Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of men’s track and field team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1926-27-Mens-TrackandField-Occi181926-27IntercollegiateBack: J.G. Lang (Coach), J.C. Wilson, B. Robinson, A. Riddle, F. O. Kime (Mgr.).
Front: P. Mountain, T.E. Mepham, W.W. Hughes.
1927-28-Mens-TrackandField-Occi181927-28IntercollegiateE. Wright (Mgr.), A. Riddell, C. Morris, N. McArthur, D. Vail, L. Fisher, G. Ford, J. Lang (Coach).
1929-30-Mens-TrackandField-Occi851929-30IntercollegiateBack: D. Budge, A. Martindale, R. Hornsteen, G. Barclay, E. Brent, C. Thompson, H. Newell, D. Loft, B.J. Beattie, H. Anderson, R. Williams, G. Young.
Front: J. Fraser, S. Ritchie, G. Ford, D. Wright, D. Rivers.
1930-31-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1291930-31IntercollegiateBack: Thompson, Ford, Galbraith, Orr, Schram.
Middle: Clarke, Fisher, Hornstein, Martindale, Buley, Shute, Luke, Budge.
Front: Anderson, Loft, Fraser, Rivers, Wright.
1931-32-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1811931-32IntercollegiateBack: S. Ward, W. Chute, J. Whitwill, J. Galbraith, W. Chambers, M. Shore, W. Orr.
Middle: W. Buley, N. Campbell, S. Suddaby, P. Pigeon, A. Munro, J. Luke, B. Luke, D. Lofft, G. Clarke.
Front: N. Lickers, J. Fraser, D. Rivers, D. Wright.
1932-33-Mens-TrackandField-Intercollegiate-Occi1651932-33IntercollegiateBack: W. Shute, G. Allen, J. Whitwill, R. Cole.
Middle: W. Gibson, O. Gibson, A. Pain, A. Munro, J. Luke, H. Jennings, B. Buley.
Front: N. Lickers, H. Miller, J. Fraser, D. Rivers, D. Paul, A. Rapson.
1934-35-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1831934-35IntercollegiateBack: Murray McNie (Coach), D. Day, H. Johnston, T. McGarry, R. Coles, N. Anderson, Harold Miller (Mgr.).
Front: W. Parker, A. McWha, N. McBeth, N. Campbell, N. Burnett, H. Tennant, R. Rannie.
1935-36-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1731935-36IntercollegiateBack: Johnny Loaring, K. Simpson, R. Cole (Captain), W. Shute, G. Colgrove, D. Morrison.
Centre: D. Herron (Mgr.), D. Day, L. Fleming, J. Rogers, C. Hiuson, N. Anderson, L.H. Davies (Coach).
Front: N. McBeth, N. Burnett, A. McWha, H. Johnson, F. Sypher, J. McCubbin.
1936-37-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1601936-37IntercollegiateBack: Gord Colgrove, Terry Ferris, Don Day, Ken Simpson, Albert McWha, Bob Rannie, Norm Anderson.
Front: Lew Davies (Coach), Lyle Fleming, Johnny Loaring, Neil Paterson, Jack Rogers, Howson Johnston, Ned Burnett, Don Herron (Mgr.).
1937-38-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1671937-38IntercollegiateBack: Gordon Colgrove, Jack Walker, Louis Robinson, Alex Sweeton, Harry Acres, David Campbell, Alvin Bell.
Middle: Terry Ferris, Fred Gardner, Jack Colburn, Christian Jensen, Kenneth Simpson, Jack Rogers, Donald Day.
Front: Jack Paterson, Douglas Otton, Neil Paterson, George Harris, Lyle Fleming, Lorne Spry, Howson Johnston
1938-39-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1521938-39IntercollegiateBack: Graham (Mgr.), Downs, Henderson, Colborne, Parker, Gardiner, Bell, Davies (Coach).
Front: Patterson, Acres, Thompson, Patterson, Sweeton, Guthrie, Busby.
Absent: Fleming, Ferris, Johnny Loaring, Rogers, Simpson.
1939-40-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1591939-40IntercollegiateBack: John Loaring, Gordon Riske, Lew Davies (Coach), David MacAulay, A. Carruthers.
Front: Jack Patterson, Wallace Carruthers, Lew Robinson, Ross Parker, Stew Busby, Clyde Brown
1942-43-Mens-TrackandField-InterfacultyArts46-Occi1942-43IntercollegiateM. Decker, G. Brickenden, J. Brunette, J. Neilson.
1945-46-Mens-TrackandField-Intercollegiate-Occi1701945-46IntercollegiateBack: D. Fletcher, Robert McFarlane, Murray McNie (Coach), R. Allen, Herb Ballantyne.
Middle: G. Stevens, D. Coombs, L. Leonowens, G. Datzeff, R. Krol.
Front: J. McKim, D. Chalmers, W. Burnes.
1947-48-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1091947-48IntercollegiateBack: B. Waldie, J. McNeilly, J. McEachran, M. McNie (Coach), B. Foster, D. DeMarco.
Middle: Don McFarlane, Bob LaRochelle, Bob McFarlane, B. Phibbs, Jack Parry, B. Winslow.
Front: E. Crispin, D. Steepe, F. Ryan, M. Hitchon, B. Stothers, D. Wilson.
1948-49-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1231948-49IntercollegiateBack: F. Ryan, Murray Henderson, J. Inglis, Bob Larochelle.
Front: R. Pierce, D. Wilson, Murray McNie (Coach), B. Waldie, Bill Walker.
