Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s volleyball team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1959-60-Womens-Volleyball-AlWatWest-Occi1501949-50SeniorBack: Betty Brown, Phylis Scott, Miss Jean Ramsay, Shirley Blay, Marg Brush.
Middle: Elizabeth Kennedy, Lil Laakso, Katherine Bandeen (Captain), Liz Sloman, Mary Martin.
Front: K. Allen, Loo Jean Collister, Mary Haggart, Lois Myers.
1960-61-Womens-Volleyball-AlWatWest-Occi2971950-51SeniorBack: Pat Martin, Nan Gingrich, Barbara Bradley, Kay Miles, Jacquie Marshall, Jean Folster, Kay Meredith (Coach).
Front: Mary Lusty, Mary Grimes, Irene Yuhasz, Cay Giles, Marnie Huggett, Dorothy Burnett, Evelyn Kraft.
1961-62-Womens-Volleyball-AlWatWest-Occi2451951-52SeniorBack: Miss Ramsay (Coach), Ardeth Crich, Shirley Wyatt, Robin Futcher, Wilma Scott, Nan Gingrich, Marilyn Kreuger.
Front: Dorothy Burnett, Jacqueline Marshall, Irene Yuhasz, Emma Blair, Catherine Giles.
Absent: Kay Miles.
1962-63-Womens-Volleyball-AlWatWest-Occi2151952-53SeniorBack: Maxine Kohl, Meth McLean, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins, Cay Giles, Norma Lanning.
Front: Marilyn Krueger, Barbara Holmes, Barbara Bradley, Emma Blair, Ardeth Crich.
1959-60-Womens-Volleyball-WestOMac-Occi1501953-54IntermediateBack: Vera Mencik, Judy Laurie, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Pat Smith eileen McCorquodale.
Front: Marilyn Hacker, Mary Sands, Carol Pack, Flo Senfa, Lorraine Daniell.
Absent: Nancy Barett, Janet Stewart.
1960-61-Womens-Volleyball-WestOMac-Occi2971953-54SeniorBack: Wilma Scott, Beth McLean, Molly McMillan, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Joanne Castle, Joanne Holmes, Doreen Anderson.
Front: Jane Pinchin, Marilyn Krueger, Kay Miles, Ardeth Crich, Dianne Collins, Patricia Ann Payette.
1961-62-Womens-Volleyball-WestOMac-Occi2451954-55IntermediateBack: Peg Humphries, Carol Pack, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins, Hazel Slaven, Eileen McCorquodale, Janet Stewart.
Front: Judy Laurie, Sue Henry, Flo Senfa, Marg Johnson, Carol Merry.
1962-63-Womens-Volleyball-WestOMac-Occi2151954-55SeniorBack: Molly MacMillan, Ardeth Crich, Mary Munn, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins, Beth McLean, Jackie Tait, Shirley Moser.
Front: Jo Castle, Jane Pinchin, Doreen Anderson, Fran Wigston, Marilyn Parkinson, Joyce Sibbit.
1953-54-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi461955-56IntermediateBack: Rose Marie Pierson, Gloria Todoroff, Vivian Campbell, Lois Thompson, Gail Royce, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Phyllis Klein, Peg Humphries, Jean McLachlan Pat MacKeen Doreen Anderson.
Front: Sue Henry, Cathi Koroniak.
1954-55-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi1451955-56SeniorBack: Shirley Moser, Judy Laurie, Beth McLean, Marilyn Parkinson, Andre Kennedy, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Doreen Anderson, Jane Pinchin, Joanne Castle, Carol Park, Mary Munn.
Front: Fran Wigston, Cathi Koraniak (Manager).
1955-56-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi1001956-57IntermediateBack: Pat Osborn, Lynne Irwin, Mary Lou Dresser, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Jean McLaughlin, Dot Cole, Barb Cotton.
Front: Penny Thomas, Lois Thompson, Pat MacKeen, Marg Emerson, Heather Allison, Nadine McGregor.
1956-57-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi991956-57SeniorBack: Mary Munn, Marilyn Parkinson, Mrs. Berzins, Jo Castle, Joy Sibbitt, Shirley Moser.
