Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of mixed cross country team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1931-32-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi1811931-32B. Buley, B. Gibson, J. Luke, G. Suddaby, R. Hornstein, A. Munro, N. Lickers
1934-35-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi1831934-35H. Miller, D. Johnston, D. Morrison, R. Christianson, J. McCubbin, M. McNie (Coach)
1935-36-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi1741935-36Cecil Hiuser, Jim McCubbin, Dunc Morrison, Howson Johnston
1938-39-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi1521938-39Davies (Coach), Sweeton, Acres, Thompson, Gardiner, Patterson, Henderson.
Absent: Fleming, Ferris
1939-40-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi1591939-40Back: A. Carruthers, Harry Whicher, John Henderson, John Loaring.
Front: A. Moorehouse, Lew Davies (Coach), Terry Ferris, Harry Acres
1945-46-Mens-CrossCountry-Intercollegiate-Occi1701945-46IntercollegiateBack: F.M. McNie (Coach).
Front: L. Leonowens, G. Stevens, D. Chalmers, W. Burnes, D. Coombs
1953-54-Mens-CrossCountry-Intermediate-Champions-Occi271953-54IntermediateHobbs, Waller, Brown, Buck, Kidnew, Smith
1955-56-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi811955-56Back: Earle Phillips, Bob Mepham, Bob McEachran, Jack McIntosh.
Front: Gord Brown, Cec Wright, Fred Montour, Mac McMartin, Rich Hobbs
1956-57-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi771956-57Back: Murray McNie (Coach), Widmeyer, Rapson, Atkins.
Front:MacMartin, McIntosh, Phillips, Blainey, Naqusink
1957-58-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi761957-58Back: Earl Philips, Jack MacIntosh, Rich Hobbs (Coach), Mac MacMartin, Orville Atkins.
Front: Peter Hancock, Dave Rapson, Ken Caunce, Jim Reed
1958-59-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi411958-59Back: John Hetherington, Scott, D. Rapson, Lorne Buck.
Front: Peter Handcock, Orville Atkins, Mr. McNie, Mike Nagusink
1963-64-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi2251963-64Back: P. Nichol, G. Heigenhauser, H. (Hike) Van der Wal
1964-65-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi2321964-65Back: H. Tromp, K. Inglis, G. Heigenhauser.
Front: P. Scovil, B. Zimmer.
Absent: D. Watton, E. Boyd
1965-66-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi1851965-66Don Ranson, Harry Tromp, Eric Boyd, Rob Knighton, Peter Scovil, George Heigenhauser, John Crysdale
1970-71-Mens-CrossCountry-Occi1831970-71Chris Bolter, Allan Stanley, Glen Dales, Grant McLaren, Bob Vigars (Coach), Bill van der Waal, Ron Falck.
1980-81-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11980-81Back: Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Helen Kristensen, Peggy Tracey, Janette Vanleeuwen (Captain), Lynne McCarthy, Teresa Quilty, Sue Boley, Ken Koenderink (Manager), Vaughn Johnston (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Gary Johnson, Derek Hartwick, Terry Gonser, John Harper, Peter McKinney (Captain), Rick Cornelissen, Greg Austin.
Front: Jennifer Weller, Sue French, Mary Campbell, Linda Swanson, Lorraine Hughes, Helen Huotari, Janet Wood, Marilee (Koenderink) Black
1981-82-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC1981-82Back: Annelise Ransier, Helen Huotari, Teresa Quilty, Tammy Wilcox, Sandra Brush, Sue French, Jennifer Weller, Janet Wood, Bob Vigars.
Front: Martha Trussler, Helen Kristensen, Jennifer Vanthof, Janette Vanleeuwen, Karen Easton, Sue Boley
1982-83-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11982-83Back: Ian Mitchell, Bill Komer, Pat Metzler, Richard Johnson, Dave Malloy (Assistant Coach), Rob Banks, Jamie Wallace, Mark Tripp ("green bullet"), Rob Freeman, Peter Daniel.