1949-50 Mens-TrackandField-Senior-RelayTeam-Occi1581949-50IntercollegiateBack: Doug Wilson, Bob Pierce.
Front: Don McFarlane, Murray McNie, Bob McFarlane.
1949-50-Mens-TrackandField-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1581949-50IntercollegiateBack: J. Sero, Don McFarlane, Bob McFarlane, J. Mathers.
Front: Murray, Boyd Chesney, Bob Pierce, Doug Wilson.
1950-51-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1441950-51IntercollegiateBack: Boyd Chesney, Jim Thompson, Jim Graham, George Conn, Ray Newton.
Front: Murray Henderson, Murray McNie (Coach), Doug Wilson.
Absent: Doug Peirce, Joe Morrow, John Sero, Percy West, Bruce Waller.
1951-52-Mens-TrackandField-Intercollegiate-Occi1411951-52IntercollegiateBack: Murray McNie, Bob Pierce, Bruce Waller, Boyd Chessney, Bill Robinson, Dick Reid, George Conn.
Front: Percy West, Jim Thompson, Doug Duncan, Bob Savage, Dick Killinger, Earle Weichle.
1951-52-Mens-TrackandField-MileRelayChamps-Occi1411951-52IntercollegiateBill Robinson, Bruce Waller, Bob Pierce, Doug Duncan.
1952-53-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1401952-53IntercollegiateBack: Mack Yates, Ted Collins, Bob Bazos, Coulter Osbourne, J. Haberer, George Conn.
Middle: Dick Reid, Earl Weichel, Murray McNie, Percy West, W. Burns, Jim Thompson.
Front: Bob Pierce, Rich Hobbs, Bill McCoy, Bruce Waller, L. Buck.
1953-54-Mens-TrackandField-Occi261953-54IntercollegiateBack: Murray McNie (Coach), Doug Duncan, Wayne Fordham, Bob Labett, John Haberer, Pete Lindsay, Lorne Buck.
Middle: Rich Hobbs (Mgr.), Bill Turchan, Mac Yates, Ross Hutchison, Mendal Smith, Dick Reid, Bill Gaskey, Don Nickle.
Front: Gord Brown (Intermediate), Dick Talman (Intermediate), Bill Kidnew (Intermediate), Howard Searle (Intermediate).
1954-55-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1261954-55IntercollegiateBack: Rich Hobbs, Gord Brown, Bob McEachran, John Haberer, Murray McNie (Coach).
Middle: Don Nickle, Lorne Buck, Cecil Wright, Dave Russell, Bill Gaskey.
Front: Bill Kidnew, Ken Leyshon.
1955-56-Mens-TrackandField-Occi811955-56IntercollegiateBack: Ray Kiff, Earle Phillips, Doug MacKenzie, Ross Hutchison, Bob McEachran, John Ridout, Murray McNie (Coach).
Middle: Bob Mepham, Cec Wright, Jack McIntosh, Fred Montour, Mac McMartin.
Front: John Haberer, Gord Brown, Rich Hobbs (Captain), Rich Ferguson, Don Nickle.
1956-57-Mens-TrackandField-Occi771956-57IntercollegiateBack: Kiff, Vaucrossen, Hutchison, Mitchell, Huculak, Murray McNie (Coach).
Front: Graham, MacMartin, MacEachran, Wright, Dignan.
1957-58-Mens-TrackandField-Occi761957-58IntercollegiateBack: Jack MacIntosh, Murray McNie (Coach), Mac McMartin, Ross MacFarlane.
Front: Tom Hawking, Bob North, George Shepherd, Cec Wright.
1958-59-Mens-TrackandField-Occi411958-59IntercollegiateBack: Lorne Buck, Scott, Murray McNie, Orville Atkins, Ken Caunce.
Front: D. Docken, Bob McEachran, Wright, Ross McFarlane, Mike Nagusink.
1959-60-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1181959-60IntercollegiateBack: Murray McNie (Coach), George Shepherd, Ken Chaunce, Frank Zidar, Josh Nash.
Front: Barry Howson, Bill Mitchell, Dick Suderman, John Metras Jr.
1961-62-Mens-TrackandField-Occi2181961-62IntercollegiateBack: B. Zimmer, B. Campbell, D. Montgomery, D. Alpaugh, P. Baldwin, D. Royle.
Front: P. Reid, W. Tucker, Murray McNie (Coach), J. Griffin, D. Prokop.
Absent: C. Turner, John Metras Jr., T. Peter, G. Shulman.
1962-63-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1841962-63IntercollegiateBack: Higgs, Jim Howolachuk, Jim Griffin, Ken Inglish, Murray McNie (Coach).
Front: Gary Schulman, John Corbett, Ray Schulman, Dave Prokop, Peter Burns.
1963-64-Mens-TrackandField-Occi2161963-64IntercollegiateBack: G. Shulman, F. MCHugh, G. Heigenhauser, P. Nichol, Sulyma, H. Van der Wal, W. Berger, C. Steggles, B. Blackburn, B. Johnson, C. Nelder, D. McCarten, P. Barnes.
Front: K. Mancari, K. Inglis, B. Van der Wol, D. Alpaugh, R. Shulman, P. Allen, G. Kerr, D. Prokop.
Absent: A. Stewart, A. Stervare.
1964-65-Mens-TrackandField-Occi2291964-65IntercollegiateG. Gair, K. Inglis, J. Parker, B. Zimmer, G. Heigenhauser, P. Scovil, C. Steggles.
