadia Flynn, Andrea Gavin (Trainer), Bob Delaney (Coach), Don Coleman (Asst. Coach), Michelle Brown (Trainer), Michelle Vesprini, Judy Pace.
Front: Jennifer Wirch, Tina Ryan
1995-96-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1995-96SeniorBack: Heidi Martin (Trainer), Ali Crandlemire, Tina Poldervaart, Adriana Pompa, Linda Dobble.
Middle: Don Coleman (Assistant Coach), Paula Sanchez, Jennifer Haylor, Tanneke Blaauboer, Michele Vesprini (Captain), Bob Delaney (Head Coach).
Front: Angela Nobes, Kelly Winegard, Jennifer Reid, Megan Reid, Shannon Kraupp
1996-97-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1996-97SeniorBack: Tina Poldervaart, Tanneke Blaauboer, Adrianna Pompa, Ali Crandlemire.
Middle: Don Coleman, Jody Hauch, Denise Vandermullen (Physio Therapist), Cindy Scott, Lori Bartolotta, Joanne O'Flaherty (Trainer), Bob Delaney (Coach).
Front: Karen Austin (Trainer), Holli Clarkson, Nadia Pezzolo, Jennifer Haylor, Shannon Kaupp, Angela Nobes (Captain), Ennette Pauze (Trainer)
1997-98-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1997-98SeniorBack: Laura Gunn, Kerri Downer, Mandy Payne, Holli Clarkson, Stephanie Howard, Jenn Haylor, Sonya Doherty, Jennifer Szabo, Melanie McAlendin.
Middle: Bob Delaney, Nadia Pezzolo, Tanneke Blaauboer, Lindsay Bell, Adriana Pompa, Tina Poldervaart, Dave Bartolotta.
Front: Jodie Hauch, Cindy Scott, Adrienne Crickard, Tricia Young, Angela Nobes, Don Coleman
1999-00-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy1999-00SeniorBack: Jan Gillies (Trainer), Jennifer Szabo (Manager), Stephanie Wray, Michelle Crowley, Erin MacLean (Assistant Manager).
Middle: Don Coleman (Assistant Coach), Bob Delaney (Head Coach), Emily Northcote, Anne Van Leevwen, Lindsay Kennedy, Joanne Chehade, Dave Bartolotta (Assistant Coach), Jodie Hauch (Assistant Coach).
Front: Steph Howard, Jen Grebeildinger, Cindy Scott (Captain), Sarah Lercara, Holli Clarkson (Captain), Michelle Longpre, Laura Verbeeten.
2000-01-Womens-Senior-Basketball-Judy2000-01SeniorBack: Cindy Scott, Amy Ball, Sarah Lercara.
Middle: Stephanie Dumond, Holli Clarkson, Anne VanLeuwen, Lindsay Kennedy, Steph Howard, Andrea Gray.
Front: Michelle Crowley, Jen Grebeldinger, Joanne Chehade, Chelsea Elwood.
Absent: Laura Verbeeten, Bob Delaney (Head Coach), Don Coleman (Assistant Coach), Dave Bartolotta (Assistant Coach), Lori Bartolotta (Assistant Coach)
2009-10-Womens-Senior-Basketball-ID2009-10SeniorBack: Matt Spencer, Maggie Morrison, Beckie Williams, Melissa Rondinelli, Katelyn Leddy, Jacklyn Selfe, Rebecca Moss, Linh Nguyen, Jacqueline White.
Front: Lauren Parks, Amanda Anderson, Sarah Mallen, Stephen Barrie, Kelly Moulden, Stephanie Lundstrom, Jenny Vaughn.