Middle 2: Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Janet VanLeeuwen, Anne Kennedy, Tammy Wilcox, Sheilagh Findlay, Karen Easton, Sherry Fleck, Sandra Dulmage, Eileen Daniel, Maggie Swan (Assistant Coach).
Middle 1: Greg Austin, Rick Cornelissen, Paul Ray, Kent Thexton, Mike King, Tom Kelly, Peter Heath.
Front: Kathy Dowhos, Sue French, Sue Boley, Jill Purola, Martha Trussler, Sandra Anscheutz, Jennifer Vanthof.
1983-84-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11983-84Back: Mike Robinson, Richard Johnson, Bruce Pardy, Greg Austin (Assistant Coach), George Karalis, Reg Auge.
Middle 2: Maggie Swan (Assistant Coach), Dorothy Duffy, May Alizadeh, Anne Bunting, Bonnie Labbe, Sheilagh Findlay, Sherry Fleck, Sue Lawson, Shelby Watson, Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Middle 1: Gord Tessier, Rob Freeman, Marshall Rowe, Paul Ray, Kent Thexton, Mike King, Tom Kelly, Mark Walters.
Front: Martha Trussler, Cathy Dowhos, Jennifer Vanthof, Jill Purola, Sandra Anschuetz, Anne Kennedy, Karen Easton.
1984-85-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11984-85Back: Rob Freeman, Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Mark Walters, Ian Guest (Assistant Coach), Jamie Wallace, Craig Ogden (Trainer), Reg Auge, Mike Nevett (Video).
Middle 3: Leslie Vanderburgh, Sandy Dulmage, Sherry Fleck, Sheilagh Findlay, Dorothy Duffy, Judy Macaulay, Sandee Gillis, Richard Johnson.
Middle 1: John Fleming, Darrin DeForge, Gord Tessier, Paul Ray, Kent Thexton, Mike King, Tom Kelly.
Front: Cathy Dowhos, Annelise Ransier, Jill Purola, Jennifer Anthof, May Alizadeh, Esme French.
Absent: Christine Whiteside.
1985-86-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11985-86Back: Jerry Vermulen (Assistant Coach), Mike Nevett (Manager and Video), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Craig Patterson (Trainer), Craig Ogden (Trainer).
Middle 2: Mike Robinson, Shawn Cavanagh, Mike King, Brad Walters, Dale Irwin.
Middle 2: Jeff Swartman, Duarte Rendiero, Esme French, Reg Auge, Sheilagh Findlay, J.P. Commodore, Gord Tessier, Sandy Dulmage, Richard Johnson, Pauline Johnson, Mark Walters.
Middle 1: Helen Ritchie, Dorothy Duffy, Sandra Anschuetz, Jill Purola, May Alizadeh, Christine Whiteside, Sande Gillis.
Front: Bruce Deacon, Darrin DeForge, Kent Thexton, Paul Ray, Tom Kelly, John Fleming, Mike Ivancic.
1986-87-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11986-87Back: Duarte Rendeiro, Dave Corlett, Mike Wood, Jeff Moores (Assistant), Ed DeDecker (Assistant Coach), Gilles Gosselin, Eric Talman, Scott Bradford.
Middle 2: Pat McGowan, Brad Randin, Shawn Cavanagh, Wilma Lindhorst, Brad Walters, Rob Campbell, Lianne Freel, Tim Hyatt, Tom Irwin.
Middle 1: Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Sandee Gillis, Marc Paulin, Christine Whiteside, Bruce Deacon, Helen Ritchie, J.P. Commodore, Lori Pszeniczy, Sue Lawson (Trainer).
Front: Zeljko Sabol, Sandra Anschuetz (Co-Captain), Darrin Deforge (Co-Captain), May Alizadeh (Co-Captain), Mike Ivancic (Co-Captain), Esme French, John Fleming.