1965-66-Mens-TrackandField-Occi1851965-66IntercollegiateBack: Murray McNie (Trainer), John Griffith, Bob Burchell, Jim Sutton, Eric A. Boyd, Graeme Gair.
Front: Court Steggles, George Heigenhauser, Don Ranson, Jim Parker, John Crysdale.
Absent: Ron Zanin, Ron Smith, Dave Austen.
1982-83-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11982-83IntercollegiateBack: Dennis Fairall (Asst. Coach), Doug O'Keefe (Grad Asst.) Ted Gawinski, Mike Ager, John Schmidt, Cliff Cadogan, Andy Evans, Jeff Glass, Rob Butler, Wayne Psotka, John Simpson, Mike King, Jeff Moores, Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Middle 2: Jim Parker (Asst. Coach), Gisele Pilon, Sue Boley, Jill Purola, Cathy Dowhos, Laurie McFarlane, Alison Armstrong, Karen Bowen, Karen Aiken, Sall Hall, Brenda Millar, Michele Walker, Josette Williams, Dave Malloy (Undergrad Asst.), Frank Erle (Asst. Coach).
Middle 1: Jim Mitchell (Grad Asst.), Dave Mills, Kent Thexton, Vince Sheffield, Roger Holstein, Doug Ditchfield, John Howell-Harries, Tom Kelly, Peter Heath, Mark Underwood, Andy McInnis (Asst. Coach).
Front: Maggie Swan (Grad Asst.), Sandra Brush, Jennifer Vanthof, Karen Easton, Debbie Pegg, Linda Orr, Jennifer Weller, Sherry Fleck, Sheilagh Findlay, Sandra Anschuetz, Sue French, Martha Trussler, Brian Maraj (Asst. Coach).
Absent: Doug Bain, Dave Blackburn, Duff Conacher, John Grant, Bill Johnson, Steve King, Joanne Plows, Paul Ray, Mark Tripp, Andy Wilson.
1983-84-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11983-84IntercollegiateBack: Marc Ethier (Asst. Coach), Dave Malloy (Grad Asst.), Derek Hartwick (Asst. Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Middle 4: Mike Nevett (Video), Arn Kislenko, Dennis Nielson, Alven Swick, Paul Holmes, Chris Lori, Phil Walker.
Middle 3: Gord Tessler, Kent Thexton, Jeff Moores, Bill Johnson, Wayne Psotka, Scott Robertson, Rob Freeman, Roger Holstein, Dale Mitchell (Asst. Coach).
Middle 2: Sally Hall, Linda Orr, Peggy Sweeney, Sandra Anschuetz, Bonnie L'Abbe, Jill Purola, Sheilagh Findley, Dorothy Duffy, Leslie Fahrer, Laurie Vanderhoeven, Brenda Millar.
Middle 1: Gordon Charles, Mark Underwood, Richard Johnson, Mark Walters, John Schmidt, Doug O'Keeffe, Mike King, Rob Butler, Colin Jarvis.
Front: Mary Alizadeh, Cathy Dowhos, Jennifer Vanthof, Chris Dacyshyn, Sherry Fleck, Martha Trussler, Ailsa MacLachlan, Rhonda Stebner, Maie Pulst.
Absent: Jenny Caughlin, Mike Delaney, Tom Kelly, Mike Mitsovich, Joanna Plows, John Simpson, Kim Ward (Physio).
1984-85-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11984-85IntercollegiateBack: Frank Erie, Ian Guest, David Villanuera, Darrin Deforge, Mike Delaney, Ed DeDecker, Doug O'Keeffe, Bob Vigars, Tracey Clark, Mike Nevett, Craig Ogden, Jerry Vermeulen.
Middle 4: Jamie Wallace, J.P. Commodore, Bruce Tisdale, Alven Swick, Roland Kaehler, Gord Tessier, Kyle Hall, Jeff Bibbings, Richard Ng, Paul Ray, Jim Heaven.
Middle 3: Leslie Vanderburgh, Cathy Dowhos, Sheila Skeoch, Julie Andrae, Melanie Forrest, Sherrie Berdusco, Tracy Taylor, Ailsa MacLachlan, Janet Williamson, Sandee Gillis, Gillian Burman, Karen Bardecki, Jennifer Vanthof, Lenka Kimlova.
Middle 2: D'Archy Kay, Rob Freeman, Paul Holmes, Wayne Psotka, Chris McKenzie, Pat Rundle, Mark THompson, Tom Hicks, Jeff Moores, Ted O'Connor, Jim Mitchell.
Middle 1: Annelise Ransier, Jill Purola, Christine Whiteside, May Alizadeh, Chris Dacyshyn, Leslie Fahrer, Lynette Brown, Lisa Bernoties, Donna Grant, Linda Lockyer, Janice Fisher.
Front: Mark Walters, Tom Kelly, Gord Gibson, John Schmidt, Arn Kislenko, Colin Jarvis, Rob Butler, Chris Lori, Jeff Glass.
Absent: D. Bain, D. Duffy, S. Fleck, J. Parker, V. Sheffield, P. Sweeney, Kent Thexton, Mark Underwood.
1986-87-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11986-87IntercollegiateBack: Jerry Vermeulen (Coach), Ian Guest (Manager), Mark Thompson, Jeff Moores, Rob Martin, Kyhle Hall, Andy Evans, Steve McCullough, Rob Kichuk, Zeljko Sabol, Marc Steiner, Keith Heard, Mike Mitsovich, Marc Poulin.
