National (CIAU or CIS) Champions

A list of all the teams to win CIAU-sponsored national events in Western’s sporting history. The original CIAU Central was founded in 1906 and was disbanded by 1955, soon to be replaced by a new Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union (CIAU) in 1961. Originally, the organization was run out of the office RMC’s Major W.J. McLeod, a founding member of the new union. In 2001, its name was changed to Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), due to misconceptions about the use of the words “Athletic” and “Union.” Today, CIS function as the national governing body of university sport in Canada, and comprises the majority of degree granting university’s in the country. For more information about the CIS-SIC and their national championships, visit their website here. Click the title or here to view the list.

OUA (League) Champions

A list of all the teams to win OUA championships or an equivalent senior league championship. Currently, the museum is working on compiling a list of Western’s teams that won championships under the former WIAU, which disbanded in the 1970s in favour of the OWIAA (which would merge with the OUAA to form the OUA in 1997). The Mustangs have won over 400 senior league championships since its teams began joining Senior Intercollegiate competition in the 1920s. Click the title or here to view the list.