1987-88-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11987-88Back: Mike Wood, Jeff Moores (Manager), Ed Dedecker (Assistant Coach), Zeljko Sabol, Glen Meeuwisse (Trainer), Gord Tessier (Corporal), Bob Vigars (Head Coach0.
Middle 2: Dave Corlett, Eric Talman, Mark Luxton, Dave Laita, Tom Irwin, Andy Gillis, Brad Radin, Brad Walters, Colin Murray, Scott Bradford.
Middle 1: Nancy Day, Brenda Arbuckle, Lisa Stevens, Donna Verschoor, Helen Ritchie, Sandee Gillis, Esme French, Wilma Lindhorst, Sandra Anschuetz.
Front: Duarte Rendeiro, Fraser Betram, Doug McEnteer, Marc Poulin, Darrin Deforge, Bruce Deacon, Keven Deforge, Andrew Jones
1988-89-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11988-89Back: Gord Tessier (Special Effects), Ian Guest (Manager), Colin Murray, Scott Keddy, Tyler Hall, Pat McGowan, Craig Gibson, Les Wasilewski, Andrew Gillis, Dave Laita, Dave Belbeck, Ed DeDecker (Assistant).
Middle 2: Kelly Heasman, Sue Ginty, Eric Talman, Karen Crich, Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Tim Irwin, Kathleen Armstrong, Denny Evans, Kelly Somerset, Janet Bannister, Eric Helsen (Trainer).
Middle 1: Zeljko Sabol, Doug McEnteer, Andrew Jones, Bruce Deacon, Kent Thexton, Darrin DeForge, Kevin DeForge, Fraser Bertram, Dave Corlett, Andrew Dutz.
Front: Kirsten Majic, Nancy Day, Helen Ritchie, Sandee Gillis, Sue Dumbrille, Connie Beukeboom, Brenda Arbuckle.
1989-90-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11989-90Back: Pat Stapleton (Student Trainer), Kari Dwyer, Marisa Battistella, Janet Bannister, Anne Cooper, Kathleen Armstrong, Kerry Somerset, Lisa Lehman, Sue Ginty, Sarah Collin, Ian Guest (Manager).
Middle 2: Tyler Rider, Les Wasilewski, Craig Gibson, Eric Talman, Josh Mullin, Gord Kettyle, Tim Randall (Grad Assistant), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Ed DeDecker (Assistant Coach), Scott Keddy, Mike Liston, Randall Rushton, Dave Laita, Dave Belbeck.
Middle 1: Kevin DeForge, Andrew Dutz, Tony Brunner, Doug McEnteer, Zeljko Sabol, Fraser Bertram, Colin Murray, Pat McGowan, Andrew Cormack.
Front: Kathy Reesor, Lisa Cullen, Paula Schwan, Nancy Day, Brenda Arbuckle, Helen Ritchie, Connie Beukeboom, Michelle Foley, Donna Levy.
Absent: Jill Purola, Gord Tessier (Good Neighbour).
1990-91-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11990-91Back: Ian Guest (Manager), Dave Laita, Steve Bridge, Dave Belbeck, Craig Gibson, Randal Ruston, Tony Brunner, Fraser Bertram, Richard Butler.
Middle 2: Tyler Rider, Ormonde Benson, Colin Murray, Scott Keddy, Ed DeDecker (Assistant Coach), Gord Tessier (Assistant Coach), Ihor Iwanusiw, Barrie King, Tom Irwin, Grant Myers.
Middle 1: Kathy Reesor, Brenda Arbuckle, Jenny Lewin, Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Kelly Grindstaff (Student Trainer), Sue Ginty, Nancy Day.
Front: Krissy Lockyer, Paula Schwan, Kari Dwyer, Lisa Cullen, Shelley Mallen, Marissa Battistella, Connie Beukeboom.
1991-92-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11991-92Back: Tony Brunner, Rob Tyndall, Dave Laita, Peter Self, Andrew Taylor, Geof Marshall, Darren Jermyn, Gian Agostinelli, Roger Brunner.