Middle: Colin Jarvis, Mike Melisek, Helen Ritchie, Karen Elliott, Annette Roks, Jim Mitchell (Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Jim Parker (Coach), Sandra Anschuetz, Christos Vitsentzatos, Martin LaPointe, Mark Ito, Lynette Brown, Sue Billick (Student Trainer).
Front: Jim Heaven (Student Coach), May Alizadeh, Leslie Fahrer, Janice Heard, Sherrie Berdusco, Mariza Rafaelic, Christine Whiteside, Donna Grant, Gillian Burman, Lisa Bernoties, Sheila Skeoch, Tracy Taylor.
Absent: J. Beeston, D. Biffis, S. Bradford, Coach DeDecker, D. Deforce, Jeff Glass, S. Goodine, J. Kerr, D. McEnteer, P. McGowan, D. Rendeiro, C. Ross, P. Stapleton, Coach Thexton, P. Vanderhoeven, M. Wood.
1987-88-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC1987-88IntercollegiateBack: Rob Angco, Jeff Glass, Andrew Jones, Andy Evans, Steve McCullough, Rob Kichuk, Mark Steiner, Fraser Bertram, Tim Crossland, Matt Dechellis, Arne Kislenko (Coach).
Middle 2: John Branch, Dave Mills (Coach), Mike Melisek, Mark Ito, Dave Rombough, Clinton Roache, Mark Thompson, Zeljko Sabol, Dave Lowe, Dough McEnteer, Ray Bedard, Mike Mitsovich (Coach), Ian Guest (Manager), Doug O'Keeffe (Coach).
Middle 1: Nancy Day, Kevin DeForge, Colin Murray, Darrin DeForge, Pete Jones, Jill Tracey, Dave Corlett, Lynette Brown (Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Jim Parker (Coach), Duarte Rendeiro, Trish Lackie, Alison Birch, Gillian Burman, Michelle Morelli, Bruce Deacon, Catherine Ure (Trainer).
Front: Ed DeDecker (Coach), Connie Beukeboom, Brenda Arbuckle, Helen Ritchie, Mariza Rafaelic, Lisa Bernoties, Donna Grant, Janet Williamson, Pam Vanderhoeven, Cathy Williamson, Lee O'Rourke, Donna Levy, Pak Loh.
1988-89-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11988-89IntercollegiateBack: Mike Melisek, Mark Ito, Rob Angco, Ray Bedard, Pat Stapleton, Zeljko Sabol, Steve McCullough, Rob Kichuk, Mark Steiner, Dave Rombough, Doug McEnteer, Paul Campbell.
Middle 3: Ian Guest (Mgr.), Colin Murray, Jason Woodward, Glen Peacock, Allan Mayers, Andy Evans, John Branch, Jeff Moores (Coach), Ed DeDecker (Coach), Bob Lyons, Fraser Bertram, Craig Gibson, Eric Talman, Chris Brown.
Middle 2: Clinton Roache, Brad Deacon, Paul Scott, Alison Birch, Brenda Arbuckle, Trish Lackie, Pam Vanderhoeven, Lisa Bernoties, Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Janet Williamson, Lee O'Rourke, Mariza Rafaelic, Kim Walterhouse, Nick Bontis, Don Laita, Tyler Hall.
Middle 1: Caroline Brown (Trainer), Clay Stewart, Pete Donnelly, Darrin DeForge, Kevin DeForge, Dave Laita, Jim Parker (Coach), Andrew Dutz, Bruce Deacon, Pat McGowan, Andrew Gillis, Dave Corlett, Errol Watson, Lynette Brown (Coach).
Front: Nancy Day, Sandee Gillis, Helen Ritchie Sue Ginty, Jill Tracey, Rachel Suhanic, Connie Beukeboom, Donny levy, Michelle Morelli, Cathy Williamson, Hillary Glass, Caroline Marsman.
Absent: Scott Bradford, Nardo Dean, Matt Dechellis, Rob Kennedy, Sanjaya Wijayakoon, Darren Williams, Kirsten Majic, Jeff Class (Coach), Dave Mills (Coach).
1989-90-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11989-90IntercollegiateBack: Pat Stapleton (Asst. Coach), Tony Brunner, Randal Rushton, Paul Campbell, Fraser Bertram, Scott Mooney, Marc Thompson, Dave Astill, Doug McEnteer, Bobby Lyons, Zeljko Sabol, Theo Kerhoulas, Neil Rooney, Clay Stewart, Gord Kettyle, Steve Groves, Don laita, Dave Laita, Tim Randall (Grad Asst.).
Middle 2: Jim Parker (Coach), Jason Woodward, Ormande Benson, Luong Dao, Ian Wang, Andrew Dutz, Paul Scott, Greg Major, Bob Vigars (Head Men's Coach), Alison Armston (Head Women's Coach), Steve McCullough, Nick Bontis, Kevin DeForge, Colin Murray, George Crowder, Sanjaya Wijayakoon, Mark Thompson, Mark Ito, Mike Melisek, Shari Orders (Coach).
Middle 1: Laura Warburton (Massage), Ian Edwards, Nancy Day, Allyson Quinlan, Michelle Morelli, Hillary Glass, Lee O'Rourke, Marcia Pate, Pam Vanderhoeven, Caroline Marsman, Becky Coward, Janet Bannister, Errol Watson, Norm Howes (Coach), Ian Guest (Manager).
Front: Sharon King (Trainer), Lisa Bernoties (Coach), Kathy Reesor, Kari Dwyer, Andrea Burnham, Cynthia Metcalfe, Alison Birch, Trish Lackie, Jill Tracey, Trish Van Os, Donna Levy, Paula Schwan, Anne Cooper, Melanie Foulkes (Trainer), Kairy Hennessy (Grad Asst.).
