Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s soccer team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1934-35-Womens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1941934-35SeniorS. Messer, C. Wallace, D. Lilly, B. Shuttleworth, D. Timpany, Dorthy Rintoul, R. Clyde, I. Younge, D. Blackall, M. Wong, A. Gallagher, J. Paterson, L. Davis, Miss Plumptre (Coach)
1935-36-Womens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1781935-36SeniorBack: Dorothy Rintoul, Beryl Shuttleworth, Creena Wallace, Shirley Messer, Betty Loynes, Claire Elliot, Margaret Homuth.
Middle: Jean Patterson, Anne Gallagher, Doris Weston, Reita Clyde, Dorothy Timpany.
Front: Verta Kennerson, Clara Wong, Doris Blackall, Mary Wong.
1936-37-Womens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1671936-37SeniorBack: D. Weston, R. Barss, J. McKenzie, M. Cardiff, C. Wallace, B. Shuttleworth, M. Homuth, M. Vining, L. Brown.
Front: M. Rex, J. Lemon, Joan Breakspear, V. Kenerson, M. Webster, R. Gilles, C. Elliot.
1939-40-Womens-Soccer-Senior-Occi1671939-40SeniorBack: Eleanor Harwood, Winnifred Durnford, Jacqueline Gregory, Beth McKenzie, Irene Gettas, Mary Burton.
Front: Claire Elliott, Bessie Nickleson, Margaret McQueen, Marion Webster, Agnes Stothers, Elizabeth Dempsey, Elizabeth Walker.
1983-84-Womens-Soccer-Club-MaryRiezebos-MC1983-84SeniorBack: Mary Riezebos (Coach), Leslie Sims, Melanie Horner, Mary Fitzpatrick, Susan Ohlson, Michelle Bishop, Louise Hilborn.
Middle: Julie Whitehead, Carol McGaw, Danyet Cunningham, Sharon Duncan.
Front: Marty Mockler, Aualene Vopicka, Deb Grey, Brenda Rowe, Linda Whitehead.
1984-85-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1984-85SeniorBack: Jenny Caughlin (Trainer), Sue Crowther, Julie Whitehead (Co-Captain), Leslie Sims, Debbie Jones, Brenda Rowe (Assistant Coach), Mary Riezbos (Head Coach).
Middle: Linda Whitehead (Assistant Coach), Marti Mockler, Marie Flla, Cathy Hall, Debbie Ohlson, Suzanne Laughlin, Andrea Blair, Martha Hobson.
Front: Danielle Dignard, Michelle Bishop (Co-Captain), Danyet Cunningham, Louise Baird, Laurie Danowski.
1985-86-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1985-86SeniorBack: Mary Riezebos (Coach), Erika Seits, Danielle Dignard, Debbie Ohlson, Sandy Lubert, Patti Osborne, Jane Riddell (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Heather Cameron (Trainer), Andrea Blair, Lisa Bowes, Martha Hobson, Debbie Jones, Patti Watt, Laurie Danowski, Louise Baird.
Front: Julie Whitehead, Sue Crowther (Captain), Danyet Cunningham, Michelle Bishop (Captain), Kelly Kitamura.
1986-87-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1986-87SeniorBack: Mary Riezebos (Coach), Danielle Dignard, Erika Seits, Lisa Robb, Alison McEnteer, Debbie Ohlson, Deborah Mandville, Vince Van Alphen (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Michelle Bishop (Assistant Coach), Kelly Kitamura, Debbie Jones, Karen Wright, Sandy Lubert, Suzanne Laughlin, Lisa Bowes, Martha Hobson, Diane Dalby (Trainer).
Front: Sheri Kitching, Chris Steffen, Andrea Blair (Captain), Danyet Cunningham, Sue Crowther (Captain), Laurie Danowski, Karen Kay.
1987-88-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MC1987-88SeniorBack: Andrea Blair (Assistant Coach), Kristen Cholod, Erika Seits, Kathy Armstrong (Trainer), Sandy Lubert, Chris Steffen, Mary Riezebos (Coach).
Middle: Ann Ponniah, Kelly Kitamura, Sheri Kitching, Martha Hobson, Eva Gonos, Stephanie Spruston, Corinne Roos, Stephanie Potter.
