Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s ice hockey team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1937-38-Womens-IceHockey-Occi1761937-38TeamBack: Bette Hueston, Elizabeth Young, Lorna Arscott, Lillian Graham.
Middle: Ann Way, Ruth McLaughlin, Dorinda Brickenden, Dorothy Golding, Miss Weston.
Front: Marion Snell, Kathleen Rex, Kathleen Veitch, Dorothy Johns, Marion Webster, Elizabeth Cram.
1938-39-Womens-IceHockey-Occi1611938-39TeamDorothy Golding, Lorna Arscott, Marian Webster, Kathleen Veitch, Marian Snell, Claire Elliott.
1959-60-Womens-IceHockey-Occi1571959-60TeamBack: Loretta Decarie, Dell McCallum, Sylvia Burston, Linda Jolly, Jane Peebles, Ruth Martin.
Front: Judy Ryerson, Carol Brown, Sue Peever, Louise Henry.
1960-61-Womens-IceHockey-Occi2901960-61TeamBack: Dave Mishenko (Coach), Sue Peever, Sharon Pirrie, Carol Brown, Martha Borschke, Lil Smith, Loretta Decarrie, Marilyn Snowden, Sharleen Philips, Andy Bakogeorge (Coach).
Front: Marg Peyette, Lynn Nicholson, Nora Newell, Barb Johnston, Isabella Dempsey, Marg Church.
1961-62-Womens-IceHockey-Occi2381961-62TeamBack: Sue Peever, Andy Bakogeorge (Coach), Carol Brown, Gail Faskin, Mary Ann Moss, Wendy Warwick, Dave Moshenko (Coach), Barb Johnson.
Front: Judy Millen, Jackie Deratney, Nancy Morrow.
1962-63-Womens-IceHockey-Occi2131962-63TeamBack: Ron Ferguson, Wendy Warwick, Barb Broadhurst, Gail Fasken, Barb Johnston, Lil Smith, Vicky Aucock, Sue Dunlop, Nancy Shuttleworth, Sue Moffat, Gary Bent.
Front: Mary Ann Moss, Pat Gunn, Barb Trusler, Marilee Clunis, Shirley Abell, Sheila MacDonald.
Absent: Lynn Taylor.
1963-64-Womens-IceHockey-Occi2411963-64TeamBack: Mary Riseborough, Marg McCaffrey, Wendy Warwick, Pete Martin (Coach), Sue Dunlop, Mary Ann Moss, Jo-Anne Smith.
Front: Pat Gunn, Bernice Wilkinson, Sandra Buzza, Barb Trusler, Lynn Taylor.
Absent: Rosanne Orcutt.
1964-65-Womens-IceHockey-Occi2591964-65TeamBack: Anne MeacEachern, Gail Taylor, Mary Jane Ashenhurst, Marg Durnford.
Middle: Beth Blackmore, Sue de la Gran, Gail Risdill, Sheila Scruton.
Front: Ann Austin, Bill Kerr (Coach), Pat Gunn (Captain).
Absent: Dave Alpaugh (Coach), Joanne Kinzer, Marion Hewitt, Rozz Orcutt, M. Hughes.
1965-66-Womens-IceHockey-Intercollegiate-Occi2191965-66TeamBack: Gary Adamson (Coach), Rita Berdusco, Marion Hewitt, Judy Maier, Malkin Howes, Martha Starr, Jim Hastings.
Front: Ann Austin, Gail Taylor, Jane Ashenhurst, Donna Robinson, Diane Luddington, Rosemary Ross, Pat Cook, Caraol Morton, Michele Bragg.
1965-66-Womens-IceHockey-WestGuMac-Occi2191965-66WestGuMacBack: Marg Macgougan, Malkin Howes, Pat Cook, Marion Hewitt, Nancy Bevin, Rosemary Ross, Martha Starr.
Front: Gary Adamson, Ann Austin, Gail Taylor, Donna Robinson, Carol Morton, Rita Berdusco, Judy Maier, Michele Bragg, Jim Hastings.
1972-73-Womens-IceHockey1972-73TeamBack: Chris Stewart (Coach), Paddy Hardman, Lou Gjos, Libby Hargrove, Sharon Elliot, Celia Southward, Colleen Brinkman, Ruth Armstong, Fran Robinson, Suzanne Dunn, Madelaine Froese (Trainer).