Absent: Connie Beukeboom, Rod Kassel, Mike Lyttle, Tyler Rider, Ed DeDecker (Coach), Dave Milles (Coach).
1990-91-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC1990-91IntercollegiateBack: Baird Robinson, Tony Brunner, Randal Rushton, Ormonde Benson, Mike Lyttle, Theo Kerhoulas, Bobby Lyons, Rob Sarrazin, Sean Kapitain, Scott Mooney, Fraser Bertram, Jordan Rich, Mone Burris.
Middle 2: Rawle Adams, Nick Bontis, Ryan Austin, Ian Wang, Colin Murray, Mark Ito, Bob Vigars (Men's Head Coach), Alison Armstrong (Women's Head Coach), Steve Groves, Keith Carter, Chris Macey, Dave Laita, Ian Edwards, Jason Woodward.
Middle 1: Jim Parker (Coach), Tim Randall (Coach), Kathleen Armstrong (Mgr.), Lee O'Rourke, Becky Coward, Julie Jenkinson, Susan Dreidger, Shelley Mallen, Krissy Lockver, Tammy Ho-Shing, Kari Dwyer, Laureen McLaren, Connie Beukeboom, Ian Guest (Manager), Shane Lakins (Video).
Front: Tim Clayton (Trainer), Norm Howes (Coach), Lesley Stakiw, Jenny Pelisek, Yvonne Hazenberg, Colleen Bonfield, Jaci Paterson, Paula Schwan, Nancy Day, Franke Erle (Coach), Pat Stapleton (Coach), Dave O'Connor (Trainer).
1991-92-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11991-92IntercollegiateBack: Tom Dillon (Mgr.), Monte Burris, Jordie Rich, Scott Mooney, Steve Groves, Mike Lyttle, Ryan Ausin, Ellis Perryman, Tony Brunner, Dave Dewar, Darren Jermyn, Paat Stapleton (Coach).
Middle 3: Sean Burges, Dave Laita, Geof Marshall, Chris Macey, Andrew Gilmour, Keith Carter, Gian Agostinelli, Ian Wang, Rob Tyndall, Rick Logtenberg.
Middle 2: Frank Erle (Coach), Norm Howes (Coach), Trevino Betty, Nick Bontis, Alison Armstrong (Head Coach), Bob vigars (Head Coach), Matt Vincett, Chris Chen, Kyle Redshaw, Ron Becht (Coach).
Middle 1: Marisa Battistella, Jenny Pelisek, Anne Cooper, Michelle Levac, Sue Verbeek, Sue Driedger, Laureen McLaren, Kari Dwyer, Jacqui Patterson, Jim Parker (Coach).
Front: Clare Salinas (Mgr.), Kim Lincoln (Trainer), Julie Jenkinson, Jilly Tracey, Nicky Havens, Colleen Bonfield, Becky Bryan, Becky Coward, Kathleen Armstrong (Trainer).
1992-93-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11992-93IntercollegiateBack: Ted Reid, Ellis Perryman, Tom Murphy, Roger Brunner, Bobby Lyons, Theo Kerhoulas, Steve Bannerman, Jason Howie, Geof Marshall, Rob Sarrazin.
Middle 3: John Neilson (Asst. Coach), Scott Mooney, Andrew Gilmour, Terry Radchenko, Blair McPherson, Mike Williams, Rob Tyndall, Darren Jermyn, Pat Stapleton (Asst. Coach).
Middle 2: Laura Wall (Asst. Coach), DAve Getson, Mike Lyttle, Ryan Austin, Trevino Betty, Randal Rushton, Mike Jones, Chris Slade, Sean Burges, Norm Howes (Asst. Coach).
Middle 1: Suzanne Klitbo (Trainer), Susan Driedger, Yvonne Hazenberg, Jana Oldham, Alison Armstrong (Women's Coach), Bob Vigars (Men's Coach), Becky Coward, Krissy Lockyer, Michelle Levac, Stephanie Adey, Rick Fullord (Trainer).
Front: Nicole Getty Becky Bryan Julie Jenkinson, Leslie Meyers, Vivienne Stephens, Kari Dwyer, Tamra THornton, Paula Schwan, Nicky Havens, Barbara Maloney, Colleen Bonfield.
1993-94-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11993-94IntercollegiateBack: Mike Jones, Rob Tyndall, Geof Marshall, Jason Howie, Jason Leaist, Terry Radchenko, Andrew Gilmour, Darren Jermyn, Mike Williams.
Middle 4: Jason Skillicorn, Robert Johnson, Jordan Rich, Scott Mooney, Randal Rushton, Mike Landers, Trevino Betty, Matt Vincett, Mike Lyttle, Rob Cuoto.
Middle 3: Norm Howes (Asst. Coach). Tony Brunner, Dave Getson, Chris Hyland, Steve Ferguson, Jon Foreman, Todd Mackay, Sean Burges, Grant Gong (Asst. Coach).
Middle 2: Laura Wall (Asst. Coach), Jeff Kuhn (Trainer), Vince Argier (Trainer), Janice Forsyth, Geri Stafford, Yvonne Hazenberg, Ellis Perryman, Donny Pei (Asst. Coach), Jim Parker (Asst. Coach), Frank Erie (Asst. Coach).
Middle 1: Vickie Croley (Women's Head Coach), Brenda Bird, Janice Olynich, Renee Couture, Stephany Cahill, Rose-Anne VanDeWiele, Kathy Svistunenko, Maureen Doddy, Becky Bryan, Bob Vigars (Men's Head Coach).
