Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s swimming team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1936-37-Womens-Swimming-Occi1681936-37Back: P. Ellwood, E. Fothergill, J. Hutchison, J. Lawson, R. Barss.
Front: J. Shirley, J. Breakspear, M. Thomas, M. Craig, B. Govan.
1937-38-Womens-Swimming-Occi1761937-38Back: Kathleen Slivinski, Gladys Humphrys, Joan Breakspear, Elizabeth Cram, Doris Eagles.
Front: Gwynneth Martin, Margaret Craig, Barbara Govan.
Absent: Jean Lawson
1938-39-Womens-Swimming-Occi1591938-39Back: Gladys Humphrys, Winnifred Smith, Joan Breakspeare, Helen Higgins, Lillian Graham.
Front: Barbara Govan, Margaret Craig, Kathleen Slivinski.
1939-40-Womens-Swimming-Occi1661939-40Back: Doris Eagles, Jacqueline Gregory, Gladys Humphrys, Mary Otten, Peggy Sturman.
Front: Barbara Govan, Winnifred Smith, Ann Little
1940-41-Womens-Swimming-Occi1581940-41Back: Joan Robinson, Jane Robinson, Ruth McAllister, Mary Burton, Mary Otton.
Front: Hillaire Little, Jacqueline Gregory, Ann Little
1941-42-Womens-Swimming-Occi1941-42Back: A. Little, K. Wearing, W. Taylor, M. Brown, M. Fischer, B. Laurie.
Front: G. Kovar, J. Draper, J. Gregory, M. Burton, M. Douglas.
1943-44-Womens-Swimming-Occi1943-44Back: Ann McNabb, Kay Fallis, Barbara Laurie, Mary Nichol, Ann Cromarty, Elspeth Houston, Nancy Forman.
Front: Audrey Moffatt, Barbara Spencer, Joan Govan, Josephine Spencer, Caroline Spencer.
1944-45-Womens-Swimming-Occi1891944-45Back: Doris Shirley, S. Alexander, I. Jackson, C. Spencer, J. Carson.
Middle: B. Lindsay, A. McNabb, R. Myrick, J. Spencer.
Front: A. Smillie, J. Govan.
1945-46-Womens-Swimming-Occi1761945-46Back: Ann McNabb, Anne Hardy, Marion Brown, Doris Shirley.
Middle: Elizabeth Jepson, Betty Boyle, Marion Winterbottom.
Front: Aileen Johnston, Joan Govan, Ina Govan.
Absent: Bev MacQueen.
1946-47-Womens-Swimming-Occi1761946-47Back: Janet Hunten, Margaret Werte, Ann Hardy, Jane Hicks, Helen German, Betty Boyle, Beverley Brough.
Front: Mary Blezard, Mrs. Mackellar, Margaret Macklin, Ruth Moffat.
1947-48-Womens-Swimming-Occi1131947-48Back: Janet Hunten, Margaret Werte, Betty Boyle, Barry Rankin, Dodie Flavelle.
Front: June Taylor, Helen German, Mrs. H.R. McKellar (Coach), Jane Hicks (Captain), Jean Shillington.
1948-49-Womens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1261948-49Charlotte Taylor, Margaret Werte, Jane Hicks, Mrs. H.R. MacKellar (Coach), Jean MacDonald, Fran Shillington, June Taylor.
Absent: Beverley Brough, Joan Dussault.
1949-50-Womens-Swimming-IntercollegiateOcci1621949-50June Taylor, Gale Taylor, Mary Anne Burland, Jean Shillington, Janet Barnby, Jean MacDonald, Jane Hicks Pringle.
Absent: Cynthia Clark, Mrs. H.R. MacKellar (Coach).
1949-50-Womens-Swimming-InterWestern-Champions-Occi1621949-50Back: Joanne May, Barbara Janes, Dorothy Bird, Emma Blair.
Front: Ann Phelps, Pat Barnby, Jean Young.
Absent: Helen German.
1950-51-Womens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1471950-51Back: Miss J. Ramsay (Coach), Jo Gaffney, Catherine Foucar, Anne Slatterie, Tigey Brown.
Front: Jackie Shaw, Joanne May, Norma Smith, Emma Blair, Kay Miles.
1950-51-Womens-Swimming-InterWestern-Occi1471950-51Judy Anderson, Phyllis Alexander, Arden Bailey, Joyce Gordon.
1951-52-Womens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1451951-52Back: Marion Murray (Mgr.), Miss Jean Ramsay (Coach).
Middle: Barbara Butterworth, Jane Eastman, Judy Anderson, Peggy Stevens, Pat Farrell.
Front: Joan Mortimer, Cathy Foucar, Emma Blair (Captain), Kay Miles, Margaret Waddell, Joanne May.
1952-53-Womens-Swimming-Intercollegiate-Occi1441952-53Back: Marion Murray, Miss M. Bray, Barb Butterworth, Joan Mortimer.
Front: Jackie Fisher, Eleanor Gibson, Marilyn King, Jo McClure, Kay Miles, Jane Eastman, Emma Blair.
