Below is a searchable and sortable table for the museum’s collection of women’s tennis team photos. Ten photos are shown per page; scroll to the bottom of the page and press next to view more. If you notice any missing photographs or names, please do not hesitate to get in contact and share any knowledge or artifacts you may have. If you want a high quality, printable copy [.tiff] of any photo, you can also contact us. Click a picture to see its larger version.

ThumbnailYearLevelNames (Left to Right)
1927-28-Womens-Tennis-Occi201927-28IntercollegiateL. Billings, M. Flesher, Olga Miller, K. Yeates.
1930-31-Womens-Tennis-Occi1271930-31IntercollegiateMcCormick, Connoly, Uren, Robertson.
1931-32-Womens-Tennis-Occi1821931-32IntercollegiateAnna Grant, Grace Rath, Cecilia Moore, Helen McCormick.
1932-33-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1671932-33IntercollegiateElizabeth Clark, Anna McManus, Grace Rath, Cecilia Moore (Captain), Miss Plumptre (Coach).
1933-34-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1701933-34IntercollegiateMary Kirkpatrick, Greta Abray, Julia McManus, Eloise Tennet.
1934-35-Womens-Tennis-Senior-Occi1941934-35SeniorH. Timpany, Eloise Tennent, Miss Plumptre (Coach), C. Cherry, E. Proutt.
1935-36-Womens-Tennis-Senior-Occi1791935-36SeniorEloise Tennent, Norah McCormick, Corrine Sherry, Jean Paterson.
1936-37-Womens-Tennis-Occi1691936-37IntercollegiateCorinne Cherry, Eloise Tennent, Miss Plumptre (Coach), C. Cherry, E. Proutt.
1937-38-Womens-Tennis-Occi1741937-38IntercollegiateJoan Breakspear, Jean Paterson (Captain), Betty Patterson.
Absent: Betty Beal.
1938-39-Womens-Tennis-Occi1621938-39IntercollegiateJean McNally, Norah McCormick, Joan Breakspeare, Betty Patterson.
1939-40-Womens-Tennis-Occi1661939-40IntercollegiateBack: Rosabelle Mitchell, Mary Fraser, Betty Patterson.
Front: Jean McNally.
1940-41-Womens-Tennis-InterWestern-Occi1591940-41InterWesternRosabelle Mitchell, Jane Fair, Marion MacDonald.
1943-44-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1943-44IntercollegiateMarnie Guymer, Kay Fetherston, Joyce Porter.
1944-45-Womens-Tennis-Occi1901944-45IntercollegiateBack: S. Fingold, N. Rafuse, J. Porter (Manager).
Front: Doris Shirley (Singles Champ).
1945-46-Womens-Tennis-InterWestern-Occi1731945-46InterWesternDiana Dillon, Doris Shirley, Margaret McIntosh.
1946-47-Womens-Tennis-InterVarsity-Occi1771946-47InterVarsityBack: Doris Shirley, Pat Hartley, Margaret MacIntosh, June Ralph.
Front: Barbara Wilson (Mgr.)
1947-48-Womens-Tennis-Senior-Occi1141947-48IntercollegiateDoris Shirley, Pat Hartley (Capt.), Marg McIntosh.
1948-49-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1271948-49IntercollegiateJanet Leask, Doris Gray, Nan Gingrich.
Absent: Marg McIntosh.
1949-50-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1601949-50IntercollegiateKit Sage, Marge Burns, Mary Anne Burland, Nan Gingrich.
1950-51-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1451950-51IntercollegiateBack: Diane Knowles, Miss Carmichael (Coach), Evelyn Bradshaw.
Front: Marjorie Burns, Kit Sage.
1951-52-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1441951-52IntercollegiateBack: Marjorie Burns, Miss Carmichael, Dorothy Burnett.
Front: Nan Gingrich, Emma Blair.
