Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s field hockey team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1961-62-Womens-FieldHockey-Occi2381961-62Back: Mary Sinclair, Babr Johnston, Gail Faskin, Mrs. Kunkel (Coach), Mary Ellen Barbour, Elizabeth Street.
Front: Arleen Reed, Shirley Rutherford, Leona Langan, Bev Donovan, Eleanor Ward, Jan Crawford.
1962-63-Womens-FieldHockey-Occi2131962-63Martha Borschke, Liz Bower, Joanne Smith, Linda MacGregor, Arlene Reid, Liz Street, Barb Johnston, Bev Donovan, Jan Crawford, Mary Ellen Barbour, Mary Sinclair, Muriel Mitchell, Shirley Rutherford.
1963-64-Womens-FieldHockey-Occi2371963-64Back: Sheila Scrutton, Marg Durnford, Gail Taylor, Cathy Williams, Judy Church, Ulle Palmer.
Middle: Mrs. Kunkel (Coach), Muriel Mitchell, Edith Podnicks, Joanne Kinzer, JoAnne Smith, Gillian Bower, Evelyn Langford.
Front: Martha Borschke (Captain), Joyce Pyette, Pat Gunn.
1964-65-Womens-FieldHockey-Occi2531964-65Back: Mrs. Kunkel (Coach), Judy Church, Sue Whitley, Joyce Pyette, Mary Kerr, Elaine McRae, Delia Calvert, Mary Newland.
Middle: Sue Godfrey, Mary Elizabeth Haigh, Gail Taylor, Edie Rodnicks, Marg Dunford.
Front: Barb Bayliss, Pat Gunn (Captain), Jo-Anne Smith (Manager)
1969-70-Womens-FieldHockey-Occi1561969-70Back: Chris MacGillivary, Chris Thompson, Diane Townsend, Linda Graham, Paddy Hardman, Ann Woodland, Jean McKenna, Sue Whitley.
Front: Judy Lake, Nancy Nisbet, Sue Funston, Tella Sametz
1983-84-Womens-FieldHockey-MC1983-84Back: Helen Luckman (Coach), Jane Boake, Elaine Davis (Captain), Janet Grier, Kim Turner, Joey Farrell (Coach).
Middle: Eva Gerbsch (Trainer), Nancy Ballantyne, Kim Carmichael, Lori Fothergill, Joanne Searle, Kim Madronich, Cathie Green (Captain).
Front: Linda Atkinson, Joanne Marchant, Lianne Minielly, Carol Baxter, Cathy Campbell
1985-86-Womens-FieldHockey-MC1985-86Back: Joey Farrell (Coach), Sarah Ostler (Captain), Rachel Pollex, Sandy Watt (Manager), Leslie Dickson (Trainer), Michelle Calpin, Irshad Ali (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Pat Reid, Heather Young, Irene Florakas, Jane Boake (Captain), Carolyn Calpin, Karen McKinnon.
Front: Krista Giesen, Tara Mylymok, Betsy Perrin, Maria Gudelis, Chris D'Mello, Kim Madronich, Karen Radcliffe. Missing: Sharon Sienko
1995-96-Womens-FieldHockey-MC1995-96Back: Nicole Metcalfe, Tonya Riehl, Catherine "Keener" Keen, Tina Bickell, Heather Snyder, Kathryn Brough, Maragaret deJogne.
Middle: Chad Johnson (Trainer), Kim Burley, Cathy Malcolm, Emma Campbell, Wendy Kennah, Jannisse Primeau, Christine Timmermans, Leanne Dietrich (Coach).
Front: Karen "Zippy" Murtaugh, Jenn Symmes, Kelly DeBruyn, Jenni Smith, Sara Bell, Sharon Amos.
Absent: Kathy Reilly (Coach)
1998-99-Womens-FieldHockey-MC1998-99Back: Jenn Symmes, Shrina Patel, Kristy Dalton, Danielle Sebastien, Jen Escobar.
Middle: Sierra Keber, Sheila Keber, Jennifer Kicis, Patricia Cronin, Maria Mascarenhas, Jeff Famme (Trainer).
Front: Nancy Chew, Andrea Huckins, Victoria Hill, Denise Pelletier, Tamara Perieira, Karen (Zippy) Murtaugh, Gavin Francis (Coach).
Absent: Jaime Hargreaves, Sarah Rutka
2006-07-Womens-FieldHockey-MC2006-07Back: Brenyn Hodge (Head Coach), Louise Radford, Lakae Dill, Amber Dale, Natasha Leduc, Emily Long, Sarah Coburn, Petra Kouvacs, Jen Baxter, Naomi Chapman, Jeff Paccheco (Assistant Coach), Jaclyn Baynham (Assistnat Coach).
Front: Shelby Musser, Michelle Weber, Shannon Kenrick, Ariana Graham, Jen Bruce, Sam Beattie, Natalie Mittler, Jen Bryson.
2011-12 Womens Field Hockey2011-12Back: Nick Aignell (Asst. Coach), Jennifer Chisnall, Jessica Crawford, Megan Duffy, Ashley McGovern, Katie Feagan, Ann Zoney, Jessica Bryce, Elsbeth Tate, Alexandra Nelson, Krystal Meadus (trainer), Jeff Pacheco (head coach)
Front: Bethan Blackburn, Shanshen Tian, Safia Mohamed, Lauren Mackenzie, Megan Scraper, Karly Bryson, Taylor Klimosko, Katelynn Roganowicz