Front: Kelly Wolsey, Susan Crowther (Captain), Danyet Cunningham, Deb Jones (Captain), Laurie Danowski.
Absent: Diane Quigley.
1988-89-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1988-89SeniorBack: Cathy Skain (Trainer), Laurie Danowski (Assistant Coach), Andrea Delazzari, Julie Verbeek, Julie Daniels, Stephanie Spruston, Evan Gonos, Julie Coxe, Mary Riezebos (Coach), Susan Crowther (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Christy Peever, Ann Ponniah, Susan Gibson, Kirsten Cholod, Stephanie Potter, Christine Stoneman, Nancy O'Neil, Sandy Lubert (Captain), Sheri Kitching.
Front: Erika Seits, Kelly Kitamura, Karen James, Carla Nooren, Danyet Cunningham, Deb Jones (Captain), Andrea Blair (Captain), Cecilia Tringate.
1989-90-Women-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1989-90SeniorBack: Julie Daniels, Julie Verbeek, Barb Bentley, Patty Bantis, Christine Ryan.
Middle: Ann Donniah (Coach), Julie Coxe, Michelle Stewart, Nancy O'Neil, Susan Gibson, Kirsten Cholod, Karen James, Cassie Rewbotham (Trainer).
Front: Sheri Kitching (Captain), Christine Stoneman, Liz McLachlan, Carla Nooren, Gail Gigun, Evan Gonos (Captain).
Absent: Andrea Blair (Coach), Erika Seits, Jill Salmon, Danyet Cunningham.
1990-91-Women-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1990-91SeniorBack: Nancy O'Neil, Heather Crabb, Marlene Santin, Michelle Stewart, Julie Daniels, Kim Johnson, Jessica Williams.
Middle: Linda Whitehead (Coach), Julie Whitehead (Assistant Coach), Susan Gibson, Sheri Kitching (Captian), Karen James, Evan Gonos (Captain), Barb Bentley, Gail Gigun, Paul Zimmer (Trainer).
Front: Chris Stoneman, Jackie Clark, Susan Verbeek, Liz McLachlan, Julie Verbeek.
1991-92-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1991-92SeniorBack: Eva Gonos (Captain), Barb Bentley, Nancy O'Neil (Captain), Susan Gibson, Wendy Rijnen, Christine Ryan, Kim Johnson.
Middle 2: Doug Linlater (Trainer), Peter Russell (Assistant Coach), Claudine Scuccato, Michelle Carter, Karen James, Gail Gigun, Joanna Cielen, Mary Riezebos (Coach).
Middle 1: Angela Santia, Melissa De Bryune, Michelle Stewart, Christine Stoneman, Julie Verbeek, Kristine Di Bacco.
Front: Liz McLachlan, Christine Porter.
1992-93-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1992-93SeniorBack: Heidi St. John, Siobhan Kinahan, Karen James (Captain), Sharon Simms, Susan Gibson, Claudine Scuccato.
Middle: Peter Russell (Assistant Coach), Tammy Waechter (Trainer), Kim Johnson (Captain), Vicki Johnson, Nicole Morley, Christine Porter, Gail Gigun, Amanda Buckland, Mary Riezebos (Coach).
Front: Barb Bentley, Angela Santia, Julie Verbeek, Melissa Debruyne, Lynn Lebrun.
Absent: Michelle Carter.
1994-95-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC1994-95SeniorFront L-R: Sue Budden, Michele Chomniak, Nikki Tennant, Sara Nathanson, Beth Washburn, Amanda Buckland (captain), Tina Ryan

Middle L-R: Laura Young, Kristen Boucher, Wendy Pak, Michele Marlborough, Tara Graat, Cynthia Popkey, Angela Santia, Lisa Barton, Kevin Bartley (trainer)

Back Row L-R: Danyet Cunningham (coach), Peter Russel (coach), Erin Howell, Stephanie Perry, Nancy O'Neil (captain), Nancy Conti, Sharon Simms, Sue Dalgeish, Janet Young, Siobhain Kinahan, Claudine Scuccato (captain), Mary Riezebos (coach), Sheri Fowler (absent)
1996-97-Womens-Soccer-Senior-011996-97SeniorBack: Christine Stock, Tara Wilkinson, Jill Bassie, Sue Dalgleish, Laura Young, Sharon Simms (Captain), Julie Valvasori, Janet Young, Jenn Nunn, Ana Grgic, Carmyn Aleshka.