1952-53-Womens-Tennis-Senior-Intercollegiate-Occi1431952-53SeniorD. Robinson, B. Holmes, N. Eastman.
1953-54-Womens-Tennis-Senior-Occi501953-54SeniorBack: Joyce Eastman, Sue Dearburg, Barb Holmes.
Front: Miss Maureen Bray.
1954-55-Womens-Tennis-Occi1471954-55IntercollegiateCathy Werle, Jo McClure, Anne Nethery, Barb Holmes.
1955-56-Womens-Tennis-Headshots-Occi1031955-56IntercollegiateBarb Holmes, Debbie Mason, Dot Cole, Ann Nethery.
1956-57-Womens-Tennis-Occi1001956-57IntercollegiateBack: Ann Nethery, Barb Cotton.
Front: Dot Cole, Yvette Walton.
1957-58-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi1001957-58IntercollegiateBack: Marg Kukacka, Yvette Walton.
Front: Dot Cole, Joy Woodward.
1957-58-Womens-Tennis-Intermediate-Occi1001957-58IntercollegiateBack: Martha Hees, Heather Allison.
Front: Linda Nethery, Ros Allison.
1959-60-Womens-Tennis-Occi1481959-60IntercollegiateNancy Hungerford, Linda Nethery, Pam Dewis, Nancy Monteith.
1961-62-Womens-Tennis-Occi2401961-62IntercollegiateMarg Kukucha, Ann Hawkins, Chris Boyd, Dianne Crummer, Carol Brown, Leona Langan, Sue Peever, Nora Newell, Helen McCallum.
1962-63-Womens-Tennis-AlWatWest-Occi2081962-63Al Wat WestBack: Bev McDonnell, Wendy Kaye.
Front: Joan MacMurray, Ann Hamilton.
1962-63-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi2081962-63IntercollegiateDiane Crummer, Chris Boyd, Anne Hawkins, Bev McDonnell.
1962-63-Womens-Tennis-WestOMac-Occi2081962-63West O MacBack: Diane Crummer, Chris Boyd.
Front: Wendy Kaye, Bev McDonnell.
1963-64-Womens-Tennis-AlWatWest-Occi2391963-64Al Wat WestRuth Perkins, Mrs. Milne (Coach), Diane Suzuki, Lorraine Langston.
1963-64-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi2391963-64IntercollegiateBev MacDonell, Chris Boyd, Diane Suzuki, Lorraine Langston.
1964-65-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi2561964-65IntercollegiateBack: Jill McNiven, Cathy Wismer, Lorraine Langston.
Front: Miss Walton (Coach), Bev MacDonnell.
1964-65-Womens-Tennis-Intramural-Singles-Occi2561964-65IntramuralEdie Podnicks.
1964-65-Womens-Tennis-Intramurals-Doubles-Occi2561964-65IntramuralRuth Perkins, Muriel Mitchell.
1964-65-Womens-Tennis-Invitational-Occi2561964-65InvitationalRuth Perkins, Janet Murray, Jan Baxter, Ulle Palmer.
1964-65-Womens-Tennis-WestOMac-Occi2561964-65West O MacRuth Perkins, Bev MacDonnell, Lorraine Langston, Sue Hilton.
1965-66-Womens-Tennis-Intercollegiate-Occi2101965-66IntercollegiateJill McGiven, Cathy Wismer, Carol Morton.
Absent: Jeannine Tough.
1965-66-Womens-Tennis-WestGuMac-Occi2101965-66West Gu MacJill McGiven, Casie Craig, Carol Morton.
Absent: Jeannine Tough.
1969-70-Womens-Tennis-Occi1631969-70IntercollegiateWendy White, Marion Munroe, Donna Ceponis, Denise Turcott.