Front: Joanne Sharp, Jane Wilson, Kris Gjos, Jan Walters, Jan Mackay, Marilyn Macdonald.
2001-02-Womens-IceHockey-MC2001-02SeniorBack: A. Somerville (Asst. Captain), J. Godbold, S. Beelen, K. Wozniak, J. Jones, S. Bush, K. Bellehumeur,
Middle: H. Morrissey (Captain), J. Craig, P. Gammage (Asst. Captain), C. Traynor, C. Hunt, S. Skinner, J. Alsop, S. Pickard, J. de Melo.
Front: K. Rutherford, C. Prust, J. Myers (Asst. Coach), W. Shantz (Head Coach), Chris Higgins (Asst. Coach), J. Cochraine (Asst. Captain), A. Nichols.
Absent: J. Regier, C. Somerville.
2008-09-Womens-IceHockey-Senior-ID2008-09SeniorBack row: Jason Van Spronsen (Goaltender Coach), Ted Brown (Assistant Caoch), Doug Walker (Assistant Coach), Ariadne Jevnikar, Melissa Lee, Meghan Hewins, Cassandra Welten, Lindsay Gidomski, Lisa Flanagan, Brittany Buck, Erin Birchall (Trainer)
Middle row: Brittany O'Halloran (Equipment Manager), Katie Dillon, Amy Groen, Holly Ouellette, Chantal Morais, Kaitlyn Maddigan, Aoife Cox, Ashlyn Karapalidis, Paul Cook (Head Coach), Linda Reid (Assistant Coach), Sarah Mecredy (Trainer), Amanda Somerville (Assistant Coach)
Front row: Lindsey Martin, Kailey Hooker, Ellie Seedhouse, Alyssa Branson, Veronica Johnston, Kaley Sisler, Danielle Le Ber
Missing from photo: Jessica Ulrich (Goaltender), Whitney Weisshaar (Forward)
2009-2010-Womens-Ice Hockey2009-10SeniorBack row: Doug Walker (Assistant Coach), Meghan Hewins, Ted Brown (Assistant Coach), Lindsay Repath, Melissa Lee, Cassandra Welten, Lindsay Gidomski, Chantal Morais, Lisa Flanagan, Jason Van Spronsen (Goaltender Coach), Sarah McIntosh (Trainer)
Middle row: Lauren Bennett (Trainer), Rachel Harada, Katie Dillon, Kaley Sisler, Ashlyn Karapalidis, Kailey Hooker, Brittany Buck, Aoife Cox, Tawn Rellinger, Linda Reid (Assistant Coach), Paul Cook (Head Coach)
Front row: Lindsey Martin, Holly Ouellette, Veronica Johnston, Jessica Ulrich, Ellie Seedhouse, Jamie Carver, Brittany O'Halloran
Back row: Lindsay Repath, Katie Dillon, Tara Cation, Michelle Saunders, Carly Rolph, Taryn Brown, Emilie Canham, Chris Higgins (Head Coach)
Middle row: Stefanie Yeh (Trainer), Ted Brown (Assistant Coach), Megan Hewins, Kaylee Kearns, Aoife Cox, Kailey Hooker, Ashlyn Karapalidis, Brittany Buck, Chantal Morais, Ally Galloway, Marianne Filson, Meghan Collins (Trainer)
Front row: Olivia Ross, Tawn Rellinger, Ellie Seedhouse, Jessica Urlich, Lindsay Gidomski, Sydney Kidd, Alison Li
2011-12-Womens-IceHockey-ID2011-12SeniorBack row: Katelyn Gosling, Stacey Scott, Casey Rosen, Ally Galloway, Kaylee Kearns, Marianne Filson, Emilei Canham, Kendra Deller, Brian Gosling (Manager)
Middle row: Peter Richardson (Equipment Manager), Fiona Luk, Melanie Cancilla (Trainer), Madison Turk, Kim Brown, Tara Cation, Michelle Saunders, Brittany Clapham, Sam Nastasiuk, Sydney Kidd, Nina Mammoliti, Carly Rolph, Kaitlyn Maddigan (Trainer)
Front row: Ted Brown (Assistant Coach), Brian Shewfelt (Assistant Coach), Kelly Campbell, Katie Dillon, Tawn Rellinger, Olivia Ross, Lindsay Gidomski, Chantal Morais, Eleanor Pineau, Chris Higgins (Head Coach) Shannon Wise (Assistant Coach)