Front: Cathi Koroniak, Yvette Walton, Fran Wigston, Peg Duncan, Doreen Anderson.
1957-58-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi991957-58IntermediateBack: Betty Makar, Arija Mikelsons, Marietta Campbell, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Winifred Munro, Dot Cole, Pat Osborn.
Front: Louise Henry, Pauline Sholomiski, Mary Lou Dresser (Captain), Lloy Edighoffer.
1958-59-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi2111957-58SeniorBack: Mavis Anderson, Lynn Irwin, Marilyn Parkinson, Yvette Walton, Cathi Koroniak, Mrs. Berzins (Coach), Lois Thompson, Peggy Duncan.
Front: Andrea Jeffrey, Shirley Moser, Mary Munn (Captain), Marg Emerson, Heather Allison, Pat Osborn (Manager).
1963-64-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi2471958-59IntermediateBack: Louise Henry, Cathie McCormick, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Sonya Zohn, Sandra Booth.
Front: Lorraine White, Winnie Munro, Peg Duncan, Fran Busch.
1964-65-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi2611958-59SeniorBack: Heather Allison, Eleanor Ward, Mavis Anderson, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Yvette Walton, Peg Duncan, Marg Lou Dresser.
Front: Marietta Campbell, Lynn Irwin, Lorraine White (Manager), Margaret Emerson, Andrea Jeffrey.
1965-66-Womens-Volleyball-Intermediate-Occi2151958-59SeniorBack: Dana McGrath, Margaret Peacock, Lorraine White, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Winnie Munro, Sonya Zahn, Bonnie Aust.
Front: Cathie McCormick, Pat Osborn, Sandra Booth.
1949-50-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1959-60Al-Wat-WestBack: Martha Munro, Cathy Benson, Mrs. Berzins, Kathy McKenzie, Joyce Zimmerman, Barb Jacobs.
Front: Dana McGrath, Marg Wagstaff, Sandra Booth, Sharon Pirrie, Carole Penner.
1950-51-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1471959-60SeniorBack: Eleanor Ward, Audrey Pegels, Kathy McKenzie, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins, Mavis Anderson, Noelle Grace, Andrea Jeffrey.
Front: Marg Jackson, Marietta Campbell, Yvette Walton, Heather Allison, Lorraine White.
1951-52-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1461959-60West-O-MacBack: Martha Munro, Cathy Benson, Cathy McKenzie, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins, Mavis Anderson, Sandra Booth.
Front: Marg Wagstaff, Audrey Pegels, Marg Jackson, Noelle Grace, Lorraine White.
1952-53-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1441960-61Al-Wat-WestBack: Mary Lou Whitwill, Cathy Benson, Martha Munroe, Gail Randall, Mrs. Elfria Berzins.
Front: Jean McNally, Cleda Bursaw, Marg Wagstaff, Eleanor Shaw, Marg Masterton.
1953-54-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi461960-61SeniorBack: Jean McNally, Cathy Benson, Martha Munroe, Yvette Walton, Eleanor Ward, Martha Borschke, Audrey Pegels, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins.
Front: Sandra Booth, Cieda Bursaw, Penny Dagley, Lorraine White, Marg Jackson, Andrea Jeffrey, Marg Wagstaff.
Absent: Noelle Grace.
1954-55-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1451960-61West-O-MacBack: Jean McNally, Cathy Benson, Martha Munroe, Yvette Walton, Eleanor Ward, Martha Borschke, Audrey Pegels, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins.
Front: Sandra Booth, Cieda Bursaw, Penny Dagley, Lorraine White, Marg Jackson, Andrea Jeffrey, Marg Wagstaff.
Absent: Noelle Grace.
1955-56-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1001961-62Al-Wat-WestBack: Barb Jacobs (Manager), Jean McNally, Karen Zarn, Gail Randall, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins.
Front: Eleanor Shaw, Mary Lou Whitwell, Sue Weiner.
Absent: Martha Munro, Cathy Benson
1956-57-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1961-62SeniorEleanor Ward, Lorraine White, Penny Dagley, Sondra Booth, Marg Jackson, Marilyn McPherson, Mary Sinclair, Martha Borschke, Cleda Bursaw, Lynn Silver, Sue Hilton, Audrey Pegels.