Front: Michelle Levac, Barb Maloney, Beth Vincent, Tamra Thornton, Karen Maloney, Becky Coward, Jenn Cottrill, Colleen Bonfield, Kelly Maloney, Nicky Havens, Doretta Charles.
1994-95-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11994-95IntercollegiateBack: Darren Jermyn, Peter Chlorakas, Nevin Campbell, Alex Paul, Phil Oreopoulos, Roger Brunner, Frank Ogini, Jamie Black, Terry Radchenko, Roland Acheampong, Geof Marshall.
Middle 4: Dave Laita (Asst. Coach), Jason Skillicorn, Robert Johnson, Brad Benson, Tim Spadiuski, Rob Tyndall, Mike Jones, Mike Lander, Matt Vinett, Nick Bontis, Chris Slade, Rob Cuoto.
Middle 3: Norm Hower (Asst. Coach), Dave Collins, Sean Burges, Geof Robbins, Rene Kuhn, Mustafa Ak, Jordan Closs, Dave Tepper, Christian Finkenzellar, Jason Bachiocchi, Jon Forman, Jim Parker (Asst. Coach).
Middle 2: Trevino Betty, Jennifer Cottrill, Janice Forsyth, Ann-Marie Burton, Carolyn DeWaard, Renee Couture, Karen Maloney, Brenda Bird, Stephanie Adey, Tyler Cody, Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Middle 1: Rob Becht (Asst. Coach), Jennifer Glazer (Trainer), Stacey Foley, Gillian Nesbitt, Kristina Farr, Danielle Froese, Colleen Bonfield, Yvonne Hazenberg, Marzena Gorski, Michelle Kulik, Aisha Huffins, Sheri Morland (Trainer), Vickie Croley (Head Coach).
Front: Mary Ann Phillips, Doretta Charles, Angela Schwan, Barb Maloney, Tamra Thornton, Rose Anne Vandewiele, Beth Vincent, Kathy Svistunenko, Anne Marie Mitchell, Beckie Alpine, Lauren Haggerty.
1995-96-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11995-96IntercollegiateBack: Vickie Croley (Head Coach), John Aziz (Asst. Coach), Brad Benson, Chris Robinson, Roland Acheampong, Andrew Pickup, Eamon Codon, Tom Tigley (Mgr.), Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Middle 5: Teresa Dizon (Mgr.), Ron Becht (Asst. Coach), Adrian Jordan, Rob Tyndall, Mike Jones, Jon Forman, Jason Bacchiochi, Brad Turner, Dave Collins, Clayton Fernandes, Janice Forsyth.
Middle 4: Rob Cuoto, Derek Shore, JAson Skillicorn, Cam Campbell, Josh Silcox, Nevin Campbell, Gary Stoddard, Rene Kuhn, Ron Sookram, Ivan Velasco (Trainer).
Middle 3: Tyler Coady, Sean Burges, Tim Spadinski, Peter CHlorakas, Jason Leaist, Alex Paul, Jamie Black, Jonathan Younker, Jason Munroe, Chris Haase.
Middle 2: Norm Howes (Asst. Coach), Leigh Griffiths, Jen Robinson, Mary Ann Phillips, Sylvia Kontra, Kathleen Park, Brenda Bird, Constance Campbell, Tanya Vreugdenhill, Jennifer Cottrill, Lauren Haggerty.
Middle 1: Sue Thompson, Michaela Berkowitz, Christine Taylor, Maisie Hahn, Valerie Moran, Ingrid Brunstad, Julia Capaldi, Kyla Moore, Anne Marie Mitchell, Heather Brand, Mary Collins, Anne-Marie Burton.
Front: Barb Maloney, Kristina Farr, Gillian Nesbitt, Beth Vincent, Becky McAlpine, Rose-Anne Van DeWiele, Aiisha Huggins, Tamra Thornton, Stacy Foley, Doretta Charles, Danielle Froese.
1996-97-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11996-97IntercollegiateBack: Matt McCaffery (Trainer), Michelle Drury (Trainer), Alison Doherty (Coach), Vickie Croley (Women's Head Coach), Bob Vigars (Men's Head Coach).
Middle 5: Clarissa Begein, Mike Lander, Tim Spadzinski, Jon Younker, Phil Mullin, Jim Wardle, Kerry House (Mgr.).
Middle 4: Richette Percentie, Mary Ann Phillips, Janice Forsyth, Brenda Bird, Naomi Tait, Ann-Marie Burton, Emily Jansenberger, Constance Campbell.
Middle 3: Chris Kennedy, Jason Stern, Ryan Barber, Jon Arscott, Corey Bigras, Andy Knowles, Orville McDonald, Jason Munroe, Dwayne Buck.
Middle 2: Heather Brand, Karen Malone, Maisie Hahn, Valerie Moran, Alison Innes, Andrea Zelinka, Anne Marie Mitchell, Lesley Brannan, Shawnee Bailey.
Middle 1: Ken Poon, Ben Rayfield, Rob Cuoto, Ian Elliott, Craig McFarquhar, Jon Foreman (Captain), Gary Stoddard (Captain), Jason Bacchiochi, Todd MacKay, Brad Turner.
Front: Daniell Marentette, Sue Thompson, Catlin Wright, Angela Schwan, Kristina Farr (Captain), Aiisha Huggins (Captain), Stacey Foley, Laura Amantea, Billie Jane Bolton, Daniell Froese.