2012-13-Womens-IceHockey-ID2012-13SeniorBack row: Kendra Deller, Kryshanda Green, Stacey Scott, Jessica Ross, Cassidy Gosling, Ally Galloway, Marlowe Pecora Centre row: Cassandra Lee (Trainer), Madison Turk, Natasha Panahi, Michelle Saunders, Brittany Clapham, Sam Nastasiuk, Brianna Iazzolino, Sydney Kidd, Brian Gosling (Manager), Tawn Rellinger (Assistant Coach), Alexandra Somer (Trainer) Front row: Ted Brown (Associate Coach), Brian Shewfelt (Goalie Coach), Katie Jacobs, Katelyn Gosling, Tara Cation, Olivia Ross, Carly Rolph, Casey Rosen, Kelly Campbell, Chris Higgins (Coach), Kaley Sisler (Assistant Coach)
2013-14-Womens-Ice Hockey2013-14SeniorBack row: Nicole Latreille, Stacey Scott, Ally Galloway, Megan Taylor, Cassidy Gosling, Marlowe Pecora, Kendra Deller, Brian Gosling (Manager)
Middle row: Jennifer Lohmus (Trainer), Nicole French, Madison Turk, Michelle Saunders, Brittany Clapham, Brianna Iazzolino, Natasha Panahi, Sydney Kidd, Jessica Sorensen, Sam Hoover (Trainer)
Front row: Ted Brown (Associate Coach), Brian Shewfelt (Assistant Coach), Kelly Campbell, Katelyn Gosling, Tara Cation, Olivia Ross, Carly Rolph, Casey Rosen, Katie Jacobs, Amanda Mazzotta (Assistant Coach), Chris Higgins (Head Coach)
2014-15 Womens Ice Hockey2014-15SeniorBack row: Tia Kipfer, Stacey Scott, Emma Pearson, Nicole French, Megan Taylor, Giuliana Tanel, Marlowe Pecora, Cassidy Gosling
Middle row: Katie Kalchman (Trainer), Haley Donald (Trainer), Amanda Moore, Katie Hubert, Madison Turk, Brittany Clapham, Anthea Lasis, Ali Beres, Brianna Iazzolino, Kendra Broad, Brian Gosling (Manager)
Front row: Chris Higgins (Co Head Coach), Davin Raiha (Assistant Coach), Peyton Parker, Sydney Kidd, Katelyn Gosling, Katie Jacobs, Casey Rosen, Ally Galloway, Kelly Campbell, Dave Barrett (Co Head Coach), Dave Edwards (Assistant Coach)
2015-16 Womens Ice Hockey2015-16SeniorBack row: Olivia Woodley (trainer), Amanda Perreira, Tia Kipfer, Catherine O’Connor, Clair Balas, Megan Taylor, Evra Levesque, Edie Levesque, April Clark, Alyssa Godin (Assistant Manager), Sarah Harvey (Trainer)
Centre row: Brian Gosling (Manager), Brit Loggie, Rachel Raffard, Marlowe Pecora, Amanda Moore, Kennedy Dirk, Anthea Lasis, Lyndsay Kirkham, Dana Bryce, Katie Hubert, Ali Beres, Nicole French, Blair Webster (Assistant Coach)
Front row: Kelly Paton (Associate Coach), Peyton Parker, Kelly Campbell, Emma Pearson, Kendra Broad, Brittany Clapham, Katelyn Gosling, Stacey Scott, Brianna Iazzolino, Katie Jacobs, Sam Shaw, Dave Barrett (Coach)
2016-17 Womens Ice Hockey2016-17SeniorBack row: Amanda Perreira, Tia Kipfer, Shailyn Waites, Racheal Irvine, Catherine O’Connor, April Clark, Rachel Armstrong, Edie Levesque, Evra Levesque
Centre row: Emilie Woehlre (Trainer), Clair Balas, Amanda Moore, Renae Nevills, Anthea Lasis, Brianna Rice, Shana Alexander, Lyndsay Kirkham, Ali Beres, Alyssa Chiarello, Elizabeth Feunekes (Trainer)
Front row: Brian Gosling (Manager), Kalley Armstrong (Assistant Coach), Shelby Ryan, Megan Taylor, Marlowe Pecora, Katie Jacobs, Emma Pearson, Brianna Iazzolino, Tareya Webster, Kelly Paton (Coach), Blair Webster (Assistant Coach)