Middle: Peter Russell (Associate Coach), Sherri Scott, Wendy Scanlon, Lisa Barton, Kerry Shea, Melissa Verbeek, Paula Faulkner, Paula Shurge, Amantha Kucey, Naomi Galbraith (Trainer), Sheri Fowler (Head Coach).
Front: Pauline Liabotis, Laura Walker, Beth Washburn (Captain), Michele Chomniak, Nikki Tennant, Sara Nathanson (Captain), Amanda Buckland, Amme Harding.
Absent: Danyet Cunningham Goal Keeper Coacher).
1997-98-Womens-Soccer-Senior-OldFouratQueens1997-98SeniorBack: Mike (Trainer), Sheri Kitching (Coach), Pauline Liabotis, Missy Mosczelt, Laura Walker, Carmyn Aleshka, Anne Harding, Erin Howell, Jody Patterson, Melissa Verbeek, Sherri Scott, Julie Valvisori, Jill Bassie, Peter Russell (Coach).
Front: Beth Washburn, Wendy Scanlon, Paula Faulkner, Colleen S., Tara Wilkinson, Alysa Walker, Paula Shurgg, Sarah SeSalliz, Kerry Shea, Amantha Kucey
1998-99-Womens-Soccer-Senior-LauraWalker1998-99SeniorBack: Trainer, Danyet Cunningham (Coach), Jill Bassie, Emily Wray, Crystal Hills, Melissa Moszcelt, Paula Shurge, Carmyn Aleshka, Melissa Verbeek, Jody Patterson, Ali Cameron, Alyssa Walker, Sherri Scott, Julie Valvasori, Sheri Kitching (Coach).
Front: Lesley Stefanke, Sarah DeSaliz, Sarah Roberts, Wendy Scanlon, Pauline Liabotis, Paula Faulkner, Ana Grgic, Stacey Judd, Laura Walker, Amme Gray.
1999-00-Womens-Soccer-Senior-011999-00SeniorBack: Carmyn Aleshka, Jill Bassie, Julie Valvasori, Crystal Hills, Julie Jansen, Lesley Stefanko, Sarah Desalaiz, Stacey Judd.
Middle: Marc Lieder, Alyssa Walker, Laura Walker, Ana Grgic, Krista Belecky, Sal Sloan, Ali Cameron, Emily Wray, Crystal Paolieilo, Noelle Carbone, Sheri Kitching.
Front: Amme Harding, Pauline Liabotis, Jody Patterson, Chrystal Johnston, Debbie Jackson, Paula Shurge, Sarah Roberts.
2000-01-Womens-Soccer-Senior2000-01SeniorBack: Stacey Judd, Donna Carvalhal, Katie Petherick, Sarah Roberts, Crystal Paoliello, Ali Cameron, Jody Patterson, Sal Sloan, Lesley Stefanko.
Middle: Pauline Liabotis, Emily Wray, Julie Jansen, Lena Hesselmans, Crystal Hills, Kristen Sweeting, Chyrstal Johnson, Katherine Esch (Assistant Coach), Mark Eys (Coach).
Front: Amme Harding, Sarah Desalaiz, Jill Bassie, Noelle Carbone, Ana Grgic, Deborah Jackson, Brett Stephenson, Lauren Jackson.
2001-02-Womens-Soccer-Senior-MaryRiezebos-MC2001-02SeniorBack: S. Roberts, J. Jansen, C. Paoliello, Hesselmans, K. Ryerson, J. Van Dyk, A. Carmeron, K. Toomsalu, J. Elder.
Middle: M. Riezebos (Coach), J. Jackson (Trainer), S. Sloan, J. Kapitany, N. Carbone, P. Liabotis (Coach), M. Eys (Coach).
Front: L. Stefanko, E. Havaris, M. Doucet, J. Patterson, S. Judd, C. Johnston, D. Jackson, Christina Bonasia.
Absent: P. Russell (Coach), L. Jackson.