1983-84 Womens Tennis1983-84IntercollegiateBack: Alison Hannah, Teresa Vanwaterschoot, Sarah Hetherington, Neville Avery, Cathleen Pasternak
Center: Barbara Hyatt (Coach)
Front: Clare Davenport, Vicky Bassett, Stacey Allaster
1984-Womens-Tennis1984-85IntercollegiateBack: Alison Hannah, Vicky Bassett, Helen Luckman, Stacey Allaster, Heidi Strassguertl
Front: Anne Marie Marilley, Clare Davenport, Kathy Pasternak
1985-86_Womens_Tennis1985-86IntercollegiateBack: Tom Hunter, Lisa Lockyer, Samara FeLesky, Heidi Strassguertl, Alison Hannah, Helen Luckman
Front: Clare Davenport, Cathy Pasternak, Stacey Allaster
1986-87-Womens-Tennis-OWIAA-Champs-Occi1611986-87IntercollegiateHeidi Strassguertl, Kelly Guilfoye, Lisa Lockyer, Margaret Conlon, Karen Danylchuk, Tina Wolff, Cathy Pasternak, Samara Felesky, Clare Davenport.
1987-88-Womens-Tennis-Team (Medium)1987-88IntercollegiateBack:Melissa Gayowski, Maggie Wraight, Nancy Fletcher, Lisa Berger, Michelle Borre, Linda Winch, Andrea Currie
Front: Gail Weishar, Kim Sokolowski, Alanna Gajrej, Laura Stone
Absent:Rachel Johnson, Susan Eagleson
1988-89-Womens-Tennis-Team (Medium)1988-89IntercollegiateBack Row: Karen Danylchuk (coach), Suzie Hatch, Kelly Guifoyle, Lisa Lockyer, Brigette Gagne
Front Row: Alex Babcock, Katy Ritcey, Andrea Hayman, Stephanie Nixon
1989-90-Womens-Tennis-Team (Medium)1989-90IntercollegiateTop Row: Dianna Hatch, Leanne James, Lisa Sales, Alex Babcock
Bottom Row: Andrea Hayman, Kelly Guifoyle, Kate Thompson, Stephanie Nixon, Carole McMillan, Karen Danylchuk (Coach)
1990-91-Womens-Tennis-Team (Medium)1990-91IntercollegiateBack Row: Leanne James, Vivian McAdam, Julia Stevenson, Karen Smiley, Alexandra Babcock, Karen Danylchuck (Coach)
Front Row: Carole McMillan, Tanya Shah, Kate Thompson, Lisa Sales
1991-92-Womens-Tennis-Team (Medium)1991-92IntercollegiateBack Row: Karen Danylchuk (coach), Holly Hauser, Leanne James, Laura Cuddie, Carole McMillan, Karen Smiley
Front Row: Diana Hatch, Annette Argamasilla, Tanya Shah, Lisa Sales
1992-93-Womens-Tennis-Team (Medium)1992-93IntercollegiateTop: Holly Hauser, Leanne James (Captain), Jennifer Pertsch, Diana Hatch, Karen Danylchuk (Coach)
Sitting: Annette Argamasilla, Laura Cuddie
Absent: Karen Smiley
1997-98-Womens-Tennis-MC-11997-98IntercollegiateBack: Megan Maurice, Kelly Lives, Lindsay Davis, Kristy Storey, Jill Hunsberger, Adina Goldberg.
Front: Samantha Kives, Tom Green, Diana Hatch, Ole Harder, Dominiqu Hein.
1999-00-Womens-Tennis-MC1999-00IntercollegiateBack: Jennifer-James Lester, Katie Black, Rebecca Walsh, Dominiqu Hein, Christine Luccinello.
Front: Monica Radley, Jaqueline Green, Suzie Hatch, Jill Hunsberger, Erica Biser.
2001-02-Womens-Tennis-MC2001-02IntercollegiateBack: E. Biser, J. Kane, Ole Harder (Coach), J. Green, S. Christie.
Front: J. Enns, D. Hanson, K. Black, J. Lester, J. Vryvogel, K. Blake.