Middle: Barrie King, Kevin Smith, Gord Tessier (Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Andrew Cormack (Trainer), Tom Irwin, Justine Ogle, Janice Forsyth.
Front: Krissy Lockyer, Laureen McLaren, Marisa Battistella, Shelley Mallen, Lisa Cullen, Sue Ginty, Kari Dwyer, Jenny Nuttall.
Absent: Ed DeDecker.
1992-93-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11992-93Back: Geof Marshall, Chris Wassenaa, Rob Ryndall, Darren Jermyn, Randal Rushton, Andrew Taylor, Luong Dao, Gian Agostinelli, Steve Bridge, Roger Brunner.
Middle: Barrie King, Janice Forsyth, Linda Brooks, Tom Irwin (Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Dave Laita (Coach), Melanie Gareau (Trainer), Barb Maloney, Michelle Wigmore, Jason Skillicorn.
Front: Krissy Lockyer, Bonnie Camm, Laureen McLaren, Paula Schwan, Kari Dwyer, Marisa Battistella, Kelli Aldis, Kyla Moore.
1993-94-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11993-94Back: Randal Rushton, Tony Brunner, Andrew Taylor, Steve Bridge, Roger Brunner, Rob Tyndall, Geof Marshall, Darren Jermyn, Phil Oreopoulos.
Middle: Nathalie Shilhan, Gian Agostinelli, Gord Tessier (Coach), Derek Morrison (Trainer), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Tom Irwin (Coach), Angela Schwan (Manager), Jason Skillicorn, Tiffany Scobie.
Front: Kari Dwyer, Jennifer Armstrong, Janice Forsyth, Kyla Moore, Janice Olynich, Marzena Gorski, Paula Schwan, Barb Maloney.
1994-95-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11994-95Back: Mike Lander, Eric Talman, Andrew Taylor, Geof Marshall, Rob Tyndall, Darren Jermyn, Phil Oreopoulos, Roger Brunner, Jamie Black.
Middle: Brad Benson, Matthew Ort, Eamonn Condon, Tom Irwin (Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Carey Gordon (Trainer), Jason Skilicorn, Paul Bailey, Pat McDonald.
Front: Julie Lovshin, Michelle Crocker, Clarissa Begin, Janice Forsyth, Barb Maloney, Anne Marrie Mitchell, Meredith Crocker, Janice Olynich, Angela Schwan.
1995-96-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11995-96Back: Jamie Black, Robert Brunner, Jim Wardle, Rob Tyndall, Brad Benson.
Middle 2: Scott Mundle (Trainer), Sean Deoni, Eamonn Condon, Andrew Pickup, Jason Skillicorn, Tyler Coady, Pat McDonald, Ron Sookram.
Middle 1: Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Becky McAlpine, Erin Keith, Mary Collins, Beth Vincent, Christine Taylor, Deanna Dowling, Becky Tyndall, Clari Begin.
Front: Eric Talman, Jennifer Umphrey, Anne Marie Mitchell, Janice Forsyth, Barb Maloney, Angela Schwan, Kyla Moore, Tom Irwin.
1996-97-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11996-97Back: Charlie Murphy, Dan O'Connor, Sean Deoni, Jim Wardle, Mike Lander, Brad Benson, Chris Kennedy, Julian Zadorozny, Pat McDonald.
Middle: Tom Irwin (Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Andrea WIlliams, Clarissa Begin, Janice Fosyth, Ron Sookram, Mary Collins, Beth Vincent (Manager), Jennifer Starling (Trainer), Eric Talman (Coach).
Front: Meredith Crocker, Angela Schwan, Jennifer Umphrey, Deanna Dowling, Christine Taylor, Kristina Farr, Anne Marie Mitchell, Michelle Crocker.
1997-98-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11997-98Back: Jim Wardle (Captain), Charley Murphy, Brad Benson, Pat McDonald, Joe Turner, Eric Talman (Assistant Coach), Jamie DeSwert, Tyler Coady, Paul Sykes, Guy Schultz , Jason Eddy, Chris Kennedy.