1957-58-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi991961-62West-O-MacBack: Mary Sinclair, Audrey Pegels, Karen Zarn, Sue Hilton, Barb Jacobs (Manager), Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Cleda Bursaw, Lynn Silver, Gail Randall, Marilyn McPherson.
Front: Martha Borschke, Marg Jackson, Penny Dagley, Sondra Booth, Lorraine White, Eleanor shaw, Jean McNally, Eleanor Ward.
1958-59-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-01-Occi2111962-63Al-Wat-WestBack: Martha Borschke (Manager), Janet Baxter, Elaine McRae, Marg Rogers, Mary Ellen Barbour, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach).
Front: Cathy Williams, Nancy Balkwill, Ann Robinson, Sandra Buzza, Jo Anne Smith.
1958-59-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-02-Occi2111962-63SeniorPenny Dagley (Captain), Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Martha Borschke (Manager), Cleda Bursaw, Lynne Silver, Mary Sinclair, Mary Lou Whitwill, Cathy Benson, Cathy Williams, Marilyn Banks, Mary Ellen Barbour, Jo Anne Smith, Mary Riseborough, Jean Ingram.
1959-60-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1501962-63West-O-MacBack: Martha Borschke (Manager), Mary Ellen Barbour, Marg Rogers, Mary Lou Whitwill, Elain McRae, Cathy Benson, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach).
Middle: Marilynn Banks, Lynn Silver, Eleanor Shaw, Cleda Bursaw, Sandra Buzza, Mary Riseborough.
Front: Bev Donovan, Pat Leamon, Penny Dagley (Captain), Cathy Williams, Ann Robinson, Jo Anne Smith.
1960-61-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-02-Judy1963-64IntermediateBack: Janice Graham, Judy Wilson, Mrs. Elfrida Berzins (Coach), Sharon Hall, Nancy Leal.
Front: Nancy Balkwill, Sharon Ball, Gloria Bezeau, Barb Bayliss.
1961-62-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Headshots-Occi2441963-64SeniorBack: Ann Robinson, Mary Riseborough, Mary Lou Whitwell, Kristina Gulens, Mrs. Berzins (Coach).
Middle: Martha Borschke (Manager), Sandra Buzza, Mary Sinclair (Captain), Janet Baxter, Marg Emerson.
Front: Kathy Kangas, Lynne Silver, Cathy Williams, Joyce Pyette.
1962-63-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi2141964-65IntermediateBack: Barb Keyes, Nancy Balkwill, Lois Fox, Marilyn Dew, Wanda Webster, Miss Walton (Coach).
Front: Jane Clarke, Lorraine Farkas, Dawn Armstrong (Captain), Anne McDonald, Eleanor Belfry.
1963-64-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1964-65SeniorBack: Joan Pickersgill, Janet Baxter, Sandra Buzza, Sue Godfrey, Barb Bayliss, Marg Emerson, Sharon Ball.
Front: Barb Keyes, Bea Atkins, Joyce Pyette, Mary Riseborough (Captain), Sharon Hall, Kathy Kangas, Miss Walton.
1964-65-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi2611965-66IntermediateBack: Joy taylor (Coach), Diane Townsend, Sally Gellard, Judy Kelly, Shirley Walchuk, Helen Thompson, (Manager).
Front: Bea Atkins, Joanne Kinzer, Sue Godfrey, Jane Clarke.
Absent: Cathy McFadden, Dawn Armstrong.
1965-66-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi2151965-66SeniorBack: Joy Taylor (Coach), Sharon Ball, Jane Allison, Kathy Kangas, Joan Pickersgill, Helen Thompson (Manager).
Front: Jan Baxter, Ulle Palmer.
Absent: Sandra Buzza.
1969-70-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Occi1601969-70SeniorBack: Sue Whitley, Marion Munroe, Diane Campbell, Caroline Scott-White, Sue Morton, Joy Taylor (Coach), Claire Pederson.
Front: Leith Young, Joanne Garrod, Lyn McAvoy, Ann Paterson, Janice Ramsay.