1953-54-Womens-Swimming-Occi481953-54Back: Miss Maureen Bray (Coach), Marnie Huggett.
Middle: Barb Butterworth, Helen Korri, Jane Eastman, Janet Stewart.
Front: Kay Miles, Judy Laurie, Felicity Spiller, Barb McKechnie, Marion Montgomery.
1954-55-Womens-Swimming-Occi1431954-55Back: Ann Collyer, Judy Laurie, Shirley Moser, Jackie Tait, Helen Korri, Kay Miles (Instructor).
Front: Donna Ross, Barb Black, Pat Griffin, Mary Munn, Barb Bastion.
1955-56-Womens-Swimming-Occi1021955-56Back: Ruth Hutchison, Peg Humphries, Gail Royce, Peg Duncan, Jean McLachlan, Pam Perkins, Ann Preston.
Front: Mike Lind, Shirley Moser, Kay Easun (Coach), Mary Munn, Jackie Tait.
1956-57-Womens-Swimming-Occi1011956-57Back: Barb Love, Shirley Moser, Mary Munn, Fran Wigston, Cathy Cole, Jean McLaughlin, Peg Duncan, Collette Wallace.
Front: Pat Griffin, Carol Sumner, Jackie Tait, Miss Hellen Kori, Marg Latimer, Penny Thomas, Ruth Hutchison.
1957-58-Womens-Swimming-Occi1011957-58Back: Mrs. Lutz (Asst. Coach), Marg Latimer, Shirley Moser, Marilyn Ward, Peg Duncan, Jean Crosby, Bev Eynon, Helen Korri (Coach).
Front: Marg Erskine, Mary Munn, Becky Nash, Pat Griffin, Jackie Tait.
1959-60-Womens-Swimming-Occi1541959-60Back: Heather Johnston, Mary Lewis, Kathy Smith, Eleanor Shaw.
Front: Bev Eynon, Cathy McBrien.
1960-61-Womens-Swimming-Occi2941960-61Back: Liz Bower, Pat Neiland, Pat Fitzerald, Hazel Fenning, Judy Osler, Anne Fanning, Mary Lou Whitwill, Fran Rintoul.
Middle: Mrs. Kunkel, Mrs. Lutz.
Front: Marianne Hoople, Cathy McBrien (Captain), Wendy Reynolds.
1961-62-Womens-Swimming-Occi2421961-62Back: Marianne Hoople, Chris Boyd, Rosalind Palmquist, Mary Lou Whitwell, Barbara Phipps, Gillian Bower, Ann Mighton, Georgina Hartwell, Sharon McLean, Sharon Young, Eleanor Shaw.
Front: Sue Cakebread, Mrs. Lutz (Coach), Joan Mortin (Manager).
1962-63-Womens-Swimming-Occi2061962-63Back: Jane Archer, Rosalind Palmquist, Anne Mighton, Sue Watson, Eleanor Shaw.
Front: Pat Fitzgerald, Mary Lou Whitwill, Sharon MacLean.
1963-64-Womens-Swimming-Occi2431963-64Back: Marion Dyke, Jane Stephens, Eleanor Shaw, Rosalind Palmquist, Mary Lou Whitwell, Sharon McLean, Sue Watson, Barb Trusler (Mgr.).
Front: Ann Ryckman, Nancy Bevan, Jaclyn Fowler, Donna Wilson, Mrs. Dawson (Coach).
1964-65-Womens-Swimming-Occi2551964-65Back: Mary Jane Currie, Sue Whitley, Valerie Slater, Shirley Mustard, Sharon Spicknell.
Front: Judy Henderson, Ann Bright.
Absent: Tati Fridman, Ann Ryckman, Sue Watson.
1965-66-Womens-Swimming-Speed-Occi2121965-66Back: Fran Richards, Lore Kennedy, Shirley Mustard, Mary Marg Allen, Valerie Slater, Gail Jordan.
Front: Miss Elizabeth Taylor (Coach), Ann Bright, Mary Jane Currie, Sue Mustard, Ellen Box (Mgr.).
Absent: Pat Teal, Sharon Spicknell.
1969-70-Womens-Swimming-Diving-Occi1581969-70Diane Thompson, Mr. J. Richardson (Coach), Cynthia Burchmore.
1969-70-Womens-Swimming-Occi1581969-70Back: Terry Gri, Val Hardacre, Lyn Gordon, Gaye Wigston, Tasie McCullough, Mary Pattinson, Debbie Aston, Lorraine Aho.
Front: Barb Green, Susan McCaskill, Miss J. Eastwood (Coach), Louise Kennedy, Joan Garwill.
1988-89-Mixed-Diving-MC1988-89Back: Bill Humphrey, Craig Tevit, Mark Bodnar, Chris Rintoul, Boyd Glyn-Williams, Matt Aggerhold.
Front: Susan Brisson, Elaine Pohl, Catherine Hume, Vanessa Cato (Coach), Josie Josten.