Middle: Tom Tigley (Technician), Joanna Wiersma (Trainer), Danielle Allison, Mary Collins, Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Sharon Hannaford, Belinda Chun, Andrew Williams (Manager), Janice Forsyth (Grad Assistant Coach).
Front: Marzena Gorski, Kate Annen, Deanna Dowling, Kristina Farr (Captain), Anne Marie Mitchell, Becky Martyn, Amanda Hornibrook, Jenny Hillman.
1998-99-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11998-99Back: Andrew Taylor (Assistant Coach), Vince Del Monte, Jason Eddy, Jim Wardle (Captain), Charley Murphy, Matt Daley, Joe Turner, Chris Dimmell, Dan O'Connor, Peter Bramer, Janice Forsyth (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Tom Tigley (Technician), Guy Schultz (Assistant Coach), Jenny Hillman (Video), Rena Citron, Erin Rosebrugh, Zelda Elijah, Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Belinda Chun, Courtney Radford, Mary Collins, Patrick Breech, Becky Denby (Manager), Angie Bryans (Trainer).
Front: Maureen Grainger, Becky Martyn, Kate Annen, Deanna Dowling, Kristina Farr (Captain), Amanda Hornibrook, Robyn Hurley, Sharon Hannaford.
1999-00-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-11999-00Back: Matt Alexander (Trainer), Janice Forsyth (Assistant Coach), Jenny Hillman, Scott Bailey, Jamie DeSwert, Dan O'Connor, Craig McFarquhar, Matt Daley, Joe Turner (Manager), Andrew Taylor (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Tom Tigley (Technician), Kathryn McCauley, Collin Wallace, Peter Bramer, Jim Wardle (Captain), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Jason Eddy, Vince Del Monte, Ken Bedley, Akinwole James, Guy Schultz (Assistant Coach).
Front: Erin Rosebrugh, Kate Annen, Teresa Duck, Becky Martyn (Captain), Robyn Hurley, Janet Gamble, Kate Saunders, Sharon Hannaford.
2000-01-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12000-01Back: Adam Taylor (Trainer), Jenny Hillman (Videographer), Scott Bailey, Vince Del Monte, Chris Scroggie, Colin Murray, Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Jason Eddy (Captain), Chris Dimmel, Graydon Raymer, Scott Nelms, Akinwole James (Technician), Joe Turner (Manager).
Front: Erin Rosebrugh, Rebecca Radford, Amanda Hornibrook, Shannon Gerrie, Becky Martyn (Co-Captain), Sharon Hannaford (Co-Captain), Janet Gamble, Allyson Fischer, Kate Annen, Jill Sorenson, Jill Gamble.
2001-02-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12001-02Back: Janice Forsyth (Assistanat Coach), Michael Breech, Joel Allen, Ken Bedley, Vince Del Monte (Captain), Scott Nelms, Chris Smith, Andre LeFort, Philip Edamura, Dave Levine, Guy Schultz (Assistant Coach).
Middle: Tara Johnson, Karen Gilbert, Rebecca Radford, Jill Sorenson, Kate Annen (Captain), Shannon Gerrie, Erin Rosebrugh, Shayna Boland, Joanna Suan (Athletic Therapist), Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Front: Jill Gamble, Janet Gamble.
2002-03-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12002-03Back: Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Joe Turner (Manager), Guy Schultz (Assistant Coach), Joel Allen, Brandon Laan, Shawn Benninger, Chris D'Esterre, Ryan O'Hagen, Blake Murphy, Charley Murphy (Captain), Chris Smith, Luis Madrigal, Tim Hain, Ian Watts, Scott Nelms (Videographer), Tom Tigley (Technician).