1997-98-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11997-98IntercollegiateBack: Jim Wardle, Jonathon Younker, Matt Gibbons, Cam Thompson, Hubert Ling, Brad Turner, Chris Williams, Chris Kennedy.
Middle 4: Charles Murphy, Keith Sqyer, Brian Rosina, Alex Pablo, Guy Schultz, Mike Lander, Steve Hurst, Phil Mullin, Jared McMillan, Jamie De Swert, Kerry Howse (Mgr.), Kate Annen.
Middle 3: Kelly Brulotte (Trainer), John Arscott, Emily Jansenberger, Craig McFarquhar, Ben Rayfield, Jason Stern, Ken Poon, Andy Knowles, Chris Haase, Dwayne Buck, Tyrrell Ashcroft, Becky Martyn Rob Couto (Asst. Coach).
Middle 2: Jim Parker (Asst. Coach), Danielle Marentette, Andrea Zelinka, Laura Amantea, Mary Ann Phillips, Val Moran, Kate Saunders, Andrea McFarlane, Tamara Curtis, Nyssa Black, Erin McConnell, Courtney Radford, Cathy Yackness (Trainer).
Middle 1: Janice Forsyth (Asst. Coach), Dave Mills (Asst. Coach), Tommy Adamson, Victor Richards, Toni Ogini, Roland Acheampong, Adrian Jordan, Garry Stoddard, Jason Munroe, Tyler Coady, Chris Robinson, Norm Howes (Asst. Coach), Catherine Bond-Mills (Asst. Coach).
Front: Bob Vigars (Men's Head Coach), Michelle Warren, Clarissa Begin, Heather Brand, Maisie Hahn, Jen Robinson, Kristina Farr, Aiisha Huggins, Ingris Brunstad, Ann-Marie Burton, Alison Innes, Sue Thompson, Vickie Croley (Women's Head Coach).
1998-99-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11998-99IntercollegiateBack: Kerry Howse (Mgr.), Oliver Williams, Dave Collins, Wayne Leacock, Stuart McGregor, Keith Swyer, Mike Gaze, Jared McMillan, Alex Paul, Craig Steinback, Brian Rosina, Chris Williams, Brad Turner, Craig Swinson, Jason Thacker, Troy Stelmach, Charley Murphy, Luke Myers.
Middle 2: Ben Carswell (Student Trainer), Norm Howes (Asst. Coach), Mark DeLaCruz, Rena Citron, Becky Martyn, Ingrid Brunstad, Abigail Tulloch, Heather Brand, Ann-Marie Burton, Ashley MacNeil, Emily Jansenberger, Sabrina Marsh, Andrea Moher, Tyerrell Ashcroft, Tamara Curtis, Jennifer Payne, Margaret Ajayi, Keith Heard (Asst. Caoch), Dave Mills (Asst. Coach).
Middle 1: Jim Parker (Asst. Coach), Toni Ogini, Steve Hurst, Ryan McConnell, Hubert Ling, Ken Poon, Adrian Jordan, Jim Wardle, Jon Younker, Jason Stern, Ben Rayfield, Alex Pablo, Craig McFaquhar, Jason Eddy, Chris Robinson, Victor Richards, Tommy Adamson, Mike McLachlan, Phil Mullin (Asst. Coach).
Front: Bob Vigars (Men's Head Coach), Theresa Dizon (Student Trainer), Caitlin Wright, Kate Annen, Robyn Hurley, Kate Saunders, Andrea Zelinka, Maisie Hahn, Danielle Marentette, Kristina Farr, Michelle Warren, Alison Innes, Valerie Moran, Laura Amantea, Hilary Innes, Mari Lisle, Erin McConnell, Rob Couto (Asst. Coach), Vickie Croley (Women's Head Coach).
1999-00-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-11999-00IntercollegiateBack: Rob Couto (Asst. Coach), Wayne Leacock, Mike Patterson, Jim Wardle (Co-Captain, Preston Haynes, Fraser Clarke, Jason Eddy, Keith Swyer, Colin Wallace, Matt Gibbons, Preet Atwal, Chris Williams, John Allan (Asst. Coach).
Middle 2: Norm Howes (Asst. Coach), Supa Meikle, Nathan Hall, John Arscott, Alex Pablo (Co-Captain), Steve Hurst, Hubert Ling, Mike McLachlan, Mike Gardner, Craigh McFarquahr, Ryan McConnell, Leslie Heller, Ahmed Ibrahim, Aiisha Huggins (Asst. Coach).
Middle 1: Phil Mullin (Student Coach), Akinwole James, Jen Butler, Mary Lisle, Thelma Akyea, Jen Jessup Adrienne Lucia, Abigail Tulloch, Isha Biggart, Tanya Krynen, Deanna Zelinka, Lindsay Whitehead, Oliver Williams, Vickie Croley (Head Coach).
Front: Demetre Boundikas (Student Trainer), Kellie Goheen, Andrea Zelinka, Janet Gamble, Caitlin Wright, Valerie Moran (Co-Captain), Daniell Marentette (Co-Captain), Kate Saunders, Alison Innes, Michelle O'Carroll, Hilary Innes, Kate Annen, Michelle Connon (Student Trainer).
Absent: Teresa Duck, Jen Hillman, Emily Jansenberger, Jen Moskal, Jen Payne, Rebecca Radford, Claudia Rank, Peter Bramer, Javiews Liew, Stuart McGregor, Luke Myers, Troy Stelmach, Catherine Bond-Mills (Asst. Coach), Alison Doherty (Asst. Coach), Keith Heard (Asst. Coach), Jim Parker (Asst. Coach), Guy Schultz (Asst. Coach), Cheryl Richardson (Mgr.), Laura Melnyk (Mgr.).