1988-89-Womens-Swimming-ID1988-89Back: Megan Fowler, Karen Pepper, Lesli Smith, Tracey Hanson, Pauline Johnson, Janet Morrison, Monika Mandeljc, Andrea Maxwell, Janice Rutherford.
Middle: Laura Pratt, Tracy Phillips, Wendy Rankin, Anne Marie Olson, Pam Millar, Kari Roberts, Carol Tietze, Jennifer McElroy, Tara Byrne.
Front: Johanna Billings, Brenda McMullin, Kate Burpee, Catharine Pollard, Joanna Jackson, Tami Boccaccio, Marie Richards.
1989-90-Womens-Swimming-ID1989-90Back: Janice Rutherford, Andrea Maxwell, Kim Schulze, Pam Millar, Kate Burpee, Kristina Greenwood, Laura Pratt, Lesli Smith.
Middle: Samantha Cook, Tanya Beveridge, Catharine Pollard, Heather MacDougall, Jennifer Cardwell, Karen Pepper, Megan Fowler, Krista Sanders.
Front: Kari Bailey, Laura Laidlaw, Marie Richards, Paige Backman, Erin Anderson, Catherine Hume.
1990-91-Mixed-Diving-MC1990-91Back: Jeffrey Mayne, Rich Nolan, Kristen Van Alphen, Kristen Wingfield, Angela James, Sean Gicopoulos, Jason Russell.
Front: Josie Josten (Coach).
1990-91-Womens-Swimming-ID1990-91Back: Andrea J. Maxwell, Lesli Smith, Kate Burpee, Erin Gregson, Kim Schulze, Heather MacDougall, Laura Laidlaw.
Middle: John Oesch (Coach), Sam Cook, Anne-Marie Olson, Miriam Kavcic, Kristen Buhlman, Catharine Pollard, Kari Bailey, Kristina Greenwood, Erin Anderson, Fiona Soloman.
Front: Megan Fowler, Nancy Spence, Gillian Edmonds, Heather Braaten, Leagh Turner Krista Sanders, Kristine Stortini.
1994-95-Womens-Swimming-ID1994-95Back: Lianne Crawford, Jennifer Aslop, Sian Carver, Melanie Pearson, Susan Tilk, Nancy Birchenough, Jennifer Begg, Bryony Tanswell.
Middle: Kim Schulze, Carrie Arnott, Ariana Price, Andrea Bowles, Jennifer Dupuis, Christine Swanston, Gillian Edmons, Dan Stratton.
Front: Olivia Cain, Jennifer Prevost, Jody Ariss, Laurie Carr, Joanne Hemstead.
1995-96-Womens-Swimming-ID1995-96Back: Carrie Arnott (Captain), Sian Carver, Melanie Pearson (Captain), Susan Tilk (Captain), Andrea Bowles, Gillian Edmonds.
Middle: Deanna McEachern, Joanne Hemstead, Jen Dupuis, Carla Sordoni, Ariana Price, Glen Belfry (Head Coach).
Front: Angela White, Amy Bartoch, Angela Kelly, Nicole Nakatsu, Melanie Reid.
1996-97-Womens-Swimming-ID1996-97Back: Jody Ariss (Asst. Coach), Joanne Hemstead, Jen Dupuis, Melanie Reid, Glen Belfry (Coach).
Middle: Samantha Stewart, Sherrie Coish, Deanna McEachern, Andrea Bowles (MVP), Nicole Nakatsu, Ariana Price, Angela White, Angela Kelly, Jen Lutz, Nela Wittek.
Front: Sarina Kumar, Laura Seanor, Jessie Winn, Amy West, Tamsyn Green, Jen Nistico, Hilary March (Rookie of the Year).
98-99 Womens Swimming1998-99Front: Jessica Kelly, Sarah Young, Kristin Loney, Kara Murphy, Kelly Alexander
Middle: Paula Bradley, Amy Lanza, Christa Gregory, Jen Sinclair, Sarah Teetsel
Back: Crystal Clerk, Tamsyn Green, Jody Ariss, Stephanie Murray, Stacey Patrick, Glen Belfry (coach)
Absent: Allyson Dalton
1999-00-Womens-Swimming-ID1999-00Back: Andrea Nicholls (Asst. Coach), Jessica Kelly, Nela Wittek, Christa Gregory, Glen Belfry (Coach),
Middle: Stacey Patrick, Kara Murphy, Krista Sargeant, Sara Teetzel, Crystal Clark (Captain).
Front: Kristi Wolosinecky, Julie Woodroffe, Erin Aimers, Carol-Anne Thacker, Maureen Grainger, Lisa Chin.
2000-01 Womens Swimming2000-011st Row: Carmen Barnett, Aliza Goodman, Christine Jaeggi, Erica Lemieux, Natash Collia, Blythe Dalziel, Larua Steenburgh
2nd Row: Sarah Teetzel, Jessica Kelly, Julie Woodroffe, Lisa Chin
3rd Row: Jen Sinclair, Tamsyn Green, Crystal Clark, Glen Belfry (coach)
Absent: Jennie Cairns, Jen Manley, Christa Gregory