1971-72-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1971-72SeniorBack: Joy Taylor, Jane MacDonald, Judy Alaszkiewicz, Lynne McAvoy, JoAnne Garrod, Sandy Sladkowski, Therese Quigley.
Front: Patty Morrison, Anne Beattie, Mary Chisholm, Suzanne Wood, Marion Munro, Marilyn Ellis.
1972-73-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1972-73SeniorBack: Fran Wigston, Jane Macdonald, Judy Alaszkiewicz, Therese Quigley, Denise McLafferty, Deb Seeley, Marg Cavanagh.
Front: Mary Chisholm, Marion Munro, Krista Kruse.
1974-75-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1974-75SeniorBack: Fran Wigston (Coach), Therese Quigley, Pat O'Brien, Deb Seeley, Denise McLafferty, Judy Alaszkiewicz, Candice Velichka, Wanda Traczewski (Manager).
Front: Mary Chisholm, Patti Morrison, Cathy Humphries, Jane Mitchell.
1975-76-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-02-Judy1975-76SeniorBack: Pat O'Brien, Deb Seeley, Judy Alaszkiewicz, Cindy Elliott, Denise McLafferty, Harriet Mautendorpher.
Middle: Jan Thorne, Brenda Gonder, Jane Mitchell, Ann Charuba, Candice Velichka, Fran Wigston (Coach).
Front: Cathy Humphries, Mary Chisholm, Roberta Awde.
1976-77-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1976-77SeniorBack: Anne Charuba, Kim McGregor, Pat O'Brien, Nina Pawluk, Kerry Klostermann (Assistant Coach), Candice Velichka, Judy Alaszkiewicz (Captain), Cindy Elliott, Hariet Mautendorfer, Therese Quigley, Deb Seeley.
Front: Eleanor Barker, Brenda Gonder, Fran Wigston (Coach), Lisa Marchuck, Nancy Wilson.
1981-82-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1981-82SeniorBack: Marnie Wilson, Marg McLean, Jan Patterson, Kulie Bujouves, Anne Sutherland, Erika Kerhoulas, Rob Atkinson (Coach).
Front: Jill Tuckey, Janice Fleming, Kelly Parr, Lori Nixon, Heather Atkinson.
1991-92-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-MC1991-92SeniorBack: Linda Schell, Megann Smith, Natalie Vasko, Melanie Gareau, Sara Thayer, Chris Burchett (Trainer).
Middle: Cheryl Collister (Coach), Louise Smith, Jean Arnold, Anna Basic, Tanya Wade, Carolyn Cooke (Manager), Laurie Wood (Trainer).
Front: Amber Houssian, Stephanie Blair, Bonnie Matsubayashi, Lara Smith, Miriam Hendry.
1993-94-Womens-Volleyball1993-94Senior1st Row: Erminia Ruso, Lara Smith, Bonnie Matsubayashi, Angelique Montano, Tara Burroughs, Peter Eglitis
2nd Row: Jeff Lundy, Kelly Bradish, Heidi Neff, Lorraine VanGrieken, Lynn MacDonald, Sara Thayer, Max Folkersma, Jacqueline Patterson
3rd Row: Jean Arnold, Stephany Cahill, Susan Habanova, Valerie Pluimers, Kim Ryan, Megann Smith
1994-95-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Judy1994-95SeniorBack: Kim Ryan, Valerie Pluimers, Stephany Cahill, Melissa Rodger, Megann Smith.
Middle: Peter Eglitis (Assistant Coach), Erminia Russo (Head Coach), Lynn MacDonald (Co-Captain), Linda Cherry, Jean Arnold (Assistant Coach), Randy Tsioros (Student Trainer).
Front: Allison Schaefer, Bianca Beisetzer, Angelique Montano, Kim Hefford, Bonnie Matsubayashi (Co-Captain).
Absent: Karen Wilson (Student Trainer).
1995-96 Womens Volleyball1995-96Senior1st Row: Allison Schaeffer, Bianca Beisetzer, Angelique Montano, Kim Hefford, Erin Jones, Lynn MacDonald
2nd Row: Wil Evenhuis (trainer), Bonnie Matsubayashi, Kendra Irwin, Steve Kennedy (asst. coach), Dale Melnick (head coach), Helen Mahoney (trainer)
3rd Row: Orla Steele, Michelle Scott, Valerie Pluimers, Stephany Cahill, Julia Brand, Kimberly Ryan
1996-97-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-MC1996-97SeniorBack: Stephanie Kruuk (Trainer), Sue Seara, Stephany Cahill, Orla Steele, Julia Brand, Jennifer Homan, Jonathan Henderson (Trainer).