2000-01-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-12000-01IntercollegiateBack: Leonard Kwan, Robert Westman, Troy Stelmach, Gavin McTavish, Rob Flood, Matt Gibbons, Mike Patterson, Steven Hurst, Hubert Ling, Tom Bereza, Leslie Heller, Mike Gaze, Demetre Boundikas, Ryan McConnell, Vaishnav Rajgopal, Javier Lieu.
Middle 2: Tanya Krynen, Christian Heffernan, Kate Forbes, Kristin Hodge, Melissa Hayne, Jen Butler, Preston Haynes, Dana CLifford, Jessica Zelinka, Alena Papayanis, Jen Robinson, Lindsay Whitehead, Jen Bain, Mike McLachlan, Keith Swyer, Mike Miller, Buki Ayeni.
Middle 1: Aiisha Huggins (Asst. Coach), Victor Richards, Abigail Tulloch, Tomiwa Adamson, Alison Cross, Heather Brand, Alison Innes, Adrienne Lucia, Isabelle Depres, Chris Robinson, Chris Williams, Ashley MacNeill, Matt Daley, Vickie Croley (Head Coach), Jim Wardle (Asst. Coach).
Front: Paul Keily (Trainer), Alicia Burger, Jennifer Jessup, Shannon Gearry, Wayne Leacock, Caitlin Wright, Andrea Zelinka, Kate Saunders, Kristen Jenkins, Marni Lee, Deanna Zelinka, Rebecca Radford, Kate Annen, Jen Moskal, Rob Cuoto (Asst. Coach).
2001-02-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC2001-02IntercollegiateBack: Catherine Bond-Mills (Asst. Coach), Glenn Minnis, Preston Haynes (Co-Captain), Christian Heffernan, Scott Cholewa, Marty Robertson, Pete Turnbull, Mike Patterson, Luke CHisholm, Scott Nelms, Liam McNabb, Bob Westman, Stuart McGregor, Buki Ayeni, Tom Bereza, Jim Parker (Asst. Coach).
Middle 2: Jen Szabo (Asst. Coach), Chris Smith, Tanya Krynen, Tara Kennedy, Linda Whitehead, Shauna Aubry Brandon McCartney, Chris Williams (Co-Captain), Mike Miller, Vince Delmonte, Harmeet Atwal, Steve Weiler, Sean Pellow, Mike Gaze, Dana Clifford, Gavin McTavish, Rob Couto (Asst. Coach).
Middle 1: Norm Howes (Asst. Coach), Mike McLachlan, Tanya Clark, Nick Ray, Jill Gamble, Kate Vermeulen, Abi Tulloch (Co-Captain), Melissa Haynes, Marni Lee, Alex Pablo, Kelly Goheen, Bill Gairdner, Ashley MacNeill, Adrienne Lucia, Lennie Kwan, Jen Moskal, Jeremy Hudson, Aiisha Huggins (Asst. Coach).
Front: Vickie Croley (Head Coach), Jamie Baxter (Trainer), Tara Johnson, Karen Gilbert, Shayna Boland, Jen Payne, Amy Lanza, Kristin Hodge, Kate Saunders (Co-Captain), Kate Annen, Rebecca Radford, Joanna Suan (Trainer).
Absent: Preet Atwal, Rob Flood, Wayne Leacock, Luke Myers, Jeff Russell, Jen Butler, Isabelle Depres, Lisa Gibson, Mezie Huggins, Amy Letkemann, Henria Stephens, Leanne Dolan (Trainer), John Allan (Asst. Coach), Alison Doherty (Asst. Coach), Keith Heard (Asst. Coach), Guy Schultz (Asst. Coach).
2003-04-Mixed-TrackandField-BobVigars-MC-12003-04IntercollegiateBack: Tara Johnson, Karen Gilbert, Henria Stephens, Kristin Hodge, Shayna Boland, Melanie Berger, Donna Charles, Jen Sulpher, Marni Lee, Alanna Boudreau, Erica Salmon, Amanda Boogerman, Mezie Huggins, Felicia Smart, Julie Montes, Cheryl Johnstone.
Middle 3: Randy McAuley, Greg Boots, Brandon Lewis, Aaron Granger, Nathan de Witt, Lennie Kwan, Mike Miller, Dave Keeley, Liam McNabb, Ryan McConnell, Jeff Rae, Jeff Edwards, Jonny Adornetto, Scott Nelms.
Middle 2: Guy Schultz (1500m/3000m Coach), Mike McLachlan, Preet Atwal, Mike Bonazza, Scott Cholewa, Mitch Vermue, Matt Prionas, Jason Rhodes, Buki Ayeni (Co-Captain), Tumelo Moleko, Gavin McTavish, Bob Westman (Co-Captain), Christian Heffernan, Andrew Morton (Mgr.), Jim Parker (300m, 4x400m Coach).
Middle 1: Norm Howes (600m/4x800m/1000m Coach), Tiffany Phillips, Diana Farlow, Melissa Aguilar, Sharifah Cleirbaut, Shellie McPharland, Vickie Croley (Head Coach), Catherine Bond-Mills (60m/4x200m Coach), Bethany Janzen, Jenny Jordan, Megan Wells, Sarah Buchanan, Amanda Gierling, Harry Stantos (Hurdles Coach).
Front: Shauna Aubry, Jackie Bonisteel, Kellis Goheen (Co-Captain), Dana Cliffor (Co-Captain).