Front: Sarah Cliffe (Trainer), Heather Perlmutter, Rebecca Radford, Robyn Hurley, Shannon Gerrie, Jenny Emery, Ashley Korman, Jill Gamble (Captain), Amanda Laslo, Shayna Boland, Karen Gilbert, Tara Johnson, Janice Forsyth (Assistant Coach).
Absent: Steve Weiler.
2003-04-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12003-04Back: Sarah Farrell (Trainer), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Guy Schultz (Assistant Coach), Chris Smith, Chris D'Esterre, Steve Weiler, Brandon Laan, Scott Nelms, Tim Hain, Rob Berg, Blake Murphy (Captain), Elliot Craig, Ryan O'Hagan (Videographer), Janice Forsyth (Assistant Coach).
Front: Heather Perlmutter, Andrea Brouwer, Shayna Boland, Amanda Laslo, Jennifer Hall, Shannon Gerrie (Captain), Jackie Bonisteel, Ashley Korman, Karen Gilbert, Tara Johnson, Bethany Janzen, Lisa Perlmutter.
Absent: Jenny Emery (Manager).
2004-05-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12004-05Back: Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Joe Turner (Manager), Steve Lyons, Steve Weiler, Chris d'Esterre, Ryan O'Hagan (Co-Captain), Elliot Craig, Alex Mouret, Nathan de Witt, Alan Klaus, Mike Patterson (Videographer), Brandon Laan (Co-Captain), Laura Solway (Atheltic Therapist).
Front: Joel Allen, Ashley Korman, Jenn Webber, Amanda Laslo, Andrea Brouwer, Bethany Janzen, Jackie Bonisteel, Shannon Gerrie (Captain), Karen Gilbert, Tara Johnson, Shayna Boland, Russell Christie, Scott Strikwerda
2005-06-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12005-06Back: Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Matt Suda (Videographer), Scott Emberley, Michael Del Monte, Chris d'Esterre, Alex Mouret, Ryan O'Hagan, Nathan de Witt, Alan Klaus, Steve Lyons, Brandon Laan (Captain), Kelly Russell (Trainer), Chris Semenuk (Assistant Coach).
Front: Mike Logue, Heather Perlmutter, Jenn Webber, Karen Gilbert, Ania Wroblewski, Amanda Laslo, Laura Barlett, Jamie Sivell, Stephanie Van Veen, Katelyn Jackson, Bethany Janzen (Captain), Scott Strikwerda
2006-07-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12006-07Back: Chris Semenuk (Assistant Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Matt Suda, Mike Reid, Scott Strikwerda, Alex Mouret, Brent Smith, Robbie Watson, Jamie Whitfield, James "Goose" Gosselin, Michael Del Monte, Scott Emberley, Nathan de Witt (Captain), Steve Lyons, Amanda Bickley (Trainer).
Front: Will Ross (Videographer), Lynn Mockler, Stephanie Van Veen, Kimberly Chinfatt, Lorelle Convery, Jenn Webber, Hilary Egan, Jackie Bonisteel (Captain), Ashley Korman, Kara Wark, Sara Leo, Andrea Cheng, Meaghan Coker, Alex Kane (Manager)
2007-08-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12007-08Back: Alex Kane (Manager), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Kyle O'Neill, Ryan Armstrong, Ryan Huff, Matt Suda, Scott Emberley (Co-Captain), Alex Mouret, Nathan de Witt (Co-Captain), Robbie Watson, WIlliam Komer, Brent Smith, Will Ross, Chris Semenuk (Assistant Coach), Mark Halls (Student Trainer).
Front: Lauren Coutts, Johanna Shenstone, Lorelle Convery, Kimbery Chinfatt, Stephanie Van Veen, Jenn Webber (Captain), Leila Angrand, Hilary Egan, Kara Wark, Sara Leo, Lynn Mockler.
2008-09-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12008-09Back: Natasha Slaught (Student Trainer), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Kyle O'Neill, Will Komer, David Arango, Robbie Watson, Ryan Armstrong, Scott Emberley (Captain), Matt Suda, Ryan Huff, Nate Hayward, Alexey Strokach, Jeff Dill, Chris Semenuk (Assistant Coach), Mark Halls (Trainer).
Front: Alex Kane (Manager), Erin Fox, Alison Savill, Alyssa Giuliani, Lauren Coutts, Johanna Shenstone, Jenn Webber (Co-Captain), Stephanie Van Veen (Co-Captain), Lorelle Convery, Lynn Mockler, Sara Leo, Hilary Egan, Jamie Whitfield (Videographer).
2009-10-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12009-10Back: Chris Semenuk (Assistant Coach), Stephanie Grimbly (Student Trainer), Alexey Strokach, Kyle O'Neill, Mark Cameron, Will Komer, Ryan Huff (Co-Captain), Matt Suda (Co-Captain), Brent Smith, Evan Andrin, Jeff Dill, Simon Hodge, David Arango, Alex Kane (Manager), Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Front: Jenn Webber (Grad Assistant Coach), Rachel Windsor, Alicia Knox, Hailey Cummings, Hilary Egan, Lorelle Convery (Captain), Laura Desjardins, Lynn Mockler, Sara Leo, Lauren Coutts, Tim Konoval (Grad Assistant Coach)
2010-11-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12010-11Back: Brandon Laan (Assistant Coach), Janice Forsyth (Academic Mentor), Bob Vigars (Head Coach), Juan Arango, Will Komer, Jeff Dill, Evan Andrin, Ryan Armstrong, Mark Cameron, Brent Smith, Ryan Huff (Captain), Simon Hodge, David Arango, Kevin Blackney, Kyle O'Neill, Jenn Webber (Assistant Coach), Robyn Sealy (Student Trainer), Chris Semenuk (RMT), Guy Schultz (Associate Head Coach).
Front: Alex Kane (Manager), Julie Hambleton, Emily Blacklaws, Jen Bays, Justine Horne, Alicia Knox, Laura Desjardins, Lauren Coutts (Captain), Becky Pieterson, Rachel Windsor, Ali Savill, Haily Cummings, Rachel Skubel, Brittany Hambleton, Tim Konoval (Grad Assistant Coach).
2011-12-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12011-12Back: Will Komer (Technical Manager), Rachel Windsor (Videographer), Karen Gilbert (Physio), Brandon Laan (Assistant Coach), Pat Hartman, Chris Balestrini, Kevin Blackney, Kyle O'Neill, Ryan Armstrong (Captain), Brent Smith, Alex Russell, Phil Parrot-Migas, Simon Hodge, Guy Schultz (Associate Head Coach), Leslie Kleiner (Student Trainer), Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Front: Chris Semenuk (RMT), Kiersten Myers, Ali Savill, Melissa Caruso, Brittany Hambleton, Emily Blacklaws, Justine Horne, Hailey Cummings (Co-Captain), Alicia Knox (Co-Captain), Becky Pieterson, Jen Bays, Julie Hambleton, Jackie Todd, Courtney Long, Jenn Webber (Assistant Coach).
2012-13-Mixed-CrossCountry-From-BobVigars-MC-12012-13Back: David Arango (logistics), Will Komer (Technical Mgr.), Scott McVey (Trainer), Lewis Kent (Videographer), Phil Parrot-Migas, Chris Balestrini, Jeff Dill, Alex Russell, Ryan Armstrong (Captain), Trent Sayers, Shane Roberts, Hunter Andrin, Kevin Blackney, Chris Semenuk (RMT), Karen Gilbert (Physio), Guy Schultz (Associate Head Coach), Bob Vigars (Head Coach).
Front: Ainsley Nantes, Sarah Emilio, Melissa Caruso, Kierstin Myers, Amanda Truelove, Justine Home, Brittany Hambleton, Hailey Cummings (Co-Captain), Alicia Knox (Co-Captain), Julie Hambleton, Becky Pieterson, Emily Blacklaws, Courtney Long, Emma Tallman, Rachel Lamb, L.Prufer.