Middle: Dean Lowrie (Head Coach), Lynn MacDonald, Marnie Simpson, Megan Telford, Erin Jones, Bonnie Matsubayashi (Assistant Coach), Rusty Haines (Assistant Coach).
Front: Bianca Beisetzer, Kim Hefford, Angelique Montano, Claudine Montano, Sylvia Colucci, Michelle Scott.
97-98-Women-Volleyball1997-98Senior1st Row: Shannon Watson, Jill Gottschalk, Bridget Campbell, Jen Wheeler, Katie Havers, Lynn MacDonald (Co-Captain)
2nd Row: Dean Lowrie (coach), Jacquie Taylor (Sport Psychologist), Robin Armstrong, Samantha Booth, Stephany Cahill, Julia Brand, Lloyd Rumble (asst. coach), Rusty Haines (asst. coach)
3rd Row: Kathleen Orsi (Trainer), Bonnie Matsubayashi (Co-Captain), Sonja Janischewski, Marnie Simpson, Patricia Reyes (Trainer)
99-00 Womens Volleyball1999-00Senior1st Row: Jen Wheeler, Rachel Loewen, Bridget Campbell, Marnie Simpson, Jill Gottschalk, Diane Clarke
2nd Row:Dean Lowrie (coach), Sonja Janischewski, Katie Power, Katherine Kiss, Janet Stewardson, Wes Vurma (asst. coach)
3rd Row: James Hardy (sport psychologist), John Gilles (trainer), Jen Williams, Kiersten Anas, Katier Havers, Charlotte Mullin (trainer)
Absent: Jessica Powell, Bonnie Cooper (asst. coach)
2004-05-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Headshots2004-05SeniorAshley Jones, Lauren Cosentino, Melissa Mann, Jameela Lencucha, Alexis Karpacz, Laura Bryce, Caroline Descours, Allison Brent, Jennifer Carrigan, Jori Hardin, Stephanie Ruste, Lauren Willoughby, Erin Miller, Melissa MacNeil, Dean Lowrie (Head Coach).
2005-06-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Headshots2005-06SeniorAshley Jones, Lauren Cosentino, Melissa Mann, Erin Miller, Alexis Karpacz, Laura Bryce, Caroline Descours, Jennifer Carrigan, Jori Hardin, Andrea Ruste, Stephanie Ruste, Jacqueline Robinson, Jillian Fantuz, Kristin Ambacher, Lauren Willougby, Dean Lowrie (Head Coach), Dave Edward (Assistant Coach), Melissa MacNeil (Assistant Coach), Kathy Zygouras (Student Trainer).
2007-08-Womens-Volleyball-Senior-Headshots2007-08SeniorSarah Lowry, Jenna Thomson, Nicole Vandinther, Montana Henry, Sarah Johnston, Sara Farrell, Caroline Descours, Hilary Lemieux, Leah Towell, Andrea Ruste, Elaine Screaton, Jacqueline Robinson, Nicole Smyrnios, Lauren Willoughby, Dean Lowry (Head Coach), Dave Edwards (Assistant Coach), Sean Pellow (Assistant Coach), Alex Pieprzak (Assistant Coach), Jeff watson (Strength and Conditioning Coach).
2010-11 Womens Volleyball2010-11SeniorRear L to RDavid Edwards (coach), Jackie Hunter, Mari Krahn, Dani Marshall, Sarah Johnston, Christie-Lee Wilson, Kelly Fritternburg, Elaine Screaton, Steph Kreuter, Kendre Jefferson, Rachelle Aupperle (asst coach), Megan Provost (trainer)

Front L to R Cloe Behrman, Steph Kantzos, Rebecca Oxland, Jenny Pierce, Jenna Thomson, Brianna Watson

Absent Julia Hall (asst. coach), Ell